Anal Poetry Recital Pt. 02

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Author’s Note: First a little shout out to Laceydresser- Unintentionally, this looks longer than the first but it is broken up, with you in mind. I write different story lines at the same time and end up splicing chunks that I like together. Sometimes the chunks are pretty big. Despite the length, I sincerely hope you still like it if you happen to come across it.

To everyone else, part 1 isn’t required to follow this but if you have read it, the focus is shifting to Monica. The character in my head is much better developed and easier to write than Jennifer who is kind of vague. I know the simplistic nature of this story makes that sound utterly ridiculous and pretentious but it’s true.

I hope everyone who invests the time to read it enjoys it. That said, especially if you think it’s lacking, let me know why so I can try and do better.

Anyway, two girls performing various anal sex acts…

1. Next Level Friends

Thanks to Monica’s intervention, Jennifer is sleeping if off while her friend keeps guard over her. Openly bisexual, the brunette had been lusting after her unconscious friend for the last two years after resisting the attraction for most of the near decade they had known each other. That had begun to change as the dusky blonde started having sex and sharing her exploits while hinting that she was curious. There had been more than a handful of times that the two locked away in her bedroom talking sex had led to making out and some heavy petting. Something always stopped them before they could complete the deed, though, from Jennifer getting cold feet, to knocking at the door and even the power going out once.

Once they wound up in their friends bedroom that night, the two twenty year old’s had kissed briefly and then Monica had laid her down before lying next to her, ogling her body and running her fingers through her hair. Unable to help herself within about ten minutes of Jennifer losing consciousness, she removed the passed out beauty’s undergarments and fingered herself to orgasm while lightly touching her friends figure. Removing her own bra and panties, she sidled up close and dozed off.

A couple of hours later, Jennifer woke up feeling groggy and confused as to where she was, even more confused when she saw Monica standing next to her naked and holding a plastic waste basket.

“Do you need this? You should,” laughed her friend.

“Where are we?”

“Trent’s bedroom. You don’t remember anything do you?”

Just then Jennifer noticed that she was naked also and that information triggered the memory banks. Fuzzy images of several beers, far too much whiskey and truth or dare answered most of the questions she had at the moment.

Except for the complete nudity.

“I remember drinking a lot. But I don’t know why I’m naked. A little help?”

“Well, just when you were about to offer yourself up to be gang banged by your best friends…”

“W-what?” Jennifer gasped.

“I’m not kidding. The words were right there on the tip of your tongue. All of them sitting there: Trent, Derek, Isaac, Gary and Oscar. Told them you would fuck them all one on one and were about to tell them you’d take them all together. Trent’s in the living room if you want to go ask him.”

“Ohmigod!” the blonde giggled as her cheeks flushed, “So I have to do some…damage control, I can live with that. Did I…I mean, what did I do that I’m naked?”

Monica sat on the edge of the bed and shrugged. “Well, I got you out of there before you started something you’d regret. You were in your bra and panties already after some truth or dare…and by the way, you’re going to die when you hear about your ‘truth’,” she smiled while Jennifer rolled her eyes, “and when I got you in here, well, I just couldn’t resist. You have such a beautiful body.”

As she finished, she touched the blonde’s stomach feather-like with her finger tips and ran them up to her cleavage, back down to her navel. Jennifer’s breathing hastened at the touch and she flashed briefly on the history of close calls between them, passionate embraces and serious feeling each other up without closing the deal. They were her only lesbian incidents as compared to Monica, one of the many sexual areas that her expertise dwarfed the blondes.

Recently the brunette had been sharing more detailed accounts of events between her and an on-again, off-again girlfriend that involved fisting. Her stories about this perverse act absolutely fascinated the blonde on many levels. She knew all too well the depraved pleasure that was gained from having a dick in her asshole but she simply couldn’t wrap her mind around the idea of an adult fist. Despite her reservations at that moment, she also recognized that Monica was much higher on the sexual ladder than she was. She wondered if there would be a point in her life where one dick, one partner, one gender would no longer bring satisfaction.

As far as between the two, there had never been a prior incident bahis firmaları where there had been full nudity, and only mutual agreement stood in the way. Looking intently at each other, there were soon fingers grazing in a figure eight around and in between Jennifer’s tits making her arch her back minutely. Her otherwise lack of resistance was consent implied, the finger tips now circling her rising nipples.

“Thank you, so do you,” started Jennifer huskily, “I have more questions.”

“I know,” replied Monica before leaning down and lightly sucking at a nipple, “but they can wait.”

The brunette’s soft mouth was on her nipples while her hands were caressing her sides and thighs. All the while Jennifer simply biting her lip and curving her back to get more of the milky flesh against Monica’s tongue. Leisurely going back and forth between the twin melons, the brunette licked, sucked and lightly nibbled at her flesh while Jennifer purred contentedly. Gradually the fondling became solely focused on her legs, running over the side of her thighs, the top and then sneaking between them. Soon her legs were pried open by the smaller girl, fingers between her thighs spreading them and suddenly her full tits abandoned and light kisses down her stomach until there was hot breath at her crotch.

The brunette pulled at her pussy lips with her mouth while her hands slithered underneath to grope her shapely, wobbling ass. Lifting her hips forcefully she grinded her already wet snatch against the other girl’s face and moaned now, an orgasm taking root that fast. The sweet vee nestled between her upper thighs was sopping from saliva and her vaginal juices in moments. After a few moments, the brunette’s tongue slithered inside her yawning cunt, beginning just below her clit and traveling the length of the crevice before sliding upwards again, carefully avoiding the now prominent nub at the top.

Without ever removing her mouth, steadily lapping up and down the slippery, scrumptious and aromatic crease, Monica twisted her body around until her own pussy was hovering over Jennifer’s face. Eyes closed through most of the deviant oral tour of her body, she looked heavy-lidded as the full body rotation took place. When the petite brunette swung one leg over her head, leaving them in the classic sixty-nine position, the dusky blonde drank in the view in close-up. Fascinated by her sleek and compact vagina now in the open, glistening wet, she ran an index finger along the length and then slid her hands up and over, cupping the perky ass. With her grip sure, she pulled down while extending her tongue.

Jennifer had tasted pussy before, many times but it had always been her own, her decadent juices licked off of fingers, cocks and even toys. She was instantly struck by how different her friend tasted and then enthralled by the smooth texture, the slippery coating, the warmth. She stuffed her wet appendage as far as she could physically get it into the syrupy orifice, relishing the sweet flow of liquid. Meanwhile, her own hips were gyrating under the creative and voracious attention being applied to her own cunt. Still dragging her tongue up and down with increasing depth, avoiding her clit, Monica was sucking the length of her labia every other cycle.

Lost in her earnest lapping of the brunette’s snatch, “finally” she thought to herself, Jennifer was more invested in what she was doing than what was being done to her until she was almost literally shocked into one of the most shattering orgasms of her life. At the exact same moment, Monica wiggled a thoroughly moistened index finger up to the last knuckle in her asshole, pushed the index and middle from the other hand into her pussy all while taking her throbbing clit between her lips and sucking with vacuum force. The lighter-haired beauty instantly abandoned her own furious pussy-eating and gasped with primal delight, her nectar squirting, spasms rocking her snatch, every inch of her luscious body visibly quivering with glorious pleasure.

The fingers probing her lower holes sliced back in forth with blazing speed, Monica’s cheeks visibly collapsing under the force of her suction on the clit between her lips for over a solid minute. Gradually the dusky blonde began to experience sensitivity, especially from her clit and she bucked her friend off. The brunette abandoned her crotch by backing and leaning up, a motion that resulted in her almost literally sitting on Jennifer’s face, granting her no break. Still breathing heavily, she grabbed her behind again and stuck her tongue out, snaking it back inside Monica’s sopping wet cunt. Once there, the petite whore began to gyrate, essentially dragging her sex back and forth across the tongue buried in deep.

In one smooth motion, the brunette scooted her torso forward, Jennifer’s tongue now lined up with her tiny asshole. Her lust blinding her to the reality of what she was doing and without pause, she drilled the wet muscle into the center of the rubbery, mildly pungent kaçak iddaa orifice and pulled on her ass cheeks trying to snake her tongue inside the opening. She had never before licked or even thought of licking anyone’s rectum but at this moment it was the most important thing in her world, she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Monica was rubbing her clit furiously by this point and reached back with her free hand to stretch the edge of her asshole, two finger tips pressing in, assisting Jennifer’s urgent quest to get her tongue inside. The sheer deviance of the moment was settling in on the blonde who never the less figuratively attacked the dank little hole with rabid energy. The diminutive nymphomaniac began to squeal with delight and ground her svelte hips down on her friend’s face, her tangy pussy squirting fluid down the blond’s chin.

In another minute, she began to climax and stretched her asshole almost painfully to give the blond’s tongue centimeter’s more of access before finally abandoning her perch a short time later. The two girls then made out sensually for a while before Monica gently eased the blond’s head between her legs to get eaten out again. After another orgasm, she returned the favor with a twist, leading Jennifer to her stomach and placing a pillow under her to prop up her glorious ass. She then probed at the warm, tight rectum with her tongue while sliding her palm up and down the length of the voluptuous beauty’s soaked cunt with teasing intent. By the time Jennifer was mercifully driven to orgasm, two dainty fingers were slicing into her bowels, her juices saturating the pillow beneath her.

More intense kissing followed before the two friends fell asleep entwined together.


2. Monica’s Mantra

Monica swept her tongue across her teeth and swallowed again, taking the last of Vance’s semen down her throat and then stood from her kneeling position on the carpet. As she walked to the recliner, she wiped her bottom lip and licked the finger clean before sitting and flashing a demure smile at the two guys sitting on her couch. Vance had his head back with a satisfied grin on his face while Jack was already leering at the naked female, his cock semi-hard again already mere minutes after shooting his load into the brunette’s mouth.

“So did that take the edge off, fellas?” she asked coyly.

“Fuck yeah, um…thank you?” snickered Vance.

“Yeah, Mon. I don’t know how you do it. I mean I know I don’t have the biggest dick ever but I felt your lips in my short hairs. No other girl I’ve ever been with can take it all like that. You’re amazing,” gushed Jack.

“I’ve had a little practice,” she replied softly, which was a massive understatement. Just twenty years old, she had given head to well over a hundred guys.

That year.

“Yeah, I bet you have,” offered Vance, “You even know how much ‘practice’ you’ve had?”

“Are you calling me a whore?” she said feigning anger, “”Cause I’m not, whore’s get paid. I just love sex, fucking. And sucking,” she laughed.

“You know I don’t think that, just keep doing you,” scoffed Vance. “Hey, speaking of sucking, you took care of us, I know I can speak for my boy here on this but we wouldn’t mind eatin’ that pussy for you.”

“Mmmmm…yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever said no to that and we’ll keep that on the table for later but I have a special project I want to try first. That’s why I built up your endurance for you,” she smiled mischievously while licking her lips.

Vance shrugged and Jack offered: “You name it.”

“Well, I just want to tell you, I’ve been offering this for awhile and haven’t had any takers but I really want to stress that this is what I want most in the world. I want you both in my ass…”

“What? We’ve both been fucking your ass and everything else since we met. Hell, that first night I know I came in there at least two, three times. I don’t understand,” said Jack.

“You didn’t let me finish,” she stated softly, “I want you both in my ass at the same time.”

Jack looked at her wide-eyed while Vance tilted his head as if in deep thought.

“I know you guys have seen porn and if you don’t know, it’s called DAP: double anal penetration. And the biggest junk I’ve heard is that guys don’t want their dicks touching, they think it’s gay. It’s totally not. You’ll be inside me, a woman, so just in case you’re thinking that, don’t.”

“Um, you’re pretty freaking tight back there, shorty,” said Vance, “That’s for real. And that little squeeze box doesn’t let up…I mean I’ve been in there a bunch of times in a row and it feels the same the last time as it does the first. I’m game but I don’t think you can take it. Seriously. And I don’t want to hurt you.”

Monica smiled broadly and stood up, holding up her index finger in the universal signal of ‘hold on’ before grabbing the large tube of k-y jelly off of the coffee table. Placing the same finger in front of her lips seeing Jack was about to speak, kaçak bahis she uncapped the lubricant and squeezed a glob slightly bigger than a golf ball into her left palm. Both guys shifted forward in their seats on the couch watching intently and curiously as she smeared the substance all over her right hand and fingers up to her wrist. She stifled a laugh seeing Vance’s eyes go wide in realization of what was about to happen just before she turned her back to them and got on her knees again.

Bending at the waist until her face was on the carpet, her torso propped on her forearms, naturally spread her impeccably shaped and perky ass cheeks wide, exposing her slim pussy and diminutive asshole. Blushing slightly at the sound of both males drawing in breath appreciatively, she reached back and squirted a dollop of the lube on to her rectum. After dropping the tube she began spreading the k-y around her asshole with the first two fingers on her left hand before abruptly sinking them to the last knuckle inside the steaming orifice. Another sharp intake of breath in stereo with a throaty “Holy shit” supplied a backdrop to the oily squishing sound as she twisted the two digits while sliding them back and forth. Monica continued this preparatory stimulation for about a minute before switching hands.

The index finger was inserted to the hilt in her colon upon arrival, pulled back to the nail and then joined by her middle finger. After they were worked in, out and around for half a minute, the ring finger joined them; the penetration just slightly slower this time. Approximately ninety seconds elapsed and she curled her hand inwards as the pinkie was eased in with the other three digits, even slower now. Almost exactly ten minutes after first starting the perverse exhibition, the tip of Monica’s thumb was in her asshole and rocking her arm back and forth steadily, sliding deeper each time, her hand was swallowed completely, the bend of her wrist all that was visible. After a brief time to let the stuffed orifice adjust, she started to gently twist and turn the fist in her nether opening and instantly began to visibly quiver, viscous fluid dripping from her decadent pussy…


3. Origins of an Anal Porno Chick

…Monica Ford had held on to her virginity until the night after her eighteenth birthday. Like many very pretty but shy young women, she had a reputation for being stand-offish which was polar opposite to the truth. Her petite stature (5’3″, 115 pounds) allowed her to virtually disappear in a crowd and she didn’t receive a lot of attention from the opposite sex. While these two things deterred a lot of guys from pursuing her so did her tendency to wear over-sized clothing that hid her perfectly proportioned body. From her firm apple sized tits to the sleek thighs and her tight, nicely rounded ass, her body was like a coiled spring of satiny muscle with spectacular flexibility. Her friends always told her that guys couldn’t want what they didn’t know existed and hounded her about opening up more and dressing with a more provocative slant.

Meanwhile, she privately wondered to herself whether or not she wasn’t more attracted to women anyway, at least until she discovered the increasingly graphic world of internet porn. Scrolling through the browser history on a lap top she shared with her brother Mike one afternoon, she accidentally clicked on a video starring one Sasha Grey. She almost fell out of her chair as at first glance it was like looking in a mirror, the now mainstream porn icon was her virtual twin. No sooner did that shock wear off then the action started and the sexually oblivious teenager was consumed entirely, her mouth and eyes wide as she watched her doppelganger take on over a dozen men, in every hole on her body; frequently three at a time. As she watched, Monica fingered her virtuous pussy to a shattering climax without even consciously realizing that she had been playing with herself.

For the next few months, she was a zombie in school as she spent 4-5 hours a night secretively watching porn, constantly seeking anything Sasha. Along the way, she acquired a long list of other ‘must-see’ actresses who resembled her in some way such as Jennifer White and relative newcomers Adria Rae and Megan Rain. Hand in hand with her immediate porn addiction was a sign of things to come; it became harder and took longer to satisfy herself with digital stimulation. She soon got a post office box for the sole purpose of ordering sex toys. In a short period of time, Monica had over a dozen dildos and vibrators and suddenly started to take much greater notice of her male class mates.

Her first steady boyfriend was a co-worker at her part-time job at the mall and after just two weeks, their third ‘date’, she literally assaulted him. Telling her parents that she was staying at Jennifer’s house, Monica instead was snuck into his bedroom. The fellow teen was forced to fuck her receptive pussy almost non-stop, she sucking him hard almost every time in between, usually while he was directed to finger her snatch. It was more of the same the next time they got together and she set a standard when she cheated on him that weekend with a neighbor around her age.

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