After A Long Day

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You come home after a long day. It’s late and you are tired. The house is dark save the lit candles placed throughout the living room. On the floor an envelope, your name carefully written on it. You pick it up and open it. Inside a note:

Go to the bathroom, undress yourself
and get into the warm bath
I have prepared for you.
Relax and enjoy it.

You walk to the bathroom and find it lit with candles. A tall chilled glass of Goose is set on a tray for you. The bath is filled with steaming water and billowing bubbles. A soft, fresh scent lingers in the air. You take a deep breath and you begin to relax. You undress yourself in the candle light. Soft music can be heard in the background as you step into the bath. The warm water envelopes you and the days troubles and worries start to slip away. Take a sip of your dink, and let the coolness slides down your throat. Close your eyes and lay there in the warmth and think where is she?

You lay there for a few moments, drifting off , then you feel my hands on your shoulders. I whisper for you to keep your eyes closed. I run my hands across your shoulders, massaging them gently, my nails scraping your flesh. You can feel me leaned against you, my breasts just inches from your face. I lean a little closer and they touch your face. Taking the sponge into my hands, I start to wash you, slowly and gently. The warm water running down your back, your neck, your chest. I wash your belly, my hands traveling lower. My fingers graze your cock, but only for a moment as I kiss you. Licking and nibbling at your lips, sucking on your bottom lip, my tongue playing with yours. I moan softly into your mouth as I pull you closer to me. I whisper, “Come into the bedroom” and then I slip out of the bathroom. Opening your eyes you see that I am gone. You lay there for a moment, then get up and out of the bath. Drying yourself off, you walk naked to the bedroom.

You come into the bedroom and find me laying on the bed. Propped up against the headboard I am wearing a black night gown, pulled up to my thighs. My legs are open widely and you can see I am wearing panties, but they are crotchless, bahis firmaları my pink cunt waiting for you. I lay there watching you as I slide my hands down across my belly and down to my pussy. My fingers rub against me, spreading my wetness around. I invite you to our bed. As you sit down I spread my lips and slip a finger into me, slowly fucking myself. Lifting the same finger to your mouth, I ask you to taste me. And then I taste myself, licking my finger, then sliding it into my mouth and sucking it clean. I reach down and run my finger across the head of your cock and take the cum off, then lick it off my finger. I stick two fingers inside me and start to fuck myself again. Using my other hand I start to play with my clit, rubbing slowly at first then faster and harder. I moan louder, and start to pant. Whimpering escapes my lips, as I get closer to cumming. You watch as my fingers become slicker as my pussy juice starts to cover them. My cunt glistens with wetness. You can smell my sex and hear my fingers work in and out of me. I close my eyes and lean back against the headboard. My neck starts to arch, my body starts to tense, my whimpering becomes more urgent as I start to cum. You are intent on watching me cum, watching my face, seeing my body begin to quiver, you never notice that we are not alone in the room.

Her hands start to caress your shoulders, nails digging into your flesh. I open my eyes and watch for a moment, then smile at you.

She drags her nails across your back, then reaches down and grabs your ass. “You’re right Julie, he does have a fuckable ass.” “Yes he does Lisa, but it’s my ass to fuck” as I crawl across the bed towards you. I run my hands across your chest and down your belly, then grabbing your cock, giving it a nice hard squeeze. “Nice and hard, just like we want it.” I tell you to lie down on the bed, making sure you sit up enough to watch. I smile at my friend and we sit on either side of you. “Delicious looking isn’t it?” “Yes, and I want to suck it.” I grab your cock and hold it straight up for her. “Go ahead and suck it, see how he tastes and feels in your mouth.” She lies down next to you, then slowly runs her tongue kaçak iddaa down your cock. She starts to lick at you faster, broadening her tongue. I watch you for a moment then her. I lean down and begin to lap up the cum from the head, then wrap my mouth around it, sucking you hard, while her tongue travels up and down your cock. I lift my head and she takes you into her mouth, sucking on you. I lean down and start licking your balls. I can’t resist and I take them into my mouth, licking and sucking on them.

I push your legs open more so I can get at them better. She and I take turns licking and sucking you, slobbering all over your cock, making it wet and slippery. I whisper something to Lisa and she straddles you, her cunt facing you. “Honey, lick her pussy for her.” I reach back and hold her pink cunt open for you, then push your face into it. Your tongue starts to lick at her pussy, so wet, so pink and right in your face. I lean forward to watch as your tongue slides into her, in and out, your tongue flicking across her clit. Moaning she leans into your mouth, pushing her pussy into you. You grab her hips and pull her to you, shoving your tongue in deeper, her mouth on your cock, sucking and licking. I watch for moment longer, then I slip two fingers into her cunt and start to fuck her. My fingers sliding in and out of her as you lick her. I stick my fingers into your mouth, then into mine sucking the juice off. “Mmmm tastes good huh?” Lisa starts to suck on you harder, as she gets close to cumming. “Come in his mouth Lisa.” She pushes back harder, moaning, forcing your tongue into her. Her body tenses as she grinds into you, her pussy clenching at your tongue as she starts to cum. Her cum fills your mouth, as yours fills hers. Her mouth filled with your cum, she looks up at me. I lean towards her and she kisses me, sharing your cum with me.

We all lay there for a while, just talking and laughing, enjoying ourselves. You watch Lisa and I, looking at her and seeing how similar she is to me. Long blonde hair, a little more petite than I am, very pretty, a little younger than me, very curvaceous. Just my type. I look at you and then at your cock. Mmmm kaçak bahis already hard again. What do we want to do now?

I tell you to get on all fours. I look at Lisa as I lick my lips. “Fuckable huh?” She nods her head, then reaches for your ass. She spreads you, pulling you open for us. Your ass just there, waiting to be fucked. I smack your ass once for good measure. Lisa follows my example but smacks you even harder. Your ass already pinkening. We sit on either side of you, both our fingers gently poking at your asshole. Lisa slips her finger into her pussy, then back to you, slipping her finger into you. I watch as your ass opens slightly for her, then clenching at her finger. Lisa starts to moan as she watches her finger fuck you. I lean forward and flick my tongue across your ass.

Poking at you, but waiting. Lisa watches, then pulls you open further, leaning forward she starts to lick you with me. Both our tongues licking at you. Taking turns sticking our tongue into you. Each seeing who can get our tongue in further. Driving our tongues into you, wiggling inside you. Lisa is leaned forward and I can see her pussy is wet. I reach around her and slip my fingers inside her. Fucking her. She leans into my fingers, fucking me back. Wiggling around on them. She reaches over and slowly slides her fingers into me. Fucking each other, we really dive into your ass. Fucking you hard with our tongues. Going deeper and deeper. Opening you, lapping at your ass. Poking our tongues in and out of you.

I lower my head and start to lick at your balls, then taking them into my mouth and sucking them as Lisa slides her tongue in and out. I tell you to start jacking yourself off. I tell Lisa to keep licking your ass as I slide beneath you. My mouth just inches away from your cock. I wait. Waiting for your cum. Flicking my tongue across the head, licking at the cum already there. I watch as your cock thickens more, then open my mouth. Ready for your cum to shoot in my mouth. You moan louder, and start to cum. I lick at your cum, trying to catch it all. Some gets in my mouth, some on my face. You lay down on the bed and Lisa looks at me. Your cum on my face. She leans forward and starts to lick the cum off of me as you watch. When she is done, we kiss sharing the last bit of your cum in my mouth.

I turn to you and ask, “Did you enjoy this honey?”

“Oh yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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