The Expedition

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During two separate sessions of Tarot reading with Bianka Majora a well-known Psychic and Clairvoyant, the High Priestess card came up for me twice…The High Priestess is a Major Arcana, or “Trump” card, that represents human wisdom. The High Priestess can be viewed as a kind of female Pope, or the ancient Egyptian Priestess Isis, the even more ancient snake and bird goddesses, the Greek goddess Persephone. Until you consider this as vital to your well-being as the need to eat and sleep and fuck, you are likely to be eternally restless and deeply dissatisfied. A spiritual routine that suits your temperament, practiced every day, is the most trustworthy path to freedom.

A Tarot card reading consists of a reputable psychic showing you the cards that have been chosen for you and what they mean for your life and future. They can vary in meaning, from love to work, health to fortune and many other areas of life. A reading can help you see your life path clearly and open your eyes to the possibilities specific to you. While your destiny may seem to be written in the stars, we all have free will. A reading can help to reveal which events are avoidable and will help to prepare you to approach life with confidence.

Major Arcana

I decided then to embrace the life-style of a Pagan-Wiccan-Therapist, Herbalist and Spiritualist at age 60, to pursue the path of the High Priestess. My name is Yoni Twatt, actually my adopted Wiccan name. I am an ex-counsellor and psychotherapist, and I sculpt as a hobby. I am also into Yoga and meditation. I am very fit attractive and look young for my age. I joined a Pagan Guild of Herbalists and Holistic Medicine as part of my new life-style…During that summer the Guild was sponsored by a Pharma company to seek medicinal tropical herbs from Guyana. Three of us, two women and one man were chosen to go on the Expedition…In Guyana we were housed at a Lodge in the town of Enmore near the majestic Kaieteur Falls right in the tropical forest.

On the day after our arrival I’d just swam a few laps in the pool and relaxing in my cabin when Damas the Afro-Guyanese American male member in the group came over with a bottle of Cognac. I liked him a lot; he is suave, well-spoken and rather funny. He is also well-built and looks younger than his 40 years. A few drinks later we began to fool around spontaneously. As we got high Damas began to stroke my exposed breasts, thighs and flanks; my big slippery clitoris…My cunt began to salivate and grool in lust. I felt good thoroughly enjoying myself. I sighed deeply as he guided his huge hard cock into my soaked cunt. I could feel the rhythm in Damas’ hips his hard thighs as he fucked me skillfully, magnificently that afternoon…Driving me to greater and greater heights of erotic frenzy…I loved the way he fucked, slow and deep grinding hard and sweetly obscene with a smile on his face. I watched him while I moved and undulated my body whorishly, my cunt milking his super hard dick, squeezing, massaging, churning like a thunderstorm and the blood throbbed and pounded my pussy hard…We fucked for hours, responding to his voice which bahis firmaları caressed me hypnotically like lascivious fingers, forcing me up and up until my final explosion, when I clutched Damas tightly, my cunt gripping his cock while it pumped jets of cum into my womb…

“I’m very happy today” he said later, “let’s have another drink or two and keep fucking”…And we fucked and fucked and I came and came again and again crying…He had fucked me silly, always wanted to fuck me he’d said. Later Cunny Funt one woman who is closer to me in the Guild came over and found me torpid, lethargic. I told her I had been royally fucked by Damas…”Lucky you” she said wistfully. Two days later Cunny and I went sightseeing with our Guide Cody, a young Black dude. He was very solicitous and serviceable and made us laugh a lot. His athletic build and bronze complexion made him so fucking hot. Later Cody took us to his house for a drink and refreshments. The beautiful guitar music permeated the den like the essence of a flower, mingling with our muffled voices. Sweet and fragrant melodies, exotic and sacred music. Cody emerged from the bathroom wearing only briefs that displayed the bulge of a huge cock.

“I think he wants to fuck us”, Cunny whispered in my ear as we lounged on the mattress, drinking wine, getting high and eating lots of assorted fruit. “He better, I’m so fucking horny I could fuck a pole” I said. Cody joined us slipping off his briefs. “Holy shit”, muttered Cunny gazing at Cody’s dick…He gently undressed me while I stroked and sucked his mammoth hard-on. His 12 inch cock was fully erect, thick and hard; my cunt oozed profusely onto the sheets. Soon we were all naked on the towel covered sheets. He parted my vulva, fringed with the soggy curls, my hard clitoris enormous; my cunt was wide open. I was totally relaxed, absorbed in feeling as Cody sucked my clitoris his tongue probing my opening filled with pre-coital juices…

My scent filled my nostrils, my hips thrusting toward Cody spasmodically as I started to come…I squirmed with anticipation, spreading my legs wider as he cock-stroked my clitoris with a heavy, sliding rhythm…Our gaze locked, taking a measure of each other…I had become very slick, my odor strong. I asked Cody to please fuck me, to play in my cunt for a good long time…Without further ado, he entered my deliciously elastic cunt, and I relaxed against his cock like a coiled spring, then clenching in rhythm with his thrusts. A film of sweat covered us both like mist. I moaned and writhed, rising and falling beneath him as he fucked me deeply, deliciously and slowly for a long time; thrusting hard, rotating his hard dick circularly inside my pussy, my body moving rhythmically, enjoying what he was doing to me. I gave him all the room to play in that puddle between my thighs, filled with thick lubrication like warm egg white that streamed down the crack of my ass to my asshole. I opened like a turgid flower of hot, undulating creamy femaleness…

“O baby, baby, you feel so good” he whispered, holding his dick deep inside my cunt. I started to come, my body trembling…I paused kaçak iddaa briefly to regain control, urging him to fuck me harder…I felt the turmoil building inside me then exploding in a violent orgasm, clasping Cody tightly, as he cried out loudly, pumping an avalanche of cum into me…

He drank more booze, smoked a joint then mounted Cunny. I watched them fuck; Cunny’s cunt was feverish, flaring up, brownish-red as Cody fucked her expertly. I could sense her orgasmic surge as she began to shiver violently and her cunt exploded, coating her crotch with a spray of juice, her slender vulva swollen hugely. Her intoxicating scent blending with the stale smell of pot in the room. She writhed on the mattress aching pleading, “please don’t stop, fuck me harder” as Cody fucked her hard and her juices spattered and sizzled; her body risen above the mattress, demanding with passion and power and Cody fucked her relentlessly, his rock-hard cock swirling in the juices of her wide-open cunt. The dude was simply phenomenal, Cunny’s body shuddered in ongoing spasms while she moaned and whimpered and Cody never stopped. His staying power at a peak as she rode the waves of her orgasms in a screaming climax after climax. I have seldom seen a woman cum for as long as Cunny did; it was incredible.

Two days later while Damas was busy fucking Cunny in her cabin I had the opportunity to meet Chedi Jager our liaison for obtaining the herbs. He is part Indian part African, a Guru and a Shaman. He is a Tantrik Adept who is reputed to be well-versed in Spiritual sexuality. I was enthralled by his self-assurance, his knowledge and the aura of sensuality that he exuded. He took me to his modest estate surrounded by poui trees with exotic scarlet and salmon-pink flowers…We listened to the wind in the trees…Talking and laughing and kissing. I was a woman bewitched, willingly subjecting myself to his spell, his allure.

We ate fruit and drank wine…Later we explored the lovely garden with a miniature waterfall, the marijuana nurseries naked. Very nimble, his feet scarcely touched the ground. His beautiful hard ass inviting…Then we fucked and fucked on the soft grass in the garden, the sun beating on our bodies, making my juices flow. Chedi was made for a thousand lovers, his huge cock burning hot between my thighs, deep in my juicy cunt, soft with dense moss…A scarlet, magical, sticky flower bathed in liquid ruby…

I enjoyed fucking Chedi so much, feeling the elastic walls of my twat stretching to accommodate his granite hard dick, incredible amounts of fluids flowing from it. Plentiful juices, meeting his thrusts with equal force and passion…My hips revolved beneath him, my thighs flexing softly in and out in tempo with my pussy muscles which milked, sucked at, drained gently his cock as I came spurting steadily, wildly, matching the contractions of his cock. Later we fucked and fucked for hours in the house, extremely horny for each other much of the time…sexually on fire, sharing intense hours of sex, lost in the rhythms, the flow, the laughter; Lost in orgasm after orgasm, in the waves of magic, waves of sensations…

“I kaçak bahis must take my leave of you now lovely Yoni, but I will be back soon” said Chedi, after he sucked my clitoris for the last time. The sun was beginning to set. I began to feel the violent roiling and churning of his very thick, gluey semen deep in my womb. I slept soundly for hours. Early morning the next day a flash downpour from the murky sky, thick as a gray curtain, the driving rain enclosed me in the large sacred altar room of the house. The place smelled of herbs, spices, incense, and scented candles and decorated with stuffed birds, amulets, and various icons of witchcraft. The fragrance was very strong, the room glowed exotic orange in the candlelight…A young naked lithe woman offered me a strong herbal tea laced with sensimilia, as I sat naked on area rugs facing a healing altar, or mesa upon which a large statue of a nude voluptuous woman, perhaps the goddess of Guyana witchcraft was centered.

Incense swirled from the icon’s arms-a mixture of musk, amber, cinnamon and lemon- weaving a thick fragrance in the air; I felt very high elated…

After a while, I wandered off to the enclosed balcony to watch the rain pelting the courtyard mixed with the distant sound of ritual drums. Suddenly I felt a very large very hard, smooth cock pushing into my ass crack, as I leaned on the balustrade. I was jolted by the intrusion. “What the fuck is this, “I muttered. “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid of me, I am Sabu” said a deep male voice behind me as his large brown hands cupped my breasts stroking them.

“Blessed be, O holy one, ignite the fire in our blood this day” he chanted as he worked the cock against my swollen clitoris. My legs began to wobble, my vision blurring. My cunt began to drip copiously. “I am thy fire, you are my flaming water, blessed be” he whispered, pushing his huge cock into the furnace of my cunt, filling me totally. He began to move in and out of my pussy with smooth oiled thrusts, fucking me divinely. His cock was very hard and strong. Shit, and we have not even been introduced yet!!

“Blessed be” chanted the man, his words echoing around the balcony as he fucked me furiously from behind, holding me in place with his large hands. We fucked and fucked, slowly, patiently for a long time. The pleasure was mind blowing…My body began to heave as I felt the convulsive orgasm sweep thru me and I came in buckets feeling the hot gushing semen of Sabu pouring into me like geyser as he came. The balcony flashed with lightning, crashed with thunder. Hot rain plummeted, a storm of exquisite pleasure exploded all around us. I collapsed onto the balustrade feeling giddy, disoriented. When I came to Sabu was gone, I never got to see his face. His warm thick semen ran down my legs in rivulets. “Oh, Goddess”, I groaned.

Chedi took me back to the Lodge the next day after fucking me all night long, initiating me into the magical mystery of delicious Tantrik sex; taking me to the outer limits of sexual ecstasy. My cunt sang arias, I became rejuvenated. It had become an epiphany for me. As our group set out on a field trip. Chedi whispered to me that upon our return he and Sabu will fuck me senseless in a threesome. I shuddered, “Blessed be” I intoned; indeed the High Priestesses’ Major Arcana was being fulfilled.


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