The Tantalizing Twins Ch. 02

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Secretly Steve was thinking that his ship had come in. One of his biggest fantasies was to be with two women at once. But this was even better…twin sisters that were both hot as hell. It was worth taking the risk and closing the bar down early it was the closest he’d ever been to fulfilling his fantasy.

He put out the sign and grabbed a beer. Heading for the dance floor he saw that the girls had taken things up a notch and they were dancing together now. Doing a little bump and coming on to each other now and again. Traci stuck out her tongue and Terri said,

“Don’t stick it out unless you intend to use it.”

“Bring your hot little self over here and give me something to use it on!” Traci countered.

“I hear ya…” Terri replied.

“Don’t scare him away yet, I haven’t gotten to have any fun with him…” she continued.

Jut then Steve walked up behind her,

“What did you have in mind gorgeous?”

As she heard a sexy song playing on the jukebox. She whirled around and planted a kiss squarely on his lips and Steve kissed back whole-heartedly. He definitely bahis firmaları wanted them. Terri snuggled up next to him and began to dance against his body. She could feel his excitement growing and it made her want to tease him all the more.

“Okay, okay, break it up it’s my turn. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that twins share EVERYTHING?” Traci said.

“That’s true.” Terri said as she looked at Steve.

She gave him another quick wet lipped kiss and then she went behind and started dancing while she held his shoulders. That’s when Traci moved in. She kissed him deeply letting her tongue find every corner of his mouth. Letting it tangle and untangle itself with his. Then she kissed her way down his neck to his top button and began to kiss the buttons undone one after one until she could slip her hand inside and feel his muscled chest. As she ran her fingers through his thin chest hair she barely caressed his nipple and smiled with a devil’s grin when she felt it go completely stiff beneath her touch.

Then she turned around as the songs changed and she backed her round supple ass up kaçak iddaa against his growing crotch. She bent down putting her hands on her thighs and ground her ass into him like a stripper would. Meanwhile, Terri had bent his head backwards and was now probing his mouth upside down with her tongue, and sliding her hands inside his shirt.

The sisters heard a quiet moan escape Steve’s lips as Terri licked his neck and began to nibble and suck at his earlobe. Steve broke away to start the music again and to get another beer. But when he looked back at the sisters he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The two sisters stood facing each other embraced in a lustful kiss their tongues intertwined deep with their mouths Traci’s hands had traveled inside of Terri’s shirt to squeeze her perky breasts. And Terri’s hands had traveled up beneath her sister’s skirt to knead Traci’s round supple ass.

Steve couldn’t believe his eyes. The fact that he was about to get the chance to be in bed with twin sisters at once was astonishing. But now to find that he was going to get to see these beautiful twins be with each kaçak bahis other was surreal.

“Hope we didn’t turn you off, we just couldn’t help ourselves any longer.” Traci remarked.

“Are you kidding, it’s the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. I’m hoping to see much more of it!” Steve said with a look of pure lust in his eyes.

With that said the girls decided it was time to take their sexy bartender upstairs to their room. And let him see all the secrets they shared as twin sisters.

“Show me more. Kiss her again.” Steve said to Terri.

Easing him down on the bed one twin knelt on either side of him, leaning in they kissed each other passionately. And they let their hands begin to travel first across each other’s bodies—And then to Steve’s.

Terri stood and removed Steve’s shirt completely while he and Traci continued to kiss. Then she unbuttoned her sister’s top and watched as it fell to the floor. Rubbing her hands across her sister’s long hard nipples she looked back at Steve to see his reaction.

“Oh yeah, you two are incredible together. I want to see more…” Steve urged.

As Terri sat on the floor and began to lick and suck her sister’s nipples Traci began to moan and as she moaned she rubbed her hand up and down the length of the bulge in Steve’s jeans.

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