Encounters with Meg: Fifteenth

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As we stood by the railing on the hotel rooftop looking out over the river, I felt you move closer to me. I draped my arm over your shoulder, and pulled you against me.

It was late, so we had the rooftop to ourselves. The last users of the hot tub had left before we arrived, but their wet footprints still dotted the floor. The riverfront crowd five floors below us was dwindling, but there were still plenty of people milling about. We stood together listening to the night sounds and enjoying the the feel of being together again.

As the evening breeze stroked us gently, I turned toward you and brought my lips to yours. You responded willingly, and soon we were locked together in a passionate kiss, our tongues interlinked, our bodies pressed tightly together. An evening out on the town with no panties had kept you excited, especially since I had taken every opportunity to slip my hand between your legs and stroke your hard clit and engorged pussy lips. Occasionally I had been able to slide a finger up inside you to savor the warmth and wetness I found there before you pushed my hand away for fear of discovery. I did notice, however, that you stayed very close to me all night, as if you did not want me to miss a single chance to stroke your hidden charms.

My hand moved down along your side, across your hip, and then to the hem of your dress. I felt your body quiver as I slipped my hand beneath the fabric and touched the smooth skin of your thigh. My fingers sought and found your pussy which was pendik escort silky and wet with anticipation. You leaned against the railing and adjusted your position so I had more ready access. I moved my fingers along your slit, stroking along the sides, then dipping a fingertip inside. Your kiss became more demanding as I found your clit and teased it with my fingertips.

Your hands moved between us and sought the zipper that concealed my now hard cock. With practiced efficiency you reached inside and maneuvered my erection out into the cool night air. After a quick glance around to make sure we were still alone, you kneeled before me. Your mouth surrounded my cock, enveloping it in your luscious mouth. Your tongue swirled around the head and teased the shaft as you took all of me inside you. I placed my hands on your head as it bobbed back and forth with each deep stroke. The evening’s activities had kept me aroused for hours, so I knew I would cum in a matter of seconds if I did not stop you.

Leaning down, I lifted you up so you were standing before me. We resumed our kiss as your hands found my cock and guided it toward your pussy. You rubbed my cock head along your slit and across your clit over and over again, causing your hips to gyrate in response. You lifted one of your feet and placed it on the lower rail as you slipped my cock inside you. You were wet and ready, so my cock was soon buried fully within you. We remained that way, without moving, for several minutes, enjoying the tight warmth of being escort pendik connected.

We began moving at the same moment, both ready to proceed. We rocked together effortlessly, each knowing just how to move to enhance the sensations the other was experiencing. I slipped my hands beneath your shirt and found your breasts. I pushed your bra up out of the way so I could feel their fullness in my hands and the firmness of your huge nipples between my fingertips.

I was just beginning to feel the cum boiling in my testicles, when you pulled away from me suddenly. I felt the cool air caress my wet cock as you turned your back to me.

“I want you in my ass,” you said in a matter of fact tone. You leaned forward so that your upper body rested on the top rail and your ass poked back toward me.

Always willing to meet your needs, I fumbled in my pocket for the tube of lubricant that you had suggested I bring along. I greased up my cock and moved toward you. Your hand was already between your legs caressing your pussy as I placed my cock against your puckered asshole. You used your fingers to hold my cock in place as I pushed gently against you.

As you relaxed and my cock slid up inside you, I listened to the sounds drifting up from the street below. Those people had no idea what was taking place only a few floors above them.

Soon my cock was buried in your tight asshole and my pubic hairs were crushed against your ass. As I began pumping my cock back and forth in your tight ass, I looked pendik escort bayan up and saw that there was a container ship coming up the river toward us. I knew that the crew of this ship would be able to see us because its upper deck was several stories higher than we were, but that thought did not deter my actions, and you either did not notice or did not care.

Spurred on by the tight warmth of your ass, I pumped hard against you, burying my cock fully inside your ass on each stroke. You moved sensually in response to every stoke in an effort to milk the cum from me. Your efforts were soon rewarded with my moans as I felt the climax building within me. As your orgasm swept over you, you pounded your ass back against me, causing me to cum with you.

I looked up as my cock shot gobs of cum inside you, and I saw some of the crew of the passing ship was looking toward us. They soon realized what we were doing and they began to hoot and shout at us in a foreign tongue. The final waves of our mutual climax swept through us as the ships horn let out a mighty blast in our honor. You looked up when you heard the blast and realized that we had an appreciative audience on board the ship. Without hesitation, you raised a hand and waved, but you made no effort to dislodge my still hard cock.

The ship moved on up the river as my cock shriveled inside you. I pulled away from you and straightened my clothes as you stood to lean against the rail facing me. I moved toward you and we embraced, still weak from the intensity of our shared orgasm. After several moments, I took you by the hand and led you back to our room.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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