The Summer of 1960

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Adriana Chechik

I had no idea what it was going to hold for me but I have to say this from the start I never thought I’d loose my virginity and fall in love while I was away. After all I was only 18.

My cousin was getting married out in LA so I flew from Miami to LAX and spent time with her before the wedding. We had been good friends as well as cousins since I was very small. The flight was just another plane ride for me. I use to travel every summer to Chicago to see my Grandmother and aunts.

Instead of just flying back to Miami I made a stop over in Chicago to see the usual people, Grandmother and aunts. I had been there about a day and a half when my Father’s sister called and asked if I wanted to come and visit because all my cousins were home for the summer and I hadn’t seen them in like forever. Sure, people my age and hey they were boys. I have to admit I liked the idea of boys….

My aunt occupied most of the afternoon when I got out to Elgin. Then she told me that the boys would be home in about 30 minutes and asked me if I remembered John, Jim or Ted. No I have to admit I didn’t. But I can tell you now I do.

John came in the kitchen and swung me around like a rag doll. When he finally put me down on the chair I felt like I was going to fall off. He was tall and had sandy blonde hair and a nice build for a cousin. He was married and had a little boy named Markie. I was just talking to him and telling him and my aunt about my Dad and Mom.

Then just like a tornado in the door came Ted and my heart was stolen from me forever.

He was my Prince Charming. Tall, dark and handsome as hell, he had a face like a Greek god. He hugged me so tight I thought my eyes would pop out of my head. When he finally let go I remember swooning like a girl after a movie star.

When my Uncle got home from work he called me and Ted into the family room and gave us tickets to the county fair and the keys to his car. I remember feeling like this was my first crush. Wherever Ted was I was right behind him. If he was working on the car I was right down under it handing him tools. If he was mowing the lawn I was watching.

After dinner John came over to see what we were up to and took me and Ted to the Tastee Freeze (it’s like a Dairy Queen). On the way home we got lost (yeah right) in a corn field. I was scared that we’d have to walk back to my aunt’s house. I had no idea he was pulling the oldest trick in the book, “Oh no, we’re out of gas”.

I just sat and cuddled up next to Ted and tried to get as far away from John as I could. This guy frightened me. Then he said “Well since we’re here for awhile let’s get to know each other again cuz”.

I was still a virgin even at 18. I hadn’t found a man (or a boy) I thought I wanted to give it up to until I met my cousin Ted.

John’s hands were all over me. While I was trying to fight him off Ted was ready to start swinging and connecting with his brother’s jaw.

“Come on Mag, you know you want to let me fuck you” John said as his hands were every where on my body. I tried to push him away and finally my hero came to my rescue. Ted tapped him on the shoulder and when John stood up he swung his right arm out and bang John was on the pavement.

“She doesn’t want to you pawing at her bro. Leave the lady along” Ted said as he stood between John on the roadway and me in the front seat. “Now takes us home.”

As John wobbled around the front of the car to the drivers said Ted took me and we climbed into the back seat.

I was crying softly into Ted’s shoulder. As we pulled up in front of the house John was just concerned that I’d tell his Dad what he’d tried to do whatever it was that he had tried. But all I wanted to do was get the heck out of the car.

“Ted, if you let her tell Dad I’ll just say you got yourself some pussy too” John said as he tried to blackmail his brother.

John got back into the car and left as Ted took me into his arms to comfort me. We didn’t go to the fair until the next night. Ted just explained to my Uncle that John had played a mean trick with the ‘oh no we’re out of gas’ thing and that scared me and got me to crying. I guess Uncle Jake decided that it was just John being John.

Ted took me downstairs to the rec room and got me settled in for the night. And then as he turned off the TV and before he turned on the light over the pool table I started to shake.

“Ted, he scared me. John really scared me. Why did he do that to me?” I said to him in the dark.

Ted turned back to me and put his arms around my shoulders. “Its okay Mag. John is just a pig. Don’t let him get to you. I won’t let him get close to you again” Ted said.

As Ted made his way to the pool table to turn on the light I sat down on my bed. Ted came back over to where I was sitting and deposited himself on the floor at my feet. He reached up and took my hands in his as he smiled and said “I will protect you with my life Maggie. Nobody will ever hurt you. Got it?”

I got a nice warm feeling in my stomach as he smiled bahis firmaları at me. I felt so safe with my sweet cousin offering to protect me.

“Okay Ted. I’ll be okay now” I said as I lay down on the bed.

Ted stood up and covered me with a blanket and then out of the clear blue sky he leaned down and kissed me on the lips.

“Good night Ted and thank you” I whispered.

“Welcome Maggie” he said as he stepped back and turned to leave.

I watched him walk out of the rec room and go up the stairs. I wished his room had been in the other part of the basement. To this man I would have willingly given up my virginity. I was just so in love with him.

The next day came and I was woken up by my younger cousin Jerry running through the rec room like an airplane.

“Hey Maggie get up its morning” he said as he made his final approach for a landing.

“No its not I’m still tired” I said as I pulled the blanket up over my head.

Then it was all quiet in the room. I peeked out from under the blanket to see him standing there looking at me.

“What?” I said as I stared back.

“What does he see in YOU?” Jerry said as he made a face.

“Who, what are you talking about?” I said in disgust.

“Ted” he said “oh my Gawd you are in love with your own cousin” he said as he made a sore face. “Uh-h-h-h that’s gross” Jerry said as he headed up to the kitchen.

I had been found out. He knew I was in love with his brother. Geez I hope he didn’t tell anybody. That would be embarrassing to say the least.

After breakfast I straightened up the bed and put some clothes away. As I was standing in front of the TV Ted came swinging down into the rec room. I turned and smiled lovingly up into his face. He put his arm around my shoulder as he said “Morning dear cousin, how’d you sleep last night?”

“Fine, until Jerry made like an airplane that didn’t know how to land” I said as I laughed.

“Yeah, well his room is down here too so you’ll need to live with it for awhile” he said as he dropped his arm from my shoulder.

“Don’t forget we are going to the fair tonight. No holes barred you are having it all. Hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy and do all the rides. Ferris wheel, roller coaster, bumper cars, and last but not least the Merry go round” Ted said as he held out his arms and bowed from the waist. “For you dear lady I will even let you dunk me if you can hit the target”.

I had to laugh at that because I couldn’t even throw a baseball much less hit a target. I have to admit this the evening was sounding better all the time.

Ted ran back upstairs to answer the phone before anybody else got to get to it.

“Yeah well, you should know better” he said to whoever was on the other end of the line.

“You are old enough to know what you are doing, got it brother?” Ted shouted. And then I heard him slam the phone onto the wall. It was John. Apparently trying to find out who said what to his Mom or Dad.

I heard the door slam as he went into his bedroom that he shared with my other cousin Jim whom I hadn’t seen yet. I heard a bang and I jumped. Jerry came running out of his room and looked upstairs as he asked me “What the heck was that?”

I shrugged my shoulders as I just said, “I have no idea.”

“It sounds like Ted hit the wall in his room again” he said as he walked back into his bed room.

Then I just sat down and picked up my book to read. The fair was hours away and the TV wasn’t working so I needed to do something to fill in the time.

I heard the front door open and slam and then my other cousin Jim shout, “Hey guys I’m home”.

Jerry came flying out of his room and up the stairs. I stood up and walked to the bottom of the stairs to see if they were coming down to the rec room.

Then I turned to go back to my book and I felt a body against my back and Jim said “Hey Maggie how ya been? It’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

I tried to turn around but Jim had his arms on my side and I just moaned “I’m fine Jim. It’s good to see you too.”

He let my arms go and I turned around to see this cousin of mine that I didn’t even remember. He was nice looking and all but Ted was my Prince Charming.

We all talked for the rest of the day and then Jim made his way up to the bedroom and I knew it would be coming as soon as he shut the door. “What the hell happened in here?”

He yelled to his brother.

I didn’t hear much but I did hear my name and John’s come from Ted. So it was out now just not as far as I had hoped that my Aunt & Uncle didn’t know.

Jim came out of the bedroom and ran down the stairs to me. “What the hell did John do to you cuz?” he said as he slid over the floor on his knees and ended up right in front of me.

“The dirty SOB I will kill him” Jim said.

I tried to tell Jim what happened but when I got to the part about his hands all over me Ted came down stairs and filled in the rest.

Jim was so pissed off at his brother I could have sworn I saw his eyes turn kaçak iddaa to black.

Ted took Jim to the other side of the rec room and they talked rather loudly. Jim walked back over to me and sat down on the couch as he put his arms around me to comfort me.

“I’m fine Jim really I’m fine” I said. I looked up at Ted with pleading eyes.

Finally Jim let me go and he and Ted walked back upstairs and out the door they went. I didn’t know it then but they were on their way to John’s to confront him once and for all.

I found out before I left Chicago that Jim and Ted had gone to John’s that afternoon and beat the crap out of him. John’s face looked like raw meat when they were done. The last thing Ted said to John was, “If you ever hurt Maggie again I will tell Mom & Dad and you won’t ever see any of your family again.”

That night Ted and I went to the fair as planned. I had such a great time. When we got to the Ferris wheel I felt like I was flying. As we got stuck up on top I sort of freaked out a little. Ted had his arms around me and I wanted to just bury my face in his chest. Not the Ferris wheel type I guess. When I lifted my head up to look at him Ted leaned down and kissed me right on the lips. It wasn’t a family kiss either. His tongue pressed into my mouth and I began to have these strange feelings in my belly.

“Maggie baby” he said ever so softly “Since you came here all I have wanted to do was take you in my arms and kiss you.”

I pulled myself to him as I kissed him back. I hadn’t made out with a guy in a really long time and even for a virgin I was horny.

As our lips parted the Ferris wheel began to move. When we got off of the ride Ted took my hand and led me down the fairway to the games. He tossed a few coins into some plates and won me a big stuffed doggie. It was getting late and we both were tired. So he took my hand and we got some popcorn to eat on the way home. As we approached the car he stepped in front of me and pulled my body to his.

“Baby, I want to make love with you tonight” he whispered. He kissed me again and again.

“Ted, you do know I’m still a virgin don’t you?” I said to him.

“Yes Mag I know that’s why I didn’t want John anywhere near you. He would have split you wide open and hurt you so bad.” He said softly to me.

“You won’t hurt me will you” I said to him.

“I’d never hurt baby girl, never” he said.

“You are my Prince Charming Ted. I want to be with you forever” I said as he kissed me once more.

All the way back to the house I sat next to him as he drove, he put his arm around me and kissed me every chance he could. I had no idea what making love felt like but it sounded so nice and sweet coming from him.

As we walked in the door Jim was in the kitchen getting a snack and popped his head out and asked, “So how was the fair you guys?”

“It was wonderful Jim, look what Ted won for me” I said as I held out the dog.

Ted led me down stairs and helped me get settled in for the night. I was just sitting on the bed as he squatted down in form of me and said, “Mag, I will come to you when everyone is asleep, okay?” He leaned forward as he took my face between his hands and said “I want to make you feel the love I have for you.”

I just swallowed hard and shook my head up and down. He really was my Prince Charming, this cousin of mine.

I laid back on the bed and Ted covered me with the blanket. He leaned over and kissed my forehead and whispered to me “I’ll be back to make you a woman very shortly baby girl.” He smiled and ran upstairs.

It seemed like it was forever and then I fell asleep. The next thing I knew I awoke to hear Ted whispering my name. “Maggie, Maggie wake up baby girl” he said.

I turned over to I looked up into the dark I saw my sexy cousin in his underwear. He lifted the blanket and I scooted over to make room for him in the bed. As he pressed against my body he kissed me so gently on the lips.

Ted pressed his lips to my ear as he whispered to me “Baby girl, I want to make you mine. You are so much a woman.”

“What should I do” I whispered to him as I looked into his handsome face.

“Nothing sweetie, let me do it all” Ted said softly.

He leaned up on his elbow as he reached to the bottoms of my pajamas. He slowly lowered them as his lips and tongue pressed against mine. When my bottoms were all the way off he began to unbutton my top. As he laid it open his hands brushed across my breast. “Oh Mag” he said “Your nipples are so beautiful.” His lips left mine as he began to kiss one nipple and his fingers caressed the other. “They are so perfect” he sighed.

I reached my hands up and pressed my fingers through his head of beautiful dark hair.

I sighed as his lips kissed my breast.

I reached for his shorts and what I found was his hard cock. It surprised me to say the least. I had never seen a hard cock before.

I whispered “Ted….ah, ah…..will you…..will it hurt me? I stammered.

“No, baby girl I would kaçak bahis never hurt you” he said into my ear.

“If you will just encircle my cock with your fingers…..” Ted said.

I placed my hand down inside of his shorts and let my fingers find their way around his cock. He was so hard I was afraid that I would break it. I ran my fingers over his hardness as I felt his other hand reach for his shorts and pull them off his body.

Finally we were naked as we lay together so close to each other. I had no idea what would happen next or what was to follow. As his lips kissed one nipple and then the other I held his head against my chest.

He began to run his hand down from my nipple across my belly. I gasp when I felt him place his finger tip against the patch of hair between my legs. He lifted his head up as he said “Baby girl?”

I looked into his face as I felt him move to rest above me.

“It may feel a little uncomfortable when I slide it into you. But please know that I want you so much” Ted said as he kissed my cheek.

I just smiled up into his face as I took a deep breathe and with the exhale he positioned his cock against my fur lined puss and began to lower himself into me.

I tried to not make any noise because I didn’t want to wake anybody. Ted lifted his body up and over me as he looked lovingly into my eyes. I took another deep breathe and when I exhaled he began to stroke his cock in and out of my pussy.

I didn’t know what it was suppose to feel like as I had nothing to compare it too. I whispered into Ted’s ear “You are so big. I don’t know if it will all fit.”

Then I felt this hip bone against my belly and I felt him all the way inside of me.

I closed my eyes as I tried to memorize the feeling of him as he filled my body with his hardness.

Ted brought his lips to my ear as he said ever so quietly “I am all the way inside of you my Princess.”

I let out a heavy sigh as I felt Ted move in and out of my damp pussy. I could feel the base of his cock press against my clit and it sent shivers up my body and across my nipples. I know what my clit was as I had discovered it just last summer when I was taking a bath.

Now I was a woman. I had my wonderful Prince Charming making love to me. I pulled his body to me with every ounce of strength I had. When we kissed it was the kiss of lovers, wet lips, hungry tongues and passion that I really haven’t felt since. As he began to move faster I just groaned against his chest.

“Baby girl” he sighed. “You are so tight I can’t believe we have discovered this wonderful feeling together.

As he kissed me again and again all I wanted to do was stay right here for the rest of my life. He brought his hand up off the bed and began to stroke my hard nipples with every deep plunge of his cock into my body.

“My Princess, my wonderful Princess” Ted moaned against my ear “I’m going to cum inside your wet puss.”

I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his back; I thought that was what I was supposed to do. Ted was breathing faster and harder as he pressed against my body with his. I had no idea what he meant with ‘I’m going to cum’ but it sounded yummy.

Then he lifted his butt up and pulled his cock out of me and shot his load of creamy white sperm on my belly. I have to admit I didn’t like that, I felt as if he were denying me the pleasure of feeling his warm seed in my belly. Not realizing that we could make a baby.

He moved from above and lay next to me in the bed. “Princess” he sighed all out of breath. “I love you so much.”

“Why did you stop and way did you…..what is all over my stomach?” I said with a tear in my ear.

“Oh my baby girl, don’t you know that can make a baby. A real baby, one that cries and wets and poops and grows up just like you and me” he said as he smiled at me.

“Oh” I sighed. “I didn’t know that. Nobody ever told me about how babies are made.”

“Ah geez, that’s the problem with these Catholics they leave out all the important stuff” Ted said as he chuckled.

He pulled himself up against me and kissed me with the passion and love we felt for each other. Before he left me to go back to his room to get some much needed sleep he kissed his way down to my nipples and sucked one at a time into his warm, wet lips. That made my belly feel so good I just raised my ass off the bed as I moaned softly. Then he did something I thought was rather perverted at the time but now I know better. He put his finger into the cum on my belly and raised it to my lips.

“What are you doing Ted?” I said as I watched him slide his finger with this stuff on it into his mouth.

“Here, my wonderful Princess. Taste of me” he said as he offered me his finger. I had no idea what it was suppose to taste like but when his finger parted my lips I felt the warm liquid against my tongue and a salty sexy feeling in my mouth.

I moved my tongue around inside my mouth as I really began to enjoy the taste of his cum. “M-m-m-m it tastes so good” I said as he leaned down for another kiss.

Ted sat up on the bed and began to put his underwear on to make the trip up to his bedroom. “I need to get back to my room before anything happens” he whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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