My Dirty Little Secret

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I can’t get you out of my mind. Not that that’s anything new…especially after the summer we’ve been having. Sneaking out late at night…you climbing into my bed after my husband leaves for work…and the night we had our first sleepover…it’s been amazing. The memory stuck in my head tonight was one of our most recent adventures.

You had invited me out to a show. How could I say no? I jumped at the chance to dress slutty and dance against you “innocently” in a crowd of people. We parked and walked to the club, your hands roaming over me in my short jean skirt and tight little tube top. I wanted to show you just how little I had on underneath, but resisted. I could tell how worked up you were getting as we stood outside talking before the band started, and straddled your knee as I pressed you against the wall. Your arm wrapped around my waist as you pulled me in for a kiss, and I licked your lips, teasing you, until your other hand cupped the back of my head to pull me in. My arms slipped under yours, embracing you and inhaling your scent. I kissed your earlobes and flicked them with my tongue, my hot breath on your neck, my hands sliding down your back. I could have stayed outside with you all night.

We finally made our bahis firmaları way inside, and eventually, to the dance floor, just in time to wait for the next band to set up. We chatted and had a couple of laughs, you drinking your beer, me making eyes at you over my rum and Coke. The band started, and I couldn’t help but move along with the music. I danced along for a while, then decided it would be more fun to tease you. My bopping along became grinding on you, and I could feel you getting into it as your hands reached for my shoulders, then rubbed down my arms. I slid my hands over yours, inching them further down my sides, down my thighs, to the edge of my skirt. I think it was about that time that you whispered into my ear “hey, do you want to get out of here?”

We held hands, walking down the deserted sidewalk, enjoying the gorgeous evening and each others’ company until we got back to the car. We tried sitting outside, but couldn’t keep each other appropriately covered during our hot and heavy makeout session, so I suggested we climb into the backseat. I always feel like a horny teenager with you, and I could feel the excitement building as we slid onto the cool leather seats.

I sat on one side of the car, and looked at you kaçak iddaa sitting across from me with the biggest grin on my face, waiting for my moment to attack. You must have been thinking the same thing, as we lunged at the same moment, our mouths meeting in an intense and passionate kiss. My hands immediately went to the back of your head, grabbing at your short little hairs, pulling you closer to me as we kissed, my mouth trying to engulf yours, sucking and licking your lips. You kissed down my cheek to my neck and sucked gently, making little gasps escape from my mouth.

I loved feeling your hands sneak down my side and up under my skirt, pulling it teasingly. I flipped onto my back, my head in your lap looking up at you, giving you easy access to my wetness, my bare legs shining in the glow of the streetlight overhead. Your hands teased the top of my thigh, sliding between my legs that I teasingly kept clenched together. I slid my hand around your wrist and tugged just enough for your fingers to graze the front of my wet lacy panties. I shifted again on the seat, my bare bottom sticking to the leather, my feet pressed against the door. My hips lifted up, my pussy wanting more of you touching me.

You took your cue perfectly, kaçak bahis and slid the wet fabric to the side of my puffy pussy lips, your fingers stroking my throbbing clit. I rocked against you, my head still in your lap, me shivering with every touch. I couldn’t control my hands any longer, and let them slide greedily into my panties. I rubbed my clit furiously, as my feet slid up the window, exposing myself almost completely. You looked down into my eyes, stroking my hair and squeezing my breasts, encouraging my bad behavior while making sure I stayed covered. My body was about to give in, I was getting hotter and wetter by the second. My fingers strummed over my pussy, harder and faster, every muscle in my body anticipating what was about to happen. I tensed up, squeezing my pussy around my fingers, and shook uncontrollably as my orgasm ripped through me. I collapsed with my head on your leg, trying to catch my breath as you brushed my hair out of my face. I could feel my pussy still spasming, each wave causing a slight blush to spread over my cheeks. All I could do was look up into your smiling face and sigh.

I laid in your lap for a few more minutes, eventually peeling myself off you and readjusting my clothing. We went our separate ways, the feeling of your fingers in me fresh in my mind. It kept me wet all the way across town as I picked up my husband, and all the way home, and into my sexy, kinky dreams that night. I’ve never slept better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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