Black Lady Loves Black Man

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My name is Shamika Lathery. I’m a six-foot-tall and very voluptuous, big-bottomed young Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I attend Bridgewater State College, where I major in Nursing. I am an African-American woman who loves and adores her strong Black men. Are you surprised to meet a sister who still loves the brothers? Don’t be. We do exist. Let no one tell you otherwise. I know plenty of sisters who fiercely love their men. Not all Black women are haters dedicated to bringing about the downfall of the Black man. Some of us Black queens and princesses are still looking for our Black princes and kings. And I’m proud to say that I am one of them. Alright?

I met TJ, also known as Thomas Jankhar, in my Western Literature Class. A big and tall ( six-foot-three by 270 pounds ) Black man of South African descent. When I first met him, I thought he was good-looking, in a rugged kind of way. We were among the nine Black students in a class of twenty people. And he stood out among the others. The brother was oozing charm. Then he opened his mouth and nearly ruined it. TJ was smart, and opinionated. For those reasons, and many more, he got on my nerves. We argued in class all the time. TJ was a very brilliant young man with strong opinions about racial and gender issues. And he didn’t much care for anyone who disagreed with him. I was the exact same way. In spite of that, or perhaps because of it, we ended up falling in love. Could you believe it?

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. TJ transferred from Emerson College in the city of Boston to Bridgewater State College mainly because he was a football fan. Emerson College didn’t bursa escort have a football team, and TJ came from a family of football players. His older brother Jeremiah plays for Boston College and his cousin Lamar plays for UMass-Amherst. I thought that was a ridiculous reason for switching schools but if he hadn’t done that, we never would have met. So I’m glad he did. To the surprise of our friends and respective families, we got married the summer after our junior year. And I haven’t had any regrets.

TJ and I live in a nice apartment in Brockton’s West Side. We now commute to Bridgewater State. For the most part, life has been good. Next year, I’ll get my bachelor’s degree in Nursing, then I will start working while attending Cambridge College. As for TJ, he’s getting his bachelor’s of science degree in Criminal Justice before heading to the Boston Police Academy. I really hope he makes it. Being a big-city policeman is his dream. I support my man. And he supports me. Life is okay. Even though we’re both busy people, we make time to keep the home fires burning, as they used to say in the old days. Love is something meant to be expressed verbally, emotionally, physically and yes, sexually. Got to keep the passion going.

The other day, when TJ came home, he found me lying naked on our bed, covered with flowers. Lilacs, his favorites. The moment he saw me, he grinned and scratched his head. Smiling, I gestured for him to come to me. Next thing I know, we were rolling around on the bed. Sometimes I was on top of him, other times he was on top of me. We wrestled playfully, and then began making love. TJ kissed every inch of my body, taking his time bursa escort bayan as his fingers and tongue explored my every crevice. He suckled at my breasts while probing my pussy with his agile fingers. He turned me around, putting me on all fours before worshiping my big sexy ass. Spreading my ass cheeks, he began to lick and finger my asshole as if it were a juicy treat. I love it when he does that.

My husband and I are a delightfully kinky couple, and we’re both into anal play. TJ fingers my ass and teases my pussy with his digits at the same time, driving me wild. A few moments later, I return the favor by taking him into my mouth. My husband is well-endowed. His manhood is eight inches long, fairly thick and uncircumcised. As a medical student, I don’t know of any reason why men should be modified physically in this part of their anatomy. I love my TJ the way he is. I suck on his penis and balls as if they were sugar cubes. I love the way they taste in my mouth. No two men taste alike. TJ is better than other men I’ve been with. He’s saltier, and tastes way better. I work my magic on him until he cums, then I drank his milkshake. While sucking his penis, I finger his ass with gusto. I love fingering TJ’s ass. He’s not big on saying it but I know he loves it. Lots of men love it when women play with their butts. TJ sighs in pleasure. I wipe my mouth of the remnants of his seed with the back of my hand and smile up at him.

We continue this fun little interlude, and I bring out my toys. Included are my strap-on dildo, vibrator and lots of lubricant. I put TJ on all fours and spread his ass cheeks. I apply lubricant all over his ass before escort bursa inserting the dildo inside of him. TJ is really into strap-on play, but like a lot of Black men, he can’t admit it. Must be why we don’t see a lot of them doing stuff like that in Black and Interracial porno movies. I ask TJ if he’s ready and my sweet hubby says yes. I kneel behind him and place my hands on his hips. I start pumping the dildo into his ass. He screams because it hurts a bit and because he loves it. I am gentle with him, at first, then I start pumping away. I am making love to his ass and he is loving it. This is quite a lot of fun for both of us.

A few moments later, I pull out of TJ. I give him a few moments to recover, then it’s my turn to ride the big one. I get on all fours, assuming the position. Face down and ass up. TJ comes up behind me, and applies lube all over my ass crack as I spread my cheeks for him. A few moments later, I feel his penis press against my anus. TJ puts his hands on my hips and thrusts into me. I absolutely love the feel of his manhood in my ass. Yes, I’m a Black woman who likes anal sex. Both giving and receiving. We do exist. TJ fucks me gently, but I urge him to go harder and faster. I’m not into the love-me-tender kind of thing. I’m really into the rough stuff. And he indulges me by pounding my ass hard. A few minutes later, we’re both screaming in ecstasy.

My hubby and I are very happy together. Many women in relationships with all kinds of men can’t say the same. TJ and I have a great relationship because we understand each other. He knows he can tell me anything. I love him dearly, and he loves me. I think we’re going to have a great life together. I can see us living in a big house in the suburbs someday soon, maybe even with a few brats of our very own. Living our version of the American Dream, African-American style. Anything is possible.

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