Assorted Grills

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I can’t say for sure, but I think my most recent trip to the local home improvement store may have bordered on the extraordinary. Certainly I have been prone to slip a bit from reality as some latent remainders of the acid or other experiments I tried during my “less sober” years try to kick in. Before now these excursions have been the basic Exxon tiger driving a tanker on the Interstate or perhaps the 747 size sea gull that made me run my car into a tree last year, but today, my experience transcended all the trips I’d ventured on before.

Now in deference to the many NASCAR fans out there, I won’t say which home improvement store I visited, since I don’t want to influence your opinion either way. The store might have been large and orange or large and blue, I don’t really remember, but I do recall the friendly greeter who quickly directed me to the kitchen center when I asked about cook top grills. There was something odd about this greeter; she was attractive, with straight dark hair highlighted by a few streaks of light blonde, almost white. Her blouse was unbuttoned enough to expose just a hint of black lace, and though there was not a lot of cleavage to reveal, it was a nice visual experience, but nothing spectacular.

What did grab my attention I noticed after I began heading to the kitchen center, when I turned back to ask another question and caught a glimpse of her from behind. She wore a pair of tight jeans that curved around her ass so magnificently I simply had to stop and stare, completely forgetting my question. I simply stood there admiring the view, feeling the distinctive tug in my shorts that had become all too rare an occurrence for me in the past few years.

“It’s just over there,” I heard a husky, but distinctively feminine voice call out.


“The kitchen center, I’m sure you’ll find what you need,” she said, pointing her finger and wiggling her beautiful ass a bit as she emphasized the word “need”.

“Oh, thank you,” I replied, feeling my face flush a bit in embarrassment. I turned and began walking in the direction she pointed, trying to adjust my erection as inconspicuously as possible.

I quickly spotted the kitchen center and soon found myself wandering through some nice mock-up kitchens. Looking over the countertops and cook top grills, I had some difficulty concentrating; my mind kept drifting to the greeter and her beautiful ass. In each mock-up I would picture her leaning over, reaching for something with bursa escort her incredible ass pushed back toward me.

In this worked up state, I was surprised when I noticed a door with a large sign that said “Ass Girls”. Initially figuring I was seeing things, I turned away and then looked back, but the lettering was the same, clearly, A-s-s G-i-r-l-s.

“Talk about dyslexic,” I whispered to myself with a smile, “they sure butchered this sign.” At the time it seemed clear that the sign should have read Ass. Grills, short for Assorted Grills. I opened the door, expecting to get back to business shopping for a cook top grill.

Stepping into a large, dimly lit room, I squinted my eyes as the door quickly shut behind me. Letting my eyes adjust to the darkness, I realized I was not about to peruse the assorted grills I anticipated. There was a conveyor belt, something like those at the checkout lanes, but a bit longer, maybe thirty feet long. At the beginning of the belt, was a woman, kneeling on all fours on the belt, completely and strikingly naked. Looking a bit further into the room I saw several other conveyor belts, each stocked with a sticking and yes, very naked woman.

Looking down the rows I spotted one that looked like the greeter who had just given me directions. Walking toward her, her identity was confirmed when she said, “Ah, I see you found it.”

“I guess I did,” I whispered.

“And does this look like something you need?” she asked, twisting her body to give me a better view of her ass.

My cock began pressing hard against the fabric of my pants as I answered, “Yea… ah, I mean, yes, I need it.”

Nodding over at a sign that said $300 she said, “Well, for the right price, it’s all yours.”

My hands trembled as I reached for my wallet and opened it. Damn, there was two twenties and a five.

“We do take credit cards,” she said, sensing my frustration.

“This one?” I asked, showing her my card.

“Don’t leave home without it,” she smiled, “just slide it though the slot there.”

I quickly slid my card though the machine and then began unbuttoning my shirt.

“Put your clothes on the belt in front of me, then climb on behind me, and then we’ll go for a short ride. And hey, don’t forget the lube as we pass the racks.”

I nodded, putting my shoes and pants on the conveyor belt. I stood for a moment wearing only my jockey shorts.

“The whiteys too,” she said.

I pulled off my jockey bursa escort bayan shorts, put them on my stack of clothes and climbed onto the conveyor belt behind her, my hands gently grabbing her by the hips.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, “that’s big, I wonder just how I’m gonna fit that in my trunk. Well better grab a lot of lube there.”

I grabbed the lube off the rack and applied it liberally to my hard cock, using my right hand to work the slippery stuff over the head and along the length of my shaft. Then I put a bit more on my finger and slid it up between her ass cheeks, quickly finding her tight hole.

“Mmmm… there you are,” she said feeling my finger dip into her anus.

I felt a trembling in my hand as I guided my finger deeper into her beautiful ass. Moving in a slow circular motion, I explored her, as she began moving, rotating her hips trying to match the motion of my finger.

While I was fingering her ass, I moved a bit to one side so I would see all of her. She was incredible, the way her hair hung down, nearly reaching the conveyor, her breasts pointed downward, and on the ends her nipples looked like two ripe cherries dangling from a tree. Bright red, they looked enormous, so inviting that I reached my left hand and caressed them with my fingers.

Turning her head, she smiled and groaned, leaning her hip toward me, pressing against my cock. The precum that had formed at its tip glistened on her thigh. “Come on now, give it to me,” she growled, pulling her ass forward disengaging my finger.

I moved my knees between her legs and leaned forward, guiding my throbbing cock, between her cheeks and then onto her greasy asshole. Pressing firmly, I felt her open, taking in about half the cock head. Reaching my hands to her hips, I slowly pulled her onto me in one continuous, but tentative motion.

The sensation was incredible, feeling her tight muscles relax, ever so slowly granting me passage. When she had taken about half my length, we paused. She took two deep breaths and then leaned hard against me as the final orifice released and I pushed myself to the hilt.

Savoring the tight sensation of this woman’s ass, I squeezed her hips and gently eased her away a bit and then pushed into her. I continued the motion, slipping a bit further out of her with each movement before thrusting back into her grip.

Looking down, I noticed she had taken a free hand and was stroking her clit as I moved in and out of her incredible escort bursa ass. Feeling her around me, seeing her breasts bounce with each of my thrusts, hearing her moan and squeezing her firm hips, I was suddenly overcome, completely losing myself in the act, in the motion, in the sensation. Together we became a single motion, a single sound, a singular sensation, with an ultimate goal… cum, cum, cum.

Moving faster, my balls slapped against her pussy and I could see the soft flesh of her ass quiver as I slammed myself into her. She moaned something, but I couldn’t tell what she was saying, it didn’t matter, I was… was… “Oh god,” I hissed, as my cock exploded in a bright white intensity, flooding her with spurt after spurt of my cum.

She leaned forward and I followed, both of us collapsing onto the now motionless conveyor. I felt my weight press on her back, my cock still deep inside her, but slipping as it shrank until finally her muscles squeezed it out. I moved my head so it was beside hers and whispered, “God that was…”

Helping me finish the sentence, she said, “…incredible.”

In a few moments the conveyor moved a bit forward, where there were some damp towels we used to clean ourselves up with. When we finished I leaned my head forward and taking each of her breasts in a hand, I drew them up and kissed her nipples, first one, then the other, letting my tongue savor the firm texture of them.

“Don’t forget your receipt,” she said, gently moving my head from her breasts.

I grabbed the paper, tore it from the machine and looked it over. They certainly were efficient, with the cost of the lube and towels added to the cost of the “grill”. Holding the receipt I turned say something to the beautiful woman, bud suddenly felt dizzy. The lights got dimmer and dimmer as I heard a strange buzzing sound.

I was about to fall, but I caught myself on the plastic wrapped handle to a shopping cart. Shaking my head to clear my senses, I noticed I was standing at the end of a checkout counter, there was some hardware items moving down a conveyor belt. One of the items was dragging against something, making an odd buzzing sound. I moved a few steps away from the counter and looked back into the store toward the customer service center, where I spotted the woman with the incredible ass talking to another customer. As she finished her conversation, she turned her head toward me and seeing I was looking at her she gave me a quick wave and then dropped her hand down to her hip, running it wantonly over her ass.

Shyly, I waved back and then headed out to the parking lot. Looking at the box with the grill, I wondered just how I was going to fit that thing in my trunk.

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