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I hate the final thirty minutes of a plane ride. It feels like an eternity in those thirty minutes and you’re waiting to make hard contact with the ground. What people don’t usually know about planes is that there are two times where there’s a slightly high probability of a crash. Taking off and Landing.

The take off always makes my heart flutter. Sometimes, I squeeze the seat so hard my knuckles white, sometimes, like this time I have a charming good looking man to help get me distracted. But the landing is worse. Because no matter what its hard contact. Nothing you can do.

“You look pale, you okay?” This stranger asked me. He had nice soft chocolate eyes, smooth skin, and a thin wiry frame hidden behind a suit. He was on some sort of business trip, mine was pleasure. He was handsome, and another time I’d probably be interested.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply looking up at him. “I just don’t like planes.”

He smiled, showing nice straight teeth. “I understand, my sister used to be afraid of them.”

“Used too?”

“Yeah, she became a Buddhist and evidentially it made her like super zen.”

I snorted, unattractively. “So all I have to do is change everything about me and I won’t be afraid. Thanks for the help.” I laugh and smile into his eyes to show I’m not afraid.

“If it’d help, you can squeeze my hand.”

I look at his soft palm and at his eyes. Another time, another place. “Sorry, I got a…”

“Boyfriend,” He sighed looking me up and down. “All the good girls do. He’s a lucky guy.”

“Who says I’m good.” I want to say but I don’t. Different time, different place.

The only reason I’m flying is cause of him. Him is Jay my longtime boyfriend. He’s in the army and stationed across the country. I met him a few years back at a bar in our hometown and it just clicked. One of those, oh you, where you both knew it would happen. We hooked up that night but we didn’t have sex.

That’s another thing you learn as a woman, if you really like someone you make him earn it. Throwaway sex is fun, but if you want to see where it goes, you can’t just give it up, you got to wait, make him earn it, make him remember you. Leave him frustrated, he’ll only think about you.

We kissed, and he got naked where I was introduced to his beautiful cock. 7 inches, straight and proportional it was beautiful. But I didn’t let him take off my panties. No matter how good his tongue was, no matter how nice his hands felt, no matter that he just wanted to “feel it for like a second” my panties stayed on.

He texted me immediately after that, telling me how much he enjoyed himself. I texted back and I was worried that’d be it. But we talked and talked well into the night and every day. Talking, texting sometimes sexual, sometimes just interesting stuff about our lives. What I do, Architect, What he does, Soldier. What movies we love, Field of Dreams, Him, Anchorman. Sometimes it’d turn sexual, sometimes not, but we let it smolder sometimes burn, but mostly kept it on edge until “he just had to see me”. And he came to see me.

We made love. Sweet, hard, awkward first time love. The kind where you enjoy it but, you know it’s just an appetizer, to what’s next, to what else there is. You know that there’s so much more to explore.

And explore we did. Every time we visited it got hotter and better. We played little games. Made little rules for each other. No panties dinnertime, Suit Thursdays (Suits do something to me, sue me), but it was always the inevitable. Where he’d be in me and I’d be under him looking up at him.

My 36C breasts bouncing, my thin tummy squeezing and contracting, my tight little shaved pussy squeezing his cock as he fucked me, my light brown hair thrown back providing a halo around me. My blue eyes staring into his. He’d look down at me as his cock slid deliciously into me and he rubbed my clit. I kissed him and he kissed back. Lovely.

And now I’m wet. I think helplessly. I smile awkwardly at Brown Hair handsome stranger as our plane lands and we head out. bursa escort No baggage to claim as we only have a weekend and I plan on spending as much time with him as possible.

As I exit the terminal I see him and I can’t help but break out into a big grin. He smiles at me and brings me in. His strong arms, slight beer gut, and 2 days scruff holds me tight. He has a four day weekend starting and had CQ yesterday so he’s off today, so really a 5 day weekend. I just finished working on a project for 25 days straight no break, I told my boss I wasn’t coming in Thursday or Friday and he said we owe you one. So here I am. 4 days with him. Nothing better.

We kiss his hands finding their way to my hips and my hands around his neck. We don’t make out so much as melt into one another. I love this man in that head over heels way I think sometimes rashly. I haven’t said it because I don’t know how he’d take it. It’s sometimes scary. Sometimes beautiful. Every time exhilarating.

We move out to the car where he slides his hands up my thigh underneath the dress. One of our rules. He slides his hand up to right between my thighs and I let out a moan. We both do 5 days of no masturbation before seeing one another. Another one of our rules. It’s sexy and I’m wet.

He mutters feeling my soft boyshorts type of panties and mutters huskily “Tsk, tsk, tsk. What do we have here?” He lightly plays with my pussy outside my shorts.

He mutters into my ear. “I’m disappointed, you know the rules.” I do, but I don’t abide this one for two reason. One no panties on a plane is gross, two there is nothing sexier than him pulling my panties off and leaving me exposed, but only exposed for him. So sexy.

He slides them off and we kiss in his car as he fingers my pussy. I squeeze his thick bulge and he moans just as I do. Fuck this man drives me crazy.

He pulls away looking at me. “Let’s go eat first. And then…” He looks me up and down like a wolf. “Dessert.”

I smile up at him and sink back into my seat. I want to jump his fucking bones right now, but I’ll relax. I’m a lady after all.

We make it to dinner and talk some more. My foot gently rubs his leg. The little contacts is what makes me smile, or own private conversation, with both body and words, it makes me smirk.

“So… I’ve been thinking.”

“Yes.” My foot rubs lightly on his leg and I feel so sexy right now in a dress, ready for him ready to kiss him, to do things to him and be done to me.

“I got another rule.”

“Oh?” I like this game. “Let me hear it?”

“Okay,” his hand slides down and starts to play with my foot lightly, light touches only. “The only way my cock is going inside you is with no condom.”

I sigh. We’ve done this before a couple times. Twice actually. Once for his birthday and once a drunk night where we couldn’t find a condom. Each time I took Plan B. “Plan B is pretty expensive baby.”

He smiles sheepishly. “We won’t need it.”

“Why not?”

“Let’s make a bet.”

“What bet?” I feel myself tensing nervously.

“I want to cum in you baby.”

“Babe, I’m not on birth control-“

“Let me finish babe.” He looks me deep in the eyes to illustrate his point. “I want to cum in you, if you get pregnant, you move here and we get married. If you don’t we keep doing long distance and we try again next time.” He smiles at me in that cocksure way he has.

But I’m fuming.

“Is making a family a game to you?”

“What, no-“

“If I get pregnant, then what? You could just not talk to me again. You could just get up and leave and then leave me, a single mom, with a little baby.” I feel my eyes start to sting a little bit. “You just want to feel good for two minutes-“

“A little more than two minutes-“

“How do I know you’ll stay? You just say stuff like marriage and family. You don’t know the first thing about family.”

He grabs my hand and I pull it away. I’m actually mad. The selfishness of him. Just a huge decision like this and he just says it’s happening. Fuck that.

He bursa escort bayan looks at me with those stupid puppy dog eyes of his. “Will you listen to me for a minute please?”

I sigh angrily. “What?”

“Listen, I’ve been thinking. This long distance sucks, I mean really sucks. I miss you all the time and the time together is great but, I just can’t deal with the distance. It sucks. This way we let the fates decide.” He sees my unsure eyes and nervousness. “We can forget all about it don’t worry about it. Scout’s honor.” He smiles at me.

I smile unsure about him.

We finish the rest of the meal in relative silence. My thoughts a scatter. Thinking of crazy thoughts, feeling my stomach lightly. Am I ready to be a mom? What security is there? He can be deployed next week. He’s in the military. He’s loyal. How do I know him?

Do I even love him? I think crazily. Yes. My heart says staring at him as he drives his shitty little car. He doesn’t have any pride in inanimate objects, another reason I love him. I look at his face studying him. He looks over and notices me staring. “What?” He says looking over at me.

“I need a guarantee.”

“Of what?”


He smiles and looks at me. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“But, how do I know you’ll call me once I’m back.”

“Have I ever not called you?”

“No, but…”

He squeezes my thigh lightly. “I’m not going anywhere. God himself would have to make me leave.”

I look up at him. “That’s just words.”

“Listen, if you’re not comfortable with it just forget about it. We’ll just drop it okay?”


I am still in my own world. Thinking about all the options, all the possibilities as the nervousness dries my pussy. Anxiety clawing at my skin. And when he tries to play with me I push his hand away. I lost it. We get to the hotel room and I kiss him chastely as I take a shower thinking about making a baby with this man.

Thinking about everything, overanalyzing the possibilities and feeling the nervous ball of energy in my gut swell. We get into bed and he tries to start something but, it’s not there. I smile lightly kiss him on the cheek and roll over.

He sighs. “Good night.”

“Good night.”

He snores slightly almost immediately asleep. He had texted me before about how tired he was, and I sit there in his arms comfortable and still nervous. I’m always nervous. Always terrified. It’s a pit in the bottom of my stomach twisting around anxiously.

And then he squeezes me and I sink into him moaning lightly. Just the comfort. I feel his face with scruff on me and it’s sexy. Just him. His body, his hands, even him in those ugly boxers is sexy to me. His hands squeeze me and I feel his erection rising against my ass. His smell intoxicates me as it always does. My hips instinctively press back against him enjoying the feeling.

I notice after what felt like 5 minutes of enjoying his smell and comfort that I need to pee. I slide under his arms and slide into the hotel bathroom and I relieve myself. I finish and I stand up and look in the mirror.

I smile in spite of myself as I look at myself in my pajama pants and tank top. I still feel so nervous. He wants me pregnant. He wants to make a family with me, yet it’s just words. How do I know if he’s serious? I sigh as I wash my hands. You never know with guys. Their cocks say something different then their brains do.

I leave the light open as I look over and see Jay laying there. Content and beautiful. How is he so sure? His lips and his eyes and I think about him and I think about me. How does he know that it’d workout?

He doesn’t. A voice in my head says. Did you know the plane was going to land? No. But you’re here anyway, aren’t you.

I look at him and in that moment I know what I’m going to do. I go into the dresser and pull out one of his Tshirts he brought and I pull off my clothes and slide just the shirt over me enjoying the way the air deliciously kisses my tender lips. I feel myself get wetter as I look at him and I walk escort bursa over to him.

I slide into bed and face him kissing him on the neck lightly as I look at him. I whisper lightly into his ear licking it slightly “Jay, Jay, I want to talk.”

His eyes opened lightly half lidden. “What’s up babe?”

I pull his hand and slight it between my thighs letting him feel the wetness that he caused me. His eyes lighten slightly. He plays gingerly with my pussy causing delicious sensations throughout my body. It’s been so long since I’ve felt him. I missed him these last couple months.

“I missed you,” I whisper in his ear. My hand slides down and grasps his hardening cock eliciting a moan from him (that’s one of the sexiest things to me is a man who vocalizes how much things are affecting him).

“I missed you too.” He whispers in my ear as we kiss. Our tongues battling, and our lips meshing with one another. His one hand slides under my shirt squeezing my nipples, as his other teases my pussy.

My hands slide up and I start pulling his boxers down and I feel his skin as he lifts my shirt over my head. I climb on top of him and I start to tease his cock against my opening as I look into his eyes. He lets out a low sexy groan as his hands slide to my hips. I am so wet as his cock slides against me, his hard cock is driving me crazy.

His eyes close and he sighs hard and looks at me. In a hesitant whispering voice he says. “Hold on, let me get a condom.”

I look into his eyes as I’m playing with him. I guess that’s the answer then. “Nah, you’re good.” I slide his bare cock all the way into my pussy bottoming out. We both moan as I feel it nestled snugly against my cervix, me feeling every vein, every inch. I stop to get adjusted and he looks at me in the eyes deeply and I smile and look into his eyes, melting slightly. “Remember the rules?” I said as I started bucking slowly at first, slowly.

“Yeah, I do.” He gives me that cocksure grin and he smacks my ass and slides his other hand up to my face. He puts his thumb in my mouth and I suck it lightly. He slides it down to my clit. “I’m going to fill you up.”

His thumb sends electricity through my pussy. I moan as I slowly ride him, squeezing him every once in a while and hearing him moan in response. His thumb is bringing me closer. Deep in my pussy throughout my body I feel it coming. I lean down and kiss him and slide my lips to his ear. “You’re so deep in me. If you cum in me, there’s no way I’m not getting pregnant. When’s the last time you came?”

He grunts and pulls my ass down and I feel his cock gently touch my cervix causing me to moan. “2 weeks. I was saving for you.”

I moan as I sit up and start moving forwards and backwards around and around. I look down at him, feeling his hard chest, the soft hair on his belly. “I love you.”

He looks up at me pulls me down to him and whispers in my ear. “I love you too.” And he rolls me over and he looks at me as he starts fucking me hard. I start playing with my clit and I can feel my orgasm coming. It’s almost there and then I explode on his cock squeezing him all the while. I feel him close but he doesn’t quite hit that peak with me.

Like every time I cum I need a second to relax as I get very tender. He cuddles with me for a second as I come down from my high. “That was so sexy.” He whispers in my ear as his hard cock is against me, glistening.

“You haven’t cum yet.”

He turns me around and I look into his eyes one last time before everything changes. “Are you sure?” He whispers lustily in my ear.

I slide up into the doggy style position and pull him up with me. “I want it as deep as it can be.” He smacks my ass and enters my well used pussy and starts fucking me hard and fast and I can feel his cock growing inside me as he fucks me hard and fast. I reach underneath me and squeeze his balls and he explodes, I feel it deliciously tickling me from the inside as he cums. I fall onto my stomach as he falls to the side of me. He looks at me and gently rubs my back as we kiss.

“That was sexy.”

I smile at him as the wetness slides down my thighs. “Sexy but messy.”

He smiles at me and kisses me on the lips. “I love you.”

I smile, glad of my decision. “I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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