Moving Violations

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She had been misbehaving earlier that day, indulging herself at the adult toy store, so when her husband came home staggering drunk she wasn’t that put off.

“The party spilled over from the night before and they wouldn’t let me leave!” he confessed, then stretched out on the couch and promptly fell asleep.

She resumed her work on the computer.

It had been about an hour when she leapt up with a jolt. She could hear her phone as plain as day and wanted to silence it lest it wake him. She fished it from her purse and paused… there was no sound other than the soothing voices of golf commentators coming from the television. She glanced down at the phone’s display: “you have 1 message.”

She laughed quietly to herself for two reasons. First, because she had the phone set on mute for texts – it was her intuition calling, and secondly, because with out even looking at the message she knew who it was from. She checked. It was from her lover – a simple winking emoticon sent only 1 minute ago. She wouldn’t go so far as to call it a psychic connection, but it was spooky at times how in tune she was to him.

“Hello sexy” she replied. She described the state of her husband.

“I’ll come over. Do you upstairs.”

“Too dangerous… In the garage.”

“The garage isn’t dangerous?”

“It’s outside. No squeaking bed, no squealing me.”


“Come now” she demanded… There was silence.

“Tempted, aren’t you?” she plied.

“Someone’s horny”

“I am. Or I can go for a walk. I know a park with a tiny parking lot.”… There was more silence.

“Or tomorrow daytime,” she offered as an alternative.

“No one around?”

“No. I’ll be all alone from 10-6.”

“I meant the parking lot.”

She chuckled. Apparently he had to work the day shift and it could be several days before their schedules synched up again. He didn’t want to have to wait either.

“Yes. It’s tiny and in a residential area where you’d have to live to even know it existed.”

“Wait for dark?”

“No. I can’t justify going for a walk after dark – too suspicious.”

“I’m coming now.”

“I’ll get my walking gear.”

“A skirt? ;)”

“Not practical :P” she laughed.

She skipped up the stairs to change into her track pants and hoodie. On her way out the door she left a note: ‘Taking that walk while it’s still daylight.”

She grabbed her phone, ear buds and keys then headed out the door.

She had just rounded the corner and had gotten about four blocks from the house when he pulled up. Wow… he was in a hurry! Normally she would have gotten ten blocks or so before he found her. She climbed in and directed him to their destination.

He took her hand as they drove. She didn’t think anything of it until she realized that they had been interlacing and stroking each other’s fingers tenderly. She grinned at him. He smiled as the same thought crossed his mind, “oops – too affectionate.” He pulled her hand to his crotch. Still in traffic, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his stiffening cock.

It wasn’t easy to give a hand job as they drove. Most of his length was out of reach in his jeans. She forced her hand deeper and gave his shaft a squeeze. There was no room for movement. She pulled her hand out and contented herself by playing with his last two exposed inches. Her hand didn’t slide smoothly so she wet her fingers and, with the lightest touch, swirled her finger tips over the head of his cock, petting the underside and feeling his contours and ridges.

He didn’t exactly stop short as they came to the last major intersection but he wasn’t accelerating-decelerating güvenilir bahis as smoothly as he normally would. “It’s hard to concentrate,” he chuckled.

“I can imagine.”

As they pulled up to where the parking lot entrance aught to be she pouted. It was chained off and a sign read “Closed For Winter”. “I’m sorry. Google map didn’t say anything about that.” She thought for a moment. “I know another parking lot, similarly private.” She tucked him back into his jeans and gave him a pat. “It’s a bit of a drive.”

If she wasn’t going to give him a rub, at least he could take her on. As they drove he slid his hands between here legs and pressed her labia through her clingy track pants. She moaned approvingly and spread her legs to better accommodate him.

It was still very bright out and the sun wouldn’t set for at least another hour.

Forget being a lady, that’s not what an encounter like this was for. She reached down and worked her hand into her track pants and under her panties. Though the fabric she let him feel her fingers moving, pleasuring herself under the pressure of his hand. She closed her eyes as they drove, conscious that she should be aware of where they were for when the time came for direction, but willing herself to let go between intersections.

She was becoming sensitive and pulled her hand out, petting his wrist instead and inviting him to taker her place. His fingers parted her pussy lips and he found her warm and slick. He strummed her clit and she purred.

He pressed deeper into her pants. He couldn’t reach very far while still sitting up, his eyes on the road ahead and his other hand gripping the steering wheel firmly. She bucked her hips, gyrating so that his fingers penetrated her over and over, just stretching her opening. Her own hand was in her pants already, holding the waistband up to make it easier for him. She pressed in under his palm and as his fingers churned just in side of her, she fluttered her clit. Release was not long. She took her hand away to grip his wrist and still him for a moment before letting him resume his attention.

The sound of her wetness and her sighs filled the car. She wondered if her noises ever came across as too much showmanship but when he slid his hand back up towards her clit the gasp was genuine. Her mewing was as much for her as him.

“Damn it! That park is closed to traffic too!” Both lots were so tiny the municipality deemed them insignificant for maintenance. Plus, and it occurred to her, both had long, very steep driveways leading down into the ravine to be near the river that bisected the city. The hills could potentially ice up, trapping cars below. They drove on.

“Your turn. I’m two for two strikes.”

“I really don’t know,” he stumbled. He was content to be fingering her sex for now.

She leaned back for a moment to think. She watched all the cars going by and smiled at their naughty behaviour. She noted his speed and chuckled inwardly. He was keeping it just at or just below the speed limit. No one drove the speed limit around here. She spread here knees a little farther.

“There is one more place… are you familiar with the art campus?” she asked.

“Not really.” He bit his lip. They both wanted to find a destination and soon.

She directed him further south.

When they reached the entrance to the grounds he had to take his hand away to negotiate the curves. He was driving with the first two fingers of his right hand held away from the steering wheel. This was a shared vehicle, heaven forbid some of her DNA be left behind. The thought made her smile.

The campus was up on a hill, surrounded by pristine türkçe bahis natural park landscapes. There was a road that circled around the buildings and several small parking lots tucked into the trees, each one held a couple cars. They opted to park in the last lot. Once they were finally stopped he reached into the back seat to grab a tissue. She cocked her brow at him as he wiped his fingers clean and he shrugged.

There were two other cars here as well. Both had occupants. One appeared to simply be waiting, probably for a student. The other car was running and the windows were completely steamed up. It wasn’t that cold out, she thought and a naughty idea came to mind. Dogging – She knew there was a subculture of it in the city, having seen the postings for such events online, but she’d never knowingly stumbled upon it until now. Perhaps the first car was an observer?

They opted to take a stroll into the woods rather than linger here. As they picked their way along a springtime muddy trail she shared her hypothesis about the two cars. “No!” he said incredulously.

“Yep. Apparently this sort of gathering is a lot more common than you might think. Not really my cup of tea, but to each their own.” Besides, who was she to sit in judgment of strangers in a car while she, herself, was eagerly making her way through the brush for some naughty upside a tree action?

She kept looking over her shoulder to check the distance they were putting between themselves and the parked cars. As soon as the cars were completely out of sight she headed for the first large tree she spotted. Even with the comfortable distance between them and the lot, she opted to position the tree between themselves and any would-be spectators.

It was still very light out. To the west the forest dropped away down a steep slope to the river below. To the north the terrain ambled away, there was the winding path, a footbridge and more wood. While they had been making their way in, a train had rumbled by to the east. She knew it would be fenced off from the public and any residential property would be on the far side. They could see clearly in all directions and knew they were quite alone here in the woods.

She pulled him close for a kiss and caught herself humming her pleasure again even at the simple taste of his mouth.

Her fingers fumbled at his jeans until she got the top button loose. His hands came to her aid and he undid his jeans the rest of the way. She reached in to grip him the way she wished she could have held him before. He was hard and thick, pulsing under her touch.

With her back to the tree she carefully lowered herself into a squatting position in front of him. Her mouth teased him, wetting him, taking in a little more of with each pass, but not fast enough for his liking. He took her by the back of the head and pressed her all the way down, only releasing her when she started to struggle. His rough play always turned her on. She picked up the pace and started to give him some more enthusiastic attention, letting the head of his cock thud against her soft pallet. Usually a silent partner the sensation made him moan.

Rising from her squat she came up for a kiss. “Do you want to fuck me?” she breathed into his neck. She wasn’t one for words either. Her attempt at talking dirty amused him.


She reached into her pocket and brought out a condom – her treat this time. She tore open the foil and positioned it over his cock, gently rolling it down his shaft. Once dressed, she gave him once more squeeze then turned and presented her ass. She was leaning against the tree with her back arched but he wasn’t satisfied. He smacked her güvenilir bahis siteleri ass and firmly pushed her shoulders down until she was in a deep bend. The tree was hard and rough against her shoulder, especially when he started to drive into her. She struggled to brace herself from the blows, putting her arm between her and the tree.

Even in the cover of night their outdoor play was usually rushed, not for any lack of time, but because the excitement of these meetings always pushed them to the edge that much faster. Here in the early dusk light in the woods there seemed to be less urgency. While hanging upside down with her back to the tree she could look between her own legs up at his. They were spread and flexing as he moved in her, his jeans bunching just above his knees. She knew his view was no less indulgent. She felt his hands sliding over the small of her back and landing small smacks on her white, fleshy bottom.

She attempted to pull herself up right for a moment but he was having none of that. He shoved her down again, her other shoulder being jammed into the tree, and she gasped. Taking her firmly by the hips he began to fuck her with longer, more forceful strokes. She moaned and gave into him, letting her back release so that she hung lower. She reached back with her free hand and he took it, pulling her arm back and pinning it to the small of her back. It wasn’t long before she was trembling in a full-blown orgasm that shook her to the core. He pressed in deep and stilled, enjoying her involuntary spasms. When she caught her breath again he resumed his assault.

It was his turn to give into his own needs. Aggressively he pounded into her until, with the smallest growl escaping his lips, he stepped away.

His exit was so abrupt she thought for sure someone was coming upon their scene. She stood and pulled up her pants. There was no one else. She turned to face him.

“Get on your knees.” It wasn’t a request. She smiled her approval at his dominance and did as she was told.

Knowing better that to try and offer head, she look up at him, hiding her smile and opening her mouth.

“That’s good,” he praised while stroking his cock. A moment later he grabbed her head again and buried his cock in her mouth. He came hard and copiously down her throat and she was forced to swallow quickly. She pulled away just long enough to take a breath then took him back into her mouth to finish sucking him. Her gentler manipulations against his sensitive flesh made him wince.

She stood and they embraced. She sprinkled his lips with little kisses, flicking the tip of her tongue over his lips and brushing his tongue. He always humoured her mouth after using it, but she knew that he appreciated her swallowing first. Their’s was a give and take arrangement. As much as she loved being controlled, this was her little piece of dominance over him.

“That was fun,” she sighed.

“It was. Thank you.”

“I’m going to need a favour now. Can I get a lift back home?”

He laughed. “Sure, I can do that.”

On the way back they made small talk. “What will you say about those bruises?” he asked.

She smiled. She liked the fact that he recognized that their play was sometimes painful. He knew she would say so if it ever got too rough. “They may or may not surface. And besides, I’m a bit of a clutz. I’ve always got mystery bruises rising to the surface here and there.”

She had him drop her off a block from home, just far enough for her skin to cool. She was supposed to be out for a chilly evening walk after all. Before leaving his car she stole one last kiss. It was a dangerous move, knowing someone might see, but she didn’t care.

She returned home to find her husband had woke and was most of the way through preparing dinner.

“How was the walk?” he asked.

“It was a lovely evening for a walk in the park,” she admitted.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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