The Delaney’s Holiday – Day 01

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All the characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18.


The five members of the Delaney family were in the final preparations for their annual holiday. Always to the same cabin in the same woods in the same god-damned remote frickin wilderness.

Paul Delaney, at 39 years of age, had been going there since his father bought it. He’d taken his own family there every year for, what was it, sixteen years now? He loved it and genuinely believed they all did too.

Suzanne Delaney was two years younger than her husband. She was physically attractive in every way despite having had her children young when she was aged 19 and 20. She enjoyed their holidays, her pleasure over the years had always come from the fact that they were together, without the usual hectic merry-go-round of work and schools and grocery shopping and sports practice.

Their children were as typical as any suburban teenagers. The twins Lizzie and Mike – only their grandmother called them ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Michael’ now — were nineteen. The ‘baby’ of the family, only eleven months younger than the twins, was Samantha. She wanted to be called by her full name, or at the very least as ‘Sam’, to make her sound more mature. Which is exactly why the twins insisted on calling her ‘Sammie’.


Paul had tried twice now to fit everything into the tray of the twin-cab pickup — one of those half-pickup half-car things with two rows of seats inside and a ute-style tray on the back. They were only going for eight days but there was little of anything in the cabin and Suzanne always packed an extra two of everything.

Finally getting it all in and secured, he pulled the tarpaulin over the load, snapped the ties in place and began his checklist. Satisfied, he started his usual joke.

“OK. Me, check. Wife, check. Twin one, twin two – check. And where’s little Sammie?”

“Stop it dad, I’m not little anymore and it stopped being funny ten years ago.”

Poor Samantha. She was the shortest of the siblings and was desperate to be treated as an equal and not as the baby. The twins looked their 19 years, poor Sammie had just turned 18 but her short- cropped hair, freckled nose and slight build made her look younger.

“And dad, call me Samantha, please?”

The twins chimed in unison: “Sa-Man-Tha!”

“OK poppet. In you get ‘Samantha’. And you two cut it out. We’ve got a long drive.”

Rolling her eyes at the ‘poppet’ nickname, she climbed into the rear bench seat between the twins and settled in. As Suzanne got into her own seat in front she chided her husband a little: “Paul, she’s too grown up to be ‘poppet’ anymore.”

“Not to me, and she never will be.” He caught Samantha’s eyes in his rear-view mirror. She shared a loving smile with her father.

Seat belts on, the pickup roared into life and they began the four or five-hour trip. They were dismayed to see the traffic on the freeway, having hoped they’d left late enough to miss the morning rush.

The day having begun badly, it quickly got worse. After only an hour, and just as they left the city-bound traffic for the open road north, Sam needed the toilet. Her mother wasn’t impressed.

“Seriously Samantha? Didn’t you go before we left?”

“I did go. Now I need to go again.”

There was a roadside rest stop sign-posted at 18 kilometres away, so Paul planned to pull in there. Eighteen klicks at this speed – a little over ten minutes… And then the caravan. Then the council road patrol truck. Then the old man and his older wife at 50 kph with one lane closed for road works. After fifteen minutes they were still not there and Sammie had begun to get uncomfortable. She tried to make a joke of it: “Wish I was a boy and could just nip behind a tree!”

Suzanne took a lead. “Do you want daddy to pull over so you can?”

“No! I couldn’t…”

“Of course you can. I’ve done it, Lizzie has done it. Paul, find a spot. Look ahead there – three caravans in a row and right at the bottom of the pass.”

The Mackenzie Pass is legendary for its torturous twisting climbs on a narrow road through the Black Range, not the place to be stuck behind slow vehicles with no place to pass or pull over. The intended rest stop was on the other side, still a few klicks away.

A farmer’s driveway had to suffice. Paul pulled up twenty metres off the road, where the drive was enclosed with a treeline at the farm’s boundary. Sam wasn’t keen.

“I don’t think I can.”

Lizzie came to the rescue. “C’mon Sammie. I’ll go with you.”

Thus reassured, they hopped out of the pickup and Lizzie found a place behind the car and having checked nobody could see them, she smiled at her younger sister and pulled down her panties to pee. Sam did the same.

They squatted without peeing for some moments: Lizzie didn’t really need to go and Sam was still shy. Suzanne opened her door slightly to let some air into the car at the exact moment her son looked sideways, and with the angle changed on bahis firmaları the side mirror he could now see both his sisters squatting to pee reflected in it. He abruptly looked away, then couldn’t help looking back.

From his view Lizzie was facing directly towards him, panties around her ankles held up and out of the way in one hand with her pink smooth pussy and puckered arsehole clearly visible between her smooth thighs. Sammie was at a slight angle so he was looking at the side of her thigh. He instantly got erect. He and both his sisters had bathed together as kids, but now Lizzie had the body of a gorgeous young woman and Sammie’s thigh and bum held the promise of more female delight.

As he watched, Sammie began to pee. Dribbles at first, then a full clear stream arcing silver in the sunlight. She shifted on her haunches and now Mike could see her pussy too: a slight covering of wispy light hairs, matching the straw blonde on her head. That helped Lizzie’s dam to open and she peed too, a lesser stream of light gold.

Both girls were watching between their own legs so they didn’t notice Mike’s face in the mirror. For his part Mike had adjusted his erection for more comfort and was squeezing the end of his cock while he watched fascinated as both his sisters peed. His dad’s voice jerked him out of the moment:

“Suze, I’m not going to look and see. Find out what’s taking them so long.”

His mother leaned out the door and looked backwards. The movement caught Lizzie’s eye and she looked up instinctively, straight into her brother’s eyes reflected in the mirror. His eyes met hers for a split second before he jerked his stare away from his peeing sisters. His mother spoke: “Won’t be long.”

Mike couldn’t resist. The door had moved a little but by shifting slightly he could get the angle back again and glance at his sisters. Sammie’s attention was still on her sputtering stream as she finished, but he saw Lizzie was no longer peeing, but she had not changed position at all. She looked into her brother’s eyes for two or three seconds before she stood and pulled her panties back up under her light summer skirt. Sammie wriggled the drops off and she too pulled up her panties then her shorts.

Mike turned away, seconds later Sammie jumped back in the middle of the seat and Lizzie followed. Mike knew she’d seen him watching but hoped she wouldn’t say anything.

The twins had always been close the way twins are. Lizzie had been a bit of a tomboy when she was younger and they’d never been shy around each other, even in such intimate moments, but now she was a young woman. Mike had noticed her body changing, of course, but until that moment he’d never seen her as anything other than the twin sister he adored and whom he would do anything to protect.

As for Sammie, well that little minx was catching up fast. He glanced over at her. She’d been a late blossomer, but he saw that she had real breasts now. Then he realised Lizzie had caught him looking at Sammie now.

Ashamed, he turned away and put his head against the window with a rolled-up towel serving as a pillow. He closed his eyes and pretended nothing had happened. It was a mistake – with no visual distractions his mind locked on a slideshow of images emblazoned in his brain, first of Lizzie’s gorgeous pussy peeing gently into the leaves at her feet, then of Sammie’s fuzzy pussy pissing hard, then of Lizzie’s eyes on his while she knew – she knew — that he could see her open pussy.

His cock strained achingly. He looked down and thankfully his erection was not easily visible because of the tent made by the zipper of his shorts. Then he looked at Lizzie again and realised she’d seen him looking at his own crotch. She grinned wickedly at him then looked out the window. There were at least three, maybe four more hours of this tension to go…

They had all been silent for a while, his mum had found some music that all could agree not to disagree on, and the journey continued. It got worse for Mike. His mind constantly returned to the images that wouldn’t leave his head, and now Sammie was drifting into sleep. Ever since she was a child car trips did this to her. She snuggled sideways onto Mike’s shoulder and her hand fell onto his thigh. A sharp curve in the road served to tumble her hand over the edge and rest on top of his cock. It had only just begun to soften and behave itself but now reawakened so that the head, trapped in his shorts, was now brushing the side of his sister’s wrist with every jolt and vibration.

In dismay he looked at Lizzie, who was clearly enjoying his uncomfortable predicament. She giggled and looked away. He could easily have lifted Sammie’s hand out of the way, but those images. Of his pissing sisters. Of Lizzie’s eyes burning into his while she, yes, showed him her pussy…

Minutes passed and the inadvertent friction of his little sister’s wrist against his penis threatened to evoke an eruption. His light-coloured shorts were sure to betray him so he reluctantly took Sammie’s hand and gently kaçak iddaa put it between her thighs.

It was his mother who came to his rescue.

“We’ll be in Eagle’s Gate in a few minutes. Let’s go to the diner there for snacks and a cool drink.”

Sammie woke at the sound of voices and stretched, making her little breasts poke out. Mike looked, Lizzie caught him peeking, and she laughed out loud this time. She was enjoying his horny agony.

The tyres crackled on the unsealed driveway at the Eagle’s Gate diner. Taught limbs were stretched and loosened. The parents went off to the toilets, leaving the siblings to choose their refreshments.

Lizzie sidled up beside her twin and whispered in his ear: “Are you comfortable at last little brother?” Her pet name was due to her being eight minutes older than him. “You seemed to have some discomfort in your shorts.”

He didn’t know what to say. She teased him some more: “Well, I suppose it’s not every day a boy gets to see both his sisters taking a wee, is it?”

He gulped, speechless, and she giggled as she reached for an iced treat. Sammie chimed in: “What’s so funny?”

Lizzie answered her: “Oh nothing. I was just teasing Mike because he got the ‘boy thing’ going on in the car with all the vibrations and all.”

Then both his sisters laughed. Sammie knew exactly what her sister had meant – they talked about ‘stuff’ together all the time, especially about boys. Mike pretended to be offended but these two could never hurt him and he adored them both. He knew they felt the same about him.

Walking back towards the car, Sammie decided not to make the same mistake again and headed to the toilet for a last-minute leak. Lizzie was walking arm-in-arm with her twin. There was nobody to hear her as she said: “You did see us, didn’t you?”


“How much?”

“All of it. Start to finish.”

She squeezed his arm: “Good. Did you notice I gave you an extra peek? Like I used to?”

He replied that he did, and it was a fantastic sight, and now dammit he had a boner again.

Lizzie saw it and checked nobody could see as she gave it a long, firm squeeze. “You owe me. Show me this later. I haven’t seen it for ages…”

“Why not now?”

Her mouth opened wide in amazement at his suggestion. They were both glancing around furtively to see if it was possible without getting caught. On reaching the other side of the pickup, Mike pulled at the drawstring of his shorts, loosened the waistband, and pulled his shorts and boxers forward so she could look down and see. With another look around, Lizzie put her hand inside her brother’s shorts and grabbed his aching shaft.

“Ooh Mike. That’s impressive. Better even than I remembered.”

Footsteps on the gravel jolted them back and Mike hastily sorted out his shorts just before Sammie reappeared.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Nothing,” said Lizzie. “If you want to nod off, maybe you could sit where I was and lean against the window with the cushion?” Lizzie spoke to her sister but had her eyes locked on her brother’s. She grinned at him like a conspirator.

“Um, OK.”

Paul and Suzanne arrived with their own refreshments, Mike handed Paul the change from the money he’d been given, and they settled back into the car.

Lizzie’s thigh alongside Mike’s was like an electric prod. Sammie gazed out the window but didn’t look like sleeping again. That didn’t stop Lizzie from teasing him. Every now and then she took the opportunity to let her hand stray near his cock, occasionally making contact with his pecker, mostly not. On one occasion, Suzanne spotted some skydivers and pointed them out. For the few seconds while everybody’s attention was on them, Lizzie squeezed her brother’s cock hard through his shorts, even managing to sneak in a couple of strokes along his trapped shaft. Mike was barely able to stifle a groan.

Some minutes later, his mum was snoozing with her head out of sight.

The distraction of the skydivers had given him an idea. So far, the teasing was on her terms. He eagerly awaited the right moment to pay her back. It approached rapidly along the road from the other direction: An old double-decker London bus full of partying youngsters. As it passed, Suzanne didn’t stir but Sammie craned her neck to watch the show as it rounded the curve behind them, and Lizzie put one knee on the seat and leaned over her sister to do the same. Mike struck. He shot his hand under her skirt and grabbed his sister’s pussy from behind, his thumb pushing her panties slightly inside her as the rest of his hand cupped her mound. She squealed as he immediately withdrew it.

Her father looked in the rear view mirror and asked what was wrong.

“Oh, nothing. I, er, twisted my knee a little bit.”

Ever the gallant brother, Mike pretended to be concerned.

“Put your leg up here, I’ll give you a rub.”

He hauled her legs onto his thigh, so now she was sitting sideways. Mike gently stroked her knee. “Better?”

“Um, kaçak bahis yeah. Thanks.”

Sammie resumed looking out the window, in any case Lizzie had her back to her so she couldn’t see Mike’s hand edging up his sister’s inner thigh. She frowned at him and jerked her head towards their father. As his hand went higher, she put her own on top to stop him, but he was so close to her sex that with gentle pressure his fingertips touched the damp patch in her gusset. By wiggling them, he was tickling her pussy lips. Her expression told him to stop, and he relented. He let her sit back around to face forwards.

As they approached the last turnoff to the cabin, everybody was alert and relieved that the drive was over. It was mid-afternoon and very warm, humid this close to the river. On the bumpy dirt track for the last kilometre, Suzanne remarked that the road had got worse every year. Mike’s senses being still at fever pitch, he groaned in his mind at one of the inevitable results of the bumps and jolts: Bouncing boobs.

Lizzie’s grapefruit-sized boobs in her T-Shirt jiggled and bounced as she implored her father to take more care. If he looked away from those, his little sister’s apple-sized titties did the same. Worse still, when his mom’s sunglasses fell backwards off her head and she reached back for him to pass them to her, he caught a second or two of his mum’s ample bosom struggling against the confines of her bra and blouse.

Mercifully the last stretch of the road was flatter and they pulled up beside the cabin, all spilling out of the car gratefully.

Mike had not peed all day and the bumping had caused his bladder to demand release. His dad fumbled with the front door lock which over time had become stiff. Mike announced he was ‘going for a quick leak’ – Suzanne didn’t approve of such things when there was a perfectly usable bio-loo inside but they’d always been less reserved up here, so she said nothing.

Mike went around the back of the cabin. His father was still fumbling with the lock, mum and Sammie had turned to untying the load so they could begin unpacking. Lizzie ducked around the other side to sneak up on her brother, and as she was rounding the last corner she was rewarded with the sight of Mike pissing hard onto the ground, head rolled back in relief. She watched grinning while the stream continued, a little aroused at the taboo sight before her. She kicked the wooden cabin wall deliberately. Mike’s gaze shot to her, while he instinctively stopped his stream and buckled away. Seeing who it was, he turned back towards her, held his cock firmly and finished, playing it around a little for show, before a few final spurts and a shake for good measure.

Lizzie mimed applause then turned to go back the way she came, Mike going the opposite way of course.

The family worked together to unpack. It was traditional for the ‘men’ to clean and tidy up while the ‘women’ set up house.

It was early evening when they finished, and Sam volunteered to cook the first night’s meal – her speciality and favourite – spaghetti bolognese. Suzanne stayed close for advice and assistance, Paul was oiling and testing the door lock: “Don’t want it to seize altogether.”

Mike and Lizzie took cold drinks outside and sat on the old fallen tree twenty metres from the cabin where they’d sat many times before. A thick carpet of twigs, bark and fallen leaves ensured nobody could approach unheard.

The sunset was pretty, and the cool change had come through. But the conversation was anything but cool: “Mike. Today was really sexy. I don’t know how it all happened, really, but I know that when I saw you watching me peeing I wanted you to keep looking. I always lied you seeing me. Then I touched you, you touched me, I watched you pissing and you wanted me to watch too. Oh Mike, it’s wrong for a brother and sister but my insides are still tingling. I think it’s OK for us, but you watched little Sammie too didn’t you?”

“She’s not ‘little’ Sammie any more, but yes I did watch her. Look, I wouldn’t hurt her. Or you. But from that moment on I’ve kept having flashbacks and every time I see you both squatting there, in my mind… Oh damn. See?”

He pointed to the tent in his crotch. Lizzie snuggled in closer and put her head on his shoulder, placing her drink on the tree beside her. Mike put his arm around her shoulder as she pulled at the string on his shorts and took his aching cock in her hand.

“Time you left my little brother in peace, you monster…”

Mike warned her he wasn’t going to last long. She stroked gently but firmly as his hand reached up and found her breast.

Through the kitchen window, Suzanne saw her twins sitting on ‘their’ tree, backs towards her. She saw Mike’s arm around his sister and her head on his shoulder. Her heart jumped with pride and she pointed it out to Paul, who smiled with her.

At that very second Mike’s cock twitched, his balls tightened, and his jizz erupted. It went all over her hand and on the front of his shorts, but she kept her rhythmic stokes while he spent his load. When his climax was over, she produced a tissue from somewhere and wiped her hand but there was a wet patch on his shorts even after he’d tied the string closed.

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