Marketing Plan, Sex Sells

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This story is written in Modified Script format.


My wife and I have been married for 2 years, with a very fulfilling life, while having the most sex of anyone that I have ever heard of. So, let me explain how we got started. On our first date, we had sex, twice. We continued to see each other several times a week for our first month and had sex at least once with each visit. Our beginnings are another story that I will share at another time. It was at this time, one month into our relationship, that she shared with me that she had several other boyfriends and the surprising news; she was a sex addict. She mentioned that she had tried counseling, but it did not take. I attempted to escalate our relationship to an exclusive basis, but she declined. She advised that no individual man could provide the number of sexual encounters that she demanded.

I had fallen head over heels in love with her. It was more than just the best sex of my life, it was everything about her. She was a beautiful woman, but it was her playful sense of humor, her flirtations, her caring touch and the great joy that I experience with every conversation. She was quite intelligent and very artistic with all that she did. So, it may come as no surprise that I continued to urge her to expand our relationship. She continued to hold me at arm’s length, with a sex only relationship. She shared that she was resigned to the fact that she would never have a normal relationship. An exclusive relationship and also marriage were out of the question for her. I fell hard for her and I had to do whatever it took to be with her forever.

She was an artist working out of a two bedroom apartment. The sex seemed to fuel her artistic passions and the more sex that she had, the easier it was for her to produce art. And her art was incredible. She did not just focus on just one style in her works of art. She made paintings, sketches in pencil and charcoal, figurines made from polymer clay along with wood carvings. Her talents were amazing.

But where are my priorities in this story, I have not explained the details of my lovely lady. Tiffany is 28 years old, but a very young 28. At times you would have thought that she was only 18. She had sandy brown long hair, with a round face and eyes that were so deep that would just make any man melt. And did the men ever melt. She is 5’8″ tall with a moderate build, not skinny, not fat with small ‘B’ cup breasts. She is a curvy woman who is seductive and very flirtatious. I would imagine these qualities were necessary with someone with her extremely strong sex drive. I am an average man in almost every way except one. I am 5’9″ with short brown hair, average weight, average build. And the one thing that I excel at is my business skills; I enjoy being a skilled business owner with a flair for marketing expertise. I take pride in being a professional individual with significant business savvy.”

Our relationship was not just about the sex, although the sex was wonderful. OK it was more than wonderful. We just clicked. Every aspect of her personality, sense of humor and her beauty, made me want to take care of her and satisfy her every need. After being together for a bit more than six months, I proposed marriage to her. She politely declined and we enjoyed one of our best ever love making sessions. But I was not to be dissuaded. On my fourth or fifth proposal, she gave me the first hint of a possibility in accepting it. She advised that she did love me, but felt that our relationship would never work. She felt that her desire for constant sex was too overwhelming and in the end our relationship would fail. So she extended me an offer that she just knew I would never accept. But she was wrong.

She advised that she would agree to marry me if I would provide her with 120 stiff cocks in a 90 day period. I knew that she was having regular, even constant sex, with others that I would usually never see. But it was another thing to locate and bring a sexual partner to her. She had thought, that if I loved her, that I would never be able to bring a man to her with the intent of her having sex with. And even if I could bring myself to finding her a lover, albeit casual sex, that I could not generate enough motivation to obtain more than one person per day.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of men out there that are willing to have sex, with a random woman, but the problem is finding them and then working out the schedules. And then the biggest problem of all; taking these men to your girlfriend that you love and adore and invite them to have sex with her. But I was hooked and my love for her was so intense that her having sex with others did not bother me in any way. But her happiness was all that mattered to me. I know that this would be hard for the average person to understand. Her love made my entire world; I was determined to find a way to make this happen.

I had been quite successful with my own little business of web design, marketing and Insurance. After graduating college with a Marketing degree, I started bahis firmaları selling Insurance; life insurance, home insurance, car insurance and the occasional health insurance policy. At night I played around with web design and marketing to promote my own business. I started with an assistant to help me and a few years later I had a small staff of 4 people working the business. This enabled me to focus on growing the business. One of my insurance customers was the manager and maintenance guy for a small apartment complex, who advised me that his complex was for sale. Profits were quite good, so I decided to purchase the 45 unit apartment complex next to my store front.

My first efforts to locate men willing to have sex with my girlfriend yielded little results. I was a bit restrictive in the men that I was willing to choose for her. I had to develop a system, so I decided to work this like a business. I needed a business plan, with guidelines for sustainability. The number one guideline was that all of the men had to be single, so I would need to determine their marital status and come up with a plan to market to young single men. With my background in the insurance business, I knew that the young single male is one of the most difficult persons to close when it came to insurance. After some time I decided to focus on gaming, that is video gaming. Video games were very popular with young men, most of them single and most of them also looking for women.

Tiffany was an artist working out of her home, so her schedule was wide open. Knowing this I decided to sponsored a series of small contests on various video games, that I would advertised at the local video game stores in the area, as well as a link on their local web sites. I would ask the people to register for the contest by filling out a player profile. Included as part of each profile were their; age, marital status, relationship status, if they were interested in meeting women and interest in a dating site to meet women. Then I would have all of the information that I would need to identify the young adult single males. Contestants would enter their scores from the video games and I would award small prizes on a periodic basis. But the greatest part of this was, obtaining new customers for my insurance business, while at the same time locating possible men to satisfy my girlfriends urges. The girls and younger kids that entered the contest would be eligible to win the small prizes, and that was all. But the young adult men were the real prize to me. And let’s face it, many of the young men into video gaming are not experience with the ladies and are the perfect target audience.

My posters at the video stores and web site all have images of a scantily clothed women, some of them from the video games, along with other subtle innuendos. One of my favorite subtle texts from the posters was;

High Scoring Players wanted

Enter Now…

EXcellent Skills Required!

I reviewed the contestants and sent an insurance flyer to all of the adults that entered. To the single men interested in women, I personally followed up with them. When I spoke with them, the main push was the apartment insurance along with life insurance, but that is not his real objective. I was vetting them to determine if they would be a good candidate for a sexual liaison with my girlfriend. If they fit the bill then I used one of several different ploys to schedule these guys for a liaison. One method that I used was to offer them a free counseling session to prepare them for a dating service. Another method used was to have them sign the paperwork with my assistant, actually my girl friend, at her apartment claiming that I was, ‘in between’ offices. Others I just asked if they would like to meet a friend of mine. Being the business owner, my plan was to follow up with all of them after their visit to his girlfriend to close on the insurance business.

The first man that I set up with my girlfriend was on the pretense of the signing the insurance documents with my assistant. I met with Tiffany to set up the initial visit and go over the pretense.

David:”Tiffany, I have a guy for you, but you are going to have to pretend to be my assistant and have him sign a few papers. You also will have to seduce him, but he will be easy to turn.”

Tiffany: “So are you OK with send men to me to satisfy my need for sex?”

David:”Yes, I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy and to prove that I love you fully and completely.”

Tiffany:”I love you too.” She paused for a moment. Then spoke very slowly. “And thank you.”

We embraced and quickly moved to a full and passionate kiss and of course we had sex right there in the kitchen of her apartment.

Later that day her first arranged visitor arrived. He walked into her apartment to find her wearing only a very sheer sundress with no undergarments. She made sure that the curtains were open and she stood in front of the window leaving very little to the imagination. He was a nervous young gamer named Jeremy, with no experience kaçak iddaa with the ladies.

Tiffany:”You, must be Jeremy, you are right on time. This will not take long. I just need you to sign a couple of documents that we have prepared for you.”

She was being very flirtatious and seductive with her every word and movement. Jeremy was nervous in the presence of this beautiful woman. She had him sign the paperwork taking only a brief moment.

Tiffany: “So that will do it for the paperwork. You have full coverage for apartment insurance. Now is there anything else that you need?”

As she said this she allowed her dress to fall off one of her shoulders a good portion of one of her breasts. Jeremy stammered to respond but he could not find the words.

Tiffany:”Are you… experienced with the ladies?

Jeremy:”No, I have not had many girlfriends.”

Tiffany:”Could you be my boyfriend, at least for today?”

He just smiled and nodded. Tiffany was excited as she liked to play with young inexperienced men. She dipped her shoulder and allowed her sundress to fall off of her completely and directly to the floor. She did not even bother to step out of her dress but just held her hand out to Jeremy. He walked to her and grabbed her hand. She pulled his head to her neck and placed one of his hand on her breast. He was in heaven and enjoyed every minute of this encounter so far, even though it had only just begun. She started by pulling off his T-shirt and making quick work of removing his belt and dropping his pants and underwear. She turn away from him and led him by the hand to the couch a few steps away. She reached into the end table and grabbed a condom and slowly rolled it on his already fully erect penis. She followed this by placing his hand to her pussy. He inserted a finger into her and began to move it in and out.

Tiffany:”Move to my clitoris.”

But he did not comply with her request.

Tiffany:”Is this your first time?” She looked at his face but did not need to wait for an answer. “That’s OK; we will work through this together. Now with your wet finger slide your finger up slightly.”

She grabbed his finger and positioned it to her clit and with her hand covering his she led him to properly pleasure herself. He was an attentive student and followed her lead. She kept his one hand pulled to her breast and guided his other hand with its light stroking. She exploded with her first orgasm and quickly followed it with a second. She then fully reclined on the couch and encouraged him to climb on top. He did so willingly. He began to blindly poke his penis around, but she firmly grabbed his shaft. She then positioned the tip of his penis just inside of her beckoning chasm. She pulled her hand away and he instinctively drove his member deep into her. He started with slow and shallow thrusts, but she guided his hips and butt to meter his tempo and pressure. He was like putty in her hands to pleasure her. He made at most twenty thrust when he orgasmed for the first time with a woman. But she did not allow him to stop his thrusts. With his penis becoming more and more limp she kept him going to her third and most powerful orgasm.

He thought he was done, but Tiffany had other ideas. He started to get up, but she stopped him from moving further. From his sitting position she put him back to work on her clitoris, but this time he was sitting between her legs so that he could see everything that he was doing. He was a bit clumsy with his hand, but he was learning. He began to push a little too hard, but she corrected him. He was going too slow, then too fast, but gentle touches corrected him to his pace. She took a bit longer this time but was able to orgasm once again. His erection had began to return by this time while he still working to please her. She grabbed another condom and rolled it on. She then pushed him onto his back and mounted him with a skilled and practiced hand. She began grinding into him, rocking his penis forward and back. He did not waste the opportunity and moved both of his hands to her breasts. He fondled them, but at times he was just holding on for the ride. She was quite loud with her fourth and fifth orgasms. His penis was a bit sore from being sprung back to erection so quickly and then having her ride him so hard, but she could tell that he was getting close. As he thrusted hard up into her with his second orgasm she managed to squeak out one more orgasm herself.

Tiffany:”You’ve been a dear, but I need to work now. I will call you soon to see if you have any more insurance needs that I can assist you with. (She then spoke a bit more slowly and deliberately.) I will call you.” (With emphasis on the word ‘will’)

She walked over to an architect table, still naked and sat down and began to drawn a picture that she had already started working on some time ago.

Tiffany:”Please let yourself out my sweet.”

Jeremy watched her drawing at her table as he remained silent and tried to memorize every aspect of her naked body. He took his time in dressing. kaçak bahis He even untied his shoes and slowly re-tied them. He could see that she was in the zone and focused on her work. But the sight of her at her work, in all her naked glory, was a vision that he wanted to memorize.

Jeremy: “I will wait for you call. I will be home tomorrow.” (spoken in a desperate longing for their next visit.)

At this Jeremy walked out of the apartment and closed the door.


David was working on his next partner for Tiffany. He was pitching a young gamer from his prospect list and his insurance pitch was not working. So David changed his tactics.

David: “So I understand you are not interested in my insurance offerings, but I have a friend that is starting up a consultation business to coach young adults on how to be more effective in the dating scene as well as the dating websites. She is looking for a few candidates to get her business started and the only cost will be to complete a survey after her services. Hey, free dating advice. It could not hurt anyone. So what do you say?”

Scott:”Sure, I can give it a try.”

David advised that Scott would be receiving a phone call shortly to schedule an appointment. He then called Tiffany the moment that he walked out the door from his visit.

David: “I have another guy for you. He thinks that you are a dating consultant, but I suggest that you switch that to a relationship / Sex therapist.”

Tiffany:”I must say you are quite creative in your schemes to find men for me. I will play along, this could be fun.”

When the scheduled time arrived, which was the next day, Scott arrived a few minutes early. As he entered she was wearing a skimpy little black skirt and a bikini top.

Tiffany:”Scott, right on time, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am a little short on time, so if we could get started real quick I would appreciate it. I have most of your information from David, but I just need to know a few bits of information. Do you have any serious medical conditions, like heart problems? Can you engage in physically taxing activities like running? Are you fully functional, sexually?

Scott:”Wow, well no, yes, yes. No, I do not have any serious medical conditions; yes I can run and yes I can function sexually.”

Tiffany:”Why don’t you take off your clothes and we can get started.”

Scott:”What? I am a little confused.”

Tiffany:”My profile on you says that you’re here to learn how to properly satisfy a woman sexually. You know that I am a sex therapist, right?”

She threw a ball of paper in the trash on the opposite side of the room and missed on purpose. She walked away from him and leaned over to pick up the trash and as she leaned over she showed Scott that she was not wearing any underwear under this short skirt and also that she was shaved clean. She paused at the bottom, in full reach for the paper and then she slowly rose back up and turned around to him. Yes, she was working to make him excited so that he would engage in the situation. She then returned to him and began to unbutton his shirt. Scott did not move but just looked down and watched her undress him. She continued by dropping his pants to the ground and leading him into the bedroom. She dropped her skirt to the ground and removed her bikini top. He had to adjust himself to allow his erection to continue to grow inside his underwear.

Tiffany:”That is very good. You have a normal arousal response. So let’s go over some basic anatomy.”

She propped herself up on the end of the bed and motioned him to join her at the foot of the bed. She spread her legs wide for him to get a full view.

Tiffany: “The most important thing that you need to know is all about the clitoris. It is located right here.”

As she spoke she pulled her lips apart with one hand and pointed with the other.

Tiffany:”And it must be well lubricated, before you attempt to caress it.”

At this she plunged her finger into her vagina and moved it to her clitoris and began massaging it with small round circles and then back and forth, gently.

Tiffany:”Now you try.”

She encouraged him forward and grabbed his two fingers and pulled them into her mouth and then positioned the moist duo onto her clit and moved his hand across her.

Tiffany:”Let me control your hand and show you the best way to pleasure a woman.”

It was only a short time later that she began to bounce on the bed with a glorious orgasm with her hand riding atop of his. He attempted to stop, but she kept his fingers moving and followed this with another orgasm. This time she was very vocal with her ecstasy.

Tiffany:”All right, let’s drop your drawers and let’s see how you handle insertion.”

He had a minor puzzled look on his face but that quickly disappeared as he removed his underwear and positioned himself next to her on the bed. She had a condom waiting and ripped it open and rolled onto him. He crawled on top of her and attempted to let his little blind solider find its own way. But she grabbed his hand and positioned it to his shaft and guided it to her dripping wet pussy. He inserted it after just a few tries and then pushed into her. She then pushed him away.

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