The Education Of Richard Ch. 05

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Hey all! The final chapter of the Richard series at long last, I hope you enjoy. All comments and criticism welcome via my profile page.



I was glad I had received the call.

Richard had come home from his first day of school, mussed and ruffled, smug and satisfied. What were these bitches doing to my darling son? The phone call had gone something like this:

“Hello, I’m trying to reach Valerie Ross, Richard’s mother?”

“This is she.”

“I’m the Counselor from Bellmont High School. We need to talk.”

“Yes, I think we do. You took my big strong boy this morning and sent me home a tired, empty-balled, stud.”

“Yes, that’s what I’m here to talk about. I’d like to meet with you and your son and two of our teachers tomorrow.”

“I’ll be there. And you better stand the hell back. I’m bringing a huge pair of J cup tits with me, so don’t think you’ll be able to hold my boy’s attention.”

“Yes, well, thank you Ms. Ross. We both just want what’s best for Richard.”

“Good. And what was your name again?”



“Pearl. Pearl Parsons.”

“Well I look forward to meeting with you, Pearl.” She hung up.

I Was sorry I had made the call.

Richard’s mother was probably nice enough, but when I spoke to her she seemed downright confrontational. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have boned her son, but well, she started it. How angry could she be at me? She was the incestuous one! I was a lusty conquest at best.

Oh well, I sighed and looked at myself in the mirror, feeling inferior for the third time since I’d met my two colleagues and Valerie Ross. All through school, college, and my first job I had been the bustiest most bra-busting woman I’d ever known of. Then these three whores with their preposterously large knobs had to come along and make me feel like my FF cups belonged in a training bra.

Though none of the three were as short or slight as I, none of them were even fat!

I shook these thoughts from my head and reached for the phone. This wasn’t about me and my self-esteem; it was about Richard.

I dialed, and it barely had time to ring before…



“Terra here. Go!” I said as I picked up the phone.

“Hiya coach, it’s Pearl. I’m putting together a parent-teacher conference with Richard tomorrow, I’d like it if you could join us.”

“Hell yes, I’ve got a score to settle with that little bastard. He humiliated me!” I pounded a fist on the table, massive tits jiggling from the impact.”

“Uh, that’s not really the point of-.”

“I’m gonna make him suck my cunt till he fucking drowns!”

“Terra, calm down, this is-“

“Thinks he can just waltz into my office and make me suck those gigantic balls of his just because they’re so ripe and delicious and… DAMNIT! I’m doing it again!”

“Terra, please listen there’s no need to-“

“I’ll be there bitch! Count on it. Mr. Big Balls is going to fucking pay for making me come on his humongous cock and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”

I slammed down the phone went to my favorite heavy bag, punching it until my anger and lust had subsided. Oh yeah. Richard was going to get his.



I Heard Terra Working the heavy bag again, and knew I should probably poke my head in.

“Hey bitch.” I smirked. Our sisterhood was a strange one.

“Oh, if it isn’t the school ball-baster here to pay a visit.” She responded. “How are you, Sophia?”

“Better than you from the sound of it. And I don’t think you get to call me a ball-baster, I’m pretty sure you’re hitting that bag because you’re the one Richard turned into a nut-slut!”

She scowled.

“Whatever. You get the call from Pearl?”

“Sure did. I’ll be there with bells on.”

“Good. I’ll look forward to seeing you there.”



They arrived two at a time. Sophia and Terra came together, each decked out to reflect her profession. Sophia was dressed in a flowing skirt and a black long-sleeved shirt that clung to her absurdly huge K cup tits in just the right way to show she’d come to this meeting braless. That was a gutsy move considering she was the bustiest one here. Probably the bustiest on the planet really, I’d only seen one bigger pair of breasts on a woman.

Terra was wearing gym shorts, sneakers, and a specially crafted sports bra. Nearly Sophia’s match in being stacked. I could never understand her athleticism, I’d essentially lost the ability to run when I’d sprouted my own generous tits, and mine were still just half the size of hers. Terra’s short face-framing cut looked a little wet, like she’d gotten out of the shower, which was in contrast to the long wavy style favored by Sophia.

Then it was Richard and his mother. He was gorgeous as always, bulging young muscles clearly visible through the white dress shirt she’d made him wear. His biceps fought to rip from the sleeves, his leg muscles were prominent in his slacks, and one’s eyes could maltepe escort not help but dwell on that ass which all three women in this room knew was the powerful engine behind 23-inch cock thrusts that could veritably sunder our bodies from our consciousnesses

Valerie’s outfit was far from modest. The lucky mother had scooped her breasts together in a wrap-around shirt, molding them into perfect big spheres, lolling on her chest like a pair of basketballs. Her medium-length hair was straight and dangled back between her shoulder-blades, her short straight skirt and platform shoes a nice way of completing the look.

I felt quite small indeed next to these six mounds of titflesh, and I felt almost embarrassed that I’d bothered to try wearing something a little low-cut, as if Richard would want anything to do with my sad little F-cups. I also had the shortest hair of the group and my legs were not much better. I swallowed hard as I started, trying to keep my mind on my business.



“I’ll get this ball rolling.” I said, leaning forward so that Richard could bask in the resplendence of my cleavage. For some reason Sophie put a hand over mouth to suppress a giggle as I began to speak and Pearl put her face in her hands. Valeria seemed confused and Richard snickered.

“What the fuck’s so funny?” I asked, scowling. Sophie leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“You just said ‘I’ll get these balls rolling’, and you were staring at Richard’s crotch while you said it.”

I growled. Not two minutes into the conference and Richard had already made a bitch of me AGAIN.

“Whatever. Listen up Richard, we’re here today because you need to stop fucking the faculty. Seriously.”

“Why?” Richard asked innocently, leaning back so that his unreal package dangled over the edge of his chair like a fruit-basket in a sack. “You all seem to enjoy it, especially you, Coach.”



“Of course we enjoy it, deary, you’re masterful at it. But that’s sort of the problem. We aren’t keeping our mind on our work at all. I didn’t hear a thing any of my other students said to me yesterday after you had my way with me. Terra here is getting laughed at by all the boys in her classes for being your personal sex-toy,.. and I’d wager pearl hasn’t made any counseling appointments with anyone after you took her.”



“You can’t blame my son for being the most masterful lay any of you will ever get. Maybe you whores should stop spilling your pussies into my baby’s lap. Did that ever occur to you? My son is a stud. He will always be a stud. Accept it and move on.”

I couldn’t believe the way these slags were talking about my baby, as if each of them wasn’t absolutely dripping for him already. I could almost smell it on them. And that’s to say nothing about all the tits in the room! Nipples poked through clothes like so many buds on a bush.

But I was proud of my boy, he seemed to take all this in stride.

“So what do you want me to do?” He asked, smiling.



“I want you to fuck me.” I shook my head. “I mean I want you to fuck US. All of us.”

“How will that help?” Richard and his mother asked in unison, Richard perhaps a bit more hopefully than Valerie.

“Think of it like the sexual equivalent of smoking a whole box of cigarettes to make someone sick of the whole thing. I want you to fuck the three of us so long, deep and hard that we can’t take any more… won’t want any more.”

Richard smirked. “I can do that.” He said.

There was a long silence.

Richard’s mother finally broke it. “Can I help?” She asked. “I need to… get tired of Richard too.”

“I was hoping you’d start us off, actually.” I said, smiling as I gestured towards her studly son.



I sucked in a breath as Valerie stood and walked over to her boy, smiling as she knelt before him and deftly worked his fly and belt open with an experienced hand. Richard surveyed the scene with the austere self-assured smile of a Roman Emperor, ogling each of us in turn, mentally filing away the ways he was going to take each of as hands reached inside his pants to fish his junk out.

We all gasped as she flopped it into view, each of us still impressed with his immense length. Her hands gently stroked him at first, just enjoying the floppy soft flesh-whip, angling this way and that to let it curl over her wrists and palms, his thighs and making sure to reach in pulling out that amazingly long scrotum, letting the grotesque orbs just dangle over the chair like the pendulum of a grandfather clock whose hands were always on sex O’clock.

Sophia stood up and crouched down behind Valerie, reaching around her to cup and maul at the massive breasts beneath her wrap-around top, then she pulled the wrapping apart and let the garment scoop those tits together from beneath, nipples poking forward like a pair of cock-detecting divining rods. Needless to say, her own tits were mashed maltepe escort bayan into Valerie’s back, so that the two of them had essentially become a fused mass of jiggling bust-flesh.

As if that weren’t enough, Pearl put her clipboard down and walked her super-slim petite ass over to Richard’s ear, mouthing off into it for all to hear as Valerie began to take her first tentative licks of his now semi-hard shaft.

“Mmm yeah, you like that? You like that you’ve got all us bitches on our knees for your huge long nasty fat cock? Does it make your big old dick happy to get serviced by your mom? I bet it does…looks like she enjoys the taste… and look at those TITS! Can you believe you used to get to drink out of there? Looks like she’s returning the favor with your cock…just don’t let her chug it all now, big boy…”

I was stunned! Who knew that Pearl had such a nasty mouth, let alone such a nasty mind! She’d always struck me as such an innocent little thing, wild-eyed and pixie-like. I folded my arms beneath my tits, perhaps a little huffy.



“I wanted to Punish him!” Terra said.

“Well then quit sulking like the big titted bitch you are and come dish out some punishment!” I retorted, using my directorial talents to their fullest. “But let me guess, you’re too fucking scared, because you know your cunt is already sopping wet and that the sheer gravity a member this size gives off is going to be enough to draw you in like a slutty comet to Earth’s surface?”

“Fuck you.” Terra said, standing up as she peeled off her sports bra and boy-shorts, the first of us to get entirely naked. And yes, there was a visible waterfall of her own cream spilling down her toned thighs. Richard just has that effect on a girl, I can’t really blame her.

Grudgingly she stalked up to us, leaning first around Richard’s mom’s torso.

“Give me those fucking tits, bitch!” She growled at me, compelling me to stuff as much of Valerie’s massive tits into Terra’s mouth as she could take.

“Oooo, yeah, suck ’em bra-sister” I giggled as she got each massive orb wet and hot with her sultry slurps and sucks. She pulled back from Valerie and shrugged, her mountainous tits rolling on her chest.

“If you want me to suck ’em, then I am going to fucking SUCK THEM!” She shot back, abandoning the huge luscious globes to join Valerie’s efforts on Richards cock, dipping low to tongue-swat the enormous gonads that dangled dangerously in their sack. They looked even bigger than usual today… perhaps our efforts yesterday had convinced Richard’s balls that they needed to be pumping out even more cum to satisfy all comers, and they did look tasty, I sank to my knees to join them.


I was amazed by what complete sluts Richard’s busty teachers and foul-mouthed counselor were. My slobber-moistened tits gently slapped around the back of his Coach’s neck as she lustily ate my big boy’s big balls. The drama teacher joined her, the two of them crowded together in front of my big rack, their own bra bombs mashed together as they each worked their own ball.

It was interesting to contrast their styles. Terra was especially aggressive, grunting as she slapped her tongue hard all over the huge fat ball, lips working hard to suck in as much ball as possible, head tugging back to really take advantage of the saggy scrotum, taxing its limits as she pulled harder and farther, occasionally let the ball pop free with a nasty wet noise only to duck her head and start the rough nut sucking all over.

Sophie was much more of a tease, poking at my son’s big seed-sack with teasing little licks, pulling her head around this way and that to tease him from different angles, pursing her lips in skillful little sucks that made good use of all of her mouth’s muscles to properly lavish affection. But what really made my pussy gush was when she cleverly helped to force feed one of Richard’s mega-nuts into Terra’s mouth, then leaned in and French kissed her, playing tonsil hockey with the gym teacher and my boy’s ball-broth-bladder was the puck.

Moaning she mauled and slapped Terra’s tits around as the two played this game, their combine drool pouring from their mouths, mingling, and pouring down their faces, dripping wetly onto their gargantuan juggs. My pussy was getting wet too… In some ways I was right to feel so threatened by these sexual virtuosos, but at the same time, I had to admit their work affected even me. They were good.

Greedily I pulling my son’s cock deep into my mouth, hand over hand feeding hard cock deeper and deeper into my maw, thick beef-log stretching my lips and throat as he started to plow in. Pearl has stripped off her shirt while I watched the ball-sucking show and was now pulling Richard’s head to one side so he could suck her perky little canteloupes as she continued to use that dirty mouth of hers to narrate all she saw.


“Oh yeah, suck those fucking titties… show me how much you like my little maltepe escort bayan fucking appetizers before moving onto the main course of those bitch’s big udders. You like how those two are worshiping your fucking balls? You like getting those big fucking nuts sucked? You like your teachers fighting for whose mouth can give your cock a fucking ‘A plus’ while your mother deepthroats that thing? Ooo poor thing! Listen to her choke and gag on it! You’re too big for her, aren’t you…your too big for all of us put together, but you don’t fucking care, do you? You’re just here to shamelessly pleasure that huge fucking cock and enormous nasty nuts with us four fuckdolls aren’tcha? Oh you’re really making her turn red now! Look at her face! Those big slutty lips of hers are turning blue, and she doesn’t even fucking care, does she? Wow, Your mom is a fucking cocksucker, isn’t she?! Look at her go!”

I stared amazed as Richard’s mom’s throat overflowed, his rivulets of precum spilling from her jaw, liberally smearing the faces and tits of Terra and Sophia where they still fought over Richard’s massive man-yams. The two only reveled in it, rubbing their pasted cheeks together until long gooey tendrils hung between their faces like telephone lines of white, silvery cream.

Taking more command than I knew I was capable of, I leaned over Richard’s back, stepping up on the seat of his chair to grab his mother’s head, first shoving her down the cock a little further than she had been, making her eyes water and her already gagging choking breath catch a little, holding her like that for just a second, then letting her up to rasp for air, her eyes wide at me, a little threatened yet shining with arousal too. I tilted her chin up to make her listen.

“Listen up you son-sucking slut, you’re gonna go please the parts of Richard’s shaft that you couldn’t reach with your throat while I get a taste of that presperm. Clear?”

She nodded, gingerly licking down his prodigious pillar of pork to eat the underside of it like a big ear of corn, slurping and lapping, smearing the precum in her mouth all over it. As I sunk down to get a piece of the head, slapping my tongue around the inside of his huge cum-slit, I stifled a giggle at the sight of Terra and Sophia.

They were playing a game of tether-ball with his sack, Terra almost angrily lobbing both his big nuts in their ropey scrotum to smack soundly into Sophia’s cheek. Sophia retaliated by throwing them straight back, his nuts hitting Terra in the nose, the impact making the billowy ball sack splay out all over her face, hanging there a moment then slowly smearing down. She looked a little dazed when her eyes and mouth emerged, partly from being smothered, but probably also from the sheer impact of a pair of doorknob-weight cum cannonballs hitting home.



I blinked and shook my head around, trying to restore my self.

“You fucking bitch! Those are heavy!” I screeched at Sophia.

“You started it. You’re just a sore loser. Now I get to eat some cum!”

She stuck her tongue out at me and stood up to properly take in Richard’s masterpiece. She first pulled Pearl’s head off of it, the poor little pixie of a girl barely able to get his head into her mouth. She stood wide, her shaved wet pussy in my face. Admitting my defeat I leaned in to delicately nibble her clit as I continued to pump and tug Richard’s massive wet balls.

She purred with pleasure as she sank the head into her mouth, instantly opening her well-practiced throat to Richard’s meaty invader, a single long gargle the only noise we could her as she bent down to swallow 5, 10, 15 inches of cock, thighs giving my head a frustrated squeeze as she found her limit, unable to bob any more of the remaining cock into her mouth no matter how fast she rocketed her head back and forth. Pearl licked her ear and whispered into it.

“Be careful what you wish for, because now you’re choking on more man than any woman can handle. How about it Terra? Is it making her all wet? Is she giving you a good fucking drink of her slutsauce down there?”

I only nodded as my tongue raked her pussy-lips over and over, slurping hungrily as she indeed flowed into my mouth like a spigot Sweet and juicy. My own quivering quim was flowing freely as well, and the sight of Sophia’s throat bulging with Richard’s girthy cock didn’t help matters any; you could have lubricated a HEMI with what was pouring from between my thighs.

I watched her try to bend at the waste, her heavy tits dropping onto my head like a pair of bombs as she struggled to fit it in, finally pulling off with a frustrated gasp, the speed of her retching withdrawal so abrupt that the great prick swung and struck her across the face, sprawling her onto her shapely ass, depriving me of her tasty snatch. At the sight of my laid out colleague, a strange sort of anger built in me.



Terra stood up with that look in her eye, something having set off that temper of hers. I caressed my cock-bruised cheek, I had never felt so much power to a prick before. Terra rose from her knees so quickly her breasts slapped together with an audible clap and she whirled on Richard.


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