The Cheerleaders Panties Pt. 04

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The coast was clear. I had been up all night dreaming of Sally coming to my bedroom. I waited until Mother left the house and got my set of girlie magazines from under the bed and placed them on top of the duvet. I covered them with a towel as the obviousness of it all worried me. I paced my bedroom worrying about the unknown. Sally was already almost five minutes late, and I was practically hyperventilating with anxiety.

My head was light-headed, and I could take the strain no longer, and so I decided to relieve myself of my erection and come down. I lowered my trousers to ease the tension. I stood with my pants at half-mast, wondering if I should waste my precious seed with a wank because of my no-show sister. At that moment Sally burst through the door apologising for being late, shuddering to a halt in voice and movement as I hurriedly clambered to cover my erection.

“Oh, sorry!” bleated Sis, I’ll come back later.

“No, don’t go!” I begged, turning my back on her as I raised and buttoned up my jeans. “I thought you weren’t coming,” I blushed.

“And so you started without me,” quipped Sally blushing in unison.

We stood in awkward silence for a few seconds, which felt like an eternity.

“I’m sorry Gemma couldn’t make a date,” Sally apologised needlessly.

“Its not your fault she has so much on.”

“I know but,” her voice trailed off.


Sally looked mixed up and awkward. “I shouldn’t have got your hopes up.

“Who knows in time,” I said.

“Are these the books here,” pointed out Sally bursting into life and moving towards my magazine stash hidden under the towel.

“Yeah, I’ve put the ones I thought you’d enjoy at the top,” I explained.

“Really,” smiled Sally, and how do you know what gets me going?” she taunted.

“Oh, you’ve got me there,” I confessed.

“They wouldn’t be the ones you prefer,” she rightly guessed sprightly bouncing onto my bed bottom first besides the pile and quickly taking the first issue. She blithely flicked through the pages, “so how do you want to do this?”

“Er, I thought we’d look at the main models throughout and then read the ‘letters page’ I quickly spewed as I had already run through how we would peruse in my mind.

“Okay then, let’s go,” Sally joyfully encouraged patting the bed beside her.

I sat next to her as she moved to open magazine so one leaf would be on my leg and one on hers. She thankfully skipped through the opening pages of adverts and editorials and quickly came to the first model.

The model was posed as if in a photographic studio posing before a camera on a tripod. She had long curly hair, ruby red lips, big breasts, a thick black bush and wore an open blouse with stockings and shiny black heels.

She was a pretty model; one I had masturbated too many times when I came home hot to trot and couldn’t control my need to ejaculate.

She struck many poses on a chaise-lounge, showing her assets at their best from all angles.

Sally being beside me, added extra sensory dimensions, that of smell and touch. I breathed in the aroma of her perfume, and it brought on another aspect to the model. Sally and I were hip to hip, and as I let her turn the pages, she would innocently stoke my inner thighs fleetingly with the tips of her fingers.

It was the model’s boobs and stocking-clad legs that had always aroused me with her pictures. While ogling her with Sis beside me, I still unashamedly concentrated on her big erect nipples.

Sally stroked the page.

“What amazing hair,” she opined as she slowly mapped the meandering curls on the page with her delicate fingers, “don’t you think?”

“Yeah!” I blandly answered wherein all honestly, my eyes were busy scanning her tits.

“I’d love to have her hair and boobs,” lamented Sally.

“You only have to grow your hair long and then get a perm,” I suggested.

Sally sighed,” Maybe but there’s not a lot you can do about my tits,” she groaned in resignation.

It was true, Sally was as flat-chested as they come, and no amount of kidology would persuade her otherwise. I scanned my sister’s breast for something positive to say until she covered herself up with her arms.

“Stop looking at my tits,” she lightly scolded with a laugh,

“No push-up bra is ever going to find enough to push up there!” Sally coldly quipped.

“Sorry, but I was just thinking, not all blokes like big boobs.”

“You do, you haven’t looked at any other of her assets since we’ve been looking.”

“That’s just her, there’s a model I favour near the centre who isn’t big breasted at all.”

“Oh yeah, well let’s take a look at her.” With that, Sally flipped through to my favourite model of that particular issue.

She had the alias of Julie, a willowy small-breasted blonde, dressed from neck to foot in white lingerie.

She posed in all positions in her white corset and stockings as if being fucked by some invisible probing male.

“Oh! Blurted sis!” I can see why she’s a favourite,” she chuckled.

“You see she doesn’t have bahis firmaları big tits at all,” I quickly pointed out.

Sally laughed, “That’s not the giveaway, these semen stains are!” She teased, pointing out where the pages had stuck together because of one of my heated rushes where I had got careless and accidentally spilt my seed upon the pictures.

“That was glue, I was doing my homework, and it somehow got there!”

Sally howled with laughter. “And you just happened to have your porn magazine opened at the page of your favourite model at the time?”

“Yes!” I cried in desperation.

“Oh come on, we gals may not produce as much, erm juice as you but even we’ve been known to stick a few pages together.”


“Oh yes we need a little dampness to grip and turn the pages over,” she giggled.

“What do you mean?”

“When I’m bedtime reading, dipping my finger in my honey pot to help me turn the pages, always works.”

“You’re kidding?”

I didn’t get to find out if Sally was kidding or not as she cried out loudly, “My god what did you spill here a whole pot of glue, the centre pages are complexly stuck together!” She laughed as I blushed dumbfounded for words.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t tease you like that.”

I stared out of the window, my face burning up in humiliation as I listened to Sally ripping apart the semen glued pages. I looked around only to find my sister feeling the sperm patches on my magazine.

“It’s okay it’s just a little embarrassing that’s all,” I confessed.

“Sorry, but you look as you do so much,”

“So much what?” I said without thinking,” Oh, yes, I do,” I stumbled, “Although I don’t know how much other boys do.”

Sally continued to peruse the last few remaining pictures of my favourite centrefold.

“Gosh, this girl must really turn you on, you’ve spilt your, er, stuff nearly on every picture.”

I kept my head bowed and gave my opinion from there, basing my observations on memory.

“You’ll see she hasn’t got big boobs at all.”

“That’s true!” gaily emitted Sally, “one up for the tit-less wonders!

“Your not tit-less,” I smirked.

“Oh, so you’ve been assessing my boobs have you?”

“Come on Sal, I see you in your bra and panties making your way across the landing for the bathroom nearly every morning.”

“What! You’ve seen me in my undies?” she cried.

“Not on purpose.”


“No I don’t, I always leave the door slightly ajar so I know when you’ve gone to and come back from the toilet, that’s why.”

“Agh, so my brother’s a peeping Tom, ogling me in my panties every morning. Do you get off on it?”

“Of course not.”

“Then why do you do it?”

“Because I’m a gentleman, that’s why.”

“Oh, come on!”

“It’s true, I know you have a lot to do, and I’ve always plenty of time in the morning, and so I wait until you finish,” I explained.

“So your not interested in my tits and ass?”

“Off course not!”

“Why not, I’ve got a great ass!” She joked.

“And a nice thick pussy bush,” I added.

“What! How do you know that?” Sally blurted with shock.

“I do now! Anyway, your panties are practically transparent!” I laughed, “And when the sun shines through the skylight, you may as well not have a pair on!”

“Some gent!”

“Some bush!”

We both laughed and carried on going through the magazine until we finished the first publication.

“I’d better go before I get too steamed up,” said Sally fanning her flushed face.

“But we’ve only been looking at girls.” I half announced quizzically.

“Got to go, see you!” And off she went through the door before making a quick reprise back into the doorway.

“And no ogling me in my undies tomorrow, I’ll knock on your door when I’ve finished,” with that she brightly twirled away and left.

The next morning I hazily walked downstairs into the living room. There on the mantlepiece were two envelopes addressed to me. I guessed they were my obligatory birthday cards bought as a ritual chore rather than a cause to celebrate my birthday.

“For a wonderful son on his birthday,” said the embossed words on the card from my Mother. The incongruence of the title made me wince and sadly hurt a little. I placed the card and opened Sally’s offering. As soon as I pulled the card out a short note glided to the floor. I quickly picked it up and read it.

“Look in the living room drinks cabinet.”

I rushed into the living room and opened the cabinet. There was a small parcel with a little card.

“Sorry I couldn’t make our date, Sally tells me this present would be second best, Love Gemma xxxx”

My whole demeanour lit up as if I had been charged with a zest for life. Gemma! My dream girl had sent a birthday card to me. I hastily opened the package and pulled out a silk garment. I gasped; it was a pair of dark purple silk panties.

My mind swayed between ecstasy, guilt euphoria and shame, as it was apparent that Sally had been talking to Gemma about my pantie fetish.

I kaçak iddaa didn’t care as I was overwhelmed, completely taken in with the aurora of the iconic undies.

I pushed them to my face completely intoxicated and swayed under their spell. I became painfully hard and had a driven animal desire to masturbate. I thirstily lowered my trousers and pants only for the spell to be broken by the noisy proximity of family.

All-day I was in a funk, dreaming of Gemma’s panties. I was permanently erect and could wait to get home and slip them on. I ran to my house in a heated rush, such was my ardour. I burst through the front door and came to a shuddering halt as before me Mother sternly stood before me in her bathrobe.

“I’m going to take a bath, and I don’t want to be disturbed,” she needlessly notified. She stood to wait for affirmation, which struck me as unnatural.

“Okay,” I awkwardly replied, wondering why she wanted a verbal acceptance from someone she dominated and loathed. Mother immediately went for the stairs. I waited for her to lock the bathroom door and sneaked into my bedroom.

That night I lay on the naked bed bar Gemma’s Panties and re-read the magazine Sally and I had gone through. I remembered all her remarks about the models and my semen stains and the magazine took on a new life. My senses remembered her smell every time she leant across me to turn a page. I remembered what page we were on each time she accidentally touched my inner thigh and her exact words that accompanied the sensation.

I recalled lazily staring at her breast while she declared herself a tit-less wonder and how she covered up. I remembered precisely the page we were on as I talked about seeing her bush.

Her exaggerated girlie squeal of horror when her secret had been exposed. I was incredibly turned on, and my hard cock pushed my panties up begging me to rub myself off. Pre-cum was already seeping out and staining the silk material just below the sweet girlie bow of the filly waistband.

I teased my cock head through the silk, gently rubbing back and forth. I quickened the pace and brought myself to the edge. I shoved the waistband down hard across my inflamed hard purple cock head, causing it to pop out of my panties and spew my cum out onto my chest. I pushed the panties clear of my semen shower, letting spurt after spurt rain down on me before allowing myself to relax down onto my bed.

I fell into a deep sleep and felt cocooned in a soft woollen candyfloss. I slowly started to revolve, and a sweet red light gradually brightened before my eyes.

I was in a state of bliss as the circling caressing floss danced across and around my naked body. My body filled with ecstasy caused by an electric stroke worming up my legs, igniting glorious sensations on its way up.

I sighed heavily as an exotic explosion of floral leaves emitted from my loins as an ethereal spectre moved up my chest. The candyfloss cocoon swirled about me faster, blurring in it’s weaving as the light shadowy apparition formed before my eyes.

My eyes widened, and I smiled as I saw Sally’s face smiling. Her naked body pressed against mine.

She looked spectacularly beautiful as she smiled, radiantly pursing her crimson lips. I tried to look down at her breasts as her hand had slithered down to interfere with my energised penis.

She smiled and kissed me flush on my lips; her marble, gleaming eyes flashing and mirroring my sexual engagement.

“Are you masturbating you, naughty boy?” She eminently squealed with her wispy girlie voice.

I swallowed hard as I felt my hard phallus head brushing the pubic forest of her vagina.

“No,” I whisper in denial while trying to manoeuvre my sensitive penis head into her.

“Yes, you are, I can feel your hand and cock on me!” she delightfully teased. I struggled to control myself as her nubile body wriggled up me, bringing me close to the edge.

I struggled to comprehend her ability to know and feel me down below.

“I’m not masturbating,” I declared with another hard swallow, as I bring my hands up and place them on each of her shoulders.

“It’s you,” my voice croaking as another wave of pleasure flushed over me.

“Me?” she smiles,” How can it be,” look” and with that she brings her hand to my shoulders and laughs.

My head filled gasping for an explanation, “Am I in you?”

I croaked.

“Oh James wouldn’t that be nice,” Sally gasped as she wriggled her body upon me.

“Oh, Oh, Oh!” I declared as I ejaculated rudely waking up as my hot semen splattered on me.

“Sally!” I called out in confusion as I turned for my bedside tissues just in time to fleetingly see a naked female ass flee my bedroom.

“Sally?” I called out again as I submitted to my spermicidal soaking. I fell back tired and drifted off again drained, unable to move.

Hours later, I was rudely awoken by Sally as she barged open my bedroom door. “Hiya!” She merrily greeted as I looked up in horror,

“Oh sorry, I’ve woken you up!”

“That’s okay,” I dizzily replied, looking kaçak bahis around urgently for Gemma’s panties, which had disappeared.

“I had to give you these!” Sally enthused throwing a pair of white lacy panties towards me, hitting me in the face, “A present from Sandra. Night!”

I woozily turned my bedside light on and studied my new garment holding them open to get a good look. I was dumbfounded.

“Are you doing a swap?” I asked in a daze.


The panties were white laced and obviously expensive. Sandra, another hot friend on my sister’s team, how did she get hold of her panties? Had she told her about my pantie fetish as well? All those questions were quickly put aside as I gave them a cursory sniff first.

I put my nose to the gusset imagining her moist pussy hard up against them. I pushed my nose in and inhaled and took in a potent whiff. I couldn’t believe it. The panties were wet!

The aroma was much too potent to be ignored, and I was immediately masturbating with Sandra’s’s soaking panties over my face.

The next morning I heard my mother go out to work and as usual, left my door ajar so I could listen to Sally making her way to the bathroom. Instead of watching for her to go, I lay in bed and listened. I heard her bedroom door open quickly followed by furtive steps scurrying towards the bathroom. She giggled as she went across the landing, which had me wondering.

Fifteen minutes later I heard the bathroom door squeak open and then Sally running for her room. I was so puzzled I got up and practically jumped out of my bedroom. Sally screamed as I blocked her way, she was naked and quickly covered her nipples with a forearm and her bush with her other hand.

“Sorry!” I bleated in shock as I backed away to let her past. Sally ran by, and I copped a good look at her ass as she went into her bedroom.

Later I nervously made my way down to the kitchen for breakfast well aware that Sally would be there. I entered to see her with her head shamefully bowed over a bowl of muesli. She looked up,


“Sorry,” we both said at the same time immediately falling into fits of laughter.

“What was all that about?” I asked relived Sally wasn’t angry.

“I just wanted to know if you really did spy on me on the way to the bathroom in the morning.”

“You could have done that covered up.”

“I know, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun and anyway you’d have only seen my ass on the way to the bathroom,” she giggled.

“True but what about on the way back?”

“Haha, well as I didn’t get a reaction on the way there I naturally assumed you were being the gentleman and not watching at all. I didn’t think I’d need to cover up.”

“I was right about your bush,” I smirked.

“I thought you knew, that you saw through my transparent panties,” exclaimed Sally.

“I made that up,” I laughed, “your panties aren’t that transparent.”

“You swine!” laughed Sally, taking everything in good humour. “So what do you think of little sister’s body?” She teased.


“Nice ass? Nice tits? Nice pussy?” She rolled out, leaning further over the breakfast table with each teasing question about her body.

I laughed and covered my ears and shut my eyes.

“Stop it!” I yelled.

Sally laughed, ruffled my hair and jaunted over to her handbag. “See you later!” she said, making her way for the front door.

“Are we looking at my books tonight?” I eagerly asked, stopping Sally in her tracks.

“Sorry I forgot to tell you, I’m going to Gemma’s house to study.”

“Lucky you!” I shouted, making Sally laugh.

“I’ll tell her you said hello! Bye!”

“Thank her for my birthday present!” I yelled as she made to go.

The door thumped shut behind her as she went.

Again I was ordered to chaperone Sally to cheerleader practice. I did this without protest as I knew I was going to be able to feast my eyes on all the girls kicking and flashing their cute little white panties.

Practice got underway, and Sally, Sandra and Gemma smiled in my direction, knowing they would be giving me a good eyeful of their sweaty panties. Miss Kelly looked on barking her orders for the girls to kick higher and bend lower something I wholeheartedly agreed with.

One by one, the girls were all bending over and touching their toes in their choreography. This gave me ample time to study each girls panties and adjudicate just who had the sweatiest gusset now that they were really worked up.

Unfortunately, my pleasure had subconsciously mirrored itself in my face, something Miss Kelly saw and took acceptation too.

“James,” she yelled, causing a halt leaving some girls with their ass’s in the air as she marched towards me, holding out the key to the changing room.

I took the keys without exchanging a word and made my way to the shelter of the changing rooms.

Again I sat where Sally had changed and couldn’t help but look at Gemma’s clothes. On the top peg were her panties practically begging to be stolen. They gleamed like a star on top of a Christmas tree, their silk reflective quality dispersing the white light. I looked around furtively to make sure Nobody was about and then gingerly took Gemma’s panties by the tips of my fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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