The Blue Life Ch. 39: On the Phone

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This story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission, bisexuality and some homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. Wild, preposterous fantasy. Thanks to my proofreaders and editors for their help and suggestions. Suggestions for kinks, characters or plot developments are often worked into future chapters. Leave them in the comments, or contact me. If male bi-sexuality, incest or BDSM upsets you, don’t get angry, just move on to another story. Thanks. Leave your suggestions in the comments. (Did I mention, I love getting comments?) Thanks for reading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are always very much appreciated. Enjoy.

The Blue Life is a long saga. This chapter involves: Jillian (a dissociative identity disorder persona of Bobby’s father, Andrew), who was first introduced in Chapter 4. Sunny, who was introduced in Chapter 12, and prominently featured in Chapters 13 and 16. Terri Whitehall, introduced in Chapters 14 and 15. And Marsha Park, who was introduced in Chapter 32.

It’s been about six months since I’ve posted a new chapter of The Blue Life. I haven’t given up on this story. But the writing of it has become more difficult. I have some very specific ideas in mind for the next few chapters. I’m also considering writing side-stories, featuring some of the characters from “The Blue Life,” that could be enjoyed outside of the regular continuity of the story. As always, I’m very open to your comments and suggestions.


Aunt Jillian, Sunny, and I lay on the carpet of the dining room in a three way tangle of post-orgasmic bliss. Jillian and I toyed with Sunny’s nipples, and I stroked my fingertips along Sunny’s ribs.

“Don’t,” Sunny whined, “that tickles!”

I walked my fingers up toward her armpit. “What if I want it to tickle?” I taunted.

Sunny gritted her teeth. She quietly said, “Master, please, don’t. Not now. I’m riding on a cloud at the moment.” And my hand immediately flattened back to a caress.

“A LOVE-cloud,” Jillian teased, “You LOVE Robert, Mistress!” It came out in an elementary-school-playground sing-songy voice.

Sunny looked at me deeply with her large, dark eyes, and sighed. “Yeah. I do. I really, really do.”

I lightly kissed her lips, “And I love you too, Sweetie.”

Sunny grinned into the kiss. “I think that’s the first time you’ve ever called me, ‘Sweetie.’ That may be the first time anybody’s ever called me, ‘Sweetie.’ It’s kinda nice.”

Jillian chimed in, “I love him too. I really love you both. But, I can see you two have something special.” She choked on her words, before stammering, “I-I wish, I wish I had someone to love me that way.”

We both kissed Jillian. And I said, “Aunt Jillian, you’ve got Mom, Marjorie, Blue. She loves you that way!”

Jillian lay back on the carpet. “I love your mother so much, Robert. But, she already has your father, Andrew. She loves your father that way. Not me. I wouldn’t want to get in between them.” Then she chuckled in a sad, dark way. “I know. I know. Technically, I’m Andrew. I shouldn’t be jealous, or envious of myself.” She took a long pause. “I shouldn’t feel this…wistful. I’ve never felt more love.” She looked down at her fake breasts in her green, lace bra and adjusted them slightly. “I’ve never felt more beautiful and feminine, or more…free. That prospect is exciting and intimidating. But-” She looked at us both, and tears began forming at the edge of her eyes. “-but, this isn’t as easy as I would have guessed.” She shook her head. “Oh, Robert. I can feel your cum leaking out of me. You made love to me so well…Master? Can I call you, ‘Master,’ too?”

I stroked a hand down Jillian’s back. “That would make me very happy, Kitten. But, you understand that’s a huge commitment between us. That’s not just a game to me. It’s how I’m building my life. That’s a commitment my Mom and Dad and Sunny have made.”

Sunny chided me, “We haven’t had a Commitment Ceremony yet…,” then she added, “Master.”

I laughed. “Don’t worry, little lady. I’m gonna put a ring on it. And a collar too. You’re mine.”

Jillian swallowed back a sob and said, “I just want to feel loved, and desired, and feel like I have family, and that I belong. That I have a place and space in this world. Y’know?” She shook her head. “You don’t know. You don’t share a body with someone else. I don’t even share it. I’m just here for brief flickers of time. And most of it has been horrible. I’m not even…I’m not even a real woman.”

My fingers lightly traced along Jillian’s jawline. She seemed so much different than my father. More beautiful. More feminine. More…”Jillian!” I can’t explain it. I really do think of them as two, separate people. I said, “Aunt Jillian, you are loved and desired. And you will always be family. You don’t have to give your submission to Mistress Sunny and me. We will still love you.” I squeezed her ass. “And want to fuck you.” Jillian blushed and giggled at that. bahis firmaları “And you are a very real woman, even if you share Andrew’s body. You are a beautiful mystery.”

Sunny just said, “Ditto.”

Jillian took a deep breath. “I have to go to the bathroom. I don’t want to get too graphic. But, I feel you leaking out of me, Robert. And I need to get cleaned up.”

Sunny squirmed and got her feet first. “I need to get cleaned up too. I need to get into work. Sophie can open up the shop, but I need to get in there to help out.”

I got to my knees and helped Jillian stand. That brought her pretty girl-cock right to eye level. I rolled my eyes and pushed down an urge to kiss the tip of it, right where she has a shiny Prince Albert piercing, with a pretty, sparkly pink rhinestone. I said, “Jillian, could you drive Sunny into work. I have some stuff to take care of around here.”

Jillian shook her head and laughed. “I’m sorry, Sir. But, I don’t know how to drive. I don’t have a license.”

“Andrew’s got a driver’s license,” I argued.

Jillian shrugged. “That doesn’t mean I know how to drive.”

I looked to Sunny. She shrugged too. “I don’t have a license either.”

I said, “OK. Jillian, we have a date tonight. But, I just remembered, Mom and I also promised my Dad he could go to his Saturday, Aikido sparring sessions. Maybe you could let Andrew drive Sunny back to her work, and then he could go on to Aikido Class. When he gets back, I’ll take both you and Sunny out to dinner, like a double-date.”

Jillian looked at me with sad eyes. She said, “It’s not that easy. I don’t know what brings about the switch or what switches us back. It was a mystery what brought me here last night. Usually it’s stress, and that bastard…Nick.” She practically spat venom at the mention of my uncle’s name.

“You’ll never see Nick again, Jillian. And, I think it was the wig and the lingerie we bought for you. I think Andrew got excited, or you did, and decided to try them on.”

Jillian’s face immediately brightened. “Oh, I love them, Robert! I’ve never felt more beautiful, more feminine, more sexy.”

I stood and kissed her. Our kiss lingered and I felt her tongue tentatively search for mine. I drew her closer. I know Jillian is my father, that he’s in there somewhere. But it felt nothing like kissing my father. And I’ve passionately kissed my father before too. I said, “You are very beautiful and sexy. And Andrew, Marjorie and I want you to come visit and play with us regularly.”

Jillian pulled back and looked at me skeptically. “How regularly does ‘regularly’ mean?”

“That means, Friday night to Sunday night or Monday morning. And if we carved out Saturday afternoons for Dad’s Aikido sessions, we would do one other night during the week.”

“Oh, my God! That’s too much! That’s like three or four nights and a few days each week!” Jillian was stunned.

“And you could be around for two weeks straight on vacations. Dad said he would give you all of his vacation days.”

“You’re kidding me, Robert…You’re not kidding me? I-I’m-You want me to live here? Where?”

“You saw the room upstairs, with your lingerie and clothes and things. That’s your room, Jillian. That’s your bed we slept in last night.”

Jillian’s next question shocked me, “That’s…MY…room. I’ve never had a room. Can I redecorate it? Can I put up pictures or paintings? Can I get a different dresser in there?”

I shrugged. “It’s your space. You can do whatever you want in there.”

Jillian stood there naked, except for her green bra, with the breast-form pockets, her hands on her hips, shaking her head from side to side, looking like she was just trying to make sense of the situation. “But, wouldn’t I, couldn’t I just sleep in your bed, Robert, or Marjorie’s bed?”

I chuckled. “I assume it might work out that way quite often. But there may be times when you want to sleep by yourself. Or you might have your own lovers, Jillian. You deserve your own space, your own room.”

Jillian just looked from me to Sunny and back, stunned. Sunny said, “Don’t look so shocked, Kitten. It’s going to happen. Once you start socializing, there will be lots of men and women who will want to get with you.”

“What do you mean, ‘socializing’? I can’t go around town like this? It would scandalize Andrew if he were recognized…urgh…crossdressing!”

I said, “We’ve been talking about that. That’s why we think you need to establish your own identity, with your own identification and maybe a driver’s license. And for now, you can socialize among the Family.”

“You mean you, Marjorie and Mistress Sondra?”

“No. We have a larger family of sexual submissives, Aunt Jillian,” I explained.

“How many are there, Robert?”

I counted in my head. There’s Mom and Dad, Blue and Red. That’s two. Sunny and her best friend, Sophie, I mean, Amethyst. That’s four. Sally and Terri Whitehall. Six. Nurse Nancy and Dr. Piggie. Eight. Tiny Gina and Big Blix Johnson. We’re up to ten. Shit. Should kaçak iddaa I count Granny Adele? Mrs. Bahl, my dad’s secretary? I fucked her a few nights ago. Should I count my own Grandmother, who I am trying to seduce? I rubbed my face and said, “There’s at least ten, Aunt Jillian, not counting you and a few others who are prospective members of this little…I don’t know what you’d call it.”

Sunny offered, “Your stable of submissive sluts, Robbie?”

Jillian giggled, “You’ve got a whole harem of women now, Robert? I thought it was just Marjorie, and now Mistress Sondra.”

“It’s not a harem. And they’re not all women,” I countered.

Jillian was still giggling. “And you want me to be among your bevy of beauties?”

I smiled. “Of course, Aunt Jillian. Why wouldn’t I? You’re beautiful!”

Jillian shook her head. “Well, for one, your girlfriend and your mother are far more beautiful than I am.”

“I wouldn’t say that. You’re all very special. Unique. Original.” My mother has a round, curvy figure, like a swimsuit model. Sunny, it tall and willowy, with very small breasts, and a face that’s mesmerizing. Her eyes are dark fire. And Jillian has beautiful hazel eyes and soft features. Her hair isn’t real. Neither are her breasts. But, well, she’s got a rocking ass!

Jillian’s voice went cold and for a second she sounded more like my father. “Robert, I have a penis.”

“And it’s such a pretty, fem-cock, Aunt Jillian. I love your pretty girl-cock. I’m not just saying this. But your cock actually looks very different than my Dad’s. I can’t explain it. If I think about it, it even tastes different.”

Aunt Jillian gasped, “Robert!” And she blushed, looking to Sunny to see her reaction.

Sunny just smiled. “I think you’re right, Robbie.”

“Miss Gutierrez! You-you-you’ve also given oral sex to Andrew!”

Sunny took Jillian’s hand and started walking her toward the downstairs bathroom. She said, “I’ve done a lot more than that, Jillian. I’ll tell you about it while we shower together. We’ll take off your bra, and take off your wig, and I’ll help you wash off your makeup in the shower. Then we’ll look in the mirror and see if Red, I mean, Andrew will come back.”

Jillian took a deep breath, like she was steeling herself. Then she gave a big sigh and walked behind Sunny toward the bathroom.

I picked up my sweatpants and t-shirt and put them back on. My cellphone chimed on the table. I had a text message. I opened it up. There was a picture of a pretty, bare pussy, lightly tufted with sparse, short pubic hair. The lips were full and dewey with excitement. It wasn’t any pussy that I recognized. I looked to see who the text was from, probably should have done that before I opened it. It was from Terri Whitehall! Well, it wasn’t her pretty pussy I was drooling over, that’s for sure.

My phone chimed again, and another message from Terri came through. It read, “GOOD MORNING! Guess who? ????????????????”

I laughed at the series of emojis. And I tried to read them like modern hieroglyphics. I’m young, just 21. It shouldn’t be that hard. I recognized most of them separately. I didn’t know what they meant together. Something sexual, I’m sure.

I typed back. “Marshar Perk shees lively.” And I hit send. Then regretted that I had turned off spell-check on my phone. I typed again, more carefully, “*Marsha Park. She’s lovely.”

Marsha Park is lovely. She’s Terri’s age, eighteen and a high school Senior. Much taller than Terri. Terri is just over five feet tall, and Marsha is closer to six. Marsha has long, straight, black hair, and glasses that make her look like a nerd. But behind those glasses are a pair of haunting, light grey eyes. She had sucked my cock the night before in the parking lot of local park, but we had been interrupted when an Police Officer pulled up in a patrol car.

Another message. “Ha ha! Yep! She’s even more of a virgin than me! She still has her hymen! Wanna see?”

I paused and thought. I took a moment, but only a moment. I was typing, “No,” when another message came on my phone. It was a pic of Terri splaying Marsha Park’s pussy lips. You could see Marsha’s hymen in the picture, perfectly in tact. It was something I’ve never seen in real life. It was mildly interesting. And it might have been exciting if I was there. But, like this, it was just TMI. Less like sexting and more like paging through a Gynecology textbook.

Another photo came in. This time it was Terri’s nose and chin, just the lower third of her face, and she was licking Marsha Park’s pussy. Well, that answered that question. A moment later (man, Terri texts quickly), “She’s delish! Wanna taste?”

I texted back, “Yes, but can’t today. Sorry!”

I grabbed the coffee cups off the dining table and brought them to the kitchen sink. I dropped by sweatpants and quickly washed my junk in the kitchen sink. I felt a little silly doing that. But I was also feeling a little sticky, and Sunny and Jillian were in the downstairs bathroom.

My phone chimed again on the kaçak bahis table. The text from Terri read, “I sorta promised Marsha that you would join us.”

I called Terri.

She answered and before saying anything else just said, “You’re mad, aren’t you, Daddy?”

I tried to keep my voice even and low. “Why do you think I would be mad?”

“Because I shouldn’t have made a promise like that without talking to you, I mean, asking you first, Bobby…uhm…Sir?”

“Was that a question?”

“No. Uhm. I’m sorry, Sir.”

Terri is my most willful and disobedient sub. She’s also just a eighteen. And teens are supposed to be willful. She has enormous tits, like her mother, Sally. But, her body is compact, strong, flexible and athletic. Whereas her mother is all soft and pillowy curves. Both are my lovers, although Terri is still a virgin. I have plans to make love with Terri fully next Friday, the night of her school semi-formal dance.

“Where is your mother, Terri? Where’s Sally?” I asked.

“She said she had to go to work for something early this morning, so I invited Marsha over for breakfast and a day of adventures.”

“And when did you make this promise that I was going to join you two.”

“Uhm…sort of after we started ‘adventuring,’ if you know what I mean.”

“And have you already eaten her pussy to orgasm, Kitten?”

“Oh, fuck yes! She was moaning and sweating. And thrashing about. She said it was the biggest orgasm she ever had. I snapped that first pic right after that.”

“Has she returned the favor yet?”

“No. She’s never been with a girl before. I was sorta going to teach her, uhm, now.”

“Hand the phone to Marsha.”

“Uhm, I’m mean, Bobby, I don’t think-“

“Now!” There was a growl in my voice.

There was a rustling sound over the phone and then Marsha Park was there. Her voice was soft and tentative. “Uh, hi…Bobby?”

I took a deep breath and tried to sound friendly. “Hi, Marsha. I’m sorry if this is awkward. But, as much as I would like to, I can’t join you two today.”

“No, uhm, that’s alright. Terri and I were just goofing around, y’know?”

“First thing’s first. Do you know that Terri has been sending pictures of you to me?” I asked.

Marsha said, “Yeah. That was sort of my idea. After we had taken pics of Terri and sent them to that boy, Evan, she’s been teasing. And after he showed us pics of his thick, hard cock, y’know. It was like my idea to send you some photos of me. Was that too much? You don’t think I’m a…a skank or anything. I’ve never done that. But, Terri is so brave. And I…well…”

I sighed. “Marsha, I think you are a lovely, sweet girl. You’re not a skank at all. And I promise to treasure those pictures and not share them with anyone else without your permission. I just wanted to make sure Terri wasn’t abusing your trust. But, tell Terri, I will need to see those pictures that Terri sent to Evan, and the ones he sent back to her.”

I heard Marsha say away from the phone, “Your Master says we’re gonna need to send him the pics between you and Evan.”

I could hear Terri say, “Why did you have to tell him about that?”

Marsha countered, “You didn’t tell me I shouldn’t say anything.” Then I heard Terri say something, but I couldn’t make it out.

I interrupted. “Marsha? Marsha?” I whistled into the phone. “Marsha!”

“I’m sorry. Yes, Bobby?”

“Has Terri shown you her collection of toys? Her sex toys?”

Marsha laughed nervously. “Yeah. Uhm. Like. It’s really big. They’re really big too, some of them. It’s a little scary, like, y’know? She said not all of them were hers. Some were her Mom’s and some were on loan from friends. It’s a pretty big collection!”

I laughed. “Yeah. Has she…has she fucked you with any of them yet?”

Marsha said, “No! And I told her, that’s not going to happen. Because I’m going to wait until I’m married or…or for someone special before I ever lose my cherry.”

“But, oral sex is OK?”

“Oh, yeah, like, it’s way better than OK. I really like it. I can practically get off just doing it. And I really like having it done to me. I mean, I like what Terri’s been doing to me.”

I asked, “What about God’s Loophole? Have you done that?”

Marsha giggled and said to Terri, “He’s asking about God’s Loophole! Ha! I told you that was a thing.” Then she said back to me, “Uhm, no, Bobby. I was…I don’t think this is the greatest time to talk about this, Bobby. But, I would…I think…I was thinking about you a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Y’know? And…are you really into this BDSM stuff?”

I took a deep breath. “How much has Terri told you?”

“Bobby, you don’t have to worry about me. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Tell Terri to toss your salad.”

“What does that mean?” Marsha asked.

“Just tell her.”

There was a rustle. “Bobby says, you should toss my salad…No…That’s what he said…No, I don’t know what it means, do you?…You do?” Then I heard laughing. “What does it mean?…OK, then. Show me.” Then back into the phone. “Oh, she’s spreading my legs really wide. Is she going to eat me again. Jesus! I came so hard, Bobby! Yes, she’s putting a little pillow underneath my butt. I’m so wide open.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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