Teasing Ch. 01

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He was gorgeous! To say that my 22 year old brother Brian was a good looking guy was the understatement of them all. He had always had the build of a Greek God in my opinion. Standing at an eye-pleasing 6’1″ with thick broad shoulders, generously well muscled arms, beautifully chiseled chest, abs that went beyond the “six pack” that most athletic men have, and strong, powerfully well toned legs. His thick, wavy, earthy brown hair, naturally tanned olive skin and soul searching chocolate brown eyes have been known to entice many women, both young and old. But, his best feature of all was his smile, and much to my regret, he knew how to use it. All he ever had to do was flash his sexy white smile and he could get just about anything he wanted. He has always been my fantasy. Growing up we were close, but at times we fought like all siblings did at one time or another.

It was during my late teens, also my awkward years, that we had most of our fights. Almost all of them were caused by the teasing that he heaped onto me whenever he would come home on the weekends from the nearby college he was attending. Every weekend, he would walk in the door with his bags of laundry and start calling me the classic big brother names that he always did. One particular weekend, just after my eighteenth birthday, which he missed, he came over as usual, but Mom wasn’t there. I was up in my room when he got home.

Hearing his car in the driveway, I groaned, not looking forward to his name calling. Standing in front of my mirror, making a mental check list of what my brother always teased me about, wondering if he was ever going to see the real me. My young, firm breasts were no longer the speed bumps that he always called them, but rather the size of medium sized honeydew melons and probably just as heavy. He had taken a liking to calling me a string bean in the past because, I had guessed, of my hips. But, those too had filled out nicely as well. Continuing to look at myself, I could see that my waist and abs were lean and flat causing my hips to look a bit larger than they really were. Turning to the side to check over my own ass, I ran my hands over it to feel the nice combination of firmness mixed with just the right amount of softness. Looking down past my shaved vagina to my long shapely legs thanks to the years spent on my high school track team. Getting closer to study my own face, thanking the heavens that there were no blemishes anymore, I looked into my own eyes. Judging them to be slightly almond shaped and a nice shade of hazel with naturally bursa escort thick lashes that never needed mascara. My nose was what my mother called button shaped and my lips were full and pouty. My father had always called me his heart faced pixie because of my heart shaped face and slightly rosey cheeks. Backing away from the mirror, I turned and started crossing the room to my bed where I had tossed my robe after coming in from the shower.

Half way to my bed I jumped as my door opened. There in the doorway was Brian. We stood there for a full minute looking at each other. He was wearing a white tank top that showed off his lean upper body and black jeans that looked too tight in all the right places. I could see the shock at finding me nude was written all over his face. Uncontrollably, my eyes glanced down to see the growing bulge in the front of his jeans as he looked at me. I began to feel myself grow damp between my legs as I looked at him.

“Uh…,” was the only sound he was apparently capable of making.

Snapping my eyes up to his face as though being pulled out of a trance forcefully. “BRIAN,” I yelled in shock and embarassment. “Can you get out of my room?”

To my surprise he didn’t move, except to let go of the door handle and lean against the doorjamb. Brian actually smiled as he looked at my body and crossed his arms in front of him. “Why should I, bean pole?”

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, knowing that if I were to lose my temper now he would just continue to call me names. Looking at him again, “Because,” I started as I turned, walked over my bed and grabbed my robe, “this is my room. And you have no right to enter it without knocking.” Sliding my arms into my robe, enjoying the feel of it’s silky material glide over my smooth skin.

Without looking at my face, Brian’s gaze seemed to lock onto my breasts. Watching his face as I felt reluctant to close my robe, tying the sash around my waist. When his eyes met mine I thought I saw disappointment in them, but I must have been wrong for he quickly pasted that fun loving smile of his onto his face.

“I noticed that our parental units are not home.” Saying this as he sauntered further into my room looking at the things on my wall. Picking up a heart framed picture from my nightstand, he looked over at me then back at the picture. “Why do you have a picture of me by your bed?” The amusement I heard in his voice was sheer torture for me.

At that moment the only thought racing through my mind was to get the photo away from him. bursa escort bayan Of all the ones he could have grabbed, why did it have to be the only I had of him sunbathing in the backyard nude. It was actually amazing that I had the courage to even take that one photo, though at the time I had wanted to take a lot more. I knew that he was expecting me to answer, but my embarassment stilled my tongue. I just did not know how to tell him that my feeling for him were more than sisterly. Doing the only thing that I could do, I bowed my head and slowly shrugged my shoulders.

With not being able to see his face, I heard only his husky voice ask, “Erika, I thought you told me that you didn’t have a memory stick in the camera.” I felt him walking over to me more than I heard him. Looking down I could see his feet as he came to stand in front of me. Putting a finger under my chin, he forced me to lift my eyes to meet his. He was smiling with the sexy smile I had seen him use in the past on his many girlfriends, and he was using the smile on me. “You know, Erika, I should be upset that you even have this picture. I should tell Mom and Dad.” Oh, God, he was going to tell our parents about it. I could just see it, Mom would start crying and tell me that I was going to Hell. Dad would just stand there fuming for a while, that is until he started to change the locks before he threw me out. Our parents were not the kind of people that one would call “original thinkers.”

“Please, Brian, please don’t tell Mom and Dad about it. I’ll get rid of it. I’ll do anything you want.” Thinking that begging would be my best course of action to choose at the moment. But, when I said anything, I could have sworn that I caught his interest.

“Anything? Really?” He sounded intrigued.

“Yes, anything!” Growing frantic that he would decide to tell anyway.

“Ok then, what did you have in mind?” he drawled as he leaned back against the nightstand, arms crossed over his chest yet again, still holding my favorite photo.

Thinking about it for a full minute before answering, “I could… wash your car?”

Brian pondered this, but shook his head, ” I just washed and detailed it. Try again.”

“I could… wash you clothes for you?”

Again shaking his head, “Mom already does that for me. Try again.”

“Alright. Uh… I could… upgrade your computer for you. I would even pay for all the new parts out of my own pocket.” Knowing full well that that idea would really cut a good sized dent into my savings. I sent up a silent escort bursa prayer that he wouldn’t choose that one.

He was thinking! Brian had the nerve to think about that one? Ok, sure, it was tempting, but he did not have to torture me about it. With a whoosh of air, I let go of the breath that I didn’t even know I was holding as I watched him slowly shake his head from side to side. It was at that moment that Brian decided to walk over to me and stop no more than twelve inches in front of me. Leaning close he whispered into my ear, his breath a carress to my senses, “Do you really want to know what I want from you?”

What could I say to that? With that one simple question he had caught me completely off guard. I didn’t know what to say. So, stupidly I said the first thing that came to my mind, “Uh… send the picture to your girlfriend?” Laughing nervously as I said this.

Slowly, he walked around me, looking me up and down. My body was shaking so much from fear, excitement, nervousness, and even arousal, that I had to close my eyes and ball my hands into fists just to keep myself from reaching out to him. Touching my arms, my shoulders, glancing over the tops of my breasts as he moved to stand directly behind me.

Grasping my wrists in his strong hands, he lifted both of my arms up to wrap them around his neck. With this he caused my back to arch and my breasts to point up to the ceiling. Feeling his hands glide down the underside of my arms from where he had held me just a moment before, I released a breathy sigh as his hands move further down along the outer edges of my breasts. His hands were so gentle that I was in envy of all the girlfriends he ever had all over again.

I was so caught up in the feelngs he invoked inside me that I didn’t even notice that he had opened my robe till I felt his hands fully cupping my breasts to pinch my pebbled nipples and the chill air of the room on my heated skin.

Whispering in my ear again, he finally told me what he wanted. “I want you to give me your virginity. But not here.”

Kissing the tip of my nose, he slipped one hand from my breast to let it travel downward past my waist. Not understanding what he was up to, I attempted to pull away. But, Brian held me to him as he slipped his long middle finger into the folds of my shaved wet virginal pussy. Not being able to stop him, and also not wanting to, I felt as though my legs would give out.

Before I could even really start to enjoy what Brian was doing to me, he let go and walked to my door. Holding onto the handle, he stopped and said over his shoulder with a smile, “I’ll take you camping with me tonight. Be ready.” Leaving my room as quietly as when he first came to my door, silently closing the door behind him with a soft click.

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