Taking Care of Daddy Pt. 03

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Double Penetration

Joan Miller woke up in the spare bedroom to the sounds of soft moaning. She was surprised to find herself alone. The last thing she remembered was Frank drilling away at her. She must have passed out from the pleasure. She had never had so many orgasams before last night. Frank was always spectacular but he had never worn her out before. Maybe it was because Rachel had been there all the other times. What woke her up wasn’t Frank’s voice but something far more feminine. Frank must have called someone else after she fell asleep.

Joan crept out of the bed and slowly walked to have a peak. Maybe it was someone she knew, was what coursed through her mind. Her pussy was leaking onto her thighs with each step. She was getting more aroused the closer she got to the door. She saw Frank laying down on the bed, splayed out. He was asleep but a buxom blonde was riding him. She had the sheet pulled up to just above her ass, preventing Joan from seeing any action. Joan took a step into the room and a board creaked, causing the woman riding him to turn. Joan saw and was in shock. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Melissa Miller was sitting on her Daddy’s lap in a most inappropriate way.

Melissa winked and blew Joan a kiss. Joan almost climaxed because she was so turned on. Melissa watched as Joan’s eyes closed and she tried to fight a wave. Melissa decided to send her down beneath.

“Hi Joan,” Melissa said with a whisper, climbing off her Daddy and taking the sheet with her. Melissa wrapped the sheet around her body and revealed what was under the sheet. Frank was tied up and had a blindfold on. His cock was swollen and covered in a shiny substance. “Come with me,” Melissa said and guided Joan to her room.

Once they were inside Melissa’s room the young girl grabbed the older woman and kissed her on the lips. Joan could taste Frank on her lips and tongue. Melissa slipped her fingers inside Joan’s wet pussy as she kissed her. Melissa maneuvered Joan to the bed and then pushed her into it. She went in between Joan’s legs and licked her hard. Melissa’s tongue thrashed quickly along Joan’s clit. Joan shivered all over and grabbed onto Melissa’s hair, holding her head in place.

Joan quickly came but Melissa wasn’t done. She grabbed her favorite toy and slammed it into Joan. Joan’s eyes went wide with surprise but closed again as the pleasure overrode her senses. “I sucked Daddy’s cock last night Joan,” Melissa said and Joan moaned. “He came so much but didn’t call out my name. I want to teach him a lesson. Will you help me Joan? I know my Daddy likes you. I heard everything last night,” with those words Joan bucked her hips and squirted.

Joan twisted on the bed and screamed as the toy buzzed inside her. Melissa wouldn’t let her stop though. She pinched Joan’s nipples and made her scream louder. She rubbed her clit hard and Joan grunted. As Melissa pumped the vibe into her, Joan started to giggle uncontrollably. Melissa went to put her hand over Joan’s mouth to silence her but Joan stretched her neck making Melissa take her throat. Melissa squeezed just slightly and Joan’s eyes rolled back. Her whole body shook and Melissa just kneeled next to her, watching the results of her handiwork.

When Joan had finally calmed down, Melissa explained her plan. “We both go into my Daddy’s room. I wake him up with my voice. Then you crawl into bed with him. Keep him up but don’t say anything. Don’t let him cum either. We can teach my Daddy a lesson together. He needs to know how to say my name properly when he comes inside me today after graduation. I’m so wet just thinking about it Joan. Will you help me…please?” Melissa said with a kiss.

Joan pushed back into that kiss and damned her soul, if she even had one. Her fingers went to Melissa’s pussy and felt how wet she was. It was like a flood and Melissa shook as she stroked her pussy. “I’ve been playing with Daddy’s cock all night. Riding him with just my lips and covering him in yummy juices. I never put him inside me though. I’m saving that for tonight. You can clean my juice off his cock Joan. Would you like that?” Melissa asked her.

“Yes…Princess,” Joan said and kissed Melissa softly. Joan wanted this little girl and sucked her own fingers clean, anticipating the naughty deed the vixen had asked her to do. Joan was sure that Frank must be in on it. Some sick twisted game, like the crazy shit Rachel and him would get up to. This was a new extreme but Joan loved this family. She would do whatever she needed to help make them happy.

Melissa pulled her off the bed and kissed her again, holding Joan close and slapping her ass. Joan gasped but did nothing.

“Let’s go wake up Daddy. Then I’ll go to school and put in all my appearances. Please keep my Daddy…entertained while I’m away but remember…don’t let him climax. Precum is okay for you. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how to slowly milk my Daddy’s cock for hours right?” Melissa asked and Joan just nodded her head.

As they got back in the room they noticed that Frank was awake. He was struggling against the ropes. “Don’t do that Daddy…they will just get tighter. pendik escort I’m a fast learner when it comes to ropes,” Melissa said.

“Melissa,” her Father began to say before she interrupted him.

“It’s okay Daddy. I know the truth about us both. Neither of us can climax without thinking or being with the other. I only cum when I think of you Daddy…you’re rough hands…you’re hard muscles…that monster cock,” Melissa said with a shiver and kept going, “Remember last night Daddy? When I made you cum so hard with my mouth you fell asleep?” she asked.

Frank said nothing.

Joan’s eyes got wider with every word. Her pussy dripped audibly onto the floor and she clenched her thighs together. She wanted that monster badly and felt terrible about not letting him finish. It would be good for him in the end. This might be his greatest orgasam ever but only if she was careful. Joan couldn’t let him climax for eight hours. She wasn’t sure if she could last that long but she would try. Eight hours of silence and only licking or teasing him. He will be furious…his punishment will be severe…the sound of her pussy dripping on the floor got faster.

“I’m not going to school today Daddy. I’m staying with you all day. Last night…when I made you cum so much…you didn’t say my name. Today…you won’t cum until you say it right. We will have all the time we need,” Melissa said and touched Joan’s back, guiding her to the bed and Melissa’s waiting silent father.

Joan crawled up onto the bed and just kissed Franks cock, tasting his precum. She had to stifle her moans from his taste. Today would be a trial for them both. She circled her tongue around his cock and tasted Melissa. She licked his cock faster, sucking and kissing it all over. She loved the taste of Melissa’s pussy on Frank’s cock. She regretted the fact that once his pole was clean, she would have to wait until she had more.

Melissa tiptoed out of the room, missing the creaky board and headed downstairs. She couldn’t go back to her room. She knew her own mind enough that if she did, she would never make it to graduation. As Valedictorian, she had a speech to give, a crowd to please and the best graduation present ever. Once she was done with the festivities, she would finally get to ride her Daddy’s big cock and feel him let loose inside her.

Frank felt the ropes on his wrists and ankles. They were tight and he wasn’t going anywhere. The blindfold wasn’t a problem for him either, he had gotten used to sense play many years ago. The problem for him was the idea that his daughter was lovingly playing with his cock. He would truly be damned if he granted her request. He focused his mind and calmed himself down, fighting his daughter’s affection. As he got softer he felt her hands, and then he knew…it was Joan. He decided to play along. This game was the most fun he’d had in a long time.

“Just like that baby,” he said and the hands froze. “Melissa…please suck my cock until I cum…can you do that for me Princess?” Frank asked the room. He felt the head around his cock shake no.

“What’s the matter Princess?” Frank asked. “You’re normally so talkative. Well I guess your mouth is pretty full. Take your time then baby…enjoy your Daddy’s cock. Worship it the way a good girl should,” he said and he heard a moan, feeling it through him. Joan was great at giving head and he tried to relax as she sucked him greedily. Knowing it was Joan, he wouldn’t be able to climax anyway but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy it.

Melissa called her friend Amber for a ride and got to school just in time to get changed. She had her outfit for today all picked out and ready in the theater dressing room. Amber had helped her put it together and made sure it was cleaned and ready. The suit she chose was professional and tailored. It had close fitting pants that went almost to her ankles and was accompanied by a blazer. She had a white silk blouse to go with it. A matching pair of white panties and bra were next to the suit. Melissa had brought along the heels from yesterday at the office because she liked how they fit.

Amber Taylor opened the door to the back stage. She had a spare set of keys because of her work with the costumes. She put in a lot of her personal time and she needed more access than normal school hours allowed. She had on black slacks, white sandals and a tight green shirt that showed off her nipples. They were stiff from the fabric. Her pussy was wet because of being so close to Melissa. This might be their last time together and she wanted to make it special. She had found a toy that she thought would be perfect.

The toy was a double dildo, that whirled, vibrated and had made her scream just from using it on her clit. She was still a virgin and had been saving herself…for Melissa. Amber was willing to admit that she was madly in love with Melissa. She would do anything for her. She wanted their relationship to keep going, at least through the summer. She planned to tell Melissa all of this but got interrupted when she felt her lips being kissed.

Amber leaned into Melissa’s soft body and escort pendik let herself be consumed by her own lust. Melissa smelled like roses and her lips tasted like a man’s cum. It was so much fun, licking and sucking a man’s seed from Melissa’s mouth. It really got her excited trying to guess who it was. This time it was surprisingly yummy.

“Who is it this time?” Amber asked her. She kissed and licked Melissa’s lips trying to think about who it could be. It couldn’t be Mark because she picked Melissa up. It must have been someone at her house. “You snuck a boy inside your house last night and sucked him off this morning?” Amber asked.

“No,” Melissa said simply, “It’s my Daddy’s cum,” she finished and kissed Amber harder. Amber almost melted but Melissa caught her before she could fall. Melissa slipped two fingers inside Amber, finding her soaked. “You like that baby? Tasting my Daddy’s cum on my lips?” Melissa asked.

“Yes,” Amber said slowly, distracted by the fingers inside her pussy that were thrashing about. “When can I have more?” Amber asked and Melissa chuckled. Melissa picked up her pace and forced Amber to a hard climax. Amber shivered as Melissa held her close.

“Tonight…if you can be a good girl and help me make a video for my Daddy. Will you help me?” Melissa asked and Amber accepted.

“Get your clothes off and get on that table” Melissa said and Amber quickly obeyed. Amber ended up with her legs opened, spread wide with her fingers opening her pussy. Her ankles were crossed and her naked body glistened in the light from Melissa’s camera.

“Hi Daddy,” Melissa said, “This is Amber. She’s my best kinky friend in the whole world. Say hello to Daddy Amber, ” Melissa commanded.

“Hi Daddy,” Amber said, all shy. She spread her pink lips apart further.

“I’m not a virgin anymore Daddy,” Melissa said. “I’m just a little slut…who can only hope that all the cocks have made me ready Daddy…ready for you. Amber however…she is a virgin Daddy…I want you to have her. To take from her what I can’t give you. Would you like that Amber?” Melissa asked.

Amber was already playing with her clit at just the idea of worshipping anything Melissa told her to. That it was Melissa’s own father made her even wetter. The taboo was too much for Amber to resist. She rubbed her clit faster and moaned while squirting all over the table.

“I’d say that’s a yes Daddy,” Melissa said and shut off the camera. She got between Amber’s legs and licked her savagely. Melissa sucked on her clit, making Amber scream wildly. Amber kept going and Melissa didn’t let her stop. She twisted one of Amber’s small nipples and the poor girl kept climaxing. Before Amber could recover, Melissa dragged her to the floor and put her on her knees. Melissa then shoved her wet pussy into Amber’s face and just waited for Amber’s tongue. She didn’t wait long.

Amber lovingly licked Melissa’s pussy with care and affection. She kissed and sucked her friend’s sweet nectar enjoying just getting Melissa off. Melissa came hard and fast, squirting Amber in the face. Amber licked and sucked Melissa clean like a good girl should. Melissa had been thinking about watching her Daddy fuck Amber so hard she went unconscious. He would discard Amber like a used condom, then Daddy would fuck her as a reward. She would finally get to feel him inside her. As she got dressed, she absently wondered how Joan was doing back home.

Joan was slowly riding Frank’s cock reverse cowgirl and trying her best not to scream. She knew her voice would give her away. As she got closer to a peak she climbed off his cock and went back to licking and sucking him. She couldn’t let herself climax either, Frank would know as soon as she opened her lips and the game would be over. She had a few body tremors but she had it under control. Her breathing was long, slow and deliberate. Last night’s activities made her more sensitive than normal. She didn’t mind sore muscles when her pussy was constantly dripping. She had never been so turned on before. She looked at the clock and it read ten in steady neon. She had hours to go yet and she moaned softly as she licked his precum from his tip, pulling her tongue into her mouth to enjoy it.

Frank had been moaning Melissa’s name off and on but not saying much else. He had been close a few times but he held himself back. It helped that Joan was such an experienced lover. She would encircle the base of his cock and pull his balls away from his body whenever his hips pumped involuntarily. Gripping it tight and helping him hold it back. After a moment she would let go and precum would leak out of the tip. She caught it with her mouth every time she could. Sometimes she would use it to help lubricate his cock. She hadn’t had this much fun in years and she moaned while sucking his cock, thinking of what punishment Frank would give her. Her pussy was still dripping, her thighs were soaked and the sheets were worse. She might need to get some towels in a bit.

Melissa was in her favorite class for the last time. It was English Literature and her teacher, Ms. Apple, looked delicious as always. pendik escort bayan Ms. Apple was single, 28 and every school boy’s dream. Rumors were spread but nothing was ever confirmed. Melissa knew that some people could keep their mouths shut. She had three different boys all tell her the same thing. Ms. Apple had fucked them after they graduated. Melissa wanted to take a bite out of her as well.

“Alright class…today will be your last assignment. I want you to write an essay about how your last summer will prepare you for the rest of your life. Five paragraphs and on my desk in fifty minutes. This will affect your final grade. Now…pencils down and get to work,” Ms. Apple said and the students did so.

Melissa took a moment to brainstorm her paper. She couldn’t be completely honest…she planned on fucking her Daddy all summer. Lots of crazy adventures and maybe a bit of traveling. She couldn’t take him to a bar yet…unless they went abroad. Maybe a European tour during the fall would be perfect. This summer though, it was going to be all about her Daddy.

Melissa decided to throw out a wild card. She wrote about a brief after graduation encounter. A bad teacher and a good student. The tempting offer of wicked fruit would be too much for either woman to resist. They would give in and succumb to their wildest desires. It ended with the younger student asking her teacher for seconds after the naughty teacher came in her face. Melissa liked her cliffhanger ending but left her number just in case. As she turned her paper in, she smiled at Ms. Apple and got one in return. Ms. Apple started reading it and then put it at the bottom of the stack quickly. She watched Melissa take her seat and kept her eyes on her until the bell rang a few minutes later. Melissa couldn’t tell what Ms. Apple thought but she planted a seed she hoped to reap one day.

“Please Melissa…let Daddy cum,” Frank pretended to beg…at least he thought he was pretending. It was getting harder for him to tell. This game had been going on for hours and he had lost count of how many times he had almost lost. His body had even vibrated a few times, testing his bonds but making them tighter. He had to relax if he was going to make it through this trial. Joan was really trying her best.

Joan alternated between riding him slowly, sucking his cock softly and stroking him quickly. It was driving Frank crazy but he didn’t want it to stop. He kept himself in check and held back with deep breathing techniques. He absently wondered what his little girl was going to have for lunch.

Melissa was on her knees in the boy’s shower of the gym. Her mouth was wrapped around one cock, each hand was jacking off another. Mark was on the floor and in her ass, while the other boys from the track team took turns fucking her pussy until they came. The boys took turns holding the camera to record everything, just like Melissa asked them to do.

The cock in her mouth exploded and she kept sucking but the boy pulled back, spraying her in the face. The cocks in her hands erupted all over her tits, making them sticky. She rode Mark’s cock up and down, moaning from having such a good thick tool inside her. The other cock in her pussy kept rubbing against Mark’s and it would send sparks through her brain every time they touched. Melissa loved when she had double penetration and looked forward to having her Daddy stretch her ass even more than it already was. She would just need to find the right cock for her pussy. None of these boys would work out. She would need to find a man…maybe her Daddy knew someone.

Melissa came hard just thinking about that. Her mouth was full of someone’s cock so her shouts were muffled. She felt Mark release inside and she came again. Then the cock in her pussy came and she shook all over. Mark held her tightly as she flailed about temporarily. She was temporarily spent and had worn out all twelve members of the track team. She knew her Daddy would be proud of her when he saw the video.

“Good job boys…I’ll take it from here,” Mark said from beneath Melissa. The other boys just chuckled and hit the showers to clean off. Mark held Melissa until she came down from the rush and intensity of what she had just gone through. When she started to breathe normally again, he helped her up and cleaned her off. She was a mess but he didn’t mind. She always looked great, now matter how dirty she got.

“You okay?” Mark asked her.

“Yeah…I will be fine. I just hope you boys had fun,” she said and kissed him. He kissed her back, even after all those cocks she sucked. He didn’t mind the taste because it was her. He stroked her body and held her close. The warm water ran between them as they kissed and gently touched each other. She could feel him hardening again and she turned around, putting her hands on the wall. He grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her pussy. It was the widest it had ever been and he slid in the whole way easily. He was a little surprised due to his length but she took him in completely. She didn’t even make a sound. He slapped her ass. She moaned a little. He slapped her ass harder. She pushed back against him. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her while he fucked her. It didn’t take long before he finished inside her. She didn’t climax though and he was determined to make her.

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