London Calling Pt. 02

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There are certain things one grows used to, living in London.

The soot. The rain. The accents. The comments on your own accent, if you have one.

Then, there are the secret pleasures we find on our own. Things we grasp at greedily and hold in our clutches. Small comforts. For me, coffee was a small comfort. Early in the morning before I was expected at the office, I sat in a tiny and remarkably ancient café gazing down the street at the London Museum of Natural History. It was a cool morning. I sat. I drank. The sound of an espresso machine and the polite British early morning murmuring warmed me. Even the walk from Kensington to the Café had brought an exhilarated smile to my lips.

But despite the simple pleasures, the coffee, and the new friends I knew I was going to see at my work, I couldn’t ignore the brush of a butterfly’s wing beat low in my stomach. Because I was settled in now, slowly learning contentment, and I couldn’t stop fucking thinking of Benjamin Reece.

What I had dubbed in my mind as ‘The Masturbating Debacle’ had been three weeks ago.

Almost a whole month since the owner of the house I was sitting for had seen me touch myself- over him.

Of course, he didn’t know that it was over him. Probably.

The ‘debacle’ and the proposition afterwards should’ve made me furious. I was an intelligent woman, albeit a little naive. I was a feminist. I believed in equality… and privacy. But his confidence- arrogance, really- spoke to me in a disgustingly primal way. I wanted him to bend me over something and not stop fucking me until I begged for more. Mmmm.

Yes. Truthfully, his brazen proposition of spending the night together had been on my mind embarrassingly often. Sure, I had been propositioned by men before. I was an attractive woman in her mid-twenties, thank you very much. Still, my sexual history was meagre and still disappointing. My last boyfriend had called me frigid. Sometimes I wondered if he was right.

I didn’t know, on that cool sunny morning with coffee on my lips and Benjamin Reece on my mind, how that ex-boyfriend was soon to be proven so very, very wrong.


“Christ, it’s actually warm out here.”

“A scandal.”

“A horror. Should we call the authorities? It’s July, Scott.”

“Yeah but it was such a long winter! I thought the warm was never going to come. We should go to the beach!”

“What, now?”

“No. Not now. We have much more pressing things to attend to.”

“The pub is a pressing thing now, is it?”

“What? It’s been a long day. It’s Friday! I need a pint and a pretty girl to eye off.”

I listened to the four of my co-workers- now formally friends- bicker with amusement, as I walked with them down a nondescript cobblestone lane. The sun was only just setting as we approached a pub close to the River Thames. We walked in, settling at a familiar booth.

“Right, I’m gonna grab that pint and the pretty girl,” Scott- Junior Editor- said toothily “Anyone want?”

“Well I’d like a Guinness but you can leave the pretty girl today.” Supplied Julie, our boss’ secretary.

Scott cackled and pointed at me.

“You’ve already got one! All blonde hair and long legs, she is. You’d be greedy if you’d asked for another.”

His northern English accent got more pronounced as he spoke faster. Julie hooked an arm around my shoulders and batted her eyes at Scott.

“Yes, she’s all mine and you don’t get to watch.”

“Cheeky. I’ll come, Scott. Want anything, Grace?” Leo asked me. He was gorgeous, a political writer. Dark skin, tall, muscles. A total sweetie and totally moonstruck over Julie.

“G and T, please. Are we ordering food? I wouldn’t say no to a burger.”

I glanced at Julie, who nodded with her arm still around me.

“Wouldn’t mind some chips.”

“Hot chips and a burger, got it.”

We threw some money at the boys and watched them approach the bar- and two gorgeous girls. Scott instantly caught their attention, I laughed.

“Quick work.”

“Yeah.” Julie mumbled, her eyes on Leo. I followed her gaze and nudged her.

“Hey, why don’t you just ask him for coffee?” I coaxed “You know he’s mad about you.”

“You keep saying that, I’m not sure I believe you yet. Look at him! He’s so hot.”

“So are you!”

“I’m not hot,” she stopped my protests, pointed at me like Scott did “You? You’re hot. Australian, perfect skin, blue eyes, amazing smile… you’ve got the works. I’m more Velma to your Daphne.”

I laughed at the reference and shook my head.

“Ok, I always liked Velma much more than Daphne. Although props to Daphne for the purple. And in any case, you’re gorgeous. You need more faith in yourself, Jules.” I said sincerely.

It was true. Julie carried herself like a girl who was awkward throughout her schooling, but she was beautiful. Glossy brown hair cut sleekly to her shoulders, perfect pouty lips and a petite frame, Julie was basically my opposite.

I was built like a volleyball player- slim but toned, tall. I loved to bursa escort work out- endorphin junkie I suppose.

Julie sighed.

“I’ll work on that.”


I changed the subject, noting Julie’s glum face, to the topic of her potential promotion. She was younger than us, at twenty-three. Just out of school with a masters in journalism, like me. She perked up at the conversation and the boys came back with our drinks.

It was a fun night. We ate, laughed, drank, Scott flirted with me and I even flirted back. I didn’t realize how late it was and that I was a little bit tipsy until Julie pounced on my arm, gave a little gasp.

“Look at that guy. God, he is the definition of hot, steamy sex.”

I giggled at her enamored expression and the immediate protests of the boys.

“Hey, hey whoa! We’re right here! And here I thought I was the definition of hot, steamy sex.” Scott mock-pouted.

“No you’re more like the definition of ‘all talk'” snickered Leo.

The bickering continued and I laughed, but stopped when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise. Slowly, I turned to look at the guy that Julie had been talking about.

There he was. Benjamin Reece. Staring at me.

I whipped around, feeling my face turn hot.

“Christ.” I mumbled. Julie poked me.

“What? Do you know him?” she gave a small squeal “He’s looking at you!”

“Stop staring at him!” I hissed, she snickered.

“How do you know him?” Leo asked curiously.

I mumbled something like ‘he’s the ex-husband of the owner of the house I’m staying in’ before I desperately searched for an exit.

Glancing behind me, I saw he was gone. I sighed in relief.

“I’m going to go before he comes back.” I ignored their protests “It’s late anyway, you lot.”

Quickly saying goodbye, I weaved towards the exit and found myself face-to-face with who I was attempting to avoid. He had deliberately stepped in front of me, his face absurdly close to my own. My body instantly responded in a flush of warmth, being so close to him. I drank in his appearance in front of me greedily- the luxurious mink hair that curled slightly at his nape, steady blue eyes that danced with amusement, a hardened body beneath an expensive white shirt. He looked ready to pose for a cologne ad or something. I swallowed.

“Oh. Hello.” I said with more confidence than I felt. Thank god for gin. Maybe he didn’t remember ‘the incident’, I hoped. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal.

“Grace,” A slow smile slid onto Benjamin’s lips and my hopes were dashed. No. He remembered. “How are you?”

“Fine, thank you. Just…out with some friends.”

I gestured helplessly to the booth a few meters behind me, where my friends were watching avidly. He nodded, smiled with amusement at their immediate hoots and catcalls. I cringed.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked, his body shifting to face the bar and his hand lightly resting on my lower back. He didn’t wait for me to reply before asking the bartender for a finger of a whiskey, the name of which I forgot instantly. He turned his expectant gaze to me.

“Ah, I probably should be getting on.”

“Just one drink. As an apology for…”

“I know what for,” I snapped, narrowing my eyes at his quick grin “Fine. Lemonade.”

I ignored the quirk of his eyebrow and watched as the bartender turned to make our drinks. Benjamin leaned casually against the bar, sliding his hands into the pockets of his trousers. I sighed, and sat at the vacant bar stool he clearly intended for me to sit on.

“Happy?” I asked dryly.

“Yes. Do you work around here?”

“Not too far,” I said vaguely “I’m a write for an online newspaper.”

“One I’ve heard of?” he asked curiously.

“Most likely.” I said shortly, accepting my drink from the bartender. Instead of being offended by my shortness, Benjamin grinned. I narrowed my eyes at his arrogance and took a sip of the cold, tart drink.

“Should I apologize again, Grace?” he said, picking up his own drink.

“Why? We both know you don’t mean it.”


“Can’t you even attempt to pretend to be remorseful?” I said hotly.

“No. I’m sorry that you’re embarrassed, but I can’t be sorry that I enjoyed what I saw.”

“I’m not embarrassed.” I said, irritated.

Oh yes I was.

“No? Is that why you’re not looking me in the eye?” he murmured close to my ear. I felt the air still in my lungs and I jerked away from him, sipping on my lemonade.

“What about you? Do you work near here?” I said quickly.

“Yes. I work at a publishing house.”

“One I’ve heard of?” I shot his words back at him. He grinned.

“Reece Publishing.” He took a swallow of the dark malt and I watched his Adam’s apple move. He looked at me intently and I felt my eyes looking at the alcohol on his lips, before quickly glancing back to his gaze. He swallowed, and something clicked.

“Reece Publishing?” I choked “As in… your own last name?”

He watched me with measured eyes. Nodded.

“You don’t work bursa escort bayan for Reece Publishing, you own it!” I accused, stabbing him in the chest with my finger. He laughed.

“My father owns Reece, so not exactly. I work damn hard for the old bastard.”

“He hasn’t retired?”

“God no. He’ll probably never retire.” He said ruefully.

“Quite a work ethic.”

“More like sheer stubbornness,” I smiled and he glanced down at me “That’s the first time you’ve smiled at me.”

I flushed.

“Don’t get used to it.”

He laughed again, a rough, low sound.

“You sure I don’t make you nervous?”

“Positive,” Liar, I thought. “So, why did you and your ex-wife break up?”

I winced as soon as the words came out. They sounded callous.

“Sorry.” I muttered, he looked at me intently, there was a brief silence.

“Don’t be. It wasn’t some big torrid affair. Lily and I knew each other since childhood. Close aristocratic families,” he laughed bitterly “We were friends, started seeing each other in sixth form. After university, I asked her to marry me, and she agreed. It was… expected of us. Then one day we realized we weren’t happy. I left, we got a divorce. Eventually our families got over it. Now she’s my best friend. Has been my whole life.”

“That’s… kind of nice, actually.” I allowed reluctantly.

“I’m occasionally capable of it.” He said in a low voice. I smiled again, he pointed at me with the hand holding his whiskey.

“You smiled at me again.”

“I guess I did.”

“You have a beautiful smile.”

I flushed, looked down at my glass and swallowed the last of the vodka, stood up.

“I should go. Thank you for the drink.”

“Let me get you a cab.” He said immediately, dropping a ten pound note on the bar. The bartender snatched it.

“That’s not necessary,” I said smoothly, standing from the bar stool a safe distance away from him “I was just going to walk home.”

He frowned suddenly, the expression not diminishing his good looks at all.

“Let me get you a cab. It’s almost,” he looked at an expensive looking watch on his wrist. I rolled my eyes “Half One.”

“Thank you, but I’m perfectly capable of getting home by myself. Thank you for the dr-“

Benjamin caught my wrist as I had tentatively begun moving away, felt his thumb stroke the place where my pulse beat in a hard rhythm. I glanced down at his hand on me, feeling the warmth flush across my body once more. I swallowed and slowly raised my eyes to his.

“Let me see you home safe, Grace.” He murmured. I swallowed again.

“Do you always get what you want?” I asked. My voice was husky with arousal. He smiled, swept his thumb across my pulse once more.


I paused.



Benjamin manoeuvred me outside through the crowd quickly, a hand always pressing into my lower back. I felt his touch on my body as if it were hot metal rather than flesh. He steered me out into the cooler London air and I sucked it in, feeling instant relief from the stifling heat of the bar. Benjamin raised his arm instantly to signal a loitering cab across the road, which immediately turned around to pull up in front of us. I scowled. He really did get everything he wanted.

“Well, thank you for the drink and… everything. Enjoy your weekend.” I said smoothly, I had tied on my ‘don’t fuck with me cloak’, in case Benjamin tried anything.

“You’re welcome.” He said with amusement.

“Well. Bye.” I said lamely, turning away from him and climbing into the cab, breathing out instantly in relief and disappointment.

Until I felt a warm body slide right in next to me.

I spluttered as Benjamin gave directions to the house in Kensington.

“What the hell are you doing?” I said furiously. I heard his low chuckle.

“Seeing you safely home.” Came his reply.

Then, in the back of the dark cab on a mildly warm London evening, Benjamin Reece skated his hot hands down my face.

“Benjamin…” came a breathy, feeble protest, which he instantly ignored. His hand slid to the base of my neck and his fingers tangled in my hair, and our eyes met. His warm blue eyes were fierce with arousal, and I saw in his eyes the option to check out. If I wanted to at that moment, I could protest again and he would let me go- and that would be the last of it. But before I could think of the consequences, my eyes slid to his lips. I felt the hunger, the arousal in my belly. Benjamin made a low growl and immediately claimed my mouth.

Suddenly I was lost. Rational, intelligent Grace was gone and alpha-female roared, purred as Benjamin kissed me. The hard press of his lips became demanding, and I opened my mouth to him. Another growl rumbled low in his throat and he swiped his tongue against my own. The kiss became hotter, harder, faster, until we were both panting. I felt his teeth scrape against my lower lip and I whimpered. I wanted him. I had never been kissed like this before, like it was foreplay in itself- rather than just a stepping escort bursa stone to sex.

I felt the soft press of lace against my pussy become wetter and wetter. I wanted him to touch me, nearly begged him. As if he could hear my thoughts, the hand that tangled in my hair pushed the folds of my coat aside and pressed lightly to the junction between my legs. He swallowed my instant moan before pressing his lips to the space beneath my ear. I gave another soft whimper as he increased the pressure on the seam of my pants where it lay over my clit.

“Be very quiet.” He murmured softly in my ear, slipping his hand into my tight black pants, while the other gripped the back of my neck.

His mouth found mine again and the desperate rush to kiss harder only increased as his fingers teased the shape of my pussy over my panties, lingering over my clit. Finally his hot fingers skated past the lace to the hot bundle of nerves pouting for attention, and in an effort not to cry out I stifled my face in his neck before sliding my teeth over his skin.

“Yes.” I hissed softly as a finger slipped to my hot entrance. I felt the involuntary buck of my hips as he slowly glided one finger in and out, teasing me. I wasn’t going to last long, but neither was this car ride. I was suddenly very grateful for the darkness of the cab, and the cabbie’s preoccupation of talking into a cell phone.

My breathing was coming hotter, harder, as his thumb was brushing over my clit and a second finger sunk into my wetness. Benjamin buried his face in my neck and I heard him breathe deeply.

“You smell so good, Grace,” he growled in my ear “You’re so wet for me. So hot. I want to bury my cock here so fucking badly.” He stroked a place inside me that made me cry out, but he caught the sound under his fingers as he pressed his hand over my mouth. His eyes bore into mine and I was caught by his hot gaze, his words making me shake with lust.

“Ah, you liked that.” he breathed, stroking the place deep inside me again, making my hips buck towards his fingers. I bit my tongue in an effort not to scream and gave another minute cry beneath his fingers as my legs tensed and my back began to arch. His fingers were relentless, pumping into my pussy in hard, steady rhythm while his thumb gently swiped across my clit.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you- can’t stop thinking about you. Not since the night I caught you playing with yourself. It took everything in me not to drag you to the carpet and sink my cock into you. You would’ve let me.”

I nodded hazily. Yes, yes I would’ve let him.

His fingers began to increase their pace and his thumb stopped teasing my clit and instead pushed against it, the pressure making me see stars. My hips were bucking forwards in small movements. My eyes hazily drifted shut and I felt and heard Benjamin’s growl in response.

“Look at me.”

I complied. I must’ve been quite a sight- hair mussed, eyes begging as Benjamin’s hand was clamped over my mouth. He held my gaze and the look in his eyes almost tipped me over- the animalism in them caused my pussy to dampen even more.

“I want you to come for me,” he murmured, his voice thick with lust.

My body, as if on cue, began to tingle and shake at his words. My hips thrusted onto his fingers and my teeth clamped on his hand as I my body began its sharp release. I threw my head back against the armrests and I felt Benjamin’s gaze on my face, watching me come. I came in heavy waves that seemed to last for hours, receding slowly and leaving me shaking and gasping.

We sat like that for a few seconds- our eyes locked, one of his hands between my thighs, the other across my mouth. Slowly he moved his hands from me, set my coat to rights. His gaze moved from my face to the window behind me.

“We’re here.”

And so we were, just outside the house. The cabbie was still talking on the phone, none the wiser, while Benjamin was looking at me like I was a big Christmas present he wanted to unwrap. Slowly. I opened my mouth to say something, but found I couldn’t speak. My body glowed with the orgasm he just gave me, his words still ringing in my ear. Slowly Benjamin reached across my body and opened the door, giving a low chuckle as I tensed. I opened my mouth to thank him, and watched as his gaze dropped to my mouth.

“Thanks.” I whispered. His gaze grew hotter as I spoke for the first time, and I felt my eyes slide down the length of his body to the obvious strain of his erection against his expensive pants. My gaze travelled back to his face and I watched his jaw clench.

“Have dinner with me tomorrow.”

I opened my mouth to reply, but I couldn’t find the words. I wanted to say no- Benjamin Reece suddenly seemed like a very bad idea. But I also wanted to invite him inside and beg him to fuck me. I couldn’t bring myself to do either. So I gave a single nod.

Satisfied, he gave me another smile- his blue eyes full of unmistakable lust. He slowly dipped his head to whisper in my ear.

“Until tomorrow.”

I stumbled out of the car, surprised my legs still worked as under London’s midnight sky I watched the car pull away and drive off. I shivered despite the warm July air. My body hummed with pleasure but I wasn’t satisfied, not by half.

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