Friend Or Predator

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Can A Friend Be A Predator.

Friend Or Predator.

Today’s Decision Is What Makes Tomorrow’s Reality.

My name is Jim Copeland and I work in a large supermarket as a Deputy Night Manager, this is my first job and I am a first year student in their management training program. My job is to oversee staff that fill the shelves and serve the midnight customer’s, it is quite demanding but the night’s pass quickly. The staff are very good but there is always one or two who you need to keep an eye on.

The store is located in a Victorian seaside holiday town with some very nice beaches nearby, this is also my first time staying away from my family who still live in the city, and although I have been here for six months I still haven’t fully settled into living on my own. I was fortunate I managed to rent a small apartment located on top of a double garage, not overly large but ok for me. The landlord and house owner told me at the outset that the bank were going to foreclose on him, but still gave me a short term lease which helped keep the bank off his back and would give me time to find somewhere.

Working long night’s gives you a lot of free day time to this end I decided to start hobby studies at a local college, I always wanted to be able to draw and paint so I enrolled in a still life drawing class. I had absolutely no idea what this would entail, as it was a late morning class allowed me some time to sleep after a night shift.

My first class had about eighteen students in it, mainly retired or housewife’s who wanted company and something to do two afternoons a week. In my first class we were shown how to draw hands and feet. The lecturer looking at my first attempt, smiled, took my hand in his and drew a clenched hand, then had me do it still loosely guiding my hand in his, it worked; well sort off. After five more attempts on my own I seemed to be getting the coordination of eye perception and hand strokes.

The class time quickly passed, as it was still early for me I had decided to go to the gym, the supermarket had a staff discount scheme with the gym. I wasn’t really interested in the gym, as I did a lot of lifting in the store, but I liked the pool, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. As it was a mixed sauna I had my wet swim wear on when I went in, my art lecturer Alex was lying on one of the benches enjoying the dry heat. As the sauna cabin was not large sat up inviting me to sit beside him we were the only the two in the sauna.

We chatted away for almost an hour. Alex was probably in his late forties early fifties, I will be twenty one next month, taller than me and now a full time artist who also gave lectures and tuition to art students, not because he needed the money but because he liked doing it. According to the web he was quite a successful artist and gave many exhibitions of his works each year and now lived in an old farm house, a few miles out of town, which he had modernized and converted into a house with integral art and photographic studios. I told him my background, where I came from and worked and why I attended his art classes; not because I could draw but because I couldn’t. He seemed to be quite impressed with my motivation to try something new.

After an hour we were both suitably broiled and decided to call it a day, Alex had another class to give and I needed to catch up on my sleep before tonight’s shift. We headed back to the locker rooms together still chatting.

Normally I just towel dried myself and shower at home which was only a short walk away anyway I am not a great fan of communal showers. As I towel dried myself Alex stripped off completely and came over to me and stood in front of me as he continued with our conservation. As he talked seemed to be watching me as I striped off too, it was a bit disconcerting as I could see him twitch as he stood there which in turn made me twitch too. I also notice how evenly tanned all over he was and how toned his physic was. We were both standing facing each other almost touching as we talked. I could feel my anxiety build as I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. Nothing; he turned bid farewell and headed into the showers, as he did patted me with the palm of his hand on my bare butt and said nice artistic butt.

I finished getting dressed and headed home, my adrenalin was still quite high as I walked home and had a shower. After having something to eat I went to bed but could only sleep fitfully thinking about the two of us standing there, I couldn’t fathom out why I was so high about it. My alarm woke me out of my dream reminding me my shift would be starting soon all during that night shift I kept having flashbacks of that moment.

My second art class a few days later was to start where we left off, I was the first to arrive for the class; I hate being late. Alex came over and asked me before anyone arrived if I was going to the pool after the class, I said yes are you. Yes and if you don’t mind I will join you. We started learning maltepe escort how to draw the next part of the anatomy, arms and legs. Again I struggled to get my artistic eye to coordinate with my drawing hand, Alex bailed me out again, taking my hand in his and a leg appeared like magic on my sketch pad, then an arm. Before long I was managing to do it on my own.

The class passed quickly and we headed over to the gym together. The locker room was empty as we undressed, I could feel he was watching me but I was not so disconcerted this time as we stood adjacent to each other pulling on our speedos. Although I was starting to feel some sensation build as I stood there. We went to the Jacuzzi first which had a few people already in it chatting and sat side by side in the warm swirling water, periodically touching each other due to the water flow. We noticed the sauna was now empty so cut our Jacuzzi visit short and headed there.

We sat at either end of the bench with our backs against the end walls facing each other, our feet almost touching and did at times, which was quite erotic. We lay there soaking in the heat and the solitude that was only interrupted as we talked together this time about Alex’s next impending art exhibition in Edinburgh. Out of the blue he asked me would I like to try modelling for him in some of his art classes and for two canvasses he had to complete for his upcoming exhibition. I didn’t know what to say but nodded yes without even asking what or how I was to pose. He was very pleased when I indicated yes and leaned over and touched both of my knees with the palms of his hands in gratitude; it felt like electricity passing through me ending in a hopefully not noticeable twitch.

Again we reached our broiling point, me more so as I was invited to do something that I never envisaged I was suitable for or what it would entail. We decided to call it a day with our sauna, Alex had another class to give and I needed to catch up on my sleep before tonight’s shift. We headed back to the locker room after removing our speedos we both stood their facing each other, Alex asked would I like to go for a coffee after we had showered, I think I was on an appeasement high as I said yes.

After I had walked under the spray I realised I didn’t have any shower gel or shampoo with me, Alex realizing this invited me to use his. As I put shampoo on my hair I could feel Alex start to wash my shoulders and back with some sweet smelling shower gel, then I could feel his hands rub my back down to my buttocks and then the back and sides of my legs. At first I was a bit taken aback by this but to be honest it was very pleasant. I felt obliged, not put out or anything like that, to return the favor and started to wash his shoulders then down until I rubbed his butt with both my hands.

We turned and faced each other he then started to wash my chest with his soapy hands, although pleasant I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable with him doing this, particularly when he reached my groin and continued washing me gently and caringly with his soapy hands. I was on such a high as he put his hand down and gently started stroking me, I thought I was going to have an accident. After he finished I felt I had to return the favor, I had never done that with anyone before, I was becoming frightened and excited at the same time as I reached his groin but continued; maybe a bit over entheausticly. As I stroked him I could hear him moan quietly in satisfaction as he gently pressed his head against mine.

It was then we heard two voices coming from the direction of the locker room as they started to enter the shower area to join us, they must have been getting undressed as we were washing each other. We discreetly parted and tried to conceal our excitement with difficulty, we were still very close together, almost touching, as they passed us smiled and nodded in acknowledgement off our presence. Alex nodded knowingly back; maybe he knew them from his classes. They went to the other end of the showers and started to wash each other in unison and a little bit more with total disregard to our presence. It was one of those moments you knew your presence was possibly not wanted but you wanted to stay and watch to see what happens next. We left and returned to our lockers, dried ourselves off and dressed.

We were both on a euphoric high caught but not caught in public. As we went upstairs for our coffee and something to eat Alex said this is where he usually had his lunch before returning to his second class of the day. We ordered and chatted, and then the question came up about the showers and our two friends. As it turned out Alex did know them Paul and Adam had done some modelling work for him in the past, I asked what type of modelling work.

He had accepted an assignment from a foreign client for a very large erotica mural of a Roman bath house, in all its splendor and erotic going’s on, for a new very private club spa relaxation area. Models were needed to get the artistic perspective escort maltepe of body contours, positioning and muscular exertion structures. There were to be ten life size figurines and he used them in various possess, the facial features were to be taken from photographs provided by the client. Alex asked me had I ever done any still life artistic or photographic modelling, I said no but I had done some photographic work as a hobby, but wasn’t very good at it. One of the reasons I am attending life drawing classes, I seemed to further impress him with my motivations to try something unknown.

Time for Alex to return to his classes and me home to sleep before my next night shift again I couldn’t sleep the combination of the shower and Alex’s painting revelations and what our two showering friends got up to after we left. That night’s work was a catalogue of inattention and fantasizing errors, I must admit I was looking forward to next week’s classes, particularly the life modelling, which I had no idea of what it would entail. All I knew was to bring my speedos and a white uniform type shirt.

Two days later after I arrived home early in the morning, Alex phoned asking if I was available today to go through what I was to do as a still life model for his art classes’ and for some bodily positioning testing for his two exhibition canvass’s. As it was going to be a nice day he suggested that I could sleep in the sun on his patio, before I could say anything he said I am in town just now and can be with you shortly.

I just managed to shower before he arrived and rang my doorbell, I was in the process of drying off all I had on was my drying towel when I opened the door. His opening words were, that will do nicely come as you are; Just kidding. We were on the road within ten minutes all I had on was trainers and shorts with my speedos and uniform shirt in a supermarket plastic bag.

On the drive out to his studio asked me how did I like his new Range Rover, I picked it up this morning that’s why I was in town and on the spur of the moment phoned you. It may have been a year old but was top of the range and very luxurious inside. I must admit I was very impressed particularly with what it must have cost. I asked him what he did with is old Range Rover as I thought that was fantastic. It is still out at the studio, might sell it or give it away, don’t know yet.

His house and art studios were even more impressive, it was cut into the side of a hill above Dunure a small fishing village, with a grand sea view overlooking the Arran mountains and you could make out the profile of the Arran sleeping warrior. The house had two stories at the front and one at the back with a fantastically secluded sun patio and balcony over the garage. We did the grand tour of the house and the two studios then had a coffee, we were going to do the body positioning testing for his two exhibitions canvases first.

As this canvas was to be an erotic encounter I was asked to take off my trainers and shorts and lean against the white washed stone balcony wall looking out over Arran. I looked in surprise, Alex said don’t worry it’s totally secluded here as he started to strip off too. I didn’t feel exposed as we stood their naked together, although I had flashbacks to our shower escapade wondering where all this would lead. He said I am a naturalist and enjoy working this way, I think you will too when you have tried it.

Alex produced a camera from an oversized case with a large wide lens on it and fitted it onto a tripod with a motorized unit attached. Asked me to casually lean on the balcony wall looking over towards Arran, he then asked me to turn this way and that, sometimes he came over and superimposing himself, physically, on me at times as he double positioned us. It was all happening so quickly between being outdoors and the warm bodily contacts, sometimes intimate, that I didn’t have time to notice we were being photographed automatically each time we moved.

Then Alex said your turn and handed me another camera with a telephoto lens and said to photograph him when he asks, I must have taken forty or more photographs at all angles including as I lay on the ground shooting upwards and standing on a stool. I enjoyed watching him pose as I took the photographs.

Doing it all naked and occasionally touching each other added a sensual surreal feeling to it. When we had finished he intimately put his arm around my waist with the palm of his hand pressing on my hip, I could feel my leg muscles rasp seductively against the palm of his hand as we walked back into the photographic studio which was half conservatory. He dropped both memory cards into a computer and up we popped up on two large eight four inch screens in our entire splendor. It’s quite a sobering moment seeing yourself like that, as the photos scrolled through it was quite entertaining and erotic to watch.

Alex seemed to be happy with his first shoot. Even with my adrenalin on a high, I had been working all night and my tiredness maltepe escort bayan was beginning to show. Alex suggested that I take a sleep break on one of the patio sun loungers or in his bed if I prefer. I opted for the lounger as the warm sun was very inviting and I had never slept naked outside before in the sun. I must have fallen asleep quickly, the next thing I remember was Alex touching me and saying lunch is ready. Another first for me today was having a naked lunch in the sun, by now I was quite relaxed about being a naturalist, albeit for the first time.

Alex explained as I lay in the sun I was twisting about presenting interesting positions for his second canvas he took some positioning shots and let me see them on the camera screen; I could see what he meant. He explained that this morning’s balcony shoot was for a full or oversized scale balcony gay sex scene, suddenly all the positioning made sense particularly him superimposing himself on me.

The lounger canvas was to be a Roman theme of a solitary male lying seductively naked on a bed waiting in anticipation of a nymph visitor joining with him. From the photographs he would be able to prepare sketches for the client for their approval. He then took me into his gym to show me how to still life pose and enhance my muscle structures and contours for his art class in a couple of days.

By now he looked as tired as I felt and I had a night shift to contend with we decided to call it a day, as we had been out on the warm sun all day Alex suggested we have a shower, I think I knew what that meant this time. As we walked through to his bedroom his mobile rang. It was a local college student wanting to do an article for a student magazine on his latest assignments and impending exhibition’s. He was looking at me when he agreed how about next Saturday, I will get someone pick you up Shelia.

As I looked at him he came across put his arm around me and said you ok for Saturday morning; I said sure. Take the old Range Rover home with you tonight to bring Shelia out on Saturday, you will like her. The shower we had was almost a repeat of the one a couple of days ago without the interruptions, this time I wasn’t able to contain myself and didn’t want to either; neither did Alex.

A few days later my next morning art class went well this time we joined up all the bits of the anatomy without too many glaring errors. After the class we went to the sauna and let the stresses of the day and my last night’s work ease away. When we walked into the showers we inadvertently caught Alex’s two friends from the other day entheausticly fondling each other, on seeing who we were continued as though we weren’t there.

It was an erotic surreal moment as we watched them, it was impossible not to as it was a riveting performance, I started to get aroused as I watched Alex did too, it was impossible not to or hide it. After they had finished walked by said all yours we will make sure you don’t get disturbed. I had never felt so excited before when they said that and left for the locker room.

The shower sprayed down Alex put his hands on my hips, then I felt him start to stroke slowly between my buttocks purposefully again and again, I was so ecstatic by now all I could do was move in harmony. Then, I felt him push, then again and again until that gentle sliding feeling took over until it ended with a gentle touch. We both enjoyed it again and again and again, with ever increasing uncontrolled enthusiasm until we couldn’t contain ourselves anymore then that warm feeling. We were now running out of time and had to stop.

By the time we arrived at the class all the students were waiting for us, there were only six students as it was a one to one private tutoring class. The class started as I removed my tracksuit exposing my black low cut speedos which fully exposed my leg muscles and one of my works white uniform shirts, casually unfastened. I had to posse on a raised dance platform tensioning up my leg muscles to enhance their muscular structure, as Alex had shown me.

Each of the students in turn had to feel the muscular structure of my legs, many took two or three go’s, it was so erotic as they ran their fingers and hands slowly and seductively round my legs from ankle all the way to the top. They all really enjoyed doing it, by the time all six had completed their muscular structure and contour evaluation, I felt that I was going to pop there and then in front of them. I was so relieved when they all returned to their easels to enhance their already prepared outline sketches. I had to hold each pose for fifteen minutes at a time. I had cramps by the time I was allowed to move. Periodically the students would come out and recheck what they were doing was correct, some more often than others.

After the first hour I had to remove my shirt so they could now feel my upper torso contours, by now all I had on were my almost not-there speedos. I felt as though I was standing naked as their hands and fingers now more intrusive searched for inspiration at least that is what they said. By now there was no hiding in my speedos how aroused I had become, each time I relaxed another one would come and recharge me. I had to stop thinking about popping as I was so sure I was going to.

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