The Bet 11: Friday Shenanigans

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“I hope you don’t mind, sweetheart, but we took something to help us enjoy the whole day,” he purred in her ear as he forced a third finger in. “I hope you’re ready for all the fun.”

The words echoed in Sarah’s head as she moaned from the pressure her father was applying to her sensitive clit. They had taken something. It didn’t take a genius to know it was Viagra or something of a similar nature. In Sarah’s current foggy mind, she didn’t even let that fact sink in. A soft whimper left her as the fingers buried in her pulled free.

Her juices were smeared across her abdomen and hip as Henry’s hands cupped her hips. He lifted her without struggle and held her just above his aching cock. He groaned as the tip probed her slick nether lips. Fighting the urge to force her to take it all in one powerful thrust, he nipped at her neck. There would be plenty of time to enjoy his daughter’s perfect body.

John sat envious as he at his breakfast. Less than three feet away, he watched his sister’s face contort in pleasure as she sank onto their father’s erection. The mouth that had pleasured him a half hour earlier had fallen open as a gasp slipped out. From their previous romps, John knew he wouldn’t need a little blue to help him bounce back. Then his father’s wise words convinced him to think otherwise. The pill wasn’t just to help them revive, but to make sure they were ready.

Henry’s hands were guiding his daughter’s movements as she gripped the table for leverage. Even with the semi-active sex life he shared with his loving wife, nothing could compare to the sensations of a young pussy milking his cock. Each upward shift had her wall clenching around him. The drag across his length made the man groan loudly. He gave his son an appreciative smile from over Sarah’s shoulder. With a nod, he invited his son over as John licked his lips.

Her tits were putting him into a trance as they jiggled with her bouncing. The tight nipples begging for attention. The scrapping of the chair legs across the floor didn’t faze Sarah. She had been lost to the world the second her father began toying with her. The warmth surrounding one of her nipples made her look through the haze to see John’s mouth envelope her breast. The throaty moan that left her when his tongue flicked across the hardened peak made both Nunen men grin.

Henry started to take more control of the girl straddling his lap. His hands forced her down harder, so that he could feel her true depths. She moaned out to the powers that be as he sped of pace as well as the force. His hips bucked up impatiently each time he brought her down to impale her. John was feasting on her tits and groping which ever was being left out of the fun. As her body began to shudder, John pulled away to watch as her head dropped back in ecstasy.

John knew their father’s goal was to be the first to cum in her, officially kicking off the day’s events. When Henry pulled free of the tight folds, he spun his daughter around and sat her on the edge of the table. Sarah’s head was spinning as the sound of the dishes being moved stirred around her. With a gentle push at her shoulders, Sarah lounged back on the table. Henry and his son watched with pride as their family member revealed more of her slutty side. The instinct to bring her feet up to the table’s edge and to open her legs wider amused them both.

“I could get used to this,” Henry beamed. John only nodded in agreement as his hand wrapped around his cock. No point in waiting around for a release of his own. Especially since his dick twitched from the sight of her dripping cunt alone.

Setting into place between the girl’s legs, Henry thrust forward. All teasing well forgotten as he set a brutal pace. Sarah’s back arched from the sudden intrusion. The heat still spreading through her had moaning praises and groping her own chest. John stepped up toward the table and rubbed the tip of his aching dick bahis firmaları against her lips. They formed the perfect o-shape and he slipped in. He didn’t want another blow per-say, but he did want someplace warm to stick it until his turn.

Looking at the older man pounding away at the perfect pussy, John was impressed with his stamina. Sure, the drug they had taken could be part of it, but that couldn’t be the only reason. Stamina was as much a genetic thing as his eye color and the size of his cock. The hum around him as Sarah came again sent a shiver through him.

“Fuck, baby,” Henry groaned through clenched teeth. “You’re so fucking tight. How do you sluts manage to feel so good after taking so many cocks?”

His thrust grew more urgent and erratic as his balls began to tingle. The wild grin the stretched from ear to ear as he looked down on the scene was one of pride. His daughter was taking the pounding like a champ as his son’s cock thrust down her throat. If it wasn’t so twisted, it would have been the perfect family moment. Henry’s hand dropped down to her swollen clit. As if they had a mind of its own, his fingers got busy pinching, rubbing and flicking the bundle of nerves.

Another muffled moan made him chuckle, “You ready, sweet heart? Daddy’s going to fill your slutty little cunt. I’m going to pump every drop into you.”

He grunted as he climaxed, doing just as he had promised. He kept thrusting his hips into her until there was nothing left. The feeling of her father cumming combined with the sensation of his fingers on her sensitive bud, had Sarah finding that beautiful little cloud she was contemplating moving to. The cock in her mouth vanished as John stepped away. With a gesture that said all yours, Henry stepped aside.

His son drove into the sloppy mess without so much as making a face. The pride remained inside the older man. While he confided in his son that Sarah sounded like she had her mother’s sexual appetite, it was clear that John had his. Seeing it first hand was like watching him and his wife when they were first married and unable to keep their hands off each other.

Henry’s fingers combed through his daughter’s hair and he smiled down at her when her eyes fluttered open. His fingers tangled in the dark strands and he forced his cock into her mouth. John had told him that she wasn’t a deep throat pro but was improving every day. He wanted to test this out himself. He wanted to see if her throat felt as tight as her pussy had.

John had repositioned her legs so that they rested against his chest. He moaned from the pressure surrounding him now. Bucking forward he buried his whole length in the sweetest piece he ever had the pleasure of using. Henry mentally applauded the ingenuity as his hand chased away one of Sarah’s so that he could play with it while he used his other hand to fuck her face.

Sarah had lost track of the number of orgasms she had by time both of the men finished the first round. John and Henry had both collapsed in their chairs and stared openly at the mess they had made as it dripped from between her legs. They smiled like mad men as they watched a delicate finger dip between the folds, scooped out the trio combination and disappeared between her lips. The sucking and smacking sound of her sampling it was quickly followed by a moan.

“Delicious,” her sweet voice rasped. Henry patted his son’s shoulder as he got to his feet. As their father vanished down the hall, John scooped up his sister from the table and carried her into the living room.

“Dad and I were talking,” John started as he took a seat on the couch after setting his sister down. She gave him a look that said obviously and he chuckled. “He thinks by the end of today, he’s going to fuck your ass.”

“Oh, does he.” There was flicker of worry in her eyes, and he could guess why.

“If you aren’t up for it, then all you have to do is say so. kaçak iddaa We agreed I get the final say.”

“Wow,” she teased, “Why don’t I?”

“Because you’re mine,” John replied. His hand wrapped around her leg to pull her closer. She squealed as he shifted her to straddle her lap, but not taking her as she expected. Her front rubbed against his as he caressed her smooth back. “I don’t want you doing anything you don’t want though. If you aren’t ready, then you aren’t ready.”

Dipping her head, she pressed her lips to his. The passionate dueling of their tongues was something that just came natural to the pair. Her bare tits dragging across his chest as she grinded her body into his. His hands cupped her ass, hoping to keep her still. The temptation to have her again would break the deal he struck with his father the day before. Sarah pouted, looking down at her brother.

“I want you to do it,” she whispered the words that sent a fresh rush of blood to his aching cock.

“Whenever you want.”

“Today.” When he looked at her with a mixture of worry and confusion, she pressed her body closer to his. “No point in waiting. Especially with you, Drew and now Dad all needing attention.”

“Looks like you’re going to be very busy.”

“I thought you being in charge meant I would have less traffic.” She used air quotes when saying the word traffic. The footsteps approaching ended their conversation, but not John’s train of thought. That had been a minor reason for what had started between them. The thought of having his own live in fuck buddy had ruled over his actions that day. The jealousy started to fester when she had let their cousin fuck her on a day, she proclaimed would be free of shenanigans. The more people let in only made the agitation grow. His father was the last person he wanted to share her with. Had it been any other girl, he’d have no problem. Sarah. She was different somehow.

“Who’s ready for round two,” their father’s voice boomed with joy. A bottle of lube dropped onto the couch beside them. There was a twisted sparkle in his daughter’s eyes as she spotted the bottle. John couldn’t help but chuckle at her reaction. Less than a week ago she had been protesting when she’d thought he was going to claim her last virgin hole. Here she was excited for him to finally take that claim.

“Daddy, can Johnny do the honors,” she batted her lashes at her father.

“What do I get in return?” Sarah slipped off her brother’s lap and swayed her hips as she approached her father. With a few short steps left, she got on her hands and knees to crawled the remaining inches. John marveled at the sway of her ass. Both of her perfect holes beckoning him to dive in. Henry smiled at his little girl as she reached out to grasp his length with one of her dainty hands. He let her have control as his cock passed her lips. The movement of his son scooting to the edge of the couch made the older man smile.

With the bottle of lube in his hand, John got behind his sister. Her knees widened as she sensed him getting closer. His tongue flicked across her clit, making her moan around the cock in her mouth. That in turn made Henry release a groan. It was a continuous cycle as John licked from his sister’s bundle of nerves up across her dripping folds to the tight puckered hole. A few swipes of his tongue before he shoved two fingers deep in her in pussy. Just as another moan prepared for escape, Henry took advantage of the distraction and thrust his cock down her throat.

The dazed expression in her eyes as they peeked through her long lashes at her father grew heavier as a third finger joined the pair working their way in and out of her. John’s tongue circled the dark hole between luscious cheeks. He sat back, the cap on the bottle snapping open. There was a protest that had been cut off as John pulled his fingers free. The protesting didn’t last long as one finger slipped into kaçak bahis the tight hole. Her own juices allowing the digit to slip beyond the first knuckle. Preparing her for a second finger, John bent his head lower and flicked his tongue over her swollen clit.

Henry was smiling proudly as he watched his son skillfully toying with his sister. There had been a time when they would fight like cats and dogs. Several times it was so bad that the two wouldn’t speak. Over the years they put that childish behavior behind them, but still remained distant. This was the absolute game changer. A truce of the most extreme and evidently pleasurable. His head dropped back as he rocked his hips, feeding his throbbing cock down his daughter’s throat repeatedly.

“Ready, little sister,” John whispered from behind his sister. He had coated his dick, stroking it out of habit, as a third finger forced its way into her once puckered hole. There was still bound to be some pain given his size. Sarah nodded her head as best she could before focusing on the dick in her mouth as John shifted behind her. Removing his fingers, he guided his tool toward the only virgin hole his sister had left. His free hand followed the curve of her ass, over her hip and slid down her front to find the other treasure.

There was some resistance as he thrust carefully forward. Feeling his sister begin to tense, he rubbed her clit. The muffled moan escaping from her full mouth made Henry shiver from the vibrations surrounding his dick. The more Sarah’s body relaxed, and adjusted to him, the more John buried himself into her. It had taken some time, but John was able to thrust into his sister’s tight hole without the resistance he had first felt.

“I never thought I’d see the day,” Henry groaned as his daughter’s hand joined royal treatment her tongue was giving him.

“That your dick would be in your daughter’s mouth while your son fucked her,” John mused between grunts. The tightness of his sister’s ass was clouding his mind as he felt his release approaching faster than any other time he been buried in a woman. If he’d known amazing it would feel, he would have tried harder to convince Sarah to try it.

“That’s one way to put it,” Henry chuckled then gasped as a delicate finger played with his own puckered hole. He looked down to see a pair of sparkling green eyes staring back up at him. She might be trapped between the two of them, but that didn’t seem to change anything. She was still looking to be a part of the moment in any way she could. Teasing her father seemed to be the first step as her brother took advantage of her unused ass.

The familiar tell-tale twitch made Sarah smile as the thrusting dick in her mouth began to swell. Her father was close to his release just as John picked up his pace. The thought of the two men she adored most in her life filling her simultaneously brought her ecstasy that much closer. With her brother’s hands grasping her waist and her father’s fingers tangling in her hair, she let her own hand drift to her aching clit.

Just as she had hoped, both men found the edge and allowed themselves to fill two of her precious holes. As she swallowed her father’s cum, her brother gently pulled out from his new favorite part of his siter. She swayed her hips, knowing that he was studying his handy work seeping from the tight hole. He gave one of her cheeks a quick swat before falling back to lean against the couch. Their father stumbled over to the recliner as he tried to catch his breath.

Still not satisfied, Sarah rolled onto her back and spread her legs. It didn’t matter to her that all eyes were on her as she played with herself. Hypnotized by the motions of her skilled, delicate fingers, the men sat back and enjoyed the show. It did nothing to slow their thoughts as they each considered what would be next for the day. They watched as Sarah moaned and gasped. Her own release causing her breasts to rise and fall faster. Her hand rubbed harder and faster as her body shivered and squirmed.

The shared pleasure the trio was drowning in was more than any of them expected, and the day was still early.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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