The Best Family Vacation Ever

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My name is Robert but everyone calls me Bob. My wife’s name is Rachel. We have a son, Danny who is 22 and twin 20 year old daughters, Jesse & Jaimey.

It was June and I wanted the family to have one more vacation where we all could be together before the kids headed back to college.

We decided to go up to our cabin in upstate NY for a week or so of relaxation for the July Fourth week.

I made all the plans and everything was set for our trip the next day.

Rachel is a legal secretary and she called from her office and said she would have to work the weekend. She said she would have Danny take her up as soon as she was done.

I was disappointed but it couldn’t be helped. I told the kids and they understood.

The next morning, I loaded up the truck and me and the girls headed to the cabin.

The drive took us a couple of hours and it took us awhile to get everything in order.

We cleaned up the place. I made sure the generator was operational and all the food was put away.

Sometimes, in the mountains we get violent thunderstorms where we lose power so I had a generator installed to be on the safe side.

The cabin had two bedrooms and I had a hot tub installed on the deck that overlooked the lake. The view was magnificent.

By the time we had everything straightened out, it was time for dinner. I grilled some steaks and we ate out on the deck.

After we cleaned up everything, the three of us relaxed in the large living room. We watched some tv and then decided to call it a night.

Just then the phone rang and it was Rachel. She said that her and Danny would be up Sunday afternoon. I told her everything was ready for them and to get here as soon as possible.

Now, I know you want to know what the girls looked like, so I’ll tell you now.

As I said earlier, they are 19 and identical. They are 5’6″, 120, blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic bodies and have filled out quite nicely.

Danny is 6′, about 185, brown hair, brown eyes, athletic body and in great shape.

The girls are the spitting image of their mother. To be honest, from the back, I have no idea which one I am looking at and that has caused me embarrassment at times.

The girls went to their bedroom and I went to mine. I took a look at the sky before I went to bed and told the girls it looked like a storm was coming.

I went into my bedroom and closed the door and undressed. I always sleep naked at home and at the cabin it was no exception. I got into bed and as soon as I did, the thunder and lightening started. Then came the heavy rains.

This went on for some time and the thunder and lightening got louder as the storm got closer.

Suddenly there was a thunder that shook the cabin and the lights went out.

All of a sudden, the girls rushed in and jumped in bed with me. As they got in my bed, I could see they were only in panties and a tank top and knew they had no bra on.

I yelled, “What’s the matter? Girls, I have no clothes on. You have to get out.”

Jesse said, “We are scared. We don’t want to be alone. Please daddy.”

I said, “Ok, you can stay but let me put something on.”

Jaimey said, “Don’t get up daddy. Please stay with us.”

I replied, “But girls, I have no clothes on.”

All they kept saying was, “Don’t go. Stay with us.”

I finally told them they could stay and for them to go to sleep as the storm will pass soon.

Fortunately or unfortunately, as the case may be, the storm was relentless and the girls clung to me.

I could feel their tits pressing against me. Now, even though they are my daughters, my cock started getting hard.

I tried maneuvering in bed so they wouldn’t notice but I felt my cock rubbing against their bodies no matter what way I moved. I actually started to sweat.

After several hours, the storm subsided and I woke the girls and told them to go back to their own bed, but the said they wanted to stay with me. So I didn’t push it.

I finally drifted off to sleep and was sleeping soundly when I could feel my cock stirring. Then I felt a hand on it.

I didn’t move or say anything as I figured it was accidental. But, as my cock got harder, I felt the hand moving up and down its shaft.

I couldn’t believe it but one of my daughters was jerking me off. I just laid there in silence as she continued.

After a few minutes, that stopped and I was thankful.

However, when the hand moved off of my cock, I felt a moistness on my cock. I then realized a mouth had engulfed my cock and was sucking me off.

I should have yelled out to stop, but I was frozen and let it continue.

It wasn’t long before I shot a huge load of cum into that mouth as I drifted back to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I wasn’t sure if I dreamt it or it actually happened, but I was sure that I got a blow job.

I decided to confront the girls before breakfast. They were still in their panties and top with no bras and I had on shorts.

I told them that what they did last night was unacceptable and could never happen bahis firmaları again.

Jesse said that they loved me and have wanted me for a long time.

Jaimey added that they want to be my lovers and will do anything to please me.

I said to them, “I love you both but that would be wrong.”

Jesse said, “Daddy, we wouldn’t tell anyone and mom said…” She stopped dead in her tracks.

I looked at her and said, “And what did your mom say? Tell me.”

Jesse looked at me and said, “Don’t be mad. Mom told us what to do.”

I got pissed and said, “I think you better tell me everything from the beginning.”

Jaimey continued, “When we turned 18, we went out and celebrated & Danny joined us. Anyway, I guess we partied too much and that night, somehow we both had sex with Danny. Mom found out and blew a gasket.”

Jesse continued, “Now, we don’t know when or how it started, but we caught mom having sex with Danny one time. She told us it was an accident that it happened but Danny told us a different story. He said that when mom caught us and saw how big Danny’s cock was, that’s when she started fucking him.”

Jaimey went on, “Anyway, mom was fucking your son and he was still fucking us and mom knew we knew so she got us all together and said that whatever we did would be fine but not to tell you because you wouldn’t understand.”

Jesse continued, “So, when you suggested this trip, mom came up with this plan for us to fuck you, which we always wanted to do anyway. She made up the story about work so the three of us could be alone. The storm was a blessing. So, Jaimey and I made the most of it. And, we aren’t sorry about anything we did.”

I looked at the both of them and just shook my head in disbelief.

Then they both came over to me and hugged and kissed me. As much as I wanted them to stop, I couldn’t and soon found myself with a hard cock.

As Jesse was kissing me, Jaimey was sucking my cock. I tried my best to stop them but they were relentless and I gave in.

In an instant I could feel my cock sliding into wetness and knew I was fucking my daughter Jaimey.

She started riding me and even though I wanted it stopped, I couldn’t. I told her I was going to cum and she said, “Cum in me daddy. I’m safe.”

With a loud groan, I shot my cum in my daughter’s cunt.

As she got off of me, Jesse started playing with my cock and in no time at all, she had me hard.

She sucked my cock into her mouth and I came again, but not as much.

I was exhausted and had both of my naked girls, one on each side of me.

We rested awhile then finally fixed breakfast.

I told them that it was a mistake and could never happen again.

The weather cleared up and the sun was already hot. We had breakfast and the girls decided to take the sun on the deck. I sat on the lounge and just admired the view.

My daughters, god bless them, came out naked to get a better tan.

I said, “Girls, you are my daughters and I don’t think you should do that.”

Jesse replied, “Daddy, please. You’re our dad and we didn’t make you cover up last night and you just fucked us, so what’s the big deal.”

I answered, “I tried, remember, but you wouldn’t stop.”

Then they both started in on me and I said, “Don’t ever tell your mother about last night or today.”

The girls giggled and said, “But dad, mom wanted us to fuck and she let’s us go naked at home and she probably knows you fucked us anyway.”

Daughters or not my cock was getting hard.

I just shook my head and said to myself, “Like mother, like daughters.”

The phone rang and it was Rachel. She asked how things were and I told her most of the story about the storm and told her the girls were taking the sun.

Rachel then said, “I am sure they will ask you if it’s ok if they remove their tops. Tell them it’s ok and enjoy the view. Oh, me and Danny will be up tomorrow.”

I replied, “Ok. If they ask, I’ll tell them you said it was ok. Anything else I should know?”

Rachel said, “Yes, there is one other thing, but you will find out on your own and I am ok with it. Love you. Bye.”

I got off the phone and thought to myself, ‘What the fuck did she mean by that?’ Then, I realized it. She meant me fucking the twins.

Soon, it was time for lunch. I fixed salads and sandwiches and brought them out to the deck.

The girls didn’t bother to cover up as we had lunch, much to my delight.

After lunch, I went and got a book to read while the girls went back to sunbathing.

I looked at them and said, “Your mother is ok with you two parading around naked?”

Jesse answered, “Dad, when you aren’t home, we are all naked. Mom is too and even Danny is. She never told you because she figured you would be upset.”

I stood there with a blank look on my face and sat down.

By this time I was furious and couldn’t wait to speak to my wife.

We had lunch and I decided to take a walk by the lake. I went and the girls continued their tanning, naked.

About an hour or so later I got back. The kaçak iddaa girls weren’t there so I figured they were inside. I went in and heard muffled noises coming from the girl’s bedroom.

I walked over and since the door was ajar, I peeked in. There were my daughters having sex with each other.

The next day Rachel and Danny arrived.

I couldn’t wait to talk to my ultra liberal wife. Since I didn’t want to make a scene at the cabin we took a walk down by the lake.

I said to her, “What the hell is going on? What are you four up to when I am not around? And, what’s with the girls having sex together and with Danny? Please tell me.”

Rachel replied, “First of all, calm down. It’s not so bad as what you make it out to be. The girls are just girls. I thought it would be better for their development if there were no secrets, especially about their bodies and sex.”

I raved on, “Then why keep everything a big secret?”

She answered, “Because I knew how you would react; just like you are doing now. There’s nothing wrong in being naked. And, as far as the girls having sex with each other, so what. It’s better than them getting it someplace else.”

I replied, “What about Danny? What’s his story. Has he been fucking his sisters too? And what about you? The girls said that you and Danny fuck. Is that true?”

Rachel said, “Yes, we all fuck each other. What’s the big deal? They have to learn somewhere and I figured they should learn at home.”

I just shook my head at what she said.

I said, “You all must have been laughing at me, poor, stupid, clueless Bob.”

Rachel answered, “Look, I’m sorry you found out this way. I should have talked to you first way back when. I’m sorry.”

I looked at her and said, “The other night when we had the storm and the girls jumped in my bed, I was naked, as always and they would not let me get up. That night I thought I was dreaming that they played with my cock and gave me a blow job. Was that your idea?”

She looked at me and said she didn’t know about that.

Then she said, “Bob, why not try to join the family. Get naked with us and enjoy each other’s bodies. Trust me, you will like it.”

I replied, “I’m their father and you want me to walk around naked?”

Rachel said, “Try it just for today to see if you like it. If you don’t, you don’t. Just try it for me. OK?”

Finally, things calmed down between us and we headed back to the cabin.

All three kids were naked in the hot tub. They asked if we were going to join them.

Rachel told them that we would in a few minutes.

Rachel and I went inside to change. I got naked and Rachel got naked and we headed outside.

The kids made room for us as we eased our way in.

I sat between the girls and Rachel sat near Danny.

As we chatted, I felt a little uncomfortable but decided to stay with them.

I told them that it wasn’t this bad and I began to enjoy it.

It wasn’t too long before things started happening.

Danny pulled his mother to him and started kissing her. Rachel looked at me but I didn’t say anything; I just watched.

Soon, Danny had his hands on his mother’s tits and she moved on top of him, their bodies pressed together.

Danny managed to stand up and took his mother with him as they got out of the hot tub.

It was then that I saw how big Danny’s cock was. His cock must have been close to 9″ and very thick. It was much bigger than mine.

He laid Rachel on the deck and mounted her.

I watched intently as she spread her legs as he pushed his cock into her cunt.

I watched it completely disappear into his mother’s cunt. As soon as he had it in, he started fucking her. It wasn’t long before I saw his big balls getting ready and then he shot his cum into Rachel’s cunt.

When he pulled his cock out, his cum oozed out of her.

Then, the girls were all over me. They hugged and kissed me as I felt Rachel’s eyes on me.

I felt them up and started sucking on their erect nipples. We got out of the hot tub and l laid on my back on the deck.

Jesse straddled me and eased her cunt down on my cock until it was completely in her.

She wasted no time in riding me.

As she was doing that, Jaimey moved her smooth pussy over my mouth and I started eating her.

Jesse rode me hard and started moaning that she was going to cum. Suddenly, her body shook as she came, at the same time I shot my cum into her cunt.

The girls fell to the side as I was still spurting some cum.

Rachel looked at me and smiled.

We all rested until it was time for dinner.

Over dinner, we discussed, not only the sleeping arrangements while at the cabin, but what we were going to do when we got back home.

Rachel suggested we sleep wherever we want at the time.

Jesse and Jaime said they wanted to sleep with me and Danny smiled and said he wanted to sleep with his mother while at the cabin.

After some discussion, we agreed on the cabin arrangements.

Then we discussed the at home arrangements.

I told kaçak bahis them that their mother and I will still sleep in our bed, however, if anyone wanted to change the arrangements for the night, they could, with enough notice.

Also, we decided that being naked in the house is acceptable and so are any sex acts, as long as the participants allow others to watch and/or join in. We all agreed.

We all relaxed naked on the deck until the sun set, then we went inside.

We all were in the big family room naked, talking.

Then Rachel said, “I want tonight to be special. So, all of us can spend the night anyway we want, doing anything we want, with nobody saying no. Is that understood?”

Everyone either said ok or nodded an ok.

She said, “Danny, I want you to show your father how you fuck your mother, now. I want you girls to watch us too.”

We all got up and went into the master bedroom. The girls sat next to me, one on each side.

Danny and Rachel got on the bed. His huge cock nice and hard.

I watched my son feeling my wife up and playing with her tits and pussy.

Then he made his mother get on all fours. With her tits hanging down, her son lined up his cock to her cunt.

We watched as he had no problem slipping his cock into his mother’s cunt until it disappeared into her.

I was amazed she took his entire cock.

He slowly started fucking his mother. With each thrust, she matched his.

I could hear her grunting as he rammed her harder and faster.

The girls got up and and got under their mother and each one took a tit and sucked on her nipples.

My wife started yelling out, “That’s it baby. Fuck your mother. Show your father how you’ve been fucking your slut mother. Oh God, fuck me with your big cock baby. Cum in your mother’s cunt baby.”

I was glued to what they all were doing.

Danny let out a moan and shot his cum into his mother’s cunt.

As soon as he pulled out, his cum oozed out. The girls quickly started lapping up his cum from their mother’s cunt.

Danny wasn’t finished either.

His cock was still hard and he rubbed his cum all over his cock and into Rachel’s asshole.

He eased his cock into her ass, little by little. Rachel screamed in pleasure as he got his cock all the way in her ass.

I could see her sweating and heard her grunting as he fucked his mother’s ass.

I got caught up and screamed, “That’s it son, fuck your slut mother’s ass. Fuck it hard. Cum in her ass Danny.”

My daughters came over to me and Jesse started kissing me while Jaimey sucked my cock.

By this time, Danny was ready and shot his cum into his mother’s ass.

He finally pulled his limp cock out.

Now, Jaimey sucked my cock harder and faster.

Rachel yelled out, “That’s it baby. Suck your father’s cock. Make him cum baby.”

As soon as I heard that, I shot stream after stream of cum into my daughter’s mouth and watched her swallow every drop.

We all rested.

I went over to Rachel and hugged and kissed her and told her she looked terrific getting fucked by her son.

She smiled and said, “So, my husband is ok with everything? I hope so because you will never be disappointed.”

I smiled and said to her, “Yes, I am ok with everything.”

Rachel said, “That’s good. Now fuck your daughters in front of me.”

I called the girls over and told them that their mother wants to see us fuck. The girls smiled and got on the bed with me.

My cock was already hard and the girls wasted no time playing with my cock and balls.

Jesse was sucking my cock when she sucked my balls into her mouth with my cock. It felt amazing.

Jaimey and I were kissing and swapping saliva with our tongues.

Rachel yelled out, “Fuck the sluts already Bob.”

I put Jessie on her back and I mounted her. My cock easily slipped into her tight cunt.

I wasted no time in fucking her. As I was fucking her Jaimey took my balls and slipped them in Jessie’s ass as I continued fucking Jessie.

It didn’t take me long to shoot my cum in my daughter’s cunt.

As I pulled out my cock, my balls plopped out of Jesse’s ass

I was exhausted.

Rachel said, “Nice job Bob. You still have one more daughter to fuck though. But while you’re resting, I think I will enjoy the girls.”

Rachel called the girls to her and said to them, “Your father needs to rest, so how about the three of us enjoy each other?”

The girls dragged their mother to the bed and hugged and kissed each other.

One daughter was eating her mother while the other one was sucking on her mother’s nipples.

As Danny and I watched them, I glanced at Danny and saw his cock getting hard. I moved my hand to his cock and wrapped my hand around his thick shaft.

I started jerking his cock. He looked at me and took my cock in his hand and started jerking me off.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rachel watching us.

Suddenly, I moved my mouth over to my sons hard cock and started sucking it.

It felt so hard in my mouth as I continued giving him a blow job. It wasn’t long before my son shot a huge cum load into my mouth and I swallowed it all.

Danny jerked me faster and soon I shot my cum all over his hands and on the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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