The Beginning

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This is the first story of a series. The second in the series is called The Park.

* * * * *

Another Friday night I’m home alone and wishing I were any other place but here alone in my room. The house quiet and dark save for the radio playing softly in the background tuned to some all night love song dedications. The small lamp on my bedside table casting the only flickers of light against the light pink shade of my walls. Daddy should have been home hours ago but as had grown increasingly usual he had not yet arrived nor had he called to say he would be late. Loneliness creeps into my heart and my eyes fill with tears as I remember how close he and I once were. As far back as I can remember I had always been “Daddy’s little girl”, and when mom first died our bond seemed to grow that much stronger as if both of us needed each other even more now.

Leaning over and reaching into my bedside table I withdraw a floral photo album that I had found in the attic months before. The edges of the plastic pages worn from my fingers constantly flipping them as I stare again at all the pictures of Daddy and me. Smiling to myself as I remember asking mom once why she was never in any of the pictures and her simple reply being, “I was always the one taking them.” Such happy faces on each and every page as I continue to flip through. Pictures of Daddy and I at the park, the beach, school plays, vacations, and here in our home. My heart fills with love as I see my handsome Daddy holding me in his arms or kissing the top of my head all with that same smile of pride on his own face. Sighing softly to myself, wondering what went wrong? What had I done that had driven my Daddy so far away from me?

After mom passed I worked very hard to show him that I could be everything that he wanted and needed. I cooked and cleaned and kept up my studies all in the hopes of making his life easier. At first he turned to me and comforted me in a way that any father would when their only child has lost their mother. The nightmares of losing him to deaths door as I had my mother driving me to his bedroom every night where I would curl against him and he would caress me softly until sleep would claim me. And then the feelings within me began to change and our times together became more controlled and tense. Eating dinner or sitting and watching TV together I would catch him out of the corner of my eye looking at me in a way that I did not understand. His expression almost painful as if he were torn between what he was thinking and what he was feeling. Slowly over the last few months he has pushed away from me and I no longer curl against him in his bed when the nightmares wake me from my sleep.

Smiling to myself as I see the last picture in my album. Me, standing in a simple, silk and lace peach gown in front of the fireplace. Giggling, I remember the trouble Daddy had setting up the camera to capture our picture on that night of my first Prom. Hearing his words in my mind again, “I wish I was taking you tonight Love,” a single tear slips down my cheek. Didn’t he know that I would have given anything to spend that night with him then go with Greg? Couldn’t he see that I loved him more than anyone in the world? Thinking back again to that night and how happy I was that he waited up for me. The look of relief that passed over his face when I walked into the living room and kissed him on the cheek as his sat in his favorite overstuffed chair. My mind drifts further as I remember our talk.

“Sit down Angel,” he said. Looking at him curiously and sitting on the soft cushioned ottoman that his feet were resting on. Tucking my dress in comfortably against my thighs as he sits up and rests his elbows on his knees, leaning in to speak to me. “How was your evening Love?” he asks. “Oh, Daddy it was very nice.”

“Good. I am glad you had a good time. And Greg treated you well I assume?” he asks as he looks at me more intently, taking in my gown and long flowing brown hair. “Of course Daddy, he wouldn’t want to deal with you,” I tease.

Leaning in further he takes one of my small hands in his much larger ones. Caressing my slender fingers with his thumbs my lashes flutter and my heart pounds as I look up at him. “Angel, did you come straight home from the Prom?” he asks, his eyes probing for my answer.

Smiling, “Yes, Daddy why?” His thumbs caressing more firmly he says, “Do not be coy with me, I know what happens on Prom night.”

Blushing I turn my face and my eyes look away from him. Having never had the “sex” talk with anyone other than my closest girlfriends I cannot bear to look at him. One hand leaving my own his index finger curls under my chin and he turns my face back to look at him. His dark eyes probing deeply into my soul, I know that I could never hide anything from him.

“Are you a virgin Angel?” he wants to know. Nodding, “Yes, Daddy.”

“Angel do not lie to me. It is very important that you answer me with complete honesty and I expect nothing less.”

“I know Daddy and I swear, I am a virgin,” I answer güvenilir bahis almost pleadingly.

Smiling his finger leaves my chin and returns to my smooth hand as his thumb joins the other and his gentle caress returns.

“Did your mother ever speak to you about sex Angel?”

“No, Daddy,” I answer as my cheeks burn with my blush and my embarrassment grows with each passing second. “You did take sex education in school, did you not?” he questions. “Yes, Daddy I did.”

“I want to tell you something Angel and I want you to listen carefully. Sex is not a game or a toy to be given away and played with. There is something magical that can happen between two people who give of themselves to one another. You are a very good girl and you have turned into an exceptionally beautiful woman. It would be shame to waist your charms and gifts on a simple boy who cannot think past 10 minutes of passion.”

Shifting a little more uncomfortably on the ottoman I feel the slight flutter of butterflies stir in my tummy. The soft light across the room plays shadows on his face as I watch his lips move and his gentle tone settles over me. My embarrassment slowly starts to fade as pride washes over me at Daddy’s kind words of my beauty.

“Angel, I want you to promise me something,” he says. His tone telling me this is not a question he is asking to gain my promise but yet a demand. “Anything Daddy,” I respond surely. “You will not give yourself and your virginity, the very gift of your essence, to someone so undeserving as the boys I allow to come and pick you up on the weekends.”

“I promise Daddy,” I quickly say. “Do not rush to make a promise you are unsure in your heart you can keep. Remember Angel I want your honesty.”

“I’m not rushing Daddy, I want to make you this promise. I will always keep my promise to you,” I say the words at the very moment I know in my heart that I will never give myself to another.

Leaning back in my bed and curling over onto my side, my knees slightly bent and my feet dangling off the edge I replay that night and this conversation in my mind. How many times have I thought of that night? How thankful and relieved I was that I was able to hold Greg off and not give in to his persistent queries for sex. Remembering sitting there on that ottoman, so close to my Daddy his breath would tickle my cheeks as he spoke. Wishing deep inside that he would touch me, that he would be the one to have me and knowing how wrong it was to feel this. Loving Daddy so much and wanting to be his forever and always but never being able to say the words or show him just what is inside of me. Sighing, my lashes flutter and my heartbeat slows to a gentle rhythm. My thoughts drifting again as sleep slowly begins to claim me.

Coming awake quickly and sitting up in bed, my heart pounding in my chest as I hear the stairs creek. My eyes darting to my bedside clock and I see that it is past 2:00am. Taking slow and deep breaths I wait as patiently as my pounding heart will allow, wanting to scream from having been awoken this away but still so sleepy I’m unsure of what I’m thinking. Hoping against all hope that it is my Daddy’s heavy feet I hear on the stairs, knowing that it is him but the gripping fear of the unknown keeping my heart pounding at a quick pace. Turning slightly on my bed, my feet slip further off the side and land gently on the floor as I curl my toes in my socks. The creak stops and silence continues and I feel I’m going to jump out of my skin. The brass knob on my bedroom door slowly begins to turn as someone quietly pushes it inward. The tall dark shadow slips around the side and the scream catches in my throat as tears slide down my sleep creased cheeks.

“Angel, are you awake Love?” Daddy whispers softly.

My heart pounds in my ears and I can barely hear his words as my tears overwhelm me and I cover my face and cry softly into my palms. Daddy hearing the soft whimper of my tears glides gracefully over to my bed and sits down to wrap me in his strong arms, cradling me in his embrace and rocking me slowly.

“What is it Love? What has gotten you so upset?” he asks concerned. Shaking my head and sniffling, “Nothing Daddy, you just scared me is all.”

Knowing in my heart that it is more than fear that has brought me to this emotional brink at this moment. My wants and needs and desires of these last months so confusing and so hard to control and accept and deal with. His hands slide gently along my back and his lips meet my forehead in a tender kiss.

“Calm now Angel. Relax, Daddy is home,” he assures me confidently. Nodding I cannot speak as the tears slowly dry on my cheeks and my heart returns to normal. My thoughts beginning to run quickly together again as I wonder if I’m losing my mind? Taking a deep breath and pulling back from his protecting embrace I look up at him with tear kissed lashes.

“Why are you home so late?” I question. “I needed some time away to think Love,” he says through a deep sigh that pushes his chest tighter against his white türkçe bahis collared shirt and simple navy and silver tie. “Why Daddy, what is wrong?”

“Nothing Love. Everything will be fine from this moment on,” he replies with a sense of sureness in his tone.

Looking up into his eyes and wanting to question him further but feeling as if I do not have to.

“Are you very tired Love?” he asks. Shaking my head and feeling more awake at this moment then I ever have he smiles at me and reaches up to loosen his tie.

“Did you eat dinner Daddy? I made spaghetti for us earlier.”

“That was very sweet but I’m not hungry right now.” Caressing my now dry cheek with his finger as he slowly comes off my bed and to his feet he towers above me. “I’m going to take a shower and wash away the day and then I’d like to spend some time with you. It has been much too long since you and I have sat and shared our day together,” he says.

My heart soars and I don’t think I could go back to sleep at this moment if my very life depended on it. Having waited so long for him everyday in the hopes that one day he would come to me and want me to sit with him again.

“Why don’t you get comfortable and come to my room in a half hour,” he says as he walks purposely to my door and leaves again.

Sitting up straighter on my bed and looking around my room I wonder if I’m still asleep and dreaming that he was just here. His cologne lingers in the air and I sniff deeply, taking in his sent and making it one with me. Flickers of anticipation begin in my tummy as I stand up and begin opening drawers on my long oak dresser. Happy to get out of my school clothes and even happier to be doing this for Daddy, I take my time and search for something both comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Hearing the water start in the bathroom I smile as my fingers drift over pajamas and nightgowns, panties and night shorts. Settling softly on a thin white satin gown and knowing it will go perfect with the white and red silk Komono Daddy bought me for my birthday last year. Standing up and slowly removing my jeans and top, stepping out of my panties and reaching around to unhook my uncomfortable bra. Reaching on top of my dresser and opening the small round plastic box and slipping my fingers inside to take hold of the fluffy, fur covered cloth. Patting the cloth against the white lavender scented powder and bringing it to me I glide it over my naked body. Sucking my stomach in slightly as I slip up over my belly button and follow up to lightly brush beneath my slight but firm breasts. My nipples harden and the hair on my skin tingles as I sigh and slide the cloth further up and along my neck. Returning the cloth to the box and taking a deep sniff of the lavender scent on my skin I reach inside my dresser and remove a clean pair of white satin panties, always careful to match everything that I wear. Stepping my small feet in and sliding the material up over my calves, then thighs, and smoothing up and over my hips as the high cut of the panty legs hugs me tightly. Wrapping my fingers in the soft material of my gown and lifting it over my head, letting it slip of it’s own free will down the length of my arms and pool above my perky tits. My hands following the material and my fingers curling in the hem and gently tugging the gown down my sides and over the slight swell of my hips. The thin straps resting gently on my shoulders and the “V” neck opening slightly to reveal my creamy white skin to anyone who might see. Taking my brush off my dresser and running it slowly through my long dark hair, smoothing the tangles of the day and my earlier nap. Watching myself in the mirror, my eyes looking for the beauty that Daddy has spoken of so often. Taking the Komono from behind my bedroom door and slipping my arms inside, my fingers turning the tie one time to pull the two sides together I open my door and tread quietly down the hall to Daddy’s door.

Always respectful of Daddy’s space and privacy I reach up and tap lightly on the door with my knuckles. Waiting patiently and listening carefully for his knowing voice to give me entrance. Shifting on my feet as I wait and hear nothing but the sure steps of his feet padding on the thick carpet in his bedroom. The door opens and Daddy steps aside to allow me inside. The forest green plush robe tied securely around him and his hair wet and tousled from the towel still in his hand. His easy smile starts those butterflies in my tummy that I have come to love and even expect when I am with him.

“You look lovely Angel,” he says as he kisses me on the cheek and closes his door behind me. “Thank you Daddy”

“Go on and sit down, I’m almost finished,” he says as he walks back to the bathroom, the towel still drying his hair.

Smiling and moving into the sitting area of the large Master bedroom and sitting comfortably in the corner of the deep blue settee. Bending my knees and feet up underneath me and smoothing the thin Komono over my exposed calves and feet to keep myself warm. Looking through the open door güvenilir bahis siteleri of the bathroom and watching Daddy stand before the mirror and brush his hair. The dark curls waving softly against the side of his head before coming together in what almost looks like a feather in back. My eyes travel up and down the length of him, taking in his broad shoulders, slim waist, strong calves, and large feet. Our eyes meet in the reflection of the mirror and he winks at me. Setting his brush down and coming to join me in the sitting room, Daddy takes a seat on the settee, leaning back and crossing his long legs as his arms drape comfortably over the sides. Patting the empty spot next to him Daddy motions for me to come closer.

“Sit closer Love, and lets talk,” he says.

Smiling I slide in and curl my body next to his. Our sides meet and touch as I press in and rest my head on his strong chest. His hand quickly comes down to rest along my back and caress me softly.

“Mmmmmm, I’ve been looking forward to this all night,” he says through a soft sigh. “I’m so glad your home now Daddy.”

“As am I Love. Tell me are you feeling better now?” Giggling, a little embarrassed of my earlier behavior I say, “Yes, Daddy. Much better.”

I can feel his heart beat beneath my ear keeping time with my soft breaths. His robe slightly open I move my head to get a better look as my fingers reach up to gently curl them in the thin hair on Daddy’s chest. Remembering how I have done this ever since I was a child and knowing how much he always enjoyed my touches and gentle exploration of him.

“Yes, Angel it has been too long since we have spent time together and for that I am sorry,” he says softly. Shifting to sit up slightly and look into his eyes, “Daddy, have I done something wrong?”

“No Love, you have done nothing wrong. Things between us have changed though and it is time that we addressed them,” he says calmly.

The talons of fear grip my heart and confusion fills my mind. I know that things have changed but now I do not know what to say or how to react. His eyes looking into mine too much for me to bear I lower my head back to his chest. His hand at my back slides gently up as his fingers slip through my soft hair.

“I know that you have recognized the changes Angel and I believe you are confused as to what is happening. Believe me it is perfectly natural for you to have confusion or be unsure of yourself at this time but I am here Love,” he assures me.

Nodding and still so unsure of what to say or how to respond I quietly let him continue. My heart pounding in my chest, I’m sure he can hear it as loudly as I can.

“I have told you before what a beautiful woman that you have grown into and now there is more of you that is growing and maturing. More than just your beauty Love, but your passion and desires as a woman have grown as well. I admit I have had a hard time watching this transformation in you but I am so proud of you and I want to share in your maturity.”

The now familiar stirrings of the butterflies flutter more wildly in my tummy and I shift slightly, pushing myself closer to him.

“Daddy, I want to be a woman and do woman things and feel woman things but I don’t know how,” I share on a sigh. “Angel this is what has been at the forefront of my mind these past few months and what kept me from coming home earlier this evening. As adults we are taught how terribly wrong it is for a father and daughter or even mother and son to share in the joys and pleasures of one another. I have struggled with my own feelings and desires as I’ve watched you grow and I am no longer willing to struggle for it is not the man I am.”

“So what do we do Daddy? What happens?” I question more excitedly at this revelation.

Taking a deep breath and moving to stand up he keeps my hand in his and gently pulls me to my feet. Anticipation making me want to scream as I wait for his answer but quietly follow him across the sitting room and into the bedroom. His hands on my shoulders, he pushes me gently to his large King Size bed covered with the plush dark red comforter that has kept me warm so many nights.

Leaning down and looking me deep in the eyes he says, “Now you relax and delight in this night Angel because I am going to make you the woman your heart longs to be.”

Standing up again his hands trailing down from my shoulders to the tie of my Komono he expertly opens the robe. His fingers sliding the thin material from my shoulders and it pools at my hips. Leaning in further again as his palms grip my shoulders his lips meet mine. For the first time in all my life his kiss is more than fatherly as his firm lips nibble gently and coax mine to open for him. Gripping the comforter in my fingers at my sides and sitting so very still, afraid that one movement would stop the gentle pressure of his wet tongue opening my lips. Moaning softly as his tongue slips between my full pink lips and slides further inside, urging my own to play with him. His hands on my shoulders pushing me down, holding me as I relax my stomach muscles and slowly lean back on his bed. Following me, his weight pushing my body deeper in to the cushioned comforter, my hands sliding up behind him and wrapping loosely around his neck.

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