Tamil Incest Family Ch. 01

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This story is about why and how a son fucks his father’s three beautiful wives and his daughters. The son (Arum Kumar) made it as a revenge for what his father (Vijay Kumar) did to his mother.

The below story is Part -One in which we

Would see how the senior hunted his father’s wife and fucked her and her daughter and impregnated her daughter. We will see how that pregnant girl takes a vow to revenge back and how her son fucks back all his fathers wives in turn in the next part.

Part -I

What did Vijay Kumar do so harsh?

All this happened when this Vijay Kumar was young. Vijay Kumar was born in a very rich family. He was also a handsome chap from youth. Vijay Kumar’s father was a landlord. Vijay Kumar’s father had two wives and many mistresses. And that inspired this man to loaf around women and he too had many women even when he was a quiet young.

Even if Vijay Kumar’s father had many women, he had married these women Savithri for the second time and loved her like hell till his death. Her actual name is saroja but the landlord named her Savithri just because she looked exactly the same like those days famous actress savithri. And that’s because this women is a damn hot one. All the eighteen villages around (Including his son) praised her beauty and fantasized about her. They thought the landlord is lucky to have ‘this’ women as a second wife. And this women and the landlord had a even beautiful daughter studying at bang lore in a boarding school. Savithri have separated her daughter from her childhood and never said anything about her Dads other wives.

Landlord ‘s two wives fought with each other often. So he kept his second wife’s family in the farmhouse. But one day the landlord died after a heart attack. After a few days after his father’s death, Vijay Kumar planned to fuck his father’s second wife. He followed her whenever she left for the market and temple. He smiled at her and often enquired about her health.

One day it’s raining heavily and Savithri got stuck in the rain. So he thought this would be the best time to get her. So he went near her and offered her the umbrella. “Mama, where is your bullock cart?”

Savithri is pleased to hear this.

“No. It’s there in home. I preferred to walk because I thought it would be relaxing. But this rain spoilt everything.”

“Its ok Mama, please join me. I would drop you in my car.”

“Thank you my son. But you should come to my house and should have dinner tonight.”

But Vijay Kumar had an evil smile in his face.

He took her invitation with an animal instinct.

“OK mama I would sure have dinner tonight with you”.

But even then they reached the house. While getting down

From the car and entering the house, both of them got totally wet.

Savithri got a towel for him and gave it to him. Then she entered the room and began to take her sari off. As this guy called her mama, she too thought him as her own son. But this rotten son stared at her with lust. He saw her curvaceous back. Her butts are huge and shapely too. Her wet skirt is still sticking to her body. As she hasn’t had anything underneath her glorious fair skin “lighted” the whole area. Her hairs were dark, thick and long untill her butts. He looked through the side ways and got a glimpse of her enormous breasts. He then noticed there is mirror before her. He is stunned to see her sari less body. He licked his lips seeing her hips, breasts and face. Savithri tried very hard to dry her wet hair, as it is nighttime. So she didn’t notice her stepson nearing her. At that time a sudden lighting and thunder shocked the whole place and so Savithri ran and embraced her stepson. Taking this as an opportunity he hugged her in turn with full energy. He immediately moved his hands throughout her back and she thought it’s an effort to sooth her. So he gripped one of her butt hard and continued soothing (?) her with his hands.

After a while she felt strange and released herself from his arms and turned to change her sari. As this guy stared very innocently at her, she covered herself with a towel and began to change her wet dress. As she undressed her blouse, he went some more near to her.

He urgently took off his shirts too. Savithri could see him coming near and taking his shirts off in the mirror. But instead of a resistance that should build in her to avoid him she felt a feeling of urge to see his bare chest even bursa escort close. She eyed with him in surprise. His body is very muscular, and shoulders very broad. He had a very fair complexion too.

At the same time he too looked at her body. The mirror before her showed her big breasts under a towel covered slightly around. Her breasts are actually so big that the towel couldn’t hide anything. This guy couldn’t hold on anymore. He silently stepped towards her. He bent his face towards her bare shoulder. As soon as she felt a hot air strike her shoulder she shivered a bit. Taking this as a token he slowly kissed her hot shiny shoulder. For a few seconds Savithri forget who is doing all these and she is totally captured by a sexual urge, which she have missed for a very long time. She felt his hands roaming inside her stomach as he hugged her from the back. He massaged her stomach and let his fingers inside her deep navel. Then she felt his hands moving above her stomach to her big breasts. She left a hot sigh and closed her eyes. When she felt his hands hard on her tits a image of her step son flashed in her vision. She shook herself from his hug and went a few feet away.

“I am sorry son. I think I am too carried away. I think this situation have made you too like that. It’s all right. Please wait out side until I would server you food.”

“No Mama. It’s not the situation. “He stepped forward while talking. “I love you Mama for a long time. I love you as beautiful women. I would do anything for you mama.”

Saying this he held her arms and innocently kissed her forehead. She is a bit carried away with his very gentle speech. His voice is abnormally mesmerizing.” I would take care of you and my sister until my death. “Saying things like this he hugged her again, this time form her front.

She said, “No, Its wrong. I am your mother.”

But he told all the sweet words to her and took her to the bed.


“Hum.” she said with a mixture of a very little resistance and a lot of lust in her tone.

“Mama, you look very similar to actress Savithri. Your face looks exactly the same as hers.” your lower lips and the way you smile and your beautiful body everything looks the smile”

“Hum.” she said again but this time there is no resistance at all. So as the towels opened up her big breasts crushed his chest. He felt her nipples tighten and enlarge a bit. He took this as a opening and caressed her back and butts.

As his voice is just like her husband, and due too lack of sex, the wetness, the night’s cool breeze, and his sweet words all made her mad and hypnotized her. All this protest became weaker and weaker. The same way he laid her in the bed massaged her whole body and kissed her. He first kissed her cheeks; chin, ears, neck and then he kissed her lips. First slowly on her juicy lips and then hardly he inserted his tongue inside hers and kissed her passionately. Now she began to boil in lust. She returned the kiss and then he realized its time to get nude completely. Slowly he released his pants with inners and loosened her (skirt) knots. He massaged her (cunt) and butts. Slowly without her knowing at first, he managed to insert his prick inside hers. She jerked a bit but as the pleasure is beyond control she opened her legs wide to let him in. Insert it hard and fuck hard”)

He fucked her fantastically. The moans she left told him about her experience.

The thought that she is his father’s mistress made him hard. He saved all his energy and banged her. He had in mind not to loose energy while fucking her. So he didn’t loose tempo. He fucked her and said sexy words. “Mama, Savithri ammo. Savithri I am fucking you, fucking your cunt”). Hearing this and sensing his tempo raise and his prick

Hitting her she began to scream in pleasure. He fucked her until she had three orgasms.

When he released his sperms in her she really felt the heaven. He is really a great fucker, she thought in her mind.

From the next day he began to visit her almost daily. He still called her ammo. He gave her all such respect. He did all the work for her and gave Jewels as presents.

But still he fucked her daily in different positions every day. He tried it in an al-fresco manner. That is in out doors too. At nights he took her to the moonlit mango orchards. He asked her to knell or bend and hold a low branch of the mango tree. He would insert in a doggy manner. He would bursa escort bayan ask her to ride on top of him, which she too liked a lot. He told all the sweet words and started treating him like his own son.

Innocent Savithri believed him like hell. She gave many of her locker keys and important documents. One day she said she is going to visit her daughter.

“Mama, I can’t miss you four days. I am coming with you to see my sister .I am desperately eager to see my sister.”

“I too can’t miss you for so long dear”

Savithri believed him fully that he wouldn’t cheat her and go for her daughter. But she said:

“Oh dear I too cannot miss you for four days. I love to take you with me. But what if my daughter asks who you are. She never knew her father had two wives. Only so I have brought up her in a boarding school from child hood.”

“All right mother tell me as your distant relative- kin. Tell her I am in a way brother to you. Because you look so young she would believe you”.

Without knowing the trap she agreed. So they both went to ban galore together.

When this Guy saw his sister (?) he is shocked at her beauty. But Savithri without knowing the heat that is burning inside him introduced him to her daughter Sripriya as he said.

Sripriya was very pleased to see at least one more visitor other than his mother. (And rarely her father would come to see her, who is now no more).

As her mother told this guy is her mother’s brother she thought (as most Tamil Girls) that he is eligible for him to marry her. She talked to him in English and as he is also well educated they conversed about most of their issue in English. Savithri is very glad to see both of her offspring (own and step) are behaving in a rich status. She couldn’t understand even a word in English. But she is too proud to see her son and daughter talking like well educated ones. So they three took a room in a three hotel and stayed there. They took three rooms for three of them. Actually this rotten guy told Savithri for such an arrangement so that he would come and join her at nights whenever he wish and her daughter would also have no doubts with them.

But eventually he mixed two sleeping pills in the milk Savithri drunk that night and made her sleep. As soon as she fell asleep he rushed to Sripriya’s room and knocked her room.

She opened the door and this rotten guy had a sweet shock. Sripriya is in a very see through nightdress, which is just up to her mid thighs.

Sripriya is a bit taken aback to see him there at that time. But she is also very happy to have this very handsome young Guy there at the time.

“I need to talk to you some Important things with you”, as he told like that she let him inside her room..

A great perfume filled his nostrils. ‘Damn, a Sexual aroma is filling the whole room’, he thought. She asked him to get seated in the chair besides her bed. She rang the room service for two juices. She sat before him her legs crossed. He stared at her long shiny legs. She is not too fat but had a nice body almost like the actress with her name, except this girl had a very sexy and stiff tits, he thought looking her breasts through her dress.

in a way she looked more or less similar to a twin of (those days) actress Sripriya. She was damn sexy in her dress revealing her bare thighs and legs. Her boobs are great and her bra can be clearly seen through her transparent nigh tie. He licked his mouth and checked his pocket. He have carried something sensational drug pill for Sripriya. Sripriya looked at him as if to know wondering what’s the matter he is about to tell.

“Sripriya, as you know I am your kin who according to Tamil culture is your ma man (The man who would be her husband). Your mother has brought me here to show you and check whether you are interested in marrying me. So I want you to know that I too fell in love with you at the moment I saw you. But do you like me?

Would you marry me?”

Sripriya doesn’t say a word. Actually she started loving him at the moment her mother said to her that he is her fiancé (The man who would be her husband if she liked).

“Please Sripriya. Say me an answer whether you would marry me or whether you doesn’t like me?”

She doesn’t say a word. But she shook her head approvingly. The Guy stood up immediately seeing this. But they heard a knock in the door and heard that it’s the room service.

“Please escort bursa check the room service and get the drinks. I would go to the toilet and return in a minute.” As she went into the toilet this guy opened the door and got the juice tray. He immediately closed the door and mixed his super Sensation sex stuff into her cup and mixed in with the spoon. After a while she came and walked towards the bed.

She again crossed her legs. He licked his lips and offered her the drinks. While she drank the juice she kept his eyes straight into her nightdress and looked on her upper thigh. He managed to trace out her silky panties and her nice bra. He dragged his chair very near to the bed. He held her hands and said:

“Do you really love me?”

She said, “Yes. I love you man.”

As she was flying now, she said laughingly “hey I started to love you from the first sight”, she told with a laugh.

This time the guy left her hand and kept his hand on her thighs. He rubbed her thighs and whole of her legs. He knelt down before her and took her feet in his hands. He took her legs and kept it in his lap.

He kissed her feet and licked it. This time Sripriya is tuned to her full mood.

He rubbed her legs up and down and kissed her legs.

he licked her thighs and her nigh tie opened on her thighs.

He slowly untied her full nightdress and removed her bra. He played with her balls and started licking her tits. He felt she was made of butter and rubber.

She was so shiny and chubby but not too fat. He licked and sucked her tits. She started moaning and blabbered something to do it hard. Then he slowly undid her panties and inserted a finger inside hers. He then inserted his tongue into hers and sucked it dry.

Now her moans and groans are louder and louder. He them slowly started fucking her. At that moment she cried out with intense joy. He fucked her the same way as he fucked her mother. And they continued to fuck until the dawn break out. They started to meet often from then secretly and exchange their passions like this. They both came into good understanding by now. They managed to convince their mother to stay for two weeks.

Sometimes this guy gave sleeping pills to mother and fucked daughter at nights. Sometime gave pills to daughter and fucked her mother. One day as he fucked mother in daytime making asleep the daughter and at night gave pills to mother and fucked daughter. Ten days later one morning Sripriya had a work in the college and went there telling her mother and lover that she would be back only at the evening.

After she left, this rotten guy immediately left for savithri room hurriedly and he hugged sexy savithri. He fierce fully fucked her. Suddenly he rose from her and asked to turn around. He started banging her from behind.

But Sripriya doesn’t go for college. For a few days she had doubts both on her mother and this new relation Guy. She had duplicated secretly the key of her new lover and her beloved mother. So after she left came back to the guy’s room and knocked the door. As she expected this Guy is not there. She opened the door with her duplicate keys. She checked each and every thing from his luggage and room. She found out his diary and a few photos.

She is shocked to see that her father had many wives and her mother is one among.

The next shock was this Guy is a brother to her. Third most shock was her mother and her brother was lover. They had sexual relation with each other. And these brother bastards have even screwed her. He had secretly taken photos of them both in bed. He has ceased most of their wealth, jewels and documents as per the diary said. She was about to burst into tears. But she didn’t cry. She controlled it hard.

She again closed the door and went for her mother’s room. She silently unlocked her room with the fake keys. Her heart felt like it busted when she saw he is ass fucking her mother.

They suddenly jumped and separated from each other seeing her. There is a deep silence in the room. But this cheat guy ran out from the room with whatever dress he managed to grab and wore on his body.

Her mother sat on the floor and started crying.

That moment Sripriya decided to take revenge on that cheat Guy.

But later she found out he have ran with all their wealth and Jewels to madras and have became a great man there. Same time the seed this Father has sowed on her began to grow as a child. Sripriya decided to use that child against her father.

Part-II contains the facts how Sripriya son fucks his fathers other two wives and daughters and returns to his OWN mother with an incestuous desire….

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