Taken by the Wrong Step-brother

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She waited for him as the clock drew near midnight.

She knew he would come… he had to come. She was tired of his denials, and her body ached with the anticipation of his touch and his lips pressed against her skin. She would welcome him into her bed with no reservations. The game had been played for too long, each straining for self-control when they were near one another. She shook now when he stood behind her, his breath hot and fast against her ear and his hands draping her waist a little to close and a little too long. He knew the affect his presence brought, and she retaliated by leaning back ever so slightly, rubbing her bottom across his cock and smiling in victory when it responded.

The time for games was over. They were not children but it was pleasure she sought, and she choose her eye candy well. A simple silk negligee paired with a thong of white, whispery lace. She would pretend to be asleep she decided, minus the covers and turned away from the door so he could take her by surprise. She lay that way now, prone but alert as she listened for the creak that would announce his arrival.

It came then, followed by the briefest squeak as the door to her bedroom opened. She tensed, her skin tingling at his intake of breath as he shut the door behind him. She wanted to speak and to let him hear the husky anticipation in her voice but she wouldn’t ruin the moment. She was giving him control, letting him take what he wanted after his torturous recriminations.

His breathing quickened but she closed her eyes even tighter, forcing herself to breath evenly as she felt him slip onto the bed. His hand trailed up her thigh, his thick fingers probing and scraping as they danced over her skin. With maddening slowness she felt the material slide up her thigh and bunch against her hip. He cupped her bottom, squeezing and molding it in his hands. She wanted to hold still but that was impossible now. She moved under his caresses, and when he slid his finger down the cleft of her bottom she shivered.

“Shhh,” he whispered. He probed further still, his finger teasing as he probed the tight entrance. She bit her lip as he caressed her gently, willing her to relax and open to him. She shifted, parting her thighs ever so slightly because she wanted to please him, to let him know she was willing to do what he wanted.

“Will you let me take you this way Tawny?”

She nodded, feeling a rush of heat rush over her as his finger moved silkily in a circular motion, each time dipping into the entrance of her bottom. She hadn’t expected the pleasure but it rushed at her now and she rose up slightly, offering her bottom to him as her heart thumped in anticipation.

He laughed then, an almost guttural sound she didn’t recognize but she was caught in the moment now, a puppet useless under his wandering fingers. She waited almost anxiously as he leisurely stroked and caressed, his finger plunging harder, deeper, and when he slipped fully into her bottom a frenzied cry escaped her mouth.

“Yes,” he drawled, then laughed in the same grating way. There was a hint of malice, something in his tone that was different. Part of her wanted to know why but the pleasure rose in her, and without understanding she began to buck against the finger inside her bottom.

“That’s it,” he rasped, and she felt his other hand caressing her bottom as she pushed against him, her breath coming in ragged pants as he penetrated her bottom, his finger lost in the hot tightness as she moaned.

“I didn’t expect this… this desire for me to fuck your bottom, but it pleases me. Oh God,” he choked. Suddenly his finger was gone and she cried out as the sudden bleak emptiness it brought. She froze, poised on the bed in the same position, wanting to ask what was wrong but afraid to speak. It was about him, this moment. It was all for him.

“Turn to me Tawny,” he whispered.

Tawny swallowed, trembling as she felt him move away. Reluctantly, she laid back and she pressed against his long, lean frame. His cock was hard and poking her hip, and dizzily she wondered if he meant to put his cock in her bottom.

“I said… turn to me.”

She turned her body towards him eyes closed, wanting to see him only when she was in the crook of his arm. She felt it underneath her neck and when she was next to him she opened her eyes…to find Nicholas above her.

“Don’t look so pendik escort scared,” he admonished at her wide-eyed stare. “I have my hand over your mouth only because I know you’ll scream, and not the type of scream I have in store for you.”

Tawny struck at him with closed fists, pounding his arm and chest until he moved over her, his dark face looming as he deftly captured her hands and pulled them above her head.

“I thought you would fight. Good. I like a girl with spirit.”

Tawny thought she could bite him, but she barely nipped his skin as his grip on her mouth tightened. She whimpered as he slid his thigh over her left leg, just before she was able to lift a knee to jab him in his groin.

Nicholas chuckled. “Don’t you think I knew that was coming? Tawny, you need to submit yourself to this.”

She realized with growing dismay that she was no match for him and her struggling would only weaken. Dazed, she relaxed her body and tried to ignore the sudden surge of desire she felt as Nicholas’s cock tapped against her skin.

“Now,” he said lowly, conversationally, “you and I are going to have a little chat. Rather, you will listen while I speak and nod when I ask. When you hear me ask do you understand, I want you to nod. Let’s try it now. Do you understand?”

Tawny nodded, her lips quivering and he smiled.

“That’s better. You hate me right now… don’t you?”

She nodded.

“That’s okay,” Nicholas told her as he brought forward a length of small white rope. He pulled her up the bed by her clasped hands and swiftly wound the soft rope over and through, tightening them until she visibly winced.

“Now you’re going to be a good girl and leave your hands above your head. I have plans for you that involve my hands, and I can’t hold onto your wrists all night… am I right?”

Tawny felt a tear drip down her face and she nodded. Nicholas frowned and shook his head, leaning forward to swipe at her cheek with his tongue.

“No more of that now. This is to be a night of pleasure, one you won’t soon forget. In fact,”

Nicholas paused and reached over the side of the bed. “In fact, I have a feeling after this night is over that you will feel very, very different, my pretty little sister.”

“Ah, I know you aren’t really my sister,” he said as emotion moved over her face. In fact, I am sure you showed my father pleasure. I can’t blame you really. Many women sought my father, and being the mortal he was, he would have wanted you desperately.

At first, the sight of you repelled me. I saw a spoiled little girl looking for money. I’m still not sure if that’s not true.”

Tawny’s eyes widened as Nicholas brought forth the knife.

“However, that doesn’t stop me from having certain urges, understand?” With maddening slowness he trailed the silver edge carefully down her cheek, marking a path over the curve of her neck and swell of her breast.

“I am drawn to you little sister. I see darkness inside of you. I feel the primal needs that surge under the surface of your soft skin. There is a part of you that wants this. Your body is betraying you. You want to run, but your there is a pulse between your legs and an ache in your bottom. You think you keep this part of you hidden. Anthony sees you alone and afraid. He wants you because he loves you, yet he pulls away from the touches, the to long embraces because he is afraid.”

The cool tip of the blade slid down her body and Tawny shivered as the thin material parted and exposed her skin. Shamefully, she felt the sudden arousal of her nipples but there was no way to hide them. They puckered and swelled as if arching toward the man she once disliked, and now hated.

“Beautiful. Your nipples are tight and rosy little sister,” he crooned as gently circled the knife tip around each peak. “I knew they would be.”

He dipped his head and wrapped his lips around her nipple and sucked roughly. Tawny wanted to scream, to bring her fists down and hurt him but he was strong… to strong. He tasted the other and she felt the knife press against her body, menacing yet not as sinister as the man above her.

“I feel your heart pounding little sister. I would call you Tawny, but little sister excites me more. I know it does you as well, though if I were to ask you, you would lie.”

The knife was gone.

“You keep your body so well. My hand fits well in the escort pendik curve of your stomach. I’m sure it will glide over your pussy even better. Do you think so?”

Tawny nodded, her breath coming a little faster as his hand grazed the top of her panties. Her impatience grew with her arousal, her hate mingling and morphing from disgust to exquisite sensation.

“I know little sister. Your ache is growing stronger. You hate me, but you don’t want me to stop either. Have no fears, because I’m not stopping. I plan to see this through… understand? With everyone else you can play the scared little girl that needs protection, but there will be only honesty between us.”

Tawny whimpered against his hand as he took hold of the waistband and ripped the material with one deft twist. He pulled it away from her body and threw the ruined panties across the room.

“Ah, much better.” Tawny watched his eyes sweep down his body, the blackness of his pupils glistening and snapping with need and desire. Boldly, he pushed her legs apart and slid a finger over the moistened slit of her pussy.

“That’s right little sister. I know you would be wet for me.”

Tawny closed her eyes as he probed there, his thick fingers parting the folds and rubbing the swollen nub. Against her will her body arched, forcing his fingers to touch more…feel more.

Nicholas chuckled softly. “That’s right. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure. Show me what lurks inside you. Let me see your darkness.”

Tawny moaned again and Nicholas pressed the tiny nub deeply, his finger rubbing swiftly as she moved her hips, wanting more… and more still.

“My cock is so hard for you little sister,” he said hoarsely. “The way you are moving under my hand, the sounds coming from your mouth.”

His plunged his finger inside her.

“Anthony wants to fuck you, but such a waste that would be. He can’t satisfy you, because you need something more. You need someone to guide you, to show you how to release what’s inside. The release will set you free, little sister. Anthony is not the one to show you. He would be gentle, but you crave fierceness. He would hold you, but you want restraint. You are rebelling against what you want but I want to set you free.”

Nicholas’s hands moved to the silk shorts he wore and he stood as if to test her. For a moment she was almost free, to pull her hands from the rope and run from the room. Anthony would love her… would protect her.

She saw his cock then, engorged with blood and standing proud, protruding from the swirl of black hair like a decadent gift from the devil. Nicholas stared down at her tied hands and heaving chest.

“How beautiful you look, almost innocent and yet I know you are far from such a thing.”

He climbed onto the bed and straddled her.

“What a good girl you are. You could have cried out and called for Anthony, but you didn’t. Have I broken through your lies? Are you ready to explore the fantasies that fill your thoughts and dreams?”

His cock rubbed along her inner thigh, straying close to her pussy but he held himself away as his fingers slipped through the wetness, two of them plunging roughly into her pussy. Tawny cried out, her arms, legs, and body moving and pulsing under him as her wild eyes met his.

“I will allow you to speak in a moment, but not yet. Tell me little sister. Did you fuck my father? Did you scream out his name? Did you thrust your tongue in his mouth as his cock pounded you? Did you say, “Fuck me harder Vanni? Did you let him use you?”

“Now… answer me.”

Tawny opened her lips, and found them to be almost dry. Her voice came from afar, gritty and raw sounding as his fingers pumped harder, his words propelling him and adding to his pleasure and her own. She licked her lips once, and all the things she wanted to say were on her tongue, but they wouldn’t come out. She swallowed once, then twice.

“I… I didn’t say those things.”

Nicholas nodded. “But you wanted to… didn’t you?”

Tawny shook her head. “No.”

“Liar!” Nicholas snapped. He leaned over her and grabbed her chin, holding her still as his eyes bore into hers.

“You loved fucking him because he was your mother’s. That excited you more than anything else, and if he hadn’t died you would have let him between your legs again!”

“Stop it!” Tawny sobbed. She wiggled underneath him pendik escort bayan but he held her fast.

“Tawny.” He made a clucking sound with his tongue and shook his head. “Didn’t I tell you there is to be honesty between us?”

He took his fingers from her and licked each one slowly as she watched. Her heart banged against her chest, and he took his cock and pressed it against her open slit, sliding the head up and down the moist opening.

“Mm, how lovely,” he crooned to her. “Your pussy is so warm and wet little sister. Perhaps I will break you after all.”

The moan escaped her mouth.

“Yesss,” he drawled. “Let yourself go Tawny. “Free yourself.”

He pressed harder against her nub, teasing her entrance ever so slightly as she raised her hips and moved in rhythm with him. She opened wider, almost daring him to thrust inside her. The pleasure rose in her, and she felt her resistance melting as he pushed onwards, sliding hotly up and down her clit. Her head swirled madly, her eyes blurring with an almost exquisite pain as the tip of his cock slipped inside her pussy.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he rasped. “I’m going to fuck you little sister, and you will drench me with your juices.”

“Oh God,” Tawny moaned as she reached for him. “Fuck me Nicholas, please!”

He groaned and with a blinding thrust he was inside her. Tawny screamed out, her arms wrapping around his neck, bringing him to her as her slim legs surrounded his waist. No longer caring, she forced his mouth to hers and kissed him, their lips gnawing and biting and their tongues colliding.. He pounded her against the bed and the head of his cock tapped madly against her g-spot. Her lustful cries were drowned by his tongue, fucking her as he promised he would do. Hazily, Tawny saw his tense face and closed eyes and with an abandon she began to whisper to him.

“Is this what you wanted brother?” she purred. “Is fucking me how you imagined in your darkest of dreams? Will you cum in my mouth… let me drink you down?”

“You bitch!” he rasped, his body rigid as he thrust into her roughly. “I ask the questions…not you!”

“I am freeing myself… just as you wanted,” she moaned softly. Suddenly, she couldn’t hold back any longer. The pleasure took her over, radiating with heat as she stiffened, her voice calling out his name as the orgasm wracked her. He caught her words with his mouth, leaving her whimpering and writhing under him, her heated body soaked with sweat. Nicholas grunted, his swollen cock heavy as turned her over, arching her bottom and pushing down her back. No longer resisting, Tawny moaned and spread wide for him, knowing what he planned to do and letting him do it.

He moistened her bottom with her wetness, his finger probing the hole roughly. She cried out but he didn’t care. He wanted to take her this way, in the filthiest and degrading of ways and make her admit her darkness. She flinched as his cock pressed against her hole but she didn’t turn away. She wanted him to do it, Nicholas realized. She wanted him to claim her bottom, to make real the darkest fantasies that left her gasping with pleasure in the privacy of her room. She wanted him to make them real.

“Oh fuck!” Nicholas cried out as he thrust inside her tiny opening. He felt her stretching, her knees almost buckled but he held her up, steadying her hips as he began to move. Her moans came from below him, but he was lost, his brain muddled with heated gluttony… he could not stop, he could not slow down. Tawny winced, his fingers bore into her flesh as he reamed her bottom.

“More,” she cried out. “Fuck me harder.”

Pain and pleasure hazed her mind and she became aware of her orgasm rising hard and fast, of heat and wet and animal grunts and the bed squeaking wildly as she bucked against him, his long hard shaft pummeling her ass over and over like a spear until she knew she was about to cum. He reached under and gripped her clit hard, rubbing it fast as her juices exploded from her pussy. Nicholas groaned, poking and thrusting until the seed spread of his cock and exploded inside her bottom and she rocked again him, squeezing her muscles and enveloping him tightly. He rose up, his hands squeezing her ass as his chest heaved wildly. He pulled away and collapsed onto the bed.

Tawny pressed her face against the pillow, her breath ragged as she felt his hand run along her thigh. He was heated and sweaty and her bottom was throbbing. After a few minutes came the creak of the bed and she felt him stand.

Before she could say anything the door opened and closed softly…and then he was gone.

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