The Amazon Twins

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Robert and Eve were twins, the children of a teacher and a University Professor. They had fought and played together all their lives and supported one another through each of their teenage troubles. They were very close, so it was no surprise to see that they were both drawn to the same interests including an abiding interest in Anthropology.

The twins attended the same University.

Having spent a number of years working various field trips around the world, the twins had decided to organise their own trip. Robert had picked up a whisper on their last trip, regarding a lost Amazonian tribe deep in the furthest regions of the jungle.

Having gained approval for the expedition from their backers, the pair set to arranging equipment and staff and their travel to the lower branch of the Maranon River where they made their home base.

It was 15 days into the expedition when porters and other staff began to disappear. It was clear that something was frightening them. Robert called a halt to their advance and set up camp to discuss the way forward. It was clear from their Interpreter, Raphael that the expedition had effectively ended. He suggested that they spend a final night in camp, before packing limited supplies and returning to base on the morrow.

Eve was awoken by the sound of a scuffle outside her tent and lighting her torch, left her tent to establish its source. Within seconds, she was surrounded by a large group of partly clothed Indians who hustled her over to where her Brother Robert and Raphael were already standing.

“For Christ’s sake Raphael, what the hell is going on?” Said Eve.

“It would appear that our guards and the last of the porters have abandoned us to our fate. I don’t speak their language, but it is close enough to others for me to make out basic ideas. It seems they have been following us for some time and have it in mind that both you and Robert have been sent from the Gods.”

“In that case, tell them to release us and let us go our way.”

“It’s not that easy,” said Raphael. “They have some sort of ceremony due and believe that you both were sent as messengers from the gods to take part in it.”

“Oh Shit.” said Robert. “What sort of ceremony? Please tell me they are not cannibals?”

“I’m sure they are not,” he replied. “From what I can understand, it is some sort of fertility ceremony, calling down the gods to bring food and rains to grow their crops. Right now, they clearly require us to follow them back to their village. I might also advise you not to argue with them, or give them any reason to lose their temper. ”

It was no more than a mile or two to the camp, where on their arrival; Robert and Eve were separated and taken to separate huts.

On entering her hut, Eve was confronted by a half dozen female Indians, all of whom were totally naked. Within seconds, Eve was also naked having been stripped by the other women and was placed into some form of throne. Once she was sitting in her seat, she was approached by an old crone carrying a gourd of some kind. It was clear from her gestures that she wished Eve to drink its contents. Reluctantly, Eve brought the gourd to her lips and was surprised by the sweet smelling concoction. The liquid was warm and sweet on her lips and slipped easily down her throat, exploding in her stomach and raising her temperature. Within a few minutes, the heat began to work its way down to her genitals and out to her nipples, her libido exploded and her pussy began to leak. The women took hold of Eve and raised her to her feet before beginning to oil the whole of her body, their slippery hands left no part of her un-oiled, slowly massaging her breasts, buttocks and vagina. Their oiled massage drove Eve’s sex drive through the roof, she found herself moaning in frustration, not being permitted to stroke herself. Her needs rose with the beat of the drums she could hear outside the hut.

Eve shivered as she was led out into the cold night air placed in the seat to the left of the Chieftain’s chair. Her naked, oiled body glistened in the dancing light from the many fires around the clearing. The sound of the drummers beating the logs took on an almost hypnotising effect.

Hearing a scuffling to her right, Eve looked to see her brother being led out to the chief’s Dias, being placed into a seat on his right. She saw that like her, his body had been oiled until it shone like a highly polished stone. She noted that his body was well defined with the muscles rippling under his dark suntanned skin. She could hardly withhold her gasp as her eyes fell to the appendage between his thighs. Robert’s penis was slightly turgid and hung heavily along with the sac containing his balls. Eve saw that it must be at least eight inches in length and appeared to be more than two inches in breadth. Eve was shocked to see that Robert was making no attempt to cover himself up. If anything he seemed to swagger. Seeing Robert’s genitalia brought her mind back to her own body. She noted that her nipples bahis firmaları were swollen and erect and her breasts throbbed. She could feel moistness between her thighs, where for some reason; her kegel muscles were softly pulsing.

Looking around the clearing she counted twenty or more fires. In between and around the fires were many rugs. In the centre of the circle was a large heap of skins surrounded by a row of small bowls in which wicks were slowly burning. She could hear a low chanting from somewhere behind her slowly rising in volume.

Looking to her left, she saw Raphael standing on the edge of the clearing and beckoned him over.

“What’s going?” She said.

“I understand it is a fertility ceremony, calling on the Gods to provide good crops and lots of children in the forthcoming year. They will praise the Gods with their bodies before calling on the God’s messengers, that is, you and Robert, to procreate and bring in the new year of plenty.”

“What! Myself and Robert to do what? They want us to fuck for them?”

“These people see you as messengers of their God. They want you to offer your bodies as a conduit for his beneficence. By having sex, you open the path from yourself to him. The more sex, the stronger the connection, the greater the benefit.”

“Raphael, Robert’s my brother. I can’t have sex with him for heaven’s sake, and what do you mean by ‘the more sex’?”

“I tried speaking to their Shaman to get him to work out some other way of calling down their God, but he’s adamant you were both sent to call down their God. As for the other matter, I suspect they will expect you both to have sex for the whole of the ceremony.”

“I’m not doing it Raphael; I am not going to fuck my own brother, and certainly not in front of the whole tribe.”

“Then it’s very likely you will both die. If you are not as they believe, messengers of their God, then you have been sent by their enemies to cast bad magic on them.”

“Tell them the truth. This is ridiculous, we can’t do it.”

“Oh you will,” said Raphael. “I think you will find you have no problem doing it when the time comes. After all, you have all the help you need.”


“The drink you were enjoying whilst they massaged you is a potent aphrodisiac and will supply you with the urge you will both need when the time comes to begin the ceremony.”

Eve saw the smile cross his face and followed his gaze down to her breasts, where she saw her nipples were now fully engorged. She thought she saw movement, as though each nipple was pulsing to the incessant beating of the drummers. Her breasts felt full and heavy, heat inside them increasing.

Suddenly, Eve felt the Chieftain tugging at her elbow. Turning, she saw him pointing across the clearing to where she saw two lines of people, one male and one female. Both lines were dancing and swaying to the hypnotic thumping of the drums. All of them were naked, their bodies heavily oiled and their skin reflected the light from the various fires.

The lines began to weave in amongst the flames. In the light, Eve could see that all of the dancers were young, probably the fittest of the tribe. The women’s breasts were quite small, but their nipples were long and heavily swollen. All had child bearing hips and a forest of tight black hair at the juncture of their loins.

The men’s small but muscled bodies rippled in the dancing light and caused Eve to gasp, as she saw each throbbing erection protruding from the mat of black hair between their legs.

In and out and around the fires the dancers stepped. Soon it became clear that they were beginning to pair up. Before long, each of the women held a man by his penis and led him around whilst at the same time, stroking his length. Slowly, each couple danced their way to one of the mats set out in the circle where they stood facing each other.

The drumming grew to a crescendo before coming to a sudden halt. Drummers and dancers frozen. Almost instantaneously, the piercing wail of a horn called out. In response, the women turned away from the men and dropped to their hands and knees, legs slightly splayed. A further call and the men dropped to their knees behind the women. Each couple reached for a large mug which stood beside each mat and drank deeply from its contents, before the women appeared to brace themselves; In unison, each drummer struck a single blow to his log, the hollow boom rising and mixing with the screams of twenty females voices as each tribesman drove his rigid penis deep into his partners pussy in a single stroke.

The tableau froze for only a second, before the couples began to follow the beating of the drums. The men’s driving hips were being met by the women’s tight buttocks as they drove them back to engulf the invading flesh. The loud slap, slap, slap of wet flesh rang around the clearing.

Eve shuddered as the sight before her triggered a fire in her belly. Her pussy pulsed and throbbed as waves of desire began to run through kaçak iddaa her body. No matter how hard she fought it, the desire grew stronger. Looking across to where her brother was sat on the opposite side of the Chief, she saw that he too was affected by the scene before him. He was leaning forward in his seat whilst his right hand was wrapped around the engorged length of his rod. Her brother’s penis was huge, clearly dwarfing any of those of the men in the clearing. For a fleeting moment, she had a vision of its swollen length sliding deep inside her, before shaking her head and returning to the scene before her.

Any kind of rhythm had now been abandoned by the fucking couples. What had started as an organised ceremony had now degenerated into an all out fuck fest. Couples were howling and screeching as they fucked and rutted on the mats. Even the rest of the tribe had divested themselves of their clothing and were now fucking as though their lives depended on it, on and on it went, as one partner fell exhausted, the other would seek someone else.

The fires in Eve’s loins grew strong as she witnessed the debauchery. The smell of raw sex and bodily fluids filled the air, almost drawing her into the melee of bodies. Suddenly, she felt hands on her naked body massaging warm oil into her body. A cup was held up to her lips, the sickly sweet odour filling her nostrils. The cup was held to her lips and tipped and she drank deeply of the honey sweet liquid it held. As the warm viscous fluid invaded her body, it set the fires there roaring. Eve had never been so aroused in her life, if there were not so many hands on her body; she knew she would have been down amongst the tribe seeking a partner.

Looking to her right, Eve could see her sibling being subjected to the same treatment. His body glistened in the firelight and his dick had swollen to an enormous size, to an extent where the girls could hardly get their hands around it.

Suddenly, Eve felt hands pulling at her. Standing, she was led to the centre of the clearing and made to kneel down on all fours. Looking around her, she saw that she was surrounded by sweating, heaving bodies engaged in sex in every position. Screams and grunts filled the air as the copulating couples fucked as though possessed.

Looking over her shoulder, she saw her brother being led over towards her. Her eyes were drawn to the erect penis standing rigid at his loins, pulsing and twitching. Now she realised what was expected of them, the tribe clearly did expect them to fuck for the Gods. Despite her own arousal, there was no way she was going to commit incest with her own brother.

“Noooooooo!” She wailed, and tried to rise, but hands held her firmly kneeling on the skins. Suddenly, she felt the touch of naked flesh against her own, as well as the hard fleshy pole pushing between the cheeks of her ass. Looking over her shoulder, she saw her brother kneeling there looking confused, but with the look of lust in his eyes.

“Noooooo! Robert, Noooooo! We can’t do this, wake up, she cried, as she watched other hands bend him over her body.

“Please, Robert, don’t do this,” she screamed.

It was then she felt the head of his throbbing penis being rubbed up and down the lips of her dripping pussy, causing fireworks to explode throughout her body. She felt hands tighten their grip on her body and then her scream rent the air as her brother’s rigid, swollen cock was pushed home deep inside her pussy.

Eve thought she was being split in two, as her sibling’s rod stretched her vaginal walls. She felt the end of his dick crash into her back wall, pushing up against the mouth of her cervix. She thought she would faint with the pain, feeling her cunt clamp around the invader to prevent it creating more damage to her.

Robert bent over his sibling’s back, saying, “I’m sorry Eve, they are making me do this.”

“No Rob. You are inside me, we can’t do this, you’re my brother.”

Even as she uttered the words, Eve felt the flames of passion rising in her loins. Felt her pussy begin to pulsate around the invader. Clutching his length, her internal muscles milked the tumescent pole and she groaned as she felt his swollen length begin to throb and twitch deep inside her cunt.

“Please Rob, don’t do this,” she cried.

Even as she voiced the words, she knew it was too late. She could never let him leave her, her body needed to be filled with her brother’s meat.

“I can’t, Oh God forgive me!” Robert cried. Then grasping Eve by her waist, he withdrew his rod, paused, and then drove his penis back into his sister. A loud slap echoed around the clearing as his sweat soaked loins met the oil covered skin of his sibling’s buttocks.

His feral roar of sexual domination was accompanied by his sister’s screech of wanton passion as she thrust her hips back to meet the invader, screeching again as the swollen crown of his dick collided with the mouth of her womb.

The cries seemed to egg on the lovemaking of those around kaçak bahis them. It was as though a brake had been released. Each of the couples began to fuck with a vengeance, as the cries, grunts and wet slaps rose to a crescendo, the drumming pulsated through the clearing.

Eve had never felt anything like it; the explosions in her body were becoming greater with each slam of Robert’s rod, deep inside her body. She thought she was going to pass out, as she felt Robert’s hands grasp her breasts and begin squeezing them, his thumb and fingers tightly rolling her nipples between them. Bolts of lightening shot between her nipples and pussy driving her crazy with sexual need. Her right hand shot between her legs and zeroed in on her clitoris, as her fingers frantically rubbed it, it set off mini explosions which collided with those created by the swollen ridge of flesh on Robert’s dick, which sawed across her ‘G’ spot.

EVE and her sibling were now in a complete animal rut. The drink they had been given had raised their libidos off the scale and neither could stop the fucking. Sweat poured from both bodies as their loins smashed into each other at a frantic pace, the slapping of wet skin on skin resounding around the clearing.

“Oh God, fuck me. Harder! Please fuck me harder.” Eve screamed.

Robert drove his staff deep into his sister’s cunt, the blunt domed head of his dick smashing into the back wall of her pussy and the mouth of her cervix. He could hear his sister’s screams as he assaulted her cunt and tried to rip her nipples from her chest. His dick felt even more swollen, and he could feel the wet ridges of her pussy walls abrading his flesh. Her sheath so tight, it felt as though her cunt was trying to rip his dick off by the root.

It had to happen, the twins had fucked themselves into a frenzy of passion and their orgasmic roars and screeches, resounded throughout the jungle as the mutual orgasms ripped through their bodies. Robert’s drove his lance deep into his sister one last time as his balls exploded. His semen shot along the length of his dick before hosing the walls of his sister’s cunt. At the same time, he could feel her cunt constrict around him as her hot juices sprayed his jerking loins. Both bodies jerking as though suffering an electric shock.

Both sweating bodies collapsed to the skins in a gasping heap. They lay for what could only be seconds before Robert let out a deep roar and raising himself to his knees, reached down and flipped his sister onto her back. Reaching for her buttocks, he raised up her hips level with his rigid tool and with a deep grunt, drove his still swollen dick into his sibling’s hot wet pussy.

“Yes!” Screamed Eve. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” her legs swung up, wrapping around his waist as her hands began to claw at his back. There was no love making to be seen between them, the twins were determined to fuck each other to death. On and on they rutted, rolling and fucking. First one and then the other assumed the upper position, but irrespective of who was the dominant one, each twin was determined to fuck the life out of the other.

As he watched the twins shudder through their sixth major orgasm, Raphael looked at his watch and was shocked to see that they had been fucking nonstop for over three hours. Shaking his head, he walked to his hut and into his bed.

Raphael was awoken by the low rising sun shining in his eyes through the open door of the hut. Rising from his bed, he drifted out to the clearing and was shocked to see the two twins still laid on the skins in the centre. Not so much shocked to see them laying there, so much as the fact that they were clearly still fucking. As he approached, he could see that Robert was laid between Eve’s legs, her heels resting on his calves. Her hands were clutching his buttocks with her nails driven deep into his flesh, whilst his gripped her shoulders with the same determination. A low moaning issued from both twins as their hips slowly ground together. It was plain to see that Robert was still buried in his sister, her heavily swollen vaginal lips sucking at her twin’s girth. Their bodies and the skins beneath them were soaked and covered in what could only be their own sweat and come. Robert’s back was covered in dozens of deep lacerations and weal’s, whilst Eve’s breasts bore the bruises and bite marks of their night of passion.

Raphael knelt beside the twins and tried to pull Eve’s hands away from her twin, only for her to shake them loose and bury them back in Robert’s buttocks, pulling at him as though urging him on. Taking Robert by the shoulder, he shook him.

“Robert, you have to stop this, get off her.”

“No!” He groaned. “Have to fuck her.”

At the same time, he began to thrust slowly into his sister, the wet squelching noise of pussy juice and old cum filled the area as Eve slowly struggled to raise her hips to meet the downward fall of her twins. Slowly, the twins continued to fuck each other, softly gasping as slippery loins met, only to fall away again.

Rafael stood and sought out the tribal Shaman. In his broken language he asked the Shaman how long the couple would continue to mate, but was met with a shrug of the shoulders.

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