Senior Class Daughter Swap Ch. 02

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As soon as Kate turned to go into her room, I decided to make my way to the kitchen for a quick drink. Retrieving a bottle of water, I uncap and take a long drink to help ‘recover’ from what we had just done. Looking up just in time to see Kate come strolling back down the hallway, phone in hand, texting as she walks. One thing that was impossible not to notice was that Kate hadn’t worried about putting any clothing back on. So I was seeing my amazing daughter in all her nude glory again. Enjoying the sight of her tight little mound completely bald, but for the thin strip of hair left just above her slit. The gap in her legs immediately drawing my eyes, as she cradles her phone with both hands, tapping the screen until she gets back to the living room. Only looking up to find the ‘barstool’ on that side of the island separating the kitchen and living room. Once she found it, I watched my beautiful daughter slide onto it, before hearing the chime from her phone, signaling that she got a text back.

As soon as the text came in, Kate was already tapping and swiping on the phone’s screen, causing her perky tits to jiggle a bit in the process. Her face turning to a grin during her response text.

I continue sipping my water as Kate finished her text. It couldn’t have been more than 5 seconds later when her phone started ringing. Apparently Jenny didn’t want to keep texting back and forth, and decided to talk, because the first thing I hear when Kate answers is “Yea, this is too much to text!”

I catch bits and pieces of what’s being said to Kate through her phone, even though she’s not on speakerphone. ‘She is a girl’, I think to myself, ‘so the volume probably has to be cranked up for some reason’.

So I hear a shocked, shrill tone for the phrase “you’re not serious!”

“Dead serious! Like, I haven’t even cleaned myself up yet!” Kate nearly beamed in response, while shifting on the barstool.

I heard bits of Jenny’s answer, before Kate responded to one of her questions.

“Yea Joselyn, I know….NOT happy about that at all! But I’m trying to stay positive. So work with me here!”

More bits and pieces from Jenny on the other end of the phone, and I hear Kate continue on with her.

“Yea you got Carrie, I saw that. Not exactly a wild one for your dad. But that’s good! He doesn’t have some worked over slut like Joselyn Ward hanging on his balls 24/7!”

With that little slam, I watch my daughter crack her first laugh since she’s been on the phone, as she and her best friend continue their conversation for another few minutes. I hear one side of the conversation shift from current events to planning.

I catch a little bit of the back and forth between the two, including Kate telling her friend “Fuck yea it hurt to start! Anal virgin… But it gets better. And if you can relax right, and give it some time, it’s more like an intense pressure, and feels like a bigger dick than anything you’ve ever been fucked with.”

I look up at her describing some of her first time, that I just helped her experience, catching a laugh from her at the end of her statement. ‘Bigger dick than anything she’s ever been fucked with’ eh, I think to myself….not bad for the ego. I take a glance down at my cock, hanging down a little less than half hard now, thinking ‘ya did well, bud’. It never hurts to stroke the ego a little bit. Before I know it, I hear Kate turn serious again.

“So hey, what are you doing tomorrow after class.”

I don’t actually hear Jenny’s answer, as I take another sip of water from my bottle, while watching my daughter work her charms on her…still in the nude, her perky breasts nonchalantly on display.

“OK, so the right answer is ‘coming over to your place” I hear her add with a bit of a sarcastic tone.

I hear Kate and Jenny back and forth a little bit about the planning for tomorrow afternoon, before Kate looks up at me with a bit of a concerned look on her face

“You’ll be here around 4, right dad?”

I give her a simple nod yes, and add in “I’m working from home tomorrow…2020.”

I see that my answer puts her mind at ease, as she and Jenny finalize the details, and she hits end on her phone.

As soon as the call ends, she looks up at me with a serious look on her face.

“Ok, Jenny’s coming over tomorrow around 4. I’ll try to be home a little before her to get things ready. And dad, I mean it, I want to help you with her ass. I’m not a lesbian, but I’m really curious what it looks like when…well you know.”

Catching her slight hesitation “When I slide my cock in her ass?” Said with a wry grin on my face.

My way of describing the situation must have caught her off guard, as she just gives me a simple nod ‘Yes’, before moving on to tell me that she’d love it if we did it tomorrow, in the same place we just got done fucking tonight.

“Just think dad, 2 virgin asses over the same ottoman.” Now taking her turn to flash a playful grin in my direction.

“And just how is your ass, hunny? Are you a little bahis firmaları bit sore?”

I see her shift on the barstool just a little bit, and move a hand down to her tight little butt, almost reflexively.

“Just sore….not what I’d call a little bit. But that’s normal, right?”

I give her a simple yes nod, after another short sip of water “That’s to be expected. Most women are a little sore after having their asses fucked. And that was your first time…so yes, it’s pretty normal.”

Happy with the answer I gave her, she hops up off the barstool, but before turning away to head to her room, she gives me a semi-serious look “4 tomorrow dad. Rest up. I want you at your best!” Before giving me a quick laugh, spinning and nearly bouncing off down the hallway to her room. My eyes never leaving her tight little butt, until she turns to head into the bathroom.

After she darts out of sight, I look down at my now less than half hard cock, still nearly his full length (lucky in my genetics that way). ‘You hear that buddy? Tomorrow at 4 pm. You better be up to the challenge…no excuses’. Even using my finger to point at my cock, giving him a faux stern talking to.

The next day is a boring blur of work. One would think that working from home is some grand thing where you can goof off all day, watch sports, have a beer or 6. But really it requires more focus than being in an office, specifically because of all the distractions. And Kate decided she wanted to distract a couple times. Before leaving for school, she made sure to tell me how much she was looking forward to this afternoon. And even gave a little ‘model pose’ before heading out the door in a regular looking pair of leggings. I didn’t really put much thought into them before yesterday. Then around noon I got a text message from her, asking if I had thought about the fact that in a few hours, I was going to get my choice of 2 tight little asses to slide my cock into.

My response was simple.

“I thought today was all about Jenny?” Trying to act coy. As I was all but sure Kate wouldn’t be able to keep herself from indulging, especially if she actually watched me sliding myself into Jenny’s ass.

The reply I got caused me to stifle a laugh at my office desk in the spare bedroom.

“Man on a mission, dad. Jenny’s the mission…then whatever happens, happens.”

The rest of my day went by uneventfully. Or as uneventfully as can be when you’re thinking about potentially fucking two 18 year old asses in a few hours.

I hear the garage door go up at a few minutes to 4, just as I’m trying to finish up one last bit of work. I’ve even skipped a couple breaks in order to get what I wanted to get done in time.

It’s Kate, and she pops her head in the doorway to my office, on her way to her room.

“You almost done there dad? Jenny was stopping by her house first to drop her stuff off, then coming right over. So figure 10 minutes…?”

I look up and over my left shoulder to see her half in the doorway “I’ll be ready babe. How about you?”

She gives me a wide eyed look and a slight tilt of the head before answering.

“Uh yea…..been MORE than ready practically all day dad!” Her voice comes off with a twinge of sarcasm, like I should have expected the answer all along.

And with that, she dips her head back out of my office and disappears down the hallway. Two more saves, transfer of another file and upload, and I’m out of the programs I’ve been using for work. Information security paranoia comes over me as I log out of everything, before shutting my monitors down. Force of habit…I doubt either of the girls that are going to be here care at all about my work.

When I reach my room, I take a few seconds to collect the same glass plug and tube of lube that I had used with Kate just a day before. Thinking to myself that it’ll be in its second tight little tushy in as many days here soon. Come to think of it, Jenny is a tiny bit more petite than Kate, as I try to compare and contrast the two young women.

‘There will be plenty of time to compare and contrast here shortly’, I think to myself. For now, I need to get supplies so I’m ready for the task at hand. With that, I think about how it will feel to ease inside my second virgin ass in as many days. A quick walk up the hallway to set the items on an end table, a trip to the fridge to grab a few bottles of water, and I think I’m set.

As I get back to my room, fixed on changing into something a little easier to get myself out of, and….the front door opens, complete with Kate walking up the hallway to greet Jenny in the living room.

I hear a little bit of their talking from my bedroom at the end of the hallway. Snippets like “No I didn’t tell them why I came over! Are you nuts?” And a response of “Well he has to know it’s going to happen at some point!” coming from my darling girl Kate.

As I get myself out of the pair of work slacks I’ve been in all day, I drop my boxer briefs. I decide to go with a loose fitting kaçak iddaa pair of jeans instead, without any underwear. Quick to get into, but not looking like a slob in sweatpants, expecting what’s about to happen.

I come out of my bedroom and make my way to the living room to see Jenny and Kate perched on the barstools making small talk. I can’t imagine what about though. They just saw each other an hour ago. But the conversation isn’t what draws my attention. It’s both of the petite little butts perched on the stools, both in skin tight leggings. Part of me knows they’re doing that for my benefit. And as soon as they hear me come into the living room, they both spin on their perches to greet me.

“Dad, you remember Jenny” giving a cheeky grin in the process.

Jenny follows on with a quick smile and cheeky wave. I swear I see her wiggling her butt on the barstool as well, but maybe that’s my imagination.

At that moment, they both slide off their barstools and turn to walk toward me.

Kate breaks the tension first “Look how hot Jenny is!” as she does her best ‘Price is Right’ prize presentation of her friend. And she’s not wrong. Again she’s not the traditional ‘smoke show’ that some might envision. But she has a bit of the nerdy good looks. The mousey girl that ends up being a complete sex fiend. I think that must be something they’ve coordinated, along with both of them wearing their tightest pairs of leggings today. The rest of Jenny’s outfit is standard fare, with a pair of comfy looking shoes and a somewhat tight, but completely covering t-shirt. Aside from how tight the leggings fit, her outfit isn’t really an eye catcher. Then I take another look at her leggings, and the gap between her thighs, and note that I can almost make out a puffy outline. Is it possible that she’s not wearing panties today?

I glance to Kate and notice that her outfit is almost the same, save for her wearing a crop top that shows off her stomach. Again I look at the gap between her thighs and see the same type of outline.

‘I don’t think either one is wearing panties’, I think to myself. It takes a few seconds before I figure out that they’re probably not. After all, what would be the point?

Kate and Jenny walk through the living room, to the very same ottoman I had Kate over just last night, before they both drop to their knees and bend over it, with their butts in the air.

Jenny is the first to speak. She peeks over her shoulder almost in a shy way

“Which one of us has the better looking butt.” as they both took the opportunity to wiggle their tight, petite little tushes in front of me.

I catch their game, and shake my head with a wry grin.

“I know what you’re doing girls…trust me, I do.” before walking over to get directly behind the both of them “And you know I can’t answer that with your pants on.”

I watch as you both get a quick laugh out of my response, and Kate bumps her butt into her friend’s, with a quick “Told you!” response.

As soon as she laughs at her own response, Kate peeks her head around at me again with her answer

“You want that view, you’ll need to get our pants off….” before giving me a practiced ‘come and get me’ look.

‘One ass fucking, and all of the sudden she’s turned into some dirty little minx’ I think to myself. Knowing this afternoon is supposed to be about Jenny, I walk over to her first. Reaching her, I hook my hands around the top of her leggings, before pulling down firmly, dragging them down over her tight little buns. As soon as I get the bunched up pants to her knees, she stands herself up on her toes, to let them slide free, before lifting her feet back up to let me slide them the rest of the way off. I take a good look at my prize, as I’m merely a foot or so away when the leggings come completely off.

I see that Jenny has shaved herself completely bald, possibly just for this occasion. Her lips only the slightest bit puffy, hiding her entrance completely. I make a mental note of just how tight and inviting she looks, before my gaze shifts up to her tiny puckered star. Knowing I’ll be feeling that stretch around my cock in the very near future, I study every detail. She looks impossibly tight, with the tight little scrunch sunk inward and even appearing to move ever so slightly as she breathes.

‘It’s probably just a reaction from the cooler air hitting her’ I think to myself, before moving in to plant a kiss on each pert cheek, and giving them a squeeze and jiggle. The view of Jenny’s most intimate places has my cock nearing full mast, as I shuffle over to her left, to my daughter to get the same view of her.

As I kneel behind Kate, she lets out of a soft giggle and exhale. My hands go to the waist of her leggings, giving them a quick tug to get them over her slightly larger rump. As soon as they’re down her thighs, I get a glance of the same beautiful sight I saw just last night. Her tight little slit outlined by her puffy lips that look so inviting to touch, taste and slide into. As my hands pull kaçak bahis her leggings down, she does the same as Jenny just did, popping her knees off the ground (and her butt up just a bit higher) to let me clear her pants past them, before pulling her feet back upward to let me get them completely off. With this, I’m able to really study the view in front of me. Kate’s pussy looks just as beautiful as the rest of her, especially from this angle. And just above it, her beautiful little puckered star. If I had not been inside it just a day before, she could have told me she was an anal virgin, and I wouldn’t have any reason to question her. Hers is sunk in just the same as Jenny’s emphasizing just how tight both of their little back doors are. The only difference between the two of them so far is Kate pushing her butt back toward me as I study every detail, nearly bumping my chin with her most intimate spots.

After a few long seconds of viewing her in the most intimate sense, complete with squeezing and spreading her beautiful cheeks, I lean in and plant a kiss on each cheek, followed by a more intimate kiss right on her tight little hole. My tongue hits her before my lips, causing her to flinch and jump forward, figuring that’s a first for her. Just then I remember that I hadn’t done the same for Jenny. I shake off the thought, thinking ‘I’ll get the chance a little later’, as I lean back far enough to get a good look at both of the young women in front of me.

‘Just think old man, you’re going to get in both of these virgin asses…and it’s happening on back-to-back days’. My eyes go back and forth between the two of them, before giving each a light spank and getting back to my feet. ‘They’re both so petite…where will it all go?’ I catch myself thinking, before unbuckling and unzipping my pants. Letting them fall to the floor and stepping out, freeing my engorged cock to swing up and lead the way when I walk to the end table to retrieve the ‘tools’ that I’ll be using to prepare Jenny’s virgin ass.

I catch both of them looking over at me as I retrieve the glass plug from the table, and the small bottle of lube. But neither of them are looking at my face. But sets of eyes are trained on what’s standing out in front of me, even as I bend down to retrieve the items. I even catch Kate looking back over her shoulder as I come behind Jenny and gently grasp her small butt cheek in my hand.

“Alright Jenny hun, this is going to help me get you ready. This is a butt plug, and it’s going to loosen you up just a little bit, so I can fit my cock inside you.”

I catch what sounds like a ‘mmmhmm’ out of her mouth as I see her lay her face down on the ottoman, hopefully mentally preparing herself for what’s to come. I see Kate watching like a hawk as I squeeze out a large drop of lube on the end of the toy, before smearing it all over the flaring end. I place another drop on the end of the toy, as well as one good drop on my index finger, before placing the bottle down at my feet, and inching the tip of my finger to her waiting entrance.

How I haven’t just taken my cock in hand and shoved it in either of their pussies to this point, I can’t imagine. Perhaps it’s knowing that I’ve only got so many loads of cum to hand out per night, and I’m expecting that I’ll need both of them for the little back doors I’ve been presented. But I see the hungry look on Kate’s face as the tip of my finger sinks past Jenny’s ring. Her body tensing as she flinches upward at the invasion. Then she does something that surprises even me….she flattens herself back on the ottoman, pushing her butt back toward me, engulfing more of my finger. As I pass the first knuckle, I stop to pull back gently, before slipping further into her tightest entrance. I move my hand so I can rub my thumb over her ever slicker lips below, rubbing up and down at her entrance, before sliding further to touch the little nub of her clit. Once my thumb hits her clit, I feel her jump a bit forward again, no doubt from a bit of shock and over stimulation.

My finger continues to slowly drive forward into Jenny’s virgin hole, before I reach as far as I can with just the one finger. The rest of my hand is now palmed against her, my thumb softly rubbing on her clit, as I look over my daughter’s best friend, watching her tense and relax along with her breathing.

“That’s it hunny, breathe deep and try to relax around my finger. Try to push out to meet my finger.”

I try to relax her with the tone of my voice, as I start working my finger between half and full depth, even pushing down on the wall between her tight little pussy, and her even tighter little ass. When I look over at Kate again, I see her watching our every move from over her shoulder. I catch a view of movement between her legs, as she rubs her fingers softly over her own clit. No doubt wanting to feel some of what Jenny is feeling right now.

I decide the time is right to push Jenny a bit further, taking my finger out of her, before transferring the plug from my right to my left hand. I push the tip of it up to her beautiful little puckered star, letting the tip make contact and even pushing ever so slightly against her. I know it will take far more pressure to enter her, being far fatter than my finger.

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