My Sister Made Me Ch. 15

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My Sister Made Me

Chapter 15


Thursday morning…

Her conscious self was slowly swimming upward from the land of dreams, rousing her from the most restful sleep she’d had in a very long time. Strong arms wrapped around her body. One was snug across her waist and pulling her against the taut stomach muscles behind her. The forearm was pressed up against her cleavage, sliding up between her breasts and up to her shoulder where it was gently resting. That single arm was snuggling her tight against the warm, masculine presence behind her.

The other arm was extended out from the form behind her, laying underneath her head and serving as her pillow for the night before. It extended outward from there, the hand resting palm up and her own much smaller, more delicate one resting inside.

The presence behind her dwarfed her own, easily engulfing her as if she were a child. As she blearily opened her eyes and inhaled his musky scent, she felt as safe as she’d ever been. His warmth was like a cocoon of affection encasing her and seeping into her skin. She could feel him keeping away the bad things at the corners of her mind and the nightmares, as well as the cool air in her room. She couldn’t help herself and took a deep breath. Inhaling more of his scent and drawing it into her own body, she basked in the way it made her all warm and tingly, but also calm and happy. It wasn’t foul or rotten. It was just him. It was just Dane.


The name made her realize who it was that she was snuggled against. With a silent cry of agonized realization, she was suddenly aware of the extremely hard and very large bulge nestling not-so-innocently between her thighs. She felt a surge of arousal filling her and bit her lip painfully to have something else to focus on, but she seemed to be stuck in that moment.

He was sound asleep, but the delightful feeling of his cock sneaking up to nuzzle happily against her extremely deprived and unused pussy was sending it into spasms. Devious, disgusting thoughts filled her head about spinning around and impaling herself on his immensity without any pretense or foreplay, or whirling around and taking it into her mouth, then not letting go until he filled her up with his undoubtedly delicious cum.

She knew she shouldn’t… no… she couldn’t… move. Dane would definitely get embarrassed and flip out about being erect with her in the same house or some other insanely overprotective and ridiculous idea like that. Obviously, she couldn’t act on her baser, more primal urges to turn over and provoke him into taking her. Could she? Surely it would be positively ridiculous for him to slide on top of her and gently but firmly smuggle his wonderfully hard cock deep into her poor… deprived… sad little pussy.

Fighting the urge to slide from his arms before her rampaging libido and the wickedly sexual ideas swimming around in her head made the rest of her do something scandalous, she forced herself to calm down and took a very long and very deep breath, then set about trying to figure out what she was going to do to get them both out of this predicament.

Gently, she slid her right hand out of his left, then held it still for a moment to make sure he wasn’t waking up. A few pregnant moments passed before she started moving again. She was desperate to try and somehow maneuver the extremely enticing organ away from her pussy, no matter how much it begged her to do just the opposite. Slowly reaching down, she felt between her legs for the focus of this whole mess, then froze as she suddenly felt it on her skin. Closing her eyes in quiet agony, she stifled a whimper and forced her hand to stay where it was and not press the darn thing inside of her. It was hot, like it had been seeking warmth from the raging fire that had been simmering in the softer parts of her sex. She knew that she should let go of the throbbing, fleshy mushroom, but felt her heart pounding as her fingers caressed it instead.

A weak, pitiful whimper escaped her lips, her pussy quivering, wet, and begging her to let it at the monster. Thoughts filled her head of how earth-shatteringly powerful her orgasm would be if she just let go and slid it inside. She shuddered, biting her lip again and squeezing her eyes closed. She wouldn’t, she couldn’t! She fought to ignore the rest of her body begging her to make it happen.

“I can’t,” she whispered quietly. “I can’t.”

Squinting her eyes shut, she felt a tear slide across her cheek from sheer sexual frustration, then yanked her hand back up and wiped it away.

“Mmm, mornin’ baby,” she heard him mutter in his sleepy haze, then froze in tortured resignation as his hands moved. His right arm slid from her shoulder and out from between her aching breasts, down to her stomach, the briefly tickled the soft skin there before moving back up under the night shirt she was wearing.

The fingers briefly caressed the pale orb for a moment before he squeezed roughly, pressing it against bahis firmaları her and pulling her closer to him for a moment. The roughness of the grope was a shock, sending impulses of delight crashing through her. Quickly though, he stopped his attack on the pale flesh, and began to gently knead it his fingers for an agonizingly short moment. Stifling a whimper, she felt his fingers move to her nipple where they gently pinched and pulled at the tender flesh, forcing it to swell and grow despite her internal pleading for it not to.

His bent his left arm, the hand now free of hers, and moved it down past her breasts and slid between her legs, his finger sliding against the small weave of pubic hair through the white cotton of her panties. The digit easily found her hypersensitive nub and rubbed once, twice, then a third time as her mouth dropped open in silent protest. He began to rub slowly, teasingly, his finger practically dancing against her button.

A quiet, almost guttural moan of approval came from somewhere, and she realized with irritation that it was from her. Biting her lip yet again to keep from screaming at him to hurry up and fuck her already, she tried to keep herself from making any more noises or movements that would encourage him.

But then… her beloved brother thrust his hips forward into her rump, driving his cock along the length of her quaking pussy and eliciting a staccato of weakened cries of defeat. She didn’t have any fight left in her in that moment and could feel her legs starting to spread for him and let him have easier access to what was his.

Moaning quietly, she relaxed back into him, her free arm moving back to grip his butt and pull. His lips found the nape of her neck, and she shuddered as he kissed and sucked at it, a gentle nibble punctuating the entire taboo act.

He thrust against her once more, but this time he pulled his hand from her breast and gripped her hip to help him drive his cock forward against and hopefully inside her. The mushroom head slid back briefly before he started back forward, then drove up the trough of her pussy, gouging a path through her panty-covered pussy lips and pressing firmly into them. It reached the top and pressed hard into her. She quivered against him, holding deathly still. The head of his cock was nuzzled at her entrance, just moments from sliding inside, panties and all. Another quick thrust of his hips against her butt sent it against her clit and beyond, the top of his shaft grinding hard against it.

Weeks of pent-up frustration, anger, and unbridled arousal coalesced in that single instant, and she felt her pussy shudder. A violent contraction hit her, and she cried out in rapture, her orgasm slamming into her and sending her mind spinning. Released tension caused her to collapse again, but her orgasm stiffened every muscle in her body in an instant and she cried out once more, the overpowering pleasure filling every cell in her body.

She couldn’t move, her muscles tight as she realized that he was pulling away from her, the sudden cool air hitting her back. Multiple spasms kept rocking her body and causing her to cry out and whimper at the same time.

He pulled back completely, staggering from bed and saying something she couldn’t hear yet with the blood rushing through her and her pulse pounding in her ears. Tears of relief and happiness fell from her eyes unabashedly, and she reached back to try and find him.

After a few moments, her orgasm had subsided enough for her to be able to focus again. Turning slightly, she looked for him, but saw that he was shaking his head and scowling angrily, and she finally heard what he’d been saying.

“No, no, no…”

“Dane,” she called out weakly, an aftershock causing her to whimper for a moment before she was able to turn and slide from the bed.

“Damnit! I thought you were Sally,” he said, a pained grimace on his face. “I’m so sorry,” he stammered, then turned and left the room without another word.

She’d been trying to get up and go after him, but her powerful orgasm had rendered her incapable of most motor functions and she was forced to lay there until she’d recovered. After few minutes of working at it, and she was able to stand and staggered to Dane’s room to talk to him.

“Damnit,” she said, seeing that his wallet, watch, and keys were gone from the customary spot on his dresser. He was gone.

Turning, she went back to her room and shut the door, then leaned against it in frustration.

“Now I have this to worry about,” she thought.

She briefly thought she might start crying in frustration, but honestly… she felt incredible. Weeks of frustration had just been released, and she was able to think about something other than getting laid.

Standing, she started to go back over to her bed so she could crawl back in but stopped and turned when she saw movement in the mirror.

The other one was back. Mirror Sam was smiling, but the image seemed to change, kaçak iddaa and she saw Samantha in Sam’s place. She had a worried look on her face and was wringing her hands and looking apprehensive. She glanced down, seeing that she was wringing her hands, and scowled as she looked back up. Mirror Sam was back, and she saw the image of herself smile, accepting that what had happened was likely inevitable. Mirror Sam smiled wider, and she closed her eyes as she recalled the feeling of Dane’s hand on her breast, his finger sliding against her clit, his cock nestled right against…

She whimpered, fighting the urge to slide a finger into her panties and forced her eyes open. Mirror Sam smiled back. Turning, she left her room to get ready for her day.

In a pleasant daze, she went to the bathroom and hopped into the shower, the warm water washing away the gooeyness between her legs. Leaning her head into the stream, she watched the water spiraling down out of the drain, then saw the remnant of a red handprint on her breast where Dane had groped her so fiercely and delightfully. An impulse of happiness filled her as she admired the mark for a bit, but eventually she went back to washing herself.

After finishing, she turned off the water and sighed in mild irritation as she thought about having to deal with her brother at some point. She loved him, but he was being ridiculous.

“What’s the matter?” Toni asked, startling her. “Oh… sorry. I thought you heard me. You sighed all angry-like a few seconds ago. You okay?”

Sam nodded as she reached for her towel and stepped out, glancing over at Toni as she started to wrap it around her. Toni’s eyes were on her body, and Sam quietly hoped that she didn’t notice the handprint but didn’t fail to notice her sister ogling her.

“Just a long day ahead,” she replied dismissively, grabbing another towel to begin the process of getting dry.

“You’re so pretty Sam,” Toni said after a few quite seconds, then smiled and came over to hug her.

Sam, absolutely loving and needing the attention, turned and opened her arms as Toni got close, the towel safely tucked into her cleavage as the sisters embraced.

“You’re being so sweet lately,” Sam said with a wide smile. “You used to be so callous with me.”

Wincing, Toni nodded. “Yeah, sorry about that,” she said. “Maybe we can see about spending a little time together and get a little closer.”

“I’d love that,” Sam answered honestly, pulling her back in for another quick hug.

Toni giggled then kissed her on the cheek as they split apart after a few seconds.

“Someone’s in a good mood this morning,” she pointed out. “Did you have a good night last night?”

Sam couldn’t help but giggle in response.

“Oh, you did!” Toni said, a single eyebrow raising and her stare pressing Sam for details.

“I had a really nice morning,” Sam explained, Toni’s prying eyes not relenting and threatening to get the better of her and convince her to spill her guts.

“I’ll bet you did,” Toni said, and Sam saw her little sister start to strip there in front of her.

Not prepared for that little scene, she couldn’t help but admire her little sister’s extremely jiggly attributes as they were freed from the confines of the sleep shirt that she’d stripped off.

“God, you’re sexy,” Sam said, then stifled a laugh as she realized that she’d said that aloud.

“Thanks,” Toni said, totally non-plussed, “but you’re just as sexy.”

Sam couldn’t suppress her smile and pulled her eyes away from her sister’s body and back to her own as she started to deal with her wet hair and Toni hopped into the shower. She put some product in it, brushed it, and then dried it. Sam was just finishing putting her hair up into pigtails when she heard the water turn off and Toni stepped out of the shower.

“So, who’s responsible for this ‘really nice morning’ you had?” she asked.

Sam smiled, but thought better of telling her what actually happened. God knows Toni liked to tease her brothers and she definitely didn’t need to give her any more ammunition, not when Dane felt so awful. Still, it served him right for having such a wonderful cock.

Amused by the thoughts gallivanting around in her noggin, she began to feel the heat of Toni’s stare on her and sighed.

“It was just a lot of pent-up frustration that I took care of by hand,” she lied.

“Ugh… boring,” Toni said, waving a hand dismissively. “Why don’t you let me get my boyfriend to take care of your needs?”

Sam sighed and glanced over. “Toni… do you hear yourself when you speak?”

The look she got back from the twin said that she did, in fact, hear it.

“I… can’t… do that with Wade. He’s… your boyfriend!”

Toni rolled her eyes. “What does that matter? I let him have fun with Alex too,” she said.

Sam’s mouthed dropped open. “What?”

Toni giggled. “She was all horny one day and really need to relax. She really needed some dick, kaçak bahis so I let her have his. I could easily make the same decision for you.”

Sam was shocked, but honestly it sounded like something Toni would do. Alex had changed since high school, so she wasn’t surprised by that either. Still, twins sharing a boyfriend was a little out there.

“Yeah, so is grinding yourself on your own brother, harlot,” she thought and started to daydream a little.

“So… do you want me to make him available?” Toni asked, catching Sam off-guard.

“Sure,” she replied automatically, but then looked over in confusion as she tried to remember the question. “I mean yes… wait… no… what?”

Toni laughed. “Clearly you need some dick to clear the cobwebs out of your head.”

“I’m fine, Toni,” she said after collecting herself again. “No, I don’t need to have sex with your boyfriend,” she clarified.

“If you say so,” Toni said, turning and grabbing for another towel as she finished drying her body and started on her hair. “Just let me know when you change your mind.”

Sam sighed, unable to hide a smile and shook her head. The image of Wade’s big dick and Toni’s lips wrapped around it from the other night forced their way into her imagination, and she had to leave the room. Hurrying to her bedroom, she quickly got dressed and left for school before anyone else caused her any more trouble.


After her classes were over, Sam met Kara at her office building for lunch, pulling up to the curb where she saw the gorgeous redhead waiting.

“You sure you don’t mind driving?” the gorgeous vixen asked as she opened Sam’s door.

“Not at all! How are you?”

Kara flashed her a smiled and slid easily into the passenger seat, then leaned over for a hug.

“I’m great, and you? Oh, I love that top,” she said as she sat back, complimenting Sam’s rather revealing choice of clothes that day.

“I’m good!” she said. “Thanks, it’s one of my sister Toni’s.”

After pulling out, the two quickly decided on a restaurant and talked about everyday things for a few minutes before Sam finally felt comfortable enough to broach the subject that had been on her mind lately.

“I really appreciate you going to lunch with me,” she said.

“It’s my treat,” Kara said, flashing a credit card. “My boyfriend-slash-boss handed me this as I left!”

Sam giggled. “Well, if it’s on him then let’s go somewhere expensive!”

“I’m all for that!” Kara replied, and the two shared a laugh. “So, what’s on your mind?” she asked after a minute or so of silence.

“Well, I know we don’t have a ton of time so I’ll just dive right in and try to explain it as succinctly as I can,” she said, pulling up to a stop light. “I told you the story about how the women in my family have some genetic pre-disposition for being… well… hornier than normal, right? Well, with that affecting me full-bore and my break-up with Keith, I’ve just been so pent up and I just feel like I’m constantly turned on and needing to have sex, but I’ve got no really satisfying way to… fix the problem.”

Kara smiled and offered an understanding nod Sam’s way.

“Well, I really need to have some sort of outlet for this or I’m seriously going to lose my mind. You see… when I was a little girl, my big brother Dane was my… security blanket, of sorts. It sounds a little silly, but we used to do something called ‘snugglebunnies’ where we would lay together and he would put his arms around me all protectively. It’s something that’s deeply ingrained in me and whenever I feel upset or angry, I can ask him for snugglebunnies and he’ll usually drop what he’s doing and give me the protected feeling and comfort I need.”

Kara smiled. “That sounds really nice actually. He sounds like a good brother.”

Sam matched her smile with one of her own.

“It’s very nice, and Dane is an incredible brother. He was the first to leap to my defense with the whole Pastor Dickhead debacle. He’s so… protective of me. But… we’re much older now and… God…” she said, shaking her head. She’d realized then that she was about to admit some scandalous things to a relative stranger and hoped that Kara would understand.

“I just realized that I’m admitting something I probably shouldn’t to you. I hope you don’t judge me too harshly.”

Glancing over, she saw a look of concern on Kara’s face, not judgement.

“Anyway, like I said, we’re getting older now and Dane is definitely a guy. I’ve gotten bigger and filled out in certain places since we first started doing snugglebunnies, and well… things tend to happen when you’re snuggled up against someone.”

Kara nodded, still listening quietly as the hint of smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

“It’s not easy to ignore an erection as big as Dane’s nudging me in the back or nestled between my legs. Of course, he gets embarrassed and thinks that he’s hurting me somehow by having a hardon. It even happened this morning and I’ve been so pent up, I… I came…”

Glancing nervously over, Sam saw nothing but a caring look from her friend.

“I understand, honey,” Kara said, but Sam stopped her, shaking her head.

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