Lunch for Two

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It had been a long morning for Rob in the office but the call to the parking bays downstairs about his car alarm had been the last straw. In a fit of temper he tore through the empty desks of his employees and slammed the door of his office behind him. Falling roughly into his large, comfortable leather office chair he put his head back against the headrest and rubbed at his tired eyes. Oh to be home and in bed with Mary… Or on a boat fishing with Mary… Or, well, anywhere but here with Mary! Instead though he had missed half of the lunch break he allowed himself and now he had no time to pick up some food from outside, once again he would go hungry.

Pulling himself together, Rob decided to get on with the work he still had to complete that afternoon — reports, spreadsheets and all manner of person who wanted ‘five minutes’ of his time, yet invariably seemed to take up so much more. Would the frustration never end?!

Opening his eyes and moving his head forwards from the headrest he spotted the neat pile of food boxes standing in the centre of his desk. ‘What the hell?’ Rob thought, how had he missed those? And where had they come from? It was then that he noticed the small white piece of paper half-hidden under the bottom box. Pulling it out gently — in order not to send the entire pile tumbling down — Rob opened it and immediately recognised Mary’s writing:

Sorry about the alarm sweets, I needed you out of your office for a few minutes.

Sit, relax and enjoy.

I love you.

Yours, Mary.

A soft smile lit Rob’s face as he looked at the note. Propping it against one of the piles of paper nearby, he brought his chair close in to the desk and started sorting through the boxes — she had thought of everything! Proper cutlery and a napkin, a steaming güvenilir bahis hot jacket potato with a pork steak. In a separate box was a salad and a choice of dressings. In another box an enormous slice of cheesecake — too much for one person, surely!

Spreading the napkin on his lap, Rob tucked into the hearty meal, wondering how on earth he’d managed to find someone like Mary — even if she did resort to tactics like setting alarms off. His temper calmed, he focused only on his food. At least until he felt something crawling up the leg of his trousers…

Yelping and pushing back from his desk — narrowly avoiding turning the entire desk over, papers, food and all — Rob looked to see what manner of mouse, rat or creepy-crawly had invaded his space. It was a surprise therefore to see Mary, kneeling on a blanket in the large well under his desk. How long had she been there and what was she planning?! Well, the final question was answered easily with a single look at her disappointed yet eager face… afternoon delight indeed.

Bending over to kiss her ready lips and fondle an exposed breast Rob returned his desk chair to its rightful, upright place and swiftly sat down. His mind no longer on food, Rob pushed the chair forward and into the hidden depths of his Mary-filled desk.

It didn’t take long before he felt Mary teasing her fingers up the outside of his trousers, up his calf and towards his knee. Hearing a quiet voice admonish him for not eating the meal she had so lovingly prepared, Rob tried to start eating once more.

As she heard the sounds of cutlery and chewing once more, Mary started to run her fingers along Rob’s legs, on the inside of his trousers now. Fortunately they weren’t of the current fashion; tight and impossible to get a leg down, never türkçe bahis mind adding another hand or two to the mix, but soft and roomy — perfect for what she had in mind. Over the course of the next impossibly long 10 minutes, Rob found out exactly how much of an erogenous zone the ankles, calves and knees could be. Each accessible spot had been touched, kissed, licked and teased until he was about fit to burst.

Finally having reached the dessert part of the meal, Rob groped under the desk until he found Mary’s head resting on his knee and stoked the soft skin of her face, resting his thumb at her lips. “Aren’t you hungry my love?” he asked, rubbing his thumb over the parting. Opening her lips and wetting them, Mary started licking her Master’s thumb, gently sucking the tip into her warm, wet mouth and running her tongue over the pad. Hearing the stifled groan from Rob, Mary sucked harder on the thumb, pulling it fully into her mouth and laving it with her tongue, treating it as a miniature cock… Oh how she wanted it!

Hearing Mary’s moans, Rob pulled her hand from his knee with his free hand and brought it the short distance to his tented fly. Running her hand over the rock-hard cock she felt lying in wait, Mary took her time to feel the small thrusts that Rob had started, hearing his groans and quiet moaning as she sucked hard on the thumb still deep in her mouth.

Knowing that her Master wouldn’t last long, Mary pulled her mouth away from the thumb in her mouth, gently kissing the tip then asking “Master, may I suck your rock hard cock?” Feeling his answer in the way he pulled her head closer to his crotch, Mary quickly unzipped Rob’s fly, carefully pulling out all those inches of steel and silk, all ready and waiting for her. Wasting no time at all, Mary swiped her tongue güvenilir bahis siteleri over the head of the beautiful cock, kissing and licking down the sides and softly nibbling occasionally. Knowing what Rob liked, Mary used one hand to hold the cock steady while the other fondled his balls, rolling them around and tugging softy on them occasionally.

Thoroughly enjoying herself, Mary lost herself in the moment, giving pleasure to the man she loved. Finally hearing the louder moans and recognising the feel of the soft thrusts, Mary realised that Rob would be coming soon. With a quick glance at the watch on her wrist she realised that people would soon be coming back to their desks and wanting more of the precious time of her Master.

Putting into use a skill which she had privately been practicing on one of her dildos, Mary slowly started to take her Master’s cock into her mouth. Coming to his senses and fearing that his girl would choke on him, Rob tried to push Mary’s head away from him, protesting. Not wanting to though, Mary grabbed his hands and pulled them instead to her exposed breasts, moaning when he tugged on the sensitive nipples.

It was as Mary moaned that Rob started to take notice of how deep he was down Mary’s throat — only an inch to go and she would have fully taken him — where had she been practicing this skill?! Not being able to hold back when Mary did swallow the last inch, Rob came immediately, his cock pulsing and spewing his hot come straight down into Mary’s stomach.

Pulling his wilting cock out of her mouth, Rob kissed her. “Thank you my love” he said, “that was amazing! But, now that we’ve both had lunch, why don’t we share dessert?” and pulled Mary off the blanket under his desk and onto his lap.

“How about I return the favour when you’re working sometime?” Rob asked. Mary just grinned tiredly, resting her head on his muscular shoulder and curling her body into his. If she got her way it wouldn’t be more than a few hours until the favour was returned…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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