With Sophie’s Help

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Oh my God, it was like I took part in some freakish out-of-body experience: Megan’s reaction to taking all of me into her was so energetic I lost track of time and place completely. I am still rock hard inside her as she whimpers and tries to regain her composure after waves of pleasure has drained all energy out of her.

Her body now settled, she is straddling me on her knees, moaning quietly as she starts to glide back and forth on my cock, slick with her cum. She continues to kiss my face as she enjoys the full length of my rod, her long nipples brushing me lightly as her chest floats above me with her movement.

Still kneeling behind my head, you are playing with her curly hair, as she looks up at you and repeat: “Sophie, he hasn’t come yet!” Perched on the bulbous head of my cock in that moment, she reaches up above my face to kiss you. The nipples protruding from her small breasts are too tempting, I reach my head up, suck one into my mouth and bite. She yelps and buckles in response, gliding back onto my manhood.

As she comes to a complete rest engulfing my cock, she straightens upright, throws her head back smiling in delight and starts rocking her hips. Sensually grinding on me, she explores the sensation of my massive cock anchored within her, searching for internal pleasure points and how to amplify her bliss.

Moving behind her, you reach around her body: hands exploring her face, toned arms and abs. You grab her pert breasts teasingly and pinch her nipples between your thumbs and index fingers. Her body responds with new shudders of delight and she pushes further down onto me. Your hands move to her gyrating hips, and towards her exposed pleasure point.

Your hand fluttering over her clitoris causes her to jerks back off my cock, pushing you over in the process of regaining her balance. Turning her head, giggling as she checks that you are OK, she commands: “Taste him Soph!” You get up, touch her shoulder affirmatively and run your hands along her spine as she leans forward, playfully licking my face and kissing me again.

I bahis firmaları spread them, and you kneel between my legs. Your eyes grow oversized as my veiny thick meat comes out of Megan before she sinks herself back onto my cock. You spread her lean ass cheeks to take in the intimate display of my cock pushing into and sliding out her with her movement. Your intent is to urge her to move off me, but in response she obsessively comes back down to take all of me into her in a naughty tug of war.

I nod affirmatively as I catch your desperately hungry eyes. Your gaze now back on my cock, you smile and lick your lips.

Still leaning forward above me, her tail pushed up as she takes me in, she jolts forward as your probing finger enters her puckered asshole. I groan with pleasure when her abdominal muscles respond in contracting around your finger, and my cock. You cradle and lift my balls, heavy with afternoon delight beneath her firm ass, as she descends on me this time, helping sink my cock all the way into her. She comes to a rest, clinging to me, whispering faintly as our faces touch: “Fuck me, you are a God”.

It slides out of her as she glides forward again and this time you greedily grab my cock when it comes back into view. Doused with her excitement, you jerk it out of her with both hands and lick the length of it before you put the bulbous head in your mouth like a Lik-A-Stix.

Megan looks over her shoulder near my face as you release my cock from your mouth with an audible pop. She giggles as my cock bounce against her firm ass cheek, coming to rest in her crack. You grab it again as she moves forward, and guide my swollen tool to slide into her. As she changes direction and slides back off it, you pull my cock out to suck the head into your mouth again.

Moving her hips, rhythmically sliding on to and off my cock, you continue to hungrily lick and suck it dry of her pussy juices before dousing the head back into her, like Fun Dip. Continuing to lick and suck my cock dry, Megan feels a little tighter each time I enter her. The resistance kaçak iddaa increases the tension in my rigid member, and I become acutely aware that this particular fantasy may reach its climax before too long.

You both read the intention of my grunt: you let go of my cock as she responds by sliding my full length into her. Still on her wedges, she raises herself off me, back in a squatting position. I lean on my elbows to take in the sight of her enchanting pussy surging off and descending onto my cock.

She is heaving with intent as she drives herself down onto me, increasing the force and pace of her bouncing motion. You cradle my bulging balls and fix your eyes on the action in front of you as her skinny ass slap them on every decent.

What starts as a squeaky hiss grows into a significant squeal as she continues rebounding off me. Her vocal cue cannot be misunderstood: she is coming again, and hard. Her vagina tightening up around by cock, she tries to move off me but it is too much and her knees buckle causing her to fall back onto you as she screams with pleasure. You steady her and encourage her to live fully into the orgasm in your embrace.

You cradle her lovingly as her pelvic muscles continues milking me: loosening and constricting her vaginal muscles around my manhood. My cock responds foreseeably: a deep clenching of my balls sends my lifegiving juices flowing. It is like I can feel them moving, as a wave from the root of my pulsating cock, shooting out the head, deep into Megan as I groan with pleasure. You start gently sliding her off me as a second load travels the length of my rod, shooting into her.

By the time a third load is forming you have placed her bum on the floor between my legs with one foot either side of my abdomen. My boubous head is still inside her I whimper as my cock contracts and shoot yet another load into her.

Giddy with delight she can’t control the convulsions running the entire length of her body now. Grabbing her knees, I pull myself upright, my cock exiting her as I pivot my position. Megan kisses kaçak bahis me absentmindedly as our faces touch. You scoop in around her, as she leans back on her arms taking a deep breath and reveling in the aftershocks of her orgasms.

Grabbing my cock tight with both hands, you smile mischievously as it is still pulsing and yet another load is forming at the base of my manhood. It is a little crowded between us and you are unable to take it in your mouth before the load comes: exiting me, the cum swipes your cheek and lands in your long blond hair. Undeterred, you suck me in to your mouth and take a final load in your mouth, rushing your tongue around the head and up and down the shaft.

Leaning back on my elbows I am completely spent as you finish cleaning my cock. Megan seems to have recovered a little as she smiles and gently pulls your head towards her. Kissing you, she swipes the cum out of your hair, bringing her fingers, sticky with cum, to her mouth to lick them clean.

Kissing you intently and licking the remaining cum off your face she beckons you to face her as she caresses your head and shoulders. You move one leg to straddle me, facing her: “Eat my cum soaked pussy Sophie!” she implores you.

It is tender and pink against the rest of her tanned body, as Megan pulls the flabby outer lips apart for you with her fingers. Still trembling with pleasure, she sinks two fingers into her vagina trickling with our juices. She pulls them out, brushing the tip of your nose before putting them in your mouth to taste. Satisfied that you have sucked her fingers clean, she pulls your hair back and guides your head down to her delicate pleasures.

It is like I am on a most tremendous high as I enjoy the view of you fearlessly diving in, her gentle moans encouraging you to audibly drink up the nectar seeping out of her. I am back in my dream, adoring the sensuality of two female forms melting together as you wind down, crawling on top of her, kissing her, brushing her face and hair.

You roll off her and you are both facing me, laughing nervously. Your blond hair and tan lines contrasting your beach tans. “Come on, let’s get cleaned off before the guys are back!” I grab both your hands; help lift you off the floor and lead my two goddesses to my bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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