The Best Summer of My Life Ch. 05

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Ass Fuck

The next morning I felt better than ever as I made my way to Magda’s after breakfast. As I entered I called out good morning then went into the therapy room. A minute later Magda entered, still in her nightshirt.

“Well a good morning to you to my sexy friend,” she approached with her arms outstretched. She slid her arms under mine and hugged me with her head against my chest. She looked up into my eyes as my hands slid under her nightshirt and cupped her firm round cheeks of her ass.

“I’m feeling much better today, maybe I can get back to work soon?”

“We’ll give you another day of therapy and see in the morning,” she said.

“How was your weekend?” Magda asked.

“Terrific, this summer keeps getting better and better.”

“So you can still walk around in the buff?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, as long a Dad’s not around but the big news is Mom and Jan have joined me a couple of times.”

Magda pulled her nightshirt over her head. The sight of her toned body set off every alarm in my head as I felt my cock swell.

“Yes, you seem to have that effect on all of us,” she said as she rubbed her tits invitingly.”

A noise from behind distracted us as Mona came sauntering in.

“Oh this is different Magda, isn’t Rick supposed to be the naked one here?”

“I was doing my morning workout when he arrived,” Magda quickly recovered. “It’s sauce for the gander I guess. OK Rick, show’s over. Strip and get on the table while I go get dressed. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Magda turned and walked back towards her room as I undressed.

Mona approached me with a coy look on her face. “Mind If I watch?”

“No, of course not, I like it when you look at me that way, I like it a lot.”

“Well now, there’s a nice bit of honesty for a change and do you like looking at me just as much?” she asked, putting her bag down. She began to undress herself as well as she watched me intently.

“Oh yeah, you know it,” I said, as I straightened up and stuck out my full erection for her to see.

She peeled of the last garment off exposing her long attractive legs and heart shaped ass. I was in awe of her swimmer’s body. Everything was so toned and tight with so little sculpted muscle definition. She was a symphony of smooth perfect body shapes. She reached over and ran a fingertip up along the length of my cock and then tapped it twice on the tip.

“Nice, quite nice,” she mused. “You have a beautiful cock. It’s not the biggest I’ve seen but it looks like it was sculpted out of granite. It just looks so hard and all the muscles and veins are practically bursting. You get me more than a little wet now and then.”

“And how about now?”

“See for yourself,” she approached and took my hand, pushing my fingers up in between her legs. Her eyes opened wider with a fiery look as her whole face became serious.

She was wet all right, very wet and I instinctively slid my fingers up along her slit and softly rubbed around her inner lips and clit hood. She let go of my hand and smiled nervously as she backed off.

“You sure have a knack for getting women excited,” she whispered.

She gathered up her bag and clothes then walked to her locker. As I moved to a massage table a man entered the room and was clearly startled by our appearance. After looking at us both he apologized and attempted to avert his gaze.

“I’m terribly sorry for the intrusion but I’m looking for Magda,” he said as he shielded his eyes modestly.

“She’s in her office, straight ahead,” I told him and then I got up on the table.

Mona came over and whispered in my ear. “I was going to put on some lycra but I think I’ll stay in the raw, this guy looks like he’ll be fun to tease.”

“No argument from me,” I said, “I could look at your kick-ass body all day.”

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek then moved to a machine and began setting up.

A minute later Magda came in and noticed Mona as she walked over to me.

“Yes, you really do have that effect on us,” she chuckled. She set me up with electrodes and warm towels before she checked on Mona and then headed back to the office.

After about half an hour she came back out with the man who was now wearing Magda’s uniform top and shorts. She set him up on a treadmill with a load of monitoring equipment and got him moving at a slow pace.

“OK Jim, we’ll just keep you going like this and monitor your vitals and oxygen for a little bit. Let’s see what we learn.” Magda said.

Then she came over to me and removed all the equipment and had me flip over so she could set me up with some traction. She asked Mona finish up what she was doing and move to a treadmill near Jim for a high elevation jog. “Let’s get your heart rate up before your massage,” she told her.

Later, she went over to Jim’s station and read the monitors. Her eyes opened a little wider as she smiled and spoke to him.

“I’m thinking you’re not in the habit of seeing so much nudity Jim? Your readings show a significant spike around the time Mona came over to the next machine. bahis firmaları Is this going to be a problem for you, because I’ll ask them both to dress if need be.”

Jim’s face reddened. “You’re right, I’m not used to it but I have heard of training in the nude, so no, please don’t inconvenience the athletes, I’ll adapt.

“Very well,” Magda said, “but adapt quickly because I can’t use these readings.”

A short while later Magda got Mona off the treadmill and on to a table then disconnected me from the traction and sent me off to the tub. She moved Jim to another table on his back and hooked up some more monitors to him. Then she began to massage Mona as she lay on her back staring over at Jim.

“I’m sorry if my nudity is distracting to you,” Mona teased, “it really is the best way to work out and train. Give it a try some time you’ll see.”

“I guess I’m just a bit of a prude,” Jim said seriously as he turned his head to face her, “all those years of strict Catholic upbringing I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I think the human form is the greatest of all creations, I’m just not accustomed to so much of it on display.”

Meanwhile Magda had begun massaging Mona’s long shapely swimmer’s legs. As they continued to chat, Mona’s eyes wandered down along Jim’s body until they stopped at what appeared to be a significant bulge in his shorts. Now Mona was no stranger to bulges of this kind but this one was unusually big, huge even and her stunned gaze gave her away. Realizing what had happened Jim excused himself.

“I’m sorry, but like I said I’m unaccustomed to seeing beautiful, naked young women in this way. And now, well, you have some idea why your methods wouldn’t be practical for me.”

Magda turned from massaging Mona and quickly saw what they were talking about. It was clear from the tent in Jim’s formerly loose shorts that he was enormous.

“Oh my!” Magda inhaled as she considered the pole between his legs. “Oh Jim, I apologize for my unprofessional reaction. Please excuse my frankness but even with all the clients I’ve seen, that’s a bit of a record for me. I take your point though, nude training would indeed be a challenge for you and everyone else.”

“Believe me and I don’t mean to brag,” he said, “but this far more of a curse that a blessing. Now that you’re aware of it though, we can adjust and move on, just as I will with your nudity.”

“Alright. So let’s get things back to a professional level again shall we? That goes double for you Mona, no more teasing please.”

“OK,” Mona replied, “I’ll get dressed right after this Jim and give you a break.”

“Oh no, please don’t do that on my account,” he replied, “I AM getting used to it and to be honest, it’s very pleasant and natural. You have a remarkably beautiful body.”

“Alright Jim,” Magda said, “I’ve got enough base line info about you now, why don’t we go back to the treadmill and put you under some stress.”

She hooked him up to the equipment again and ran him through a detailed stress program as she watched closely. Meanwhile Mona got off the table and joined me at the whirlpool.

“Got room for one more in there?” She winked at me and climbed into the tub.

The tub was a very large and I shifted over a bit to accommodate as she slid in at the opposite end. Straightway, her feet began to feel around me and I loved the playful attention. When she reached my crotch she tickled my balls with her little toes. Every day now seemed to serve up something new and exiting to me and I loved her sexy playfulness.

“OK Rick, out of the tub and into the shower please,” we heard Magda’s voice from the other room, “and it’s one person to a tub Mona please.”

Mona just made a little pouty face then smiled at me as I exited the tub.

Meanwhile in the therapy room, Jim was beginning to fade quickly under the extreme exertion of the exercise. As the treadmill came slowly to a halt, he trembled as he took a chair to collect himself.

“That’s more than enough for one day,” Magda said, “go back and grab one of the showers when you’re up to it.”

After a few minutes, Jim slowly made his way to the shower area. The showers at Magda’s consisted of a small tiled nook with hooks and shelves for towels plus four stalls with curtains. He stripped down and was distracted by a gasping sound. It was Mona who was sitting in the tub just outside the entrance to the showers.

Her eyes were locked on his enormous cock and he did a quarter turn to give her a full frontal view. She licked her lips in appreciation as I emerged from my stall crashing right into Jim. I apologized for my clumsiness and then my jaw dropped at the sight of his incredible cock. At that moment, my ego dropped at six rungs on the ladder to manhood.

“HOLY SHIT!” was all I could say. He was soft but it still had to be ten inches and twice as thick as me when I was hard. I was in wonder at the sight of such enormous man meat.

“It’s not as great as you think kid, don’t be too jealous,” he said, as he pulled a curtain aside and got into one of the stalls.

I kaçak iddaa toweled off and went over to speak with Mona.

“Geez I’ve never seen anything like that, I sure wish I was that big.”

“Careful what you wish for,” Mona said, “I had a boyfriend once who wasn’t near as big as Jim but it was still too much for me to handle. Sex was always painful until we were lubed enough for him to fit in me. Some women are bigger and more able to stretch but I don’t think many women would even try a monster like that.”

“I never thought of it that way,” I said, “but I guess you’re right. Something that size could frighten women off. Oh well, I’d still like to be a lot bigger though.”

Mona reached from the tub wrapping a hand around my flaccid penis. “Yes, you could be bigger but I kind of like this bad boy the way he is.”

Needless to say, my cock got rock hard during her little speech. She let go of me and I thanked her for her complement with a kiss on her forehead. I left the room to get dressed and say goodbye to Magda before heading home for lunch.

Arriving home, I entered our kitchen and I had to stop and laugh. My lunch was waiting on the table but it was nestled up between my mom’s legs. She was lying naked on the table as well. Her pussy was glistening with her excitement and her face was bright with her expectation. I stripped off my clothes and my cock bounced and swayed as I sauntered to the table.

“Hungry hon, I’ve got your lunch and desert all laid out for you.”

“I know it’s not what we do normally Mom but can I start with desert?”

“Of course Rick,” she purred, “I can never say no to a hungry man.”

I removed the plate and reached in to stroke her pussy. I took a taste from my fingers and my hormones kicked into high gear. I leaned in and slid my hands under her thighs as I pulled to bring her juicy pussy closer to the edge of the table. I kissed and licked my way slowly along her inner thighs as she gradually raised both legs then opened them to welcome me in. I licked her pussy everywhere with broad full tongue licks slobbering saliva everywhere as I sucked up her inner labia and nursed them between my lips.

I wondered to myself how it was possible that I could have been so lucky. To have the woman I loved above all others surrendering herself to me, made me shiver at the thought. It was as if I was possessed, I wanted her pussy more than anything and I couldn’t stop myself.

Her legs were now spread high and wide giving me maximum access to all that I loved so dearly. I focused on the area around her clit as I slid a moistened finger into her ass crack and massaged her puckered little bud. She buried her fingers in my hair as she eased my head into her crotch and I inhaled beautiful scent. I slipped the finger into her pussy along with another and massaged the walls of her vagina as I continued working on her clit.

She was really enjoying it now as thrashed about on the tabletop and moaned softly. I kept everything going at a slow and rhythmic pace until she came with a loud almost musical sounding sigh. It was another powerful orgasm but somehow not quite as good as the first two. I began to wonder what I could have done better. I would have to take that problem back to my teacher, I smiled to myself.

I rubbed my mom’s pussy and gave it little love pecks as she lay back on the table. Then, looking up, I saw movement in the window for an instant. I became nervous and kept a watchful eye, trying to see who the peeper was. Soon she showed her face again and I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw it was Magda. She clearly new I had seen her and she put a finger to her lips for me to keep silent. Pretty soon my mom sat back up and when I looked again, Magda disappeared from view.

“OK, how about washing up before your lunch,” Mom said.

“No, I’m fine to eat it right now,” I said, “I don’t want to lose your scent.”

“Oh my, my, this will take some getting used to but I do love it. You really do seem to love your pussy Rick,” she said. “You know I could give you some used undies if you’d like?”

“Oh wow, I never thought of that, I’d love that Mom, thanks.”

As I finished my sandwich Mom sat beside me and reached over for my cock.

“I think it’s time for MY dessert now,” as she helped me turn my chair around. She leaned forward and slurped my cock into her mouth.

I sat and watched as my lovely mom sucked and licked my cock. My mind still couldn’t get around our new reality and I felt a pang of guilt as she applied her extensive skills on me. Should we really be doing this? What if Dad ever found out? This could be the end of our family. These thoughts plagued me.

But there was no doubting Mom’s willingness and desire as she massaged my balls gently and looked up at me with lust filled eyes. She took the tip of my cock in her mouth as her tongue worked hard darting and rubbing all over the sensitive glans. The sensations were irresistible and I felt my orgasm coming fast. When I came it was my first of the day and I was really primed. She really kaçak bahis wasn’t prepared for a load this big and her eyes bulged open again as she choked and made loud muffled gulping sounds. She tried to manage but ultimately she had to let out the overflow around her lips.

After I stopped coming Mom straightened up in her chair with her mouth, cheeks and chin were covered in cum. “HOLY COW do you ever cum a lot, you almost drowned me. That was even more than the last time.”

“That was the first one of the day Mom and the women next door were really teasing me this morning, sorry.” I leaned in and began to lick her face clean.

“Oh God, this is just so sexy,” she said, as I licked her face all over. “Stop now before you get me too stirred up. I don’t want us to do something we’ll both regret.”

“I could never regret anything we do together Mom. It would have to be something that made you feel badly or that you really regretted. But don’t worry, I’ll hold us both to our deal,” I promised.

I cleaned up and I got dressed, then kissed Mom goodbye as I cupped her breasts in my hands. She ran her hand lightly over the bulge in my pants and told me to have a nice afternoon with a sly smile.

When I got back to Magda’s Jim had gone and Mona was packing up for the day.

“Well we didn’t see much of each other this morning, no pun intended. Maybe tomorrow,” she said. “I’ll be back for the day.”

“That’ll be great,” I responded, “my day isn’t complete without a peek at your terrific bod.”

“Likewise,” she smiled as she threw her bag over her shoulder and went for the door.

I stripped and walked into Magda’s office. She was doing some paperwork and looked up at me with a wide-eyed smile.

“So… things appear to be a little changed over at your house,” she said.

“Yeah, my mom and I have been sort of teasing each other for a while and one thing just led to another. Anyway she can’t seem to get enough of the way you taught me to eat pussy, she want’s it all the time now.”

“OK well now you’ve got me all wet and wanting it now too,” she confessed. “I was just on my way over to talk to you two about your progress and I saw you both going at it on the kitchen table. Wow, I just gushed a bit again, my panties are drenched. I’m clear for the afternoon, let’s finish this talk in my room OK?”

“Lead on,” I gestured with my arm.

We locked up and headed straight to her room as she stripped on the way.

“Are you fucking her as well?” She asked, as we walked.

“No, she made me promise I would never try to fuck her or Jan for that matter.”

“Jan? Oh God, you’re not doing Jan as well, are you?” she almost choked.

“I’m afraid so,” I said, “Jan got really curious about my nudity and well, now she also wants me to go down on her all the time too.”

“Well that would be an amazing story if I didn’t know what you’re capable of kiddo. Maybe it’s your innocent and genuinely loving approach, I don’t know but you can count me being under your spell as well,” she admitted.

We both flopped onto her bed as Magda rolled backwards and parted her legs high and wide. She held them at the knees with her hands while she stared at me with a questioning look.

“Any time your ready hon? I’ll explode if you don’t get that magic mouth working on my pussy soon.”

I pushed her legs backwards and rolled her ass up front and centre. I tongued her ass up and down as she began to laugh hysterically.

“Oh you HAVE been busy haven’t you, you’ve learned some new tricks already. I love it when a guy does this to me. Tickle me all around my sphincter then try to push your way in with the tip of your tongue, oh yeah, that’s it, keep going. Now kiss and lick all over my ass cheeks and work your way slowly back into the middle.”

I did as she instructed and when I reached the middle I began to lick in short broad strokes all the way up and kissing my way back down the valley between her ass cheeks. I now realized that there was no limit to what you could do in sex, as long as it felt good.

“Oh you little bastard, that’s nice twist,” she laughed, “keep that up, I love it.”

I kept doing as she asked and when I felt her grow too accustomed, I let her legs roll back downward to bring her pussy back into play. Her pussy was wet and drooling as I eagerly cleaned up her sexy little mess. She was delicious and I plunged my tongue into her vagina for a second helping. Then I worked my way all around her outer lips kissing and licking her gently as I moved to her inner lips.

She whispered some more instructions as I continued. “You see where my inner lips meet just below my clit. Just inside at that junction, touch me and lick me softly there. Oh, oh yeah that’s it right there. That’s the same thing for me as the frenulum on your glans. Not as sensitive as the clit but a great choice when the other one has become too sensitive.”

I continued there for a short while and then moved on to her mound and her clitoral hood. There was just no way I could ever tire of this wonderful sexual landscape with all it’s tasty hills and valleys. I licked all around the hood making sure her clit was drenched with saliva. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and massaged her as she passed on some more advice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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