Tempting Tina

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I have watched Tina grow up for some 20 years now. Blossoming from a gawky tit-less fourteen year old into a full blown buxom beauty, size 18 with a 36″dd bust to die for. I had moved in with her mother, Lisa, but didn’t see much of Tina because she lived with her grandmother as she and her mum didn’t get on – she was at an awkward, rebellious stage and the arrangement suited everyone. It suited me as I didn’t really want the kid around while I was screwing her mum.

Tina did call around from time to time and sometimes had a shower and so I did get the occasional glimpse of her half-naked butt but, frankly, there was nothing worth looking at.

But time passes and, as the years rolled on, Tina grew up into the voluptuous woman she is today. She got married in the process about seven years ago and is now starting to consider starting a family before she is too old. Tina and Lisa have grown closer over the years to the extent that Tina and her husband, Rod, come on holiday with us quite regularly.

Tina is a sun-worshipper and is quite happy to go topless – and I’m quite happy to go along with that. And I have the photos to prove it – thank God for digital photography. Many’s the time I have brought up on screen the photos I have sneaked of her stretched out on a sunlounger, tits proudly jutting crowned with a truly magnificent set of nipples and legs apart – but never quite apart enough to show off the juicy crack that I know must be hiding behind the gusset of her bikini bottom.

A few weeks ago we were talking about our next trip to the sun-soaked Med and she said, “I’ll be going topless again if you don’t mind.”

“I’ll be interested in seeing them again,” I purred in what I hoped was a non-threatening manner, “just so I can see how droopy you have become.”

Over the years Tina and I have also grown close. Partly because I indulge her I suppose since everyone else seems to be criticising her for her spending – excessive – her taste in clothes – think Pippy Longstocking on a bad day – her hairdressing bills – why wait until the hair grows if you can have extensions?

I take Tina for lunch from time to time on condition that she dresses like a slut (at my age I need to be seen about town with a woman thirty years my junior) and she never lets me down. Anyhow off we all troop to the Med. As usual we had rented a villa with a pool. So much more convenient than staying in an hotel and because my wife doesn’t like seeing people unless she has had the chance to get herself properly done up the villa suits her down to the ground too.

We soon settled in with Tina making the most of the 90 degree temperatures and me lurking in the shade – I really don’t appreciate too much of the sun. Lisa and Rod are the domesticated sides of the relationships so they would be the ones who went off down to the local supermarket to stock up on the necessaries of life leaving Tina and I to our own devices. That arrangement suited us all – particularly me because Tina was so relaxed in my presence she never tried to cover herself up in any way at all and I was welcome to apply the sun lotion to her back if I wished.

I insisted that she was ‘basted’ every fifteen minutes and I was very careful to oil her properly and I took great care to oil all the way down her broad back, going as much around the sides towards her breasts as I felt I could get away with, usually just about where they started to swell out her body. I took great pleasure in doing the backs of her legs and her feet and, again I got as far up her inner thighs as I could without invading her slit which I could feel hot under my touch as I grazed her ‘accidentally’ with the backs of my knuckles.

Lisa and Rod were usually away about an hour on the shopping trips so in between oiling and ogling Tina I would try to read or would try to get a decent photo of the surrounding country which included a magnificent old castle. In the course of wandering around I realised that I could get a good shot of the castle if Tina would lie on her back and than bend one of her legs at the knee so that it formed an inverted ‘V’ through which I could frame the castle. I suggested this to her and, being the friendly girl that she is, she was happy to co-operate. I can’t tell you of the thrill that surged through my loins as she lay flat on her back and invited me to put her in any position I liked.

I was perfectly happy with the position she was in as I leaned over her with my face just inches above those magnificent breasts that glistened with the oil that she had applied to herself – how I wished I could be the one tuzla escort who oiled her front as well as her back, how I would have applied the oil in a gentle film across her throat, and shoulders before easing down to her breasts. I would have started with her right breast and poured a few drops of oil into the palm of my hand before starting to gently rub the oil all over the breast using the palm of my hand to oil and tease the nipple with a circular motion so that it would swell beneath my touch. I would then use more oil to treat the valley between her breasts before I started to give the left breast my undivided attention. I would then stand back to admire my work and to drink in the sight of her rampant nipples that would, by now, be begging to be sucked and kissed. Sadly this was all in my mind for now.

But back to photography! Having got Tina on her back I manoeuvred her right leg to a bend at the knee position with her heel resting on the sunlounger then stepped away to squint through my viewfinder to see if the castle was suitable framed. I did, I suppose, take rather a long time getting her leg in position and the feel of her warm skin under my touch sent the blood pounding in my temples and I hoped that she would not notice the bulge appearing in my shorts. The photos having been taken – they are bound to be blurred as I could hardly operate the camera for handshake through the lustful thoughts that were racing through my mind – Lisa sat up to have a cigarette and I sat by her as close as I could.

Just then one of the short sharp Mediterranean thunderstorms broke out and the air chilled and the rain came down like stair-rods. We hastily picked up our bits and pieces and headed for the villa’s kitchen. I had picked up the large towel Tina had been lying on and when we reached shelter I dabbed at her hair and then, tentatively, over her body from the shoulders down, down, dab, dab, over her breasts towards her belly. To my suprise she shivered slightly and then moved in towards me until she was pressed right up against me with my hand trapped between us just above the top of her bikini bottom – and it was a low slung bikini. I could feel her breasts against my chest and I could feel that her nipples were hard, and getting harder.

Letting go of the towel I wriggled my fingers against her belly and my free hand crept around the back of her neck and pulled her head towards me. I kissed her on the forehead and then on each eye in turn before moving down to her explore her lips. They were soft and warm and I kissed her. Gently at first and then with ever increasing firmness as I gauged her response and knew that she was enjoying this as much as I was. My tongue flicked over her lips and they parted after a momentary hesitation and our tongues met and started to taste each other in earnest. It’s a pity she is a smoker but I soon forget that as the urgency of our tongues twining increased until I felt that she was swallowing me up.

At the same time the hand that was trapped between us had managed to find its way down to the top of her bikini and was slithering down the short distance to her crutch which was damp to the touch – was it just the rain or was it something else? Rain, even in the Med, is not as warm as the hot, damp patch that my fingers were busy exploring.

Coming up for air after our kiss I started to nuzzle my way south. Her ears and neck were my first targets and I revelled in the taste and scent of her smooth skin. Savouring every inch of her I worked my way down over her upper chest and paused, for just a moment, while I anticipated the moments I had been waiting for – the invasion of her breasts. It was worth the years of waiting. My lips caressed, sucked, nipped, licked, nuzzled and kissed every beautiful inch of her. I could feel her nipples exploding in my mouth as they responded to my touch. I was conscious of the change to her breathing as her body started to respond to my needs. I could feel the warm flush of desire sweeping over her.

My hands had both now gone to her hips and I was gently easing down her bikini bottom so that I could gain unrestricted access to her pussy. Tina’s hips are best described as ‘generous’ and it was a pleasurable struggle to get the sides of the bikini over her hips and down her thighs to her knees. There was only one way to get her bikini down enough for her to step out of it and that was for me to kiss my was down from her breasts to her belly and beyond. I paused a while at her belly so that I could tug and titillate her belly bar for a while and explore her navel with my tongue.

I reached the top of tuzla escort bayan her pubic hair – I knew that she shaved but left a strip unshaven – it’s amazing how the conversations at of lunches together had covered a wide range of subjects. By now I was able to drop her bikini bottom to the ground and I felt her kick them off. I know had a completely naked stepdaughter not only in my arms but also under my tongue. I flicked my tongue into her slit and was suprised when I felt her move away from me. She still kept her arms around me though and I felt her bend slightly and start to lift my face so that our faces were again level. She kissed me firm and deep and then slid her around my back and down to my shorts. She then did to me what I had just done to her. She slipped my shorts over my hips and, as she slid them over my thighs she kissed me on my chest – I didn’t know that having your nipples kissed and nibbled was so pleasurable. She tugged at my chesthair with her teeth and tongued my bellybutton. As my shorts slid to the ground she found my pubic hair and slowly ate her way down it until she found the shaft of my cock. My cock was already standing to attention as she slowly took it into her wet mouth.

I’m not particularly well-endowed and Tina was able get my cock and my balls into her mouth all at the same time. I nearly came there and then. I felt as if my blood was on fire as I allowed her abuse my body in any way that she wanted. She suckled my dick as if it were a lollipop and as my cock grew under her ministrations my balls slipped out of her mouth and she caught them in her hand and squeezed and kneaded them until they ached with a pain more exquisite than I have ever known.

My hands had not been idle and although her pussy was out of reach I was able to caress her back and tease her ears as well as putting my hands to the back of her head and enjoy the sensations as her mouth moved up and down my throbbing cock. All too soon my cock could take no more and I felt my testicles tense as I prepared to come. Tina felt it too and I thought she might pull away but instead she clamped her lips more firmly that ever around my shaft and her tongue worked the end of my cock with a circular motion that was at the same time gentle yet stimulating. With an almighty groan I shot my load into her mouth and could feel her swallowing frantically to keep up with the copious amounts of cum that I was giving her. She never spilt a drop. When I had finished my shuddering climax she relaxed her grip slightly and then eased herself slowly off my cock licking up all the last drops of cum as she did so.

Dropping my cock and leaving it to fend for itself Tina slowly stood up and looking me straight in the eye she smiled like a contented cat and then kissed me full on. I could taste myself on her lips and felt myself trying to harden again. It was my turn to pleasure her now. The kitchen contained a large wooden table and I moved Tina so that her back was against the edge of the table and then I slid my hands to her buttocks and lifted her onto the table. I then forced her onto her back and eased her up the table until her pussy was level with the edge of the table and her legs dangled towards the floor. I stood back and just gazed at her for a while. She lay there like the slut I had always asked her to be for me. Open to my gaze, open to my touch, open to anything I wanted to do to her.

I moved down the side of the table and leaned over her and kissed her lips and probed her mouth with my tongue and felt her respond. I allowed my hands to flit quickly over her body, breasts, belly, the opening to her slit. I had yet to start exploring her slit and wanted to save that pleasure for later. I reached over to a store cupboard and groped around and quickly found what I wanted – a jar of honey. Unscrewing the top I dipped in a finger and traced the outline of her lips with the honey. I then licked and kissed the stickiness away. I then dipped my finger in the honey again and this time ran my finger around the aureole of her right nipple. The nipple stood to attention and glistened like a miniature Eiffel Tower as I started my clean-up operation on it.

Tina knew what was coming next and she was right. Her left nipple received the same treatment and I suckled on her nipple with all the enjoyment of a newborn baby as I licked every last bit of stickiness off her. I could feel her wriggling with pleasure under my insistent tongue. Her belly button proved to be a bit tricky as it is quite deep and the bellybar tended to get in the way but I did my duty and it was duly honeyed and then cleaned.

If escort tuzla Tina’s breast and belly had been the starters I was now ready for the main course. This time I didn’t bother with my finger I simply dribbled honey straight from the jar onto the fine line of black hair that was left in the pubic zone and allowed just a bit to drip into her snatch. As I bent over her to start at the top of her hairline my right hand slipped between her thighs and eased them open – no need to force them open, Tina was as ready as was I – and my fingers started to feel for her seat of pleasure. My lips were now enjoying the different sensation of sucking honey from a hairy minge and the stiffness of the hair was rough on my lips and tongue – but delightfully so. I wondered fleetingly if my lips would become bruised and sore from the caterpillerlike pathway to paradise but soon became engrossed in the delights of the situation.

My fingers meanwhile had found Tina’s pleasure dome and had also found the dribble of honey that had slipped into her slit. I spread the honey all over her clitoris and surrounding area – not that there was any need at all for lubrication as her cunt was already dripping like an overflowing bathtub. All too soon lips and fingers met and fingers gave way to lips as I moved position to place myself between Tina’s thighs and I got my first really close-up view of paradise. I paused to drink in the sight that lay exposed before me – pink lips, a saucy clitoris, a vaginal entrance that was certainly pulsating and winking at me and a delicious anus as tight as a tick. I bent forward with due reverence and worshiped at the altar of her femininity. I licked her clit, I sucked her clit and rolled it around my tongue. I formed my tongue into a ‘v’ and probed her vagina. I licked her labia from front to back and then from back to front again. The taste was better than all the honey in the world and I revelled in her juices.

Tina’s was responding to my attentions by wriggling her pussy and pushing into my face and I knew it was time to enter her. Standing up I positioned my cock in line with her pussy and put my hands under her thighs I pulled her down the table towards me at the same time lifting her buttocks slightly so that my cock would have a direct shot at her hole. I allowed the tip of my cock to pause at her entrance for just a second before I thrust deep and hard into her. Tina moaned with pleasure as my cock entered her and I could see her eyes close in ecstasy and then flicker open as she smiled briefly at me before closing her eyes again as she lay back to enjoy the ride. As I have said I am not particularly well endowed in the dick department but over the years I have learned to compensate by gyrating my hips so that my cock explores and excites all parts of my partner’s pussy. I took her for a long time and we both revelled in this cementing of our relationship in a truly practical manner. Tina had the most amazing muscle control of her vagina and milked my cock for all she was worth – if you have ever wondered what it would be like to have your dick in one of those devices you see on dairy farms for milking cows I’m sure it would feel just like this!

Eventually I could feel her starting to speed up and I matched my rhythm to hers. As she writhed under me the sweat rolled from both our bodies and there was a definite smell of raw sex in the air. Tina was the first to climax and she writhed like an anaconda, drawing me deep into her cunt as she moaned and twisted under me. I came soon after and felt my balls constrict before shooting my load deep up her love channel. I leaned over her, placing an arm either side of her head as I leaned forward and kissed her hot lips and heaving breasts. As I slid out her now relaxed pussy I let my cock slide down her slit until I reached her rosebud of an arsehole. I let my cock flicker around it briefly and then made a gentle thrust. “N0!”, she cried. “I don’t do it that way.”

“You will next time.”, I replied, “and that will be something for us both to look forward to.”

Stepping back I leaned into her dripping cunt and licked her clean, tasting ever last delicious drop of her. I then slid her off the table and she quickly knelt down and took my cock into her mouth to enjoy every last dribble of my cum. I felt myself starting to harden again but was acutely aware that we would not be alone for much longer so I reached down her shoulders and lifted her up so we were face to face once more. We kissed. “Go and get yourself cleaned up,” I said, “your mum and Rod will be back soon and now the rain has stopped you need to be back on your sunlounger and I need to get back to my book.”

“Until next time then – and don’t forget I’ll be taking you up the arse whether you like it or not – but I know you will like it, just wait and see.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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