Locked Out

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen and older.

Chapter 1: Worst Day Ever

My name is Izumi. I am forty years old. I have three children who are all grown up and out living their lives. I am also divorced. I am an executive at a local law firm, and frankly, I work a little too much. Every day, I return home absolutely exhausted, and drenched with sweat. I’ve always had this gross problem. Plus, it’s summer time, so I’m more sweaty than usual.

It also doesn’t help that I have GG size breasts, a very bulbous belly, and an ultra thick ass. That’s what the kids say nowadays, right? Anyway, this is probably the worst day of my life. I had just gotten home from work, and practically crawled into my small one bedroom apartment. As usual, I was soaked with sweat. I had a routine, where I would strip, hop into the bath and relax.

That usually lead to me furiously jilling off. Let’s just say, I haven’t had a good fuck in a few years. All the men I work with are gross pigs who openly, shamelessly stare at my voluptuous form. Besides, I’ve always liked younger guys. Boys, you might even say. Legal boys, of course. Anyway, back to my worst day ever. I had peeled off all my nasty, sweaty clothes, and was about to draw a bath. That’s when the bastard showed up. The BIGGEST cockroach I’ve ever seen. I was not a fan of bugs.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw it. It crawled across the floor, and I went into battle mode. I chased after it, stomping wildly trying to slay the beast. Before I knew it, we had both ended up outside. The hideous thing scurried out and off my balcony. I sighed with relief, and turned around to go back inside. This is when the door promptly slammed in my face.

I stood there and stared blankly at the door for a few seconds. I tried opening the it, and crumbled when I realized my keys were in the house. I wanted to cry. Then I realized I was stark naked. This was a problem, to say the least. My glistening, sweaty, meaty body was bare for anyone to see. And now we arrive at the worst day of my life. That is, until someone showed up that I didn’t expect…

Chapter 2: The Sweet Virgin Neighbor

I was crouched in front of my door. I was panicking. The thought of someone seeing me like this was terrifying. Even more than that evil cockroach. But surprisingly, it was also a bit arousing. More than a bit! I suddenly felt my pussy start to gush, and leak all over the floor. I involuntarily moved my hand in between my legs, and started rubbing over my swollen clit. I let out a loud moan. I was incredibly pent up.

I would have started to really go at it right then and there, if I didn’t hear footsteps coming up the staircase. I freaked out. I wanted to jump up, and dash behind the corner, but my crotch was so fired up, my legs shook uncontrollably. I couldn’t move from this embarrassing position. I resigned to my fate. Whoever it was would see me shamelessly masturbating outside, butt naked.

They would assume I was a massive pervert, and have me evicted. Hell, it might even be the landlord himself. He was a real bitter old bastard. My legs shook violently, my heart was beating out of my chest as a figure appeared. It was the new neighbor boy. Yuki was his name. eighteen years old. He was a high school senior. I’ve had my eye on him. He was just my type. Pretty boy face, slim, athletic build. Probably a swimmer. Super shy personality. Very kind, and an excellent student, from what I hear. Now he was staring me dead in the face, as well as all over my bare, fat, sweaty body. He turned bright red, and immediately jumped behind a corner.

“Izumi? Is that you?” What else could I say?

“Yes, Yuki, it’s me. Believe me when I say this is not what it looks like.” He moved out from the corner, but with his back to me. What a sweetheart.

“Why are you naked?” I shakily got to my feet, and covered my massive breasts with one arm, and my soaked crotch with the other.

“I locked myself out of my apartment, Yuki. There was a bug, and I was gonna take a bath, and…” I trailed off, rambling, trying to explain myself. He then made a very sweet, unexpected offer out of the blue…

Chapter 3: Cleaning Assistance

After pathetically trying to explain this situation to the sweet neighbor boy, he made a suggestion.

“That’s terrible, Izumi! Would you like to come back to my place? My parents are away for the week on buisness. You could take a bath, and I’d have a change of clothes for you. Besides, I don’t think the super will be back until the weekend is over. You may be stranded until then.”

I knew there was a reason I liked this boy. He was so sweet and selfless. I blushed hard at such a kindness.

“Oh, Yuki! I could just kiss you! Well, maybe not now. Anyway! I would be so happy to take you up on that.” He giggled, and waved it off.

“It’s no problem, ma’am! I couldn’t possibly leave you like this. Please follow me.” He walked around the corner, and I heard a door unlock and open. I nearly collapsed from bursa escort the insane heat and throbbing coming from my crotch. The thrill of being naked outside, and being caught by Yuki nearly made my pussy squirt. I walked forward, my thick ass jiggling, thighs drenched.

I walked into his place, and heard him from the kitchen.

“Please make yourself at home, Izumi. Go ahead and run a bath, if you like.” I nodded, and made my way to the washroom.

“I will. Thank you again so much, Yuki!” I heard the sink running now.

“Really, it’s fine, ma’am! Just go and relax.” I giggled at how nice this boy was. Not to mention how absolutely scrumptious he was. I felt my pussy throb again. I was gonna have some fun in the bath. After running the bath, and soaking for a while, I decided it was time to wash up. I stood up, and stepped out of the tub. I sat on a stool, and prepared to clean myself.

I was going to get a little dirty, too. I had my fingers all ready to slosh in and out of my cunt. That’s when I heard a knock on the screen door.

“Izumi? I was just checking if you were alright.” My pussy nealry exploded. I had to stifle a moan as I was just about to start fingering my fat, puffy hole.

“Oh! Haha, I’m fine, Yuki. But you startled me a bit.” I heard him gasp.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am!” I laughed again.

“It’s perfectly alright, honey.” He sighed in relief.

“Alright. Actually I was wondering if you needed any help getting clean?” I gasped. Had I heard right? Did he just offer to…”Well you see, I have this special soap lotion stuff. It’s supposed to be very good. But apparently it only works when another person applies it. I know it’s naughty to ask such a thing. But I just wanted to make sure you felt as good as possible.” I nearly jumped for joy. However I remained calm, and giggled.

“Oh, Yuki. That is so sweet of you to offer. I would love some assistance in getting clean.” My pussy was screaming, and I realized this maybe wasn’t such a bad day after all…

Chapter 4: Land of Soap and Unbridled Pleasure

I was extremely excited to say the least. Yuki nodded, and slowly slid the door open. He stood there, shyly. He held a big bottle of lotion in his hands.

“Come in, sweetie. Don’t be shy.” I cooed to him, and he walked in, sliding the door shut. He was naked, save for a towel around his waist. He had such a delicious body. Pale, toned, and hard. This was gonna be fun.

“Are you sure this is okay?” I sat there, legs crossed. My enormous jugs bounced when I giggled.

“Of course, my love! Please, don’t keep me waiting.” I had turned on my sultry couger voice. He walked behind me, and I shivered in anticipation.

He started squeezing out generous amounts of lotion onto my shoulders and back. It was cold, so I squealed.

“Ahn!” He jumped, startled.

“Are you okay?” I nodded.

“Yes. It was just cold. Are you starting with my shoulders?” He gulped and nodded.

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll make sure to rub out all your stress.” He then took hold of my shoulders, and started massaging them strongly. I gasped in surprise.

“Oh my! You have strong hands, Yuki. Aaahn!” He was expertly sculpting my shoulders and rubbing the sweet smelling lotion into them. He dug his slippery knuckles up and down into my back.

He reached to my sides, and firmly caressed them up and down. It tickled, and I giggled like a schoolgirl. He was very careful to avoid my huge tits. I was in heaven. This young gorgeous boy was washing me and giving me a killer massage. After rubbing me down for a while, he pulled his hands away.

“Ma’am? Am I doing okay? Do you like my massage?” He smiled so sweetly, and I looked back at him.

“You are doing a fantastic job, baby boy. I can feel my stress melting away. But now I think you should attend to my breasts.” He gulped even harder at that.

“Are they sore? They ARE very big. They must be so heavy…”

“Oh yes, honey. They are very sore. You’re gonna have to really wring them out to make them feel better. Think you can?” He nodded with determination, and scooted up closer to me. He stood up behind me, and started drenching my giants tits with lotion. When he was done, he sat back down on his own stool and reached around me. He grabbed hold of both my massive breasts. His hands sank right into my flesh. I squealed in delight as he started kneading my boobies like dough. I couldn’t help letting my horny voice out.

“AHHN! OH FUCK! YES, YUKI! Your hands are so perverted! Do it more!”

He squeezed, rubbed, and rolled my helpless titties around expertly in his hands, getting them all slippery. He pinched my fat hard nipples, and my whole body shook.

“AHHHHN!” He suddenly stood up, and walked around to face me. He knelt down, and started attacking my tits from the front.

“Your breasts are very stubborn, ma’am. I really am gonna have to wring them out.” My humongous tits were melting in this boy’s hands. I could only squeal in pleasure and my tongue hung bursa escort bayan lewdly out of my mouth.

“Yuki? My nipples are especially stressed. Could you pay special attention to them, please?”

With that, he lifted both heavy, meaty breasts, and let them flop down. I almost mooed like a cow. He got up, and went to get a bucket, filling it with steaming hot water. He poured it over my chest, and I moaned loudly. It was so hot, and felt amazing.

“Don’t worry, Izumi. I’ll make you feel all better.” With that, he lifted one tiddy up, and started sucking the fat nipple. I gasped out loud, and threw my head back in pleasure.

“HAAAAU! MY NIPPLE! YOU’RE SUCKING IT!” He showed no mercy, either. He sucked it and sucked it hard. He swirled his tongue around it, sucked it back into his mouth, pulled back, and let it pop out and jiggle free. I really did moo when he did this. He immediately did the same to the other nipple. He was very thorough. After mercilessly suckling my plump nipples like a baby for what seemed like ages, he made me lie down and then did the unthinkable.

He stradled me, pushed both monster titties together, and sucked both nips into his mouth at the same time. He violently pulled back on them, and made my titties stretch. I could only squeal, moo, and moan like the cow I was. After pulling over and over, he released them, and they jiggled and bounced free. He noticed my obscene, bulbous, jiggling belly, and started feeling it up. I loved that. It tickled, and it felt like my chubby, tubby tummy was putty in his hands.

“What a fat belly, Izumi. It looks like you have a baby in there. But it’s so sexy. It’s begging me to be groped and assaulted.”

He licked my fat tummy all over. He wriggled his tongue inside my bellybutton, making me giggle. He gave my belly a big, wet, sweet smooch, and stood back. I breathed heavily, gasped, and groped my own tits now. I sat back up.

“You are very talented, young man. I never would have guessed you were such an expert at handling massive milf titties. Not to mention that lewd as fuck treatment of my tummy. And I’m NOT pregnant, thank you very much! What a mean thing to say. He blushed sheepishly.

“I’m not much of an expert, ma’am. I’m still a virgin. I just did what my instincts told me to do.” And that was the final straw. He revealed to me that he was a virgin, and sealed his fate. I was gonna make him mine and POP THAT CHERRY…


My pussy was in serious pain at this point. It was throbbing harder than it ever had before. This boy awoke a primal lust in me that I hadn’t felt in years.

“A virgin you say? Well that just won’t do! How would you like to pound my meaty milf pussy, boy?” I spread apart my legs, and revealed my mound. It was completely bald. Regularly shaved. The lips were a bright pink. They were fat, and puffy. My clit could be easily seen from how utterly swollen it was. A small ball the size of a pea, and trembling.

I spread my lips, and inside was a mess of wet, fleshy pink folds and a very tiny, tight looking hole. My pussy was ripe, and ready for mating. Yuki stared at it intently. It must have been the first one he ever laid eyes on. I could tell he wanted to devour it.

“I have a request, Yuki. My breasts really aren’t clean yet. The only thing that can properly scrub it with enough intensity is that ‘thing’ you have hiding under the towel.” I point to his crotch. He stood up, and let the towel fall. What is revealed to me still shocks me. An absolutely MASSIVE MEATY FOOT LONG FUCK POLE.

“OOOUUUU FUCK! What a beast you have there! Please drench that monster in lotion, and fuck the shit out of these fat titties, baby. Get them real clean.” I could tell the lust had taken him. I got on my knees at just the right height so my tits were directly in front of his member. He grabbed the bottle, and drizzled lotion all over his twitching, throbbing member. My mouth watered at such a naughty sight. I held both hands behind my back, as he squeezed both my melons together tightly. I whimpered as he poked his meaty tip onto the point where both my nipples met. He slowly inserted it, and all the way to the base he was swallowed.

He cried out as my flesh enveloped his. I felt the veiny shaft slide in between my nipples and squealed loudly. He stood still for a bit, then began thrusting his dick in and out of my cleavage. Lotion splashed everywhere as he violently fucked my soft, pillowy titties. He cried out more in his cute voice, and that made me almost cum.

“Mmm that’s a good boy. Fuck those fat tits. You love it, huh? I can tell.” He looked down at me, his face the picture of young innocence being lost.

“Ma’am! You’re titties feel so good! I really do love it! I feel like I might cum!” I smirked, and laughed evily.

“Oh no, you don’t! You’re saving that hot load for the finale, and this isn’t it, baby boy. I want you to pound my tits, until you’re at your limit. Then go and lie down. Think you can handle that?”

He merely escort bursa nods, and mewls like a kitten in heat.

“I’ll try, ma’am! I wanna do a good job for you!” This made me blush hard. As he pumped my tits, I looked up at him.

“Hey, Yuki? I want you to call me Auntie. Can my big boy do that for his Auntie?” He gasped, and forced himself to pop out of my tight cleavage, his huge dick swinging like a baseball bat.

“Auntie! If you say something so naughty in the heat of the moment, I’ll definitely cum!” He went and lied down on the floor, as instructed. His huge cock stood straight up. I stood up, and walked over to him. I stood directly over his face. My pussy dripped juice down on him. He caught it in his mouth.

“Oh, so you wanna taste me down here?”

He nodded excitedly. I lowered my crotch right onto his face, he gripped both my plump, juicy thighs and he immediately started slurping me up. I gasped, and held onto the bath rim for balance as my whole body shook. He sucked my fat pussy loudly, digging it out with his tongue. I could only mewl in response. He was good at this, too! He was devouring my desperate cunny with such intensity. I couldn’t hold it any longer, and squirted all over his face, screaming as I drowned him in my juices.

“HAAAAAHHNNNNN!! MY PUSSY IS FUCKING SQUIRTING!!” But this didn’t stop him. He lapped up every drop, and continued to eat me out like a pro. I shakily stood up, and he chased after my pussy, hungry for more.

“Auntie! Please, I wanna eat you more!” I laughed at his eagerness.

“Oh, don’t you worry, Yuki. I’ll let you have a real taste.”

I stepped back a few steps, and lowered myself so that my pussy was now smooching the fat tip of his dick.

“Ready, Yuki?” My pussy was already starting to suck the meat into it.

“Yes, Auntie.” He smiled so sweetly, and I impaled myself on his monster. I slowly slid down, and he could only throw his head back in sheer pleasure as he said goodbye to his virginity. I sat on his cock until every last inch was inside me. I shook violently, and just sat there, savoring this virgin taste. I rocked and rolled my wide hips around, feeling his meat inside me. My pussy was squeezing him so tightly. Then, I slowly slid back up, his soaking wet meat coming out. My pussy was gripping so hard, my hole was coming out with it, refusing to let go.

I got to the tip, and slammed down hard. I repeated this, and gradually increased my speed. My huge tits bounced all over as I rid him like a cowgirl. I felt young again. I didn’t know how badly I needed this exact feeling of intense pleasure. I raised my arms up above my head, as I let the ecstasy take me. I mindlessly bounced up and down, my pussy gobbling up every thick inch hungrily. Behind me, my insanely thick, perfectly round onion booty bounced and twerked wildy. As I was distracted with how amazing this felt, sweet, innocent, shy Yuki flung his hands up and grabbed my bouncing tits. I squealed in surprise.

Before I could even react, he lifted himself up and forward, pushing me back, and I fell, landing on my back with him on top of me. Still inside me.

“Yuki?! What are you doing?” I looked at him, and he looked different. He looked like he had had enough of me fucking him. He was about to fuck me. He pushed my legs apart and back so that my ankles were behind my ears. He was still impaled in my tight fuck hole.

“Auntie. I wanna make you feel good now. Please forgive me for this, but your pussy is really naughty. It needs to be punished.” He then started thrusting his hips up and down like a piston. He sloppily dove in and out of my helpless pussy. This little shit had me in a mating press! I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I couldn’t even think about it for more than a second because the intensity of his hip thrusts nearly drove me insane.

He expertly pounded my cunt over and over. I couldn’t do anything. I was completely at his mercy. And I loved it.

“OOOOOHHHHH MY GAAAAAWD! FUUUCK MEEEEEE YEEEEES! POUND THAT AUNTIE PUSSY! AHH AHHN AHN AHHHN!” I screamed, squealed, moaned, mewled, and cried out in absolute ecstasy. He was taking care of my pussy the way it needed. As he pumped in and out in and out, up and down up and down, back and forth back and forth, he looked right in my eyes, and kissed me deeply. Our tongues wrestled each other, and he made me his. Not what I was expecting. But I also wasn’t complaining. As he stabbed in and out, he eased up and got off me. He wasn’t done, though. He held my legs wide open, and pursed his lips as he looked down at the beautifully lewd sight of his huge dick getting eaten by my fat milf pussy. He thrust faster and faster, molding my pussy in the shape of his godly dick. He winced.

“Auntie, I’m gonna cum!” I nodded as he pounded me.

“YES BABY! LET’S CUM TOGETHER! GIVE AUNTIE A HUGE CREAMPIE! AHHHHNNNN!” And he finally exploded inside me. I made an O face and my eyes rolled back as I came with him. His hot jizz flooded my womb. He emptied and pulled out of my extremely tight snatch, collapsing right into my soft mountainous mounds. My pussy gaped, and leaked out a small amount of his seed. Turns out it was very hungry. We lied there panting, gasping, and giggling. I kissed his cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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