Daughter’s Slumber Party Pt. 05

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We awoke late on Saturday, the whipping of our asses, the wild fucking sessions with the dildos and daisy-chaining had gone on till almost dawn, and we weren’t awake until Noon. We were all smiles as we got dressed, and I was wondering what I could do for Saturday night. My daughter and her friends were eager too, they coyly asked me about how I was going to top Friday night’s fun.

After thinking about it, I had a plan. Time to change a few things. At the adult toy store, I bought 2 sets of handcuffs, with extra-long chains. This time, only one of us would be naked on the bed to be whipped at once. Like I would be whipped by Rita, Courtney, and Judi, then Rita would be whipped by myself, Courtney, and Judi, and so on. The cuffs would lock our wrists together, and the chain would be threaded through the brass bars of my bed, and our ankles would be similarly locked, and the chain of that set would be threaded through the brass bars at the bottom of the bed. I also bought a new whipping instrument, a leather thong whip. The purple leather whip is 10″ long and features twelve 5″ long strands and a 5″ wrapped handle. From the reviews of the whip, it can be less harsh than a solidly fixed instrument, and I felt it would be a good time to mix it up. I also bought 3 more 10-inch dildos and harnesses, so each of us would have our own personal dildo, ready for use after the spankings. I had my black one at home, so I bought colorful dildos, fire engine red, deep blue, and emerald green, and matching harnesses.

The girls were out when I got home, and I quickly stashed all our instruments of pleasure away, and I could already feeling zings of pleasure tingling in my cunt as I thought about using them and having them used on me.

That night, we were upstairs early, it was 8 PM when we stripped ourselves naked, and I slipped on tonight’s spanking panties, they would be my pure white satin panties, as the girls eagerly awaited my commands.

I reached into my drawer and watched their eyes grow wide as I showed them the leather thong whip and the 10-inch dildos that each of them would now have. With a devilish grin, I brought out the handcuffs and told them what the idea for tonight was.

“OK girls, it’s time to change it up. Rita, on the bed, ass up! Courtney and Judi, you stay here with me! All of us will be cuffed to the bed. I will administer the first 5 strokes of punishment, then Courtney, you will administer the next 5, and Judi, you will give Rita the last 5 strokes! After that, I will take Rita’s place, and Courtney, Judi, and Rita, you will give me a whipping! And we will go the same way for you Courtney, and you Judi.”

Rita was happy to take her place, and I threaded the chain through the brass rails, I cuffed her hands together, for the cuffs to go around her ankles, I spread it out a bit, so that she would be on hands and knees, and her legs would be farther apart, so I could introduce another change. Soon she was cuffed up, leaving her very little room to move. bahis firmaları I felt that the restraint would add extra zings to our pleasure.

Pulling apart her cheeks, I licked at my daughter’s tight asshole, listening to her moans of pleasure, as my tongue and then two fingers slipping up her tight ass, worked to gently loosen up her tight backdoor. I then had Rita’s butt plug lubed up, and she let out a grunt of pleasure as I stuffed it snugly up her. I took the whip and savored the feel of the handle in my hands, ready to give my daughter the discipline she needed.

“So, my bad daughter is back for more! Do you need another whipping, to correct your ways?” I growled.

“Yes, fuck yes, I’m a bad bitch, whip my ass!” Rita grunted.

“Bad bitch! Take this!”

I drew back and whipped her ass. She howled as the 12 leather strands whipped against her ass, providing a nice whip sound as they made contact.

Rita grunted, “Oh fuck, that felt so fucking good! Whip me again!”

I did so, whipping her again, listening to her howl of pleasure.

“Yes, more, tan my white ass!”

I gave her three more hearty strokes, watching the crimson glow startup.

I gave the whip to Courtney, and she pulled down my panties and put them on.

“Well, Rita likes to get whipped, just like a bad girl, does she?” Courtney growled.

“Yes, I’m such a bad bitch, let me have it! Whip my ass, tan me well!”

“Indeed I will! Bad, bad girl! Count out the strokes!”

The room filled with the sounds of the whip lashing Rita’s ass, her counting out the strokes, begging for more, and her howls of pleasure as Courtney gave her a good whipping, lashing her ass with 5 firm strokes.

Judi took over the whip, and the panties, and she wielded the whip against Rita’s ass, whipping my daughter good, filling the room with more whiplashes, and howls of pleasure and urges of more from my daughter.

I knew that Rita’s cunt would be a horny bubbling cauldron of lust, and I introduced another new twist. I asked Rita to choose one of us to fuck her horny cunt, to satisfy her burning fuck-hole, before we continued.

“Judi, I want Judi to fuck me!” she whispered.

Judi chose the fire engine red dildo, and I helped her with putting on the harness, fitting in the dildo then adjusting it until it was perfect. It circled her like a tight bikini bottom, and a solid, hard 10-inch dildo protruded, just ready to fuck Rita’s fiery cunt.

“Now, climb aboard Rita, fuck her doggy style, and ream out her steamy tightness!”

Judi needed no further urging, with Rita’s ankles cuffed, and her legs spread apart wide enough for doggy style, she quickly took the position. Notching the head of the dildo against Rita, she slid the dildo in, inch by inch. When 3 inches were left, Judi grabbed Rita’s hips and lunged forward, burying all 10 inches in. Rita howled with pleasure as her cunt was split open, Judi’s hips smacked tightly against Rita’s crimson, throbbing ass, and kaçak iddaa her body kept the butt plug tightly secured up Rita’s ass.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck, I’m gonna explode, fuck me hard!”

Judi was happy to do so, and her 10-inch dildo slammed in and out, jackhammering Rita’s cunt. I could see Rita’s arms and legs pulling at the restraints, and feeling no give, the feeling of being restrained and fucked wickedly erotic.

Rita howled, “Cumming, oh fuck yes, I’m gonna explode, FUCK YES!!”

Her voice rose to a full-on scream as her body started shaking and writhing wildly, her cunt exploding, I could imagine the wild spasming of her cunt tightening down on that stiff, hard cunt pleaser buried up to the limit of her fuck hole.

After a few minutes of recovery, I released Rita from the cuffs, and now, it was my turn. My body was virtually trembling as my wrists and ankles were secured, legs spread, ass up and ready.

I told the girls that Courtney was going to be the first to whip me this time, she pulled on the spanking panties, and she grinned at me as she slid lube over my butt plug. I could feel her hands pulling apart my ass cheeks, and I grunted with pleasure as her hot sexy mouth made contact, her tongue licking at the bull’s eye of my tight asshole. The feel of those lips, that dancing tongue, and her fingers gently probing the rose-shaped pucker, put me on cloud 9. Her fingers withdrew, and my butt plug hit the bull’s eye, I love the feel of the head flaring out, stretching my ass, and then the clamping down of my ass around the stem, keeping that pleasing fullness up there.

“Oh my, Mommy’s so bad, showing us how to take it up the ass, teaching us about cunt licking, asshole licking, and whipping us! Does Mommy need some discipline for being such a bad influence on us?” Courtney playfully scolded me.

“Fuck yes, I need it! Give me the whip, lash my ass!”

“Bad Mommy! Count out the stokes!”

I felt the lash of the leather strands whipping against my ass. It wasn’t as painful as being spanked with a crop of a yardstick, but it was wildly exciting. I howled with sheer pleasure, fuck, it felt awesome.

“One, that was one, fuck, I need more! Let me have it!”

The whip hit my ass again, started the stinging going as Courtney gave it more force.

“Two, that’s two, fuck it feels so fucking good, tan my white ass!” I howled.

Fired up, Courtney delivered three more hefty strokes, as I counted and howled with pleasure, and urged her on to whip me more.

Judi took over the whip and the panties, and said, “Bad Mommy, the spanking of your ass isn’t done yet!”

She drew back and whipped it against my ass. My ass was quickly taking on that crimson glow, the burning of my ass was making my cunt burn with pure lust.

“Yes, yes, whip me, fuck it feels so good, tan my ass!” I grunted.

Judi was happy to do so, as she whipped my ass with another 4 hard strokes, my cries of pleasure and urgings filling the kaçak bahis bedroom.

Now, Rita, my daughter, was up. She ran her hands over my glowing cheeks, I could feel the fiery burn.

“Like daughter, like mother!” Rita giggled. “Lots of badness in you, we’ll take care of that!”

She drew back, and whipped me, my howl of pleasure filling the room.

“Yes, my darling daughter, yes! Whip my ass, beat the badness out of me!”

Rita let me have it, whipping my ass with 4 more strokes, my cries of pleasure filling the room.

Fuck, my ass and cunt were on fire, I was one giant orgasm, ready to blow.

“OK Mom, I know your cunt is just as horny as mine after the whipping, who do you choose to fuck your fiery cunt?”

“Courtney, I want that sexy little ass whipper to fuck me!” I grunted.

I turned my head to the side and watched as Courtney chose the deep blue dildo and harness. She slowly pulled on the harness, grinning at me as I watched her. She fitted in the dildo and smiled a lust-filled smile at me. She was a sight to see, this sexy 18-year-old, 5’7″ tall and 115 pounds, the type that any 18-year-old guy would love to lose a load in, with a massive, 10-inch dildo strapped around her, ready to ream my horny cunt. I wondered what the horny boys would think if they saw her sporting a dildo that probably dwarfed their cocks. I felt the weight of Courtney as she joined me on the bed. She got behind me, in between my legs, and got the dildo positioned at my horny entrance, I was going to get it doggy style, and I was gonna love it.

“So, is Mommy all fired up, getting whipped and then eager to get fucked?” Courtney teased me.

“Fuck yes, I am so horny I can’t stand it! Slam that dildo in, fuck me until I can’t see straight!”

I felt Courtney grab my hips and thrust forward. My cunt was split open, the tight walls of my burning fuck hole parting around that 10-inch pussy pleaser Courtney was thrusting into me. I let out a howl of pleasure as her hips smacked hard against my throbbing, crimson ass, and the press of her against my ass kept the butt plug tightly secured up my throbbing backdoor. The rubbing of my butt plug and dildo deep inside my burning fuckholes was just incomparable.

“Yes, oh fuck yes, ream out my horny cunt, let me have it!”

Courtney was only too happy to do so, power fucking my burning cunt, I looked over at Rita and Judi, their faces were just filled with pure lust, watching Courtney fuck me so good. I could feel myself pulling at the restraints, the knowledge that I was being restrained and fucked started the burning fire of orgasm racing at me.

“Fuck, oh my fucking god, I’m cumming, YES!!”

My shriek of pleasure filled the bedroom, as my cunt wrenched wildly, my inner pussy quivering and spasming crazily, my throbbing asshole pulsing around the butt plug, as I came in a gut-wrenching orgasm. Fuck, I felt like I was cumming my brains out.

After I had come back to earth, my daughter released me from the cuffs. Being restrained had just made my orgasm a real explosive one, fuck it had been so powerful.

Courtney was next, and we were going to give that sexy ass whipper just as good as she gave us.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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