Summer with Millie

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Jack sat at the breakfast table waiting for his eggs to cook a bit more. Since his divorce he’d learned pretty well how to fend for himself. He had read cook books and watched cooking shows and by the spare tire he was beginning to develop, he knew he was onto something. He stood and straightened his pajama bottoms and moved to the stove where he carefully plated his meal and headed for the table carrying his newspaper, cup of coffee and plate. He had just sat down when the door seemingly kicked open startling him into spilling his coffee on his hand. He jerked it away and cried, “Fuck!” He shook his hand in obvious pain as he made for the front door.

Jack round the corner to find his ex wife Carla pushing a very large suitcase in front of her as she battled the door. She was a mature woman of forty six, five foot five, and short brown hair. No real remarkable physical features could he determine other than from memory as she pushed through the door. She wore a blue slack outfit, with low black heels and a nice white top covered with a jacket. From the look of it, she was going to work.

“Jack!” She called as he rounded the corner. She saw him coming and she began,

“Jack, I need you to watch Millie for a few weeks. The firm in all of its infinite wisdom has temporarily transferred me to the Minneapolis office.”

Jack said, “That’s too bad Carla. Sure I’ll be glad to have Millie for a bit. We haven’t spent time together in a long time. How old is she now?”

Carla stopped in her tracks and said, “You know very well that she’s eighteen as of last week, you were at her party remember?”

To which Jack replied, “Oh yea…”

Carla said “This is one of her suitcases, the rest is still at my house, here is the key, help yourself but for the love of God, do not snoop. Just take her over there, give her the key and wait by the door, she can get whatever she likes. Oh and by the way Jack I know you’re out of work just now so here’s five hundred dollars to help with the extra food and expense.”

Jack took her money and slid it into the breast pocket of his pajamas. Millie came through the door wearing her usual shorts and tight pullover top that he’d bought her for her birthday. She rushed inside, “Daddy!” she cried hugging him tightly. “It’s so good to see you!”

Jack stepped back and said, “Well look at you! Aren’t you beautiful?”

Millie slapped him mockingly on the arm and said, “Dad!”

Carla butted in, “Now Millie I want you to feel free to return home and take whatever belongings you need before the twenty eighth of this month. That’s when the movers are coming to collect my things and deliver them to me in Minneapolis. I’ve given your father some extra expense money but remember he’s not working just now, so if you need any more for any reason just call me.”

With that she kissed Millie on the cheek and said, “A moment Jack…” as she walked back to the door. Jack followed her.

Jack shouted back inside, “Make yourself at home Millie, I’ll be right back.” He closed the door and walked Carla back to her mini van. She opened the door and sat down on the driver’s side and rolled down her window and said, “Now Jack, back there you looked at me as if to say something, what was it?”

“Well Carla, I do need some money. I hate to ask but everything’s due and I just don’t want to inconvenience Millie, after all it’s not quite what she’s used to.”

Carla popped open her check book and said, “How much do you need?”

Jack said, “Really Carla I don’t know without going inside and figuring it out.”

She said, “Listen, I wouldn’t normally do this but take this blank check and pay your bills for three months. No phone or cell phone however, I’m trying to break Millie from talking to those boys till all bahis firmaları hours of the night. Hopefully with summer break here, you live far enough away from the city that they won’t just show up on your doorstep. If you can keep her away from boys for the summer, I’ll pay your bills for the entire summer. All you have to do is watch her.”

Jack took the check and said, “Carla you know sometimes you make me wish you were still together.” Referring to the check he had in his hand.

She replied, “Well Jack, we did have our fair share of problems, and I don’t know if I’m ready to go through all that again. Don’t get me wrong Jack I still love you but I can’t live with you. The fighting between our families gave both of us such pressure that it tore us apart. I suppose it’s my fault though I did not think of the implications of marrying outside of my social circle, let alone how my father and mother would react to me marrying a blue collar man, but that’s a conversation for another time. I really have to go Jack. Good luck, if you need me call my cell phone.”

He sheepishly raised a hand as she started the car and drove off. He stood there holding the check which he dutifully placed in his pocket along with the five hundred dollars cash and returned to the front door.

Jack walked inside and said “Millie?” she said, “Up here dad!” He trudged up the steps and found her in his spare bedroom that really only had a mattress and box spring on the floor. She’d taken the liberty of dragging the heavy suitcase along with her.

He entered the room and again hugged her and said, “I’m just so glad to have you Millie!”

All her life Millie had looked towards her dad for approval, even after the divorce she’d call him for praise on every assignment, activity, or school function she’d participated in. When her graduation neared she again asked Jack to help her pick out her class ring and tassels. He had always felt needed by Millie and that’s what he wanted the most.

She said, “Dad is this where I’m sleeping?” Jack somewhat embarrassed said, “Ya know there might be a problem with this Mil, You’re not used to sleeping on the floor and I cannot ask you to do that. It’s just that since my company went belly up I haven’t been able to find work at all.” She smiled and said, “I know dad, its ok really.” Jack said, “Well I’ll admit I’ve slept there Mil and it’s not all that comfortable, maybe I should call your mother and see if she’d mind if I got you a new bed to sleep in while you’re here.”

Millie said, “Don’t dad please. All she ever does is fret over how spoiled I am with money. So maybe this will be good for me. We can at least try can’t we?”

Jack smiled at Millie, she’d really grown up since he’d last spent time with her. He took only a faltering moment and noticed how beautiful she was. He gazed at her brown legs and upwards to her plump ass and then her swollen breasts. She had her hair pulled into the cutest dog ears. Her look was enough to give Jack all the red flags he needed.

He turned and said, “Well Millie I’m going to fix breakfast once again would you like some eggs?” She said, “Yhea dad that would be great. But first I need a shower; mom rushed me out so fast this morning that I didn’t have time for one.”

Jack said, “By all means dear, just down the hall to your left, I’ll yell when breakfast is ready.”

She stooped and rummaged through her bag and found all her necessities and left Jack standing and went to the bathroom.

Jack wandered downstairs in no real hurry to begin. He heard the shower running and thought how good it felt not to be alone. For the first time in a long time, Jack hummed and sang as he fixed breakfast for the two of them. He prepared Eggs, Bacon, Biscuits, Juice and Milk and sat it all kaçak iddaa out on the table.

Millie bounced down the stairs wrapped in one towel, while drying her hair with another. Jack was somewhat surprised that she hadn’t gotten dressed before coming to the table. She sat down. The towel was bunched up at the top pushing her cleavage farther and farther out. Jack couldn’t help but stare.

She looked up and caught him, “What daddy?” He jumped back to reality, “Oh I was just wondering if you thought the food was good?” Millie said “Oh yea, tastes great!” The two ate and had a great conversation all the while Jack was beginning to notice that his little girl was not so little anymore. The towel in which she was wrapped only managed to cover her rear as she sat in the chair beside him, while the ample bosom she was blessed with poured forth demanding his attention. Once he even thought he’d seen a pussy lip but was uncertain. He felt an unusual stirring in him for his daughter that he’d never felt before.

He stood to leave the table unaware that certain physical changes had taken over and he of all people was not the first one to know. Per his usual Jack would eat, stand and stretch his hands high and then he’d grab his plate and go to the sink with it. This time however Jack had a hard on and when he stood; there it was for the world to see. Millie said “Dad!” Jack looked down her eyes big and staring. He looked down as well and said, “Oh….Oh my God Millie, I’m sorry! That wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m so sorry!” He turned away from her as she broke out laughing.

Jack embarrassed as hell took his plate to the kitchen and did not return until his erection had gone away. Millie came to the kitchen before Jack had a chance to come back out. She said, “Dad, It’s OK, it’s not that big of a deal. I’m eighteen now and I’ve seen one of those a time or two.” Jack said, “You mean you’re not a virgin Millie?” She said, “Yes dad, I am but I’ve seen a dick or two in my time. You cannot go to high school as a girl without seeing one. Seems every date I had some guy was showing me his and begging me to touch it, or he was too busy going for my boobs!”

Jack said, “I’m sorry honey. Boys can be mean that way…”

She replied, “It’s not all bad Daddy, I mean it’s not like you did it on purpose or anything.”

Jack confidently said, “Well Mil, it’s like this you’re a beautiful young woman, I’m an old lonely man, so sure when I get around you it’s going to do that.” Jack wondered if he’d just offered up too much information to his daughter when she said,

“Well Dad it’s like this, when mom and I are at home, I just usually wear whatever I want, when I want. Mom and I don’t really hide from one another when we change or are in the toilet for some reason it just feels natural.”

Jack said, “Do you think it’ll be like that for us Mil?

She wrinkled her nose a little and said, “No.”

Jack asked, “Why?”

Millie said, “Well dad you are a guy after all and although I’ve seen a few penis’s before it would take me a while I guess to get used to seeing you in different stages of dress and undress.”

Jack said, “Don’t you think It’d be different for me Mil? I haven’t seen a woman nude in about five years now since Carla and I divorced. I’m not even sure I remember where everything’s at.” He laughed easily.

She stared down at the top of her towel to her cleavage and said, “Oh I think you remember exactly where everything is…”

She stood and went upstairs and momentarily came back down wearing only a pair of G-string panties and a tee-shirt that was cut high just enough to cover her breasts. She plopped down on the couch. Jack watched her for a few minutes and if he didn’t know any better he’d guess she was testing him, but he was kaçak bahis not about to test the waters just yet.

He walked to the living room and sat down across from her. He couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful daughter. He felt himself getting hard and decided to just let it happen. After all they were both adults and they would be able to control the stares. Jack watched TV and kept looking back from the TV to Millie. His cock grew rock hard as he sat there silently watching TV. Millie caught a glance as well at how her dad’s cock strained against the fabric of his pajama bottoms. She said, “Dad, if it’s going to stay hard like that, why you don’t just let it out.”

He sat slack jawed he couldn’t believe Millie had said that. He replied, “Do you really think its appropriate Millie?” She smiled and referred to herself, as appropriate as dressing this way in front of your dad I suppose…”

Jack said, “Honey did you go upstairs and put that on to tease me with?”

Millie said, “Well, yes and no. No because it’s what I’d normally wear at home with mom and yes because I like seeing it get hard!”

Jack laughed a bit and said, “I thought you’d seen a few and weren’t interested?”

Millie said, “I’ve seen a few yes, but I’ve always been interested dad!”

Jack asked once again, “You sure you wouldn’t mind Millie?”

Millie stood from the couch and walked over and grabbed Jack by both hands and said, “Come here fraidy’ cat. She stood before him and dropped to her knees and undid the tie on his pajamas. She slid them easily off his hips and down to his ankles. His rigid member swung free. Jack had to admit it felt good not to be cooped up inside those bottoms anymore. She had him step out of them and stood and picked them up and tossed them on the bottom step of the stairs. “There now, you can rest easy, look all you want, get as hard as you want and not be uncomfortable.”

Jack sat back down and said, “Well Millie Thank you. But you know if I sit here hard for long periods of time it begins to be painful!” Millie said, “Tell you what, come over here and sit down beside me.” Jack did as she instructed. She scooted over to where they were arm against arm. She said, “Now daddy just relax and watch TV.”

Jack began watching television trying not to be aroused at the fact that his daughters arm was rubbing against his and here he sat nude from the waist down sporting the biggest hard on of his life.

Millie reach down and grabbed his throbbing cock and began jacking him off as they watched television. She stroked his tool both calmly and professionally. She turned a little and cupped his balls as she jacked him off, faster and faster.

Jack blurted, “I’m goanna cum!”

Millie continued jacking her daddy watching the milky white cum shoot from the head of his cock onto the floor in front of him. She continued until he had gone limp and the sensations in his now dying cock began to get painful. She stopped and held onto his cock for long moments smearing the cum around the head of his penis. She let go and stood and walked to the kitchen. He heard the sound of running water and momentarily she came back in and sat down as if nothing happened.

Jack said, “Millie, you want to talk about what just happened?

Millie replied, “No, what’s there to talk about?”

Jack stated, “Well, you just gave your father a hand job, don’t you think that’s worth talking about?”

Millie responded “It’s like this dad, I’ve had to do that with boys before and I know it feels good to you guys and I enjoy doing it. I may not know how to do much else, but Richard my old boyfriend said I was the best at it.”

Jack said, “Yep he was right Millie.”

She stretched and her beautiful tits fell free of her top she said, “Think I’m going to take a nap now daddy. If you need a hand again, just yell.”

With that Jack watched her bound up the stairs and disappears. He looked at his cock and thought, ‘Damn it’s good to have a family.’

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