Libary Liaison

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Blonde curls knotted at the top of Emily’s head like an anchor— the perfect size to grip in my fist and guide her lips to my cock. Thick black-rimmed glasses framed her big blue eyes as she slouched across the desk, scanning an open textbook. I loved the way the blue thinned around her pupils as I fucked her — seeing such a visceral reaction always made my cock thicken to the point of pain and my orgasm erupt in explosive relief. It made missionary my favorite position with her.

I opened a new text box on my phone and found her name. I have hard candy. Want a taste?

I slipped between the stacks of books, watching her like a hunter might spy his prey, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. Black sweatpants and a grey t-shirt loosely covered her curves. She dressed for comfort when studying, but as she reached into her bag on the floor, the v-neck collar puffed open, a swell of plump cleavage almost spilling out of her shirt and transforming her into the most intoxicating beauty in the Library.

She pulled out her phone, unaware of the scandalous view she offered several admirers a few desks over.

A deep throb pulsed in my groin, imagining what it would be like to climb on top of her while they watched. I’d never broached the idea of fucking in public with Emily, but the way my blood hummed as one of her admirers adjusted himself made me want to take her right there, on the main floor of the Library with everyone watching, whether she wanted it or not.

Her fingers danced across her screen as bubbles popped on mine.

Is that your way of asking me if I want to fuck?

I grinned, bitting my knuckle to hold in the moan.

Is that your way of saying yes? 😉

Bubbles appeared again, and my pulse kicked up a gear.

I’m in the Library at the moment. Later?

I’ve always had a Naughty Librarian fantasy.

Her screen pulsed with light and her jaw dropped. A delicate blush turned her neck an intoxicating pink. Did her pussy blush too?

She grinned and leaned back into her seat. I’m not a librarian, but there is quite an attractive looking sixty-something on duty tonight.

Her playfulness was contagious, and my fingers flew across the screen.

Let me rephrase that…I’ve always had a ‘sex in the library’ fantasy.

Her screen flashed again, and she bit her lip, the flush creeping up her to her cheeks.

Was she into that?

Heat simmered in my balls as my cock swelled, brushing against the zipper. Would she let me slide one finger inside of her as she pretended that I wasn’t making her pussy clench in a room full of people?

And how does that work?

I sucked in a breath, my cock fully erect now.

Let me show you. I hit send and walked toward her.

“James.” Emily gasped, slapping the phone to her chest like she was afraid someone would read her messages and know what I wanted to do.

Her gaze dropped to my crotch, level with her mouth—the perfect height to swallow. Panic mixed with arousal flashed in her eyes. “What are you doing here?”

I pulled a chair over. “Researching.”

Her cheeks were a brilliant red, and her chest panted like she was running out of breath. “Researching what?”

I lowered myself into the chair, my shoulder and knee pressed against hers, blocking her body from the rest of the room. I dropped a palm to her thigh and felt a thrill rush up my spine at her sudden intake of breath. “Discovering how long it takes you to come on my fingers in public.”

Her lips parted, and a heavy breath rushed out.

I waited for her to say no, but she watched, her gaze transfixed on my palm. A surge of adrenaline had my fingers curling, desperate to get closer to her heat before she told me to stop.

“You should read,” I whispered.


I grinned at her flustered expression and slid the open book closer to her. “Read or people are going to look over at you all red and panting and wonder what we are doing.”

She canlı bahis gripped the book with both fists and looked down, her chest heaving and her neck blooming to a sunburnt red.

My cock ached, too swollen to be confined by denim. I wanted to drag my zip down and curl my fist around it or have Avril bend over and push me deep into her throat.

Liquid leaked from the tip, wetting my briefs. Fuck, I needed to come soon.

I slid my fingers down her inner thigh and pressed. “You’re on fire. Are you wet?” I teased her with one finger, pushing harder until I felt dampness.

Her breath shuddered and she clamped her thighs together, trapping my hand. “We shouldn’t do this.”

“Do you want me to stop?” I flicked my nail over the place her clit would be. “If you tell me to stop I will.”

She bit her lip, and a low moan rolled out, her thighs loosening their grip on my wrist until they dropped open.

Desire coiled in my gut and cock pulsed in triumph. I tugged the elastic band of her pants down and slipped my hand inside, biting back a hiss as our skin touched.

Her stomach was a smooth, seductive trail leading to a tangle of course curls that tickled my fingertips. Her tiny bud bulged out of its hood as I rolled it beneath my fingers. Emily gasped and jumped, opening her thighs wider, allowing me to glide two fingers into her slick, wet folds.

Her pussy fluttered around my fingers, pulsing and clenching the way it would milk my cock.

She gripped the edge of the book, scrunching the pages as a low moan tore up her throat, loud enough for someone to hear.


I flicked my gaze from one head to the next, all down, focused on the books in front of them. Except one. Cropped black hair tilted toward the open book in his hands, attempting to look oblivious, but dark eyes trained on Emily’s parted lips.

I curled my fingers and brushed that sensitive spot she loved. Emily tensed, her knuckles whitened, and her bottom lip pinched between her teeth.

Our voyeur lifted his eyes to meet mine. I arched a brow as Emily ground her hips down onto my hand. He winked in approval then dropped his eyes back to his book, grinning.

Fuck, I wanted him to keep watching.

“How long?” Emily’s whimpering drew my attention.

I shoved both fingers deeper inside until my palm flattened against her clit and a gush of creamy liquid rolled onto my hand. “Two minutes?”

“Oh god.”


Heat boiled in my balls and a steady stream of liquid dripped from my cock. I needed friction, a hand or a pussy, something to ease the ache. But I wanted her to come first.

I fucked her with my fingers, in and out, in short, rapid thrusts, urging her to that crest. Her skin flushed, and sweat dotted her forehead with the strain to act like she wasn’t on the brink of orgasm.

Her pussy walls gripped my fingers, rippling and squeezing.


Her thighs clamped tighter on my wrist, and her hips bucked, riding my fingers in shallow, jerky movements. Her eyes fluttered, and she shuddered once more before slumping backward into her chair.

“One minuted forty-nine seconds,” I whispered, checking my phone.

Her throat bobbed, and a lazy, satisfied smile curled her mouth. “Can we do that again?”

I pinched the tip of my cock as a familiar pulsing took over. “I need to fuck you.”

Emily blinked her lust haze clearing. She licked her lips and nodded.

Her legs wobbled as she tried to stand and my inner sex God wanted to gloat to the entire room that it was because of me.

She managed to push herself to her feet and weave her way through the cluster of tables, drawing the attention of our voyeur.

It was my turn to wink as I followed my blond beauty. The strangers gaze burned into my back as Emily lead me down an empty hall.

A large room opened up before us, stacks of books reaching up to the roof and lining the floor like a maze. I tugged Emily’s wrist, taking bahis siteleri the lead and dragging her down one aisle, and another. There had to be somewhere we wouldn’t get caught.

Emily tapped my shoulder and nodded to the right. “Over there.”

A playful grin lit up her face, and she crooked a finger, disappearing down another aisle and into a small corner tucked away at the back.

“No one should find us here if we’re quick.”

“That will not be a problem.” I grinned, reaching for her hips and slamming them against mine.

Our lips clashed in a desperate kiss as I rubbed my hands up her back and down to her ass, cupping both cheeks and rocking her onto my aching cock. “I need you.”

She broke the kiss, gasping. “I can’t believe we’re going to do this.”

I snaked one palm into her pants and gripped her bare ass. “Oh, we are.”

She arched into me and cupped my jeans, squeezing the bulge.

Heat pulsed like lightning from my balls, drawing them up.

“I want to suck you.”

“Oh fuck.” My library fantasy slammed into my thoughts again as she dropped to the floor and pushed me back against the stacks. Books rattled as she tugged my zipper down and pulled my cock free.

Those wide blue eyes stared up at me, just like I pictured, looking innocent as her seductive lips stretched wide and enveloped my tip. Her tongue was wet and hot but my cock slid across it like the smoothest silk. Sparks ricochetted up my spine, and my legs trembled. I threw my head back and groaned, way too loud. Someone would have heard that. I felt my eyes narrowing on the far end of the hall, waiting for a visitor.

What would Emily do if someone turned the corner and walked into our aisle?

I gripped her head, wanting desperately to ram my cock deep into her throat and coax more sounds out of mine. If I grunted, enough someone would have to notice and investigate.

But I didn’t know how Emily would react, and I didn’t want her to stop.

Her lips tightened, and she slid more of my cock into her mouth until the tip touched the spongy muscles at the back of her throat.

“Fuck.” I wasn’t going to last much longer.

Maybe tomorrow I could take her somewhere public again and push her boundaries a little more until the idea of someone watching us didn’t seem like a crazy idea to her.

I scratched her scalp relishing the warm tongue sliding up and down and the tight suction of her mouth sucking and swallowing.

Footsteps sounded in the distance, and my stomach clenched. A body appeared at the end of the aisle, familiar cropped black hair and the same intrigued smile from moments ago.

Emily stiffened, and pushed my cock from her mouth, standing up.

The voyeur raised both hands and grinned. “Don’t stop on my account.”

“We should go,” Emily whispered, her skin a brilliant red and her lips puffy from sucking my cock.

His grin softened, and he lowered his hands as though soothing a scared animal. “I just want to watch. You’re beautiful.”

Emily’s eyes widened in surprise and she lowered her head, pinching her lips together to hide the smile.

“He’s right.” I hummed against her ear, flicking my tongue back and forth on her lobe before nibbling it. “It’s fucking beautiful watching you come apart.”

The stranger arched his neck around the stacks. “No one’s coming.” He looked at Emily and winked. “I’ll be your lookout.”

“James.” Emily squeaked, grabbing my hand.

Cold prickled the back of my next and dread filled my stomach. She wasn’t into it.

“Please?” The stranger begged.

Her fingers twisted in her t-shirt like she was nervous, unsure, but her the silence spoke volumes. She didn’t say no, she didn’t tell him to leave. Anticipation had my nerves coiled tight. I wrapped an arm around her waist and slid one hand into her dripping underwater. “You are so fucking wet. You want this.”

She moaned as I played, coaxing her legs apart and spreading her lips. bahis şirketleri She was tight against my fingers, and I couldn’t wait for her pussy to milk my cock. I pressed a palm against her lower back and pushed. “Get on your hands and knees.”

She dropped willingly, my fingers sliding out of her and tugging her sweatpants down. Round fleshy globes wobbled in front of me. I pinched and squeezed, testing their cushioning. I was going to bounce off her nicely.

A groan broke my concentration, and I looked up, our voyeur sliding a palm up and down the thick line bulging from his jeans.

I pushed a thumb into Emily’s dripping slit and leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Do you still want to suck?”


“Our friend looks a little uncomfortable. Maybe you should help him out.”

Sticky cream gushed over my thumb as her hips rocked, riding it. “Ok.”

A fresh surge of heat filled my balls. My shy little bookworm was turning into a minx.

The stranger already had his cock out, swollen and purple; it looked angry as he jerked his fist a few times before lowering to his knees in front of my girlfriend.

“Wait. I want us to fill her at the same time.” I sat back, spreading her lips with my thumbs and lining up my tip. “One. Two. Three.”

I thrust my hips, and her slick walls stretched, molding around my length, taking me in deeper until my brain shut off and all I could think about was thrusting, grunting and spilling inside of her. Emily’s gasp cut off as the stranger’s cock pushed into her mouth. His throaty groan filled our tiny corner. “Fuck. Her mouth is so hot.”

He moaned and rocked his hips closer. “Fuck are you deep…”

His eyes closed and he bit his lip, letting Emily take control.

She was the sweetest cock-sucker I’d ever had and the way her throat bobbed and his hips spasmed, he was going to think the same thing.

Her ass wiggled, demanding that I play my part. I gripped her hips and slowly dragged my shaft out until just the tip hovered at her entrance.

The cock in her throat muffled her moans, but with the amount of noise we were making, anyone could walk around that corner any minute. We needed to make this quick.

I thrust, surging forward, her walls rippling and her body tensing. She was close.

I reached for her clit, teasing and pinching the swollen nub as I rocked in and out in short, jerky movements. My thumb slid between her cheeks, finding her puckered asshole. Had she ever been fucked here?

I wiggled and pushed until the skin loosened and the tip of my thump dipped inside.

Emily bucked beneath me, her pussy clamping down on my cock like a vice. The pressure was too intense, an overwhelming surge of heat pulse up my shaft and I came, spurting inside of her in thick, stringy ribbons. Our new friend gripped her head, holding her still as he shuddered.

I slumped over her back, panting. Our mixed juices dribbled down my thighs as my softening cock slipped out of her.

Our voyeur straightened himself, pushing his cock back into his jeans and smoothing his shirt. He reached forward and brushed a finger over Emily’s plump, red lip, then he winked at me and left.

Emily collapsed to the floor on her stomach, I flipped her over, shoving my tongue into her mouth.

It was intoxicating, tasting another man’s cum on her lips. I wanted to share her again, but this time sandwich her between two cocks.

I swirled my fingers around her entrance, scooping out our mingled juices and dripping them between her crack. I wiggled a finger between her fleshy cheeks and toyed with her puckered hole.

“Have you ever had a cock here?”

Her back arched and her hips hovered between pulling away and pushing down on my fingers. “No.”

I pushed and stroked, coaxing her to relax. “Do you want to?”

“Right now?” She hissed, looking around at the stacks of books.

“No.” I chuckled. “Maybe we can see if our new friend wants to play some more.”

My sweet, shy girlfriend was no more. She reached down, gripping my already hardening cock as she wiggled her ass against my fingers. “Okay.”

My cock fully engorged, ready for round two. “Let’s go.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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