That Day in the Shower

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Rachel was cleaning compulsively, this was her way of dealing with depression. Her twenty year marriage to Andrew had gone stale. She longed for the excitement they once shared, but sending three kids through college was putting more stress on their finances, forcing Andrew to be away from home more and more just to make ends meet.

She was sitting on the livingroom floor surrounded by boxes pulled from the closet. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she thumbed through the yellowing pages of photo albums, viewing ‘the good old days’. Trying to hold back the sobs, her tear soaked blouse now clinging to her heaving breasts. Then a smile crossed her face. She sniffled, swiping her hand across her flushed cheeks as she broke into laughter. Her eyes were glued to a photograph of her and Andrew all dressed up in black leather and lace. It was a Halloween party they attended as Master and slave girl. Oh what a night that turned out to be!

Her nipples were hardening beneath their damp covering. She was cupping her breasts pinching her taut buds, just the way Andrew had instructed her to do that night six years ago! It had been such a turn on sneaking off to a bedroom while the other guests were out in the main house. Andrew had planned the entire scenario, right down to the necessary ‘toys’ being placed in that room… and all unbeknownst to her.

“On your knees, Wench,” He ordered as he securely locked the door behind them.

Rachel had a puzzled look on her face. Andrew had never spoken to her like that before. She was aroused and scared at the same moment, but immediately dropped to her nylon covered knees. Not knowing what to do with her hands, she clasped them behind her back.

“Very nice…My little slut slave..Very nice..” Andrew said looking down on his beautiful black clad wife.

Rachel’s eyes opened as big as saucers at his remark. ‘How dare he call me that?’ she wanted to scream out, but found her sex tingling as his words continued to flow.

“Open My pants! Suck My hard wanton cock, girl! ” He ordered reaching down, pulling her right breast free of the black lace corset she was threatening to spill from.

She gasped with relief as he freed her throbbing breast.

“Yes Master..” she answered falling into the spell of submission as her fingers fumbled releasing the zipper on his tight black leather pants.

His hands were pushing through her taut golden tresses, pulling out the clips that held it off her soft rounded shoulders. As her long beautiful hair furled down he leaned over, grasping the other breast, freeing it from its binding.

Rachel let out another gasp.

“Thank you Master, ” she moaned as the click click clicking of his lowering zipper echoed through out the quiet room while laughter and merriment filtered in from the unsuspecting guests beyond their closed door The excitement of being ‘caught’ was fueling her desires as her hot breath washed over his trembling groin. She yanked down his g-string thong anxiously exposing his massive organ.

“Tell Me… Tell Me how much do you love My cock, slave?” He growled arching his back, thrusting his gorgeous man meat into her face.

Grasping it by its thick base she held firmly, rubbing the glistening bulbous head back and forth across her soft lips as she murmured,” Oh Master, i adore Your beautiful cock, its wonderful texture across my lips, its magnificent size inside my pussy, its hot fluid streaming inside my wanton body. I love Your cock Master. Please, i beg of You…”

“Then suck Me now, My slut! Suck me until I fill that pretty little mouth of yours,” He commanded heaving his cock inside her open mouth.

Rachel’s gooseflesh covered body was on fire with lust. Her nipples were pointed, her sex was wetting the crotch of her cinching corset as she hungrily feasted on his raging organ.

“WHAT are you DOING?” Sounded Andrew’s voice as Rachel’s eyes popped open with a start.

Her hands were inside her wet panties, fingers buried inside her soppy nest as she wiggled and squirmed on the hardwood floor beneath him.

His eyes trailed from her beautiful trembling body to the open photo album laying beside her splayed legs.

With a chuckle he began stripping off his clothes. Rachel’s face lit up as he dove down between her open thighs pulling her panties to the side tonguing her wetness. She was soaked, ready to be penetrated but he chose to prolong her agony a bit longer sucking her pussy lips, tasting her sweet nectar, nibbling her protruding bud with his teeth as her hands clutched at his head pulling him in tightly to her quivering lil cunt. Hearing her gasps fueled his lust as he licked the length of her slit playing lovingly on the tip of her trembling clit.

“OH MY GOD ANDREW!” She screamed out as he forced two fingers inside her contracting pussy while the first wave of her orgasm washed through her shuddering flesh. He worked his fingers deeper and deeper inside her spasming walls while nipping at her quivering pearl.

“Andrew!” she bursa escort screamed out again,”Fuck me baby… Fuck me Nooowwwwww.”

He was inside her with one hard thrust, piercing between her soppy lips, penetrating inside her velvety hot womb as she wrapped her legs around his hips, lifting her pelvis off the floor, bucking and riding him like her rescuing White Knight!

Andrew let out a growl as his cock exploded deep inside her hot clenching cunt. Pulsating spurts of thick creamy fluid was coating her grasping walls.

They both slumped to the floor in a sweaty heap.

Chapter 2

That night at dinner Andrew announced they would be having a house guest for the month of June. Rachel looked at him with a frowning, raised brow. How dare he invite a friend to stay without consulting me first! And for an entire month? Rachel knew how much Andrew wanted, make that needed, his privacy.

“Okay.. Who is it?” she tried to ask in a calm voice while wanting to scream!

With a smile Andrew answered, “Remember little James? My sister’s kid?”

Rachel nodded her head ‘yes’ although she was having difficulty recalling the boy.

“Well, “Andrew continued,” Sis is going to Europe with her girlfriends hoping to get lucky and doesn’t want the kid with.. So I..”

Rachel interrupted, “You what? Tell me you did not offer to fucking babysit?” She blurted out rising from her seat in a huff.

Andrew knew she was pissed. Her beautiful huge breasts were bouncing as she jumped up knocking her chair over.

“Honey..”Andrew said getting up moving round the table to embrace her. “He’s nineteen now.” He added with a chuckle as he pressed his chest into her erect, protruding nipples giving them a grind. He loved it when she got excited, her entire body reacted!

Rachel started to giggle as she nestled her face into the nape of his neck.

Andrew’s hands slid down to grasp Rachel’s smooth round ass. She arched her pelvis into him saying,” Okay then sweetie, suppose it could be fun.”

They just left the dinner dishes on the table retiring to the den. Andrew had games he wanted to play…

Chapter 3

The next few weeks passed by quickly as Rachel prepared for James arrival. The household seemed alive again, something had definately gotten into Andrew. He was more sensitive, more amorous, wanting to make love at every opportunity and had no problem with ‘staying power’! It was wonderful and she was not about to question from where it came!

Rachel, in a playful mood, not realizing what time is was, had just stepped out of the shower. Still naked and dripping, she came waddling down the hallway drying off as Andrew came through the front door.

“Hey there studman. Wanna taste some fresh pussy?” She asked teasingly, her towel falling to the floor as she threw her arms around her husband’s neck!

“Uuuhh… Honey,” Andrew started to say before Rachel gasped seeing a handsome young James standing directly behind him!

James came round to Andrew’s side and there was his Auntie bare ass naked in his Uncle’s arms.

“Gee what a great welcome!” James exclaimed with a toothy smile.

Rachel, being a bit of an exhibitionist pulled back from the shelter of her husband’s arm, standing nude and exposed to this gorgeous young man she called Nephew.

As if nothing were out of place and making no attempt to cover herself Rachel turned to greet him.

” Why hello James!” her sweet pixie voice sang out as she extended her hand to him.

His eyes were drinking in her beautiful tanned flesh. From her wet golden strands of honey wheat hair, to her twinkling sky blues eyes, down to her ample heaving breasts and tight round tummy following the sweet little patch of fluffy fur leading to her sex, down her shapely legs, right to her painted toenails.

He took her hand drawing her naked body close to his. Taking a deep breath, breathing in her womanly scent he answered. “Mmmm.. nice to see you again Auntie Rachel.” He said with a grin as he planted a kiss on the corner of her mouth.

Hmmmm.. Rachel giggled, wondering, “Was missing my lips intentional?”

Andrew bent over picking up Rachel’s bath sheet from the floor draping it over her shoulders before turning to close the front door.

“Sorry for not being dressed to greet you properly, James, ” Rachel said apologetically with a grin. “I did not realize it had gotten this late.”

“Hey, No biggey, Really! Was a great outfit!” James said teasingly as Rachel covered her body with the oversized towel. “No need to change your habits on my account, Auntie. Really. Mom walks round nude all the time at home. It’s no big deal, really. Fact is I like to be naked myself.”

Andrew had a raised brow and a hardon when he turned around.

Was that a hint of jealousy mixed with a tad of lust written on Andrew’s face she thought she detected before turning to usher James to his room.

“Could you bring his bag Honey?” she called back to her husband, taking James by bursa escort bayan the arm leading him down the shadowed hallway.

Andrew’s eyes glared at Rachel’s curvy outline swaying beneath the bath sheet tightly wrapped around her voluptous flesh. God she was so fucking sexy! Watching her guide that handsome young man into the bedroom, the same bedroom they shared their first Master/slave session in, made his cock jump and twitch as wicked thoughts clouded his mind. Visions of Rachel taking on His dominant role with James much the way He had with her. Watching her force him to his knees, opening that towel, exposing her beautiful trimmed sex to him! Andrews thoughts were rampant, grabbing his crotch as he shot his load right there.. in his jeans…in the hallway!

“Holy Fuck!” He yelled out loud as his spewing semen leaked through his boxers wetting the groin of his pants. “What the hell are you thinking Andrew?” Silently screamed through his mind!

Rachel’s head popped out from around the doorjam of James’s room.

“You okay Honey?” she asked as she teasingly flung open the towel exposing her ample bouncing breasts. Her eyes shot down to the trembling hands cupping his crotch. Rachel came out into the hallway, turning her head back into the room. ” Be right back James, sweetie. Just make yourself at home!”

“Sure thing Auntie,” James sang out as the sound of a bag unzipping echoed off the sparcely covered walls.

Andrew’s face was flushing while Rachel, clutching at the ends of her towel, got closer. He was trying desperately to shield the ‘spent excitement’ with his hands, but Rachel knew her husband all to well. As she got nearer she opened her towel exposing her beautiful tight body while dragging the towel from side to side across her backside. She was such a fucking tease! Her huge breasts were jiggling in a circular motion by the time she reached him.

Grinding her naked flesh into him she whispered,” You wanna see me fuck James, Don’t you honey?”

Andrew jerked the towel off her teasing flesh throwing her down onto the hallway carpet. He knew her sweet little pussy would be soaking wet. Putting his strong hands on her inner thighs he spread her open until she moaned out in agony, before diving into her juicey little cunt.

He was growling and mumbling between her splayed legs, she could not make out his words. Only feel his hot pulsating breath penetrating inside her hot quivering pussy.

She was bucking and jerking off the floor, gripping the back of his head forcing his stiff tongue deeper and deeper inside her wanton cavern.

Biting her lower lip she grunted,” Oh baby, I’m going to CUUummmmmmm.”

Andrew felt the first wave as her sweet nectar spurted over his captured tongue. He grinded his nose into her quivering clit as he sucked hard on her trembling pussy, drawing her lips inside his mouth creating a delicious fulfilling suction. He played in her wetness with fingers and tongue while she came back from her climax.

They were so absorbed they hadn’t noticed James standing just inside the doorway of his bedroom looking at the reflection of them in the mirrored wall at the end of the hallway.

James knew right then and there this was going to be a summer vacation he would never forget.

Chapter 4

Rachel was in the kitchen preparing supper listening to the faint voices of Andrew and James chatting in the den. Every so often their voices would raise in volume and she caught a few words of their conversation. Dike… cuntfest… butt plug.. What the hell could they be talking about? she wondered as her mind raced in high gear.

“All right Guys!” Rachel called out as she placed the last serving dish on the elegantly set dining room table. ” Supper is on!”

Rachel was returning from the kitchen with a pitcher of iced tea as Andrew entered the room with his arm draped over James shoulder. Both had that ‘guess what I know’ look on their snickering faces.

Tears were welling in Rachel’s eyes as their embrace reminded her of the closeness Andrew shared with their oldest son, Randall. He had been away at University for four years now. And with each passing year they saw less and less of him. Randal was in Austria and he loved it there. Who would have thought the German language was his niche? His love of the outdoors kept him busy as a ski instructor in the winter and a climbing guide in the summer. The Tyrol Land Consevation Authority was holding a postion for him when he graduated in the Fall. Many a night Rachel laid awake, silently cursing herself for ever suggesting the family vacation in Europe, thinking her firstborn would still be in the States if she hadn’t. How much James resembled him!

Rachel wiped the trickling tear from her cheek as the men seated themselves, then she sat down opposite James.

“Aunt Rachel..” James spoke first. ” The table looks lovely.” He was smiling as he shook out the napkin she had so cleverly shaped into a flower, before placing it across his lap.

Andrew escort bursa was laughing. “Yeah, Don’t get used to it James. She does this for special company but after tonight you’ll be considered family.”

Rachel raised her foot beneath the table giving Andrew a stiff jab to the groin for that remark. His mouth flew open as he reached down grabbing her foot by the toe, lovingly massaging it as if it were his forgiving penance.

James appeared nervous, not eating much, instead chattering away about college. Rachel stood up, taking the pitcher, leaning over to James, filling his glass with more iced tea. Her blouse billowed open giving James a perfect view of her unbraed pendulace breasts.

“So how are your parents, James?” Rachel asked, sitting back down before taking the last nibble of her beef stroganoff.

James face was flushing a bright red as he looked over to his Uncle, wondering if he had been discovered peering down Rachel’s blouse.

“Well…” James hesitated. “Mom and pop divorced about three years ago.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Rachel said with a tear in her eye, reaching her hand across the table to take James’ hand.

He took her hand with a childlike innocence and continued. “Well. Dad is the one to feel sorry for.” he said flatly lowering his head.

“Why is that James?” Rachel asked as her fingers intertwined with his.

” ‘Cause MY sister is a freakin Dike! That’s WHY!” Andrew blurted out. “Can you believe that? She has a body to fuckin die for and she wastes it on another fuckin broad?”

“Andrew!” Rachel screamed at him with a look of horror.” I do not care if Audrey IS your sister. She also happens to be James’ Mother! Please show him some respect!”

Andrew sunk back in his chair like a scolded schoolboy, grabbing his glass of wine for comfort.

Rachel’s clouding eyes turned to James as her fingers mulled with his.

He sat with a blank stare, memerized, as if he had not heard a word just spoken. All of a sudden as if flood gates had been opened, his thoughts began pouring from his lips.

” Only forty three, beautiful dark brown hair, dark almond shaped eyes, nice and tan with cute little freckles on her chest and cleavage, large full nursable breasts, curvey wide motherly hips, a great heart shaped bottom…. ” He paused, tears clouding his eyes as if he were viewing her right there before him.

Andrew’s knife dropped to his plate with a clank, startling everyone.

James nervously gave his head a shake, wiping his eyes on the back of his sleeve before picking up his glass of iced tea, taking a sip.

“Anyone for dessert?” Rachel sang out trying to change the subject.

“Yeah. How about you?” Andrew blurted out pressing her still captured foot into his groin.

James face was flushing a bright red as his thoughts flashed back to the naked reflection of his aunt and uncle in the hallway mirror earlier. Rachel’s beautiful toned body resembled his mothers and all of a sudden he was longing to be with her.

Andrew stood up from the table.

“Come on James. Rachel made the meal, so let’s help her out and clean up.”

Rachel gasped, choking on her wine by her husband’s unexpected offer.

“Are you all right Auntie?” James asked coming around the table to her rescue.

Rachel was choking and coughing as James grabbed her by the arms extending them above her head.

Andrew, showing signs of jealousy, just shook his head leaving for the kitchen with dishes in both hands.

“Take a slowww breath Auntie,” James said in a comforting voice, lowering her arms as her choking subsided.

“Thank You Honey,” she struggled to say with a raspy voice tapping her knuckles against her chest. James was softly rubbing her shoulders while she regained her composure.

His thoughts drifted to his mother as his fingers methodically kneeded up and down the tense muscles in Rachel’s neck and back. Many a night James would hear muffled moans coming from his mother’s empty bedroom. She never asked for anything so James would sneek into her room and massage her aching body until she drifted off to sleep. He was very good with his hands. All those years of masterbating and massaging were paying off with a very sensitive touch!

Chapter 5

The weeks passed by to quickly. James would be leaving come Sunday already. Andrew was swamped at work not returning home until the wee hours while Rachel was busy editing the the story which had been accepted for publication over at Playboy Magazine. They wanted to interview her at Mr. Hefner’s Mansion and she was on her way home to give James the good news; He was coming with her tomorrow! That would give him something to ‘brag about’ with his pals back home!

Pulling into their long drive she sensed something was wrong and her impressions were seldom misplaced! She parked her SUV in the adjoining garage and slipped in the side entrance. A low buzz was humming throughout the otherwise quiet house, eminating from the spare bedroom James was occupying.

Rachel’s mind was racing with guilt. James’ welfare had been entrusted to them and now she felt he had been neglected these past weeks. What with Andrew working late and her writing consuming most of thier time.

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