Temptation Pt. 02

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This is the sequel to Temptation part 01. Warning, includes scenes of Non-consent and Incest. This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18, and all are fictional. Not based on anyone living or dead.


“Is that all of it?” Steven asked as he took the last box to the car.

“The last one,” Tim said. “Thanks for helping me out with this.”

“I’m the one who should be thanking you,” Steven said with a slight smirk. “Considering what all this moving around is going to lead to.”

“Not out here,” Tim whispered.

“What are you boys whispering about,” asked Danielle, Steven’s mom.

Tim turned around, greeted with the sight of beautiful Danielle. Lovely Danielle, with her long red hair, long legs and beautiful buxom breasts. It was hard to believe she was in her forties. Just looking at her you’d call bullshit on that and think she’s in her early thirties at least. Many times did Tim fantasize about her whenever he jerked off.

“Nothing, Mom,” Steven lied, badly.

“What’s all this here?” Danielle asked, pointing to the stacked boxed in the back of her son’s car. “Are you boys going somewhere?”

“Oh no, Mrs. Robertson. Steven is just helping me move some stuff into storage,” Tim said, smiling and trying not to let his eyes linger down.

As always, Danielle wore a blouse which she only buttoned halfway, giving everyone a good eye-full of her incredible cleavage. Tim also spotted her pants, which went down just above her knees, accentuating her long gorgeous legs while not revealing too much. What a babe!

“What kind of stuff?” Danielle asked.

“Oh, just some things my mom no longer needs. We’re just putting it in storage,” Tim said.

“Hmn…” Danielle said, before walking away. “See you two later.”

“Bye Mom,” Steven said.

While Steven went back to stacking boxes in the back of his car, Tim couldn’t help himself from watching Danielle walk back to their house across the street. Her adorable ass wiggled back and forth with ever step.

“Man, your Mom’s so hot,” Tim said to his friend.

“Oh?” Steven said.

“Totally. Man, what I wouldn’t give to-,”

“Hold it!” Steven said. “After last night, you’d still go after my mom?”

“Who wouldn’t?” Tim chuckled. “She’s a babe!”

Steven threw his friend a worried look. He’d always been very protective of his mother, and did not appreciate his friends making lewd comments about her or leering at her.

“Don’t get any ideas, there. My mom is off-limits to you or the other guys,” Steven said.

“Off course,” Tim said, shrugging.

Though perhaps Steven should have steered away from the words “off-limits”. That just made Danielle more irresistible to him. But first thing’s first. Their plan for tonight was their priority now.

“Let’s get going,” Tim said, hopping into his own car.

“See you later,” Steven said, as he drove of with his van, containing the boxes.

Tim could almost cheer with excitement. His plan was coming together perfectly. Now all that was needed was for Clara to play her part.


It was around 10 AM when Clara finally woke up. She was lying on the couch down in the basement. Her son Tim usually used it as a photography studio for his hobby. But last night he turned it into something completely different. Something terrible. Clara remembered it all very vividly. The photo shoot were she posed for her son. The way he tricked her into agreeing to be tied up. His naked body before her. The way he took…no, the way he raped her right in her own home. How he told her he loved her and wanted her for ages, before fucking and cumming twice in her pussy and once in her mouth.

She could still feel her son’s cum inside her. Her eyes teared up about it. She was heartbroken. If he really loved her, he would have never done this to her. But the worst part was towards the end of his violation of her, she began to enjoy it. She wanted him, no, begged him to fuck her. She wanted him to shoot his cum off inside her. Oh, the pleasure she felt when he filled her pussy up with his jizz.

She immediately regretted it moments later, but once again she underestimated how far Tim was willing to go. He ran upstairs and locked her down in the basement, trapped without a shred of clothing or a way to call for help. For hours she tried to open the door, before giving up in the early hours of the morning.

How long was he going to keep her down here? He didn’t have any more thing in mind for her, did he? She couldn’t face another night like that again. Plus, she was getting pretty hungry too. And cold. She needed food and something to wear. Somehow, she needed to break out of here. There were no tools lying around. Clara wondered if she was strong enough to break the door down, perhaps? No sense in not trying. She climbed up the stairs and took the door knob in her hand.

To her shock, the door swung open with the slightest push. It wasn’t tuzla escort locked anymore. When did Tim open it for her? Was she asleep? She quietly walked into the hallway. No-one was there. Where did Tim go? Did he leave her alone? Her imagination began running wild. What if he, ashamed by what he did to her, fled the house? Her son, alone and on the run? It horrified her. More than anything he did to her last night. He was still her son, for God’s sakes. She couldn’t bear the idea of him being alone out on the street.

Her stomach growled. First thing’s first; food. Clara needed to eat. She hurried into the kitchen, he big round breasts bouncing along as she did. As she approached the fridge, there was an envelope held to the door with a big, heart shaped magnet she bought a few years back on their trip to Toronto. Written on the envelope was “Mom, please read,”, which Clara recognized as Tim’s handwriting. She quickly opened it and read the note inside it.

“Dear Mom,” it began. “I’m sorry I locked you up last night. I panicked, and I should never have done that to you. I just couldn’t let you call dad. I still can’t, which is why I’ve disconnected all the phones in the house and taken your cell. We need to talk about last night, and how we’re going to handle it. Please meet me at the address I’ve written down below. I’ve left some clothes for you upstairs, but take your time getting there. I’ll be there all day if you want to resolve this. Please eat something and get a shower before you head out. I love you. Your son; Tim.”

Clara rolled her eyes. He keeps saying he loves me. But you don’t rape the people you love, or lock them in the basement all night long. Where did I go wrong raising him?

After making herself a sandwich, a bowl of greek yoghurt and having an apple, Clara headed upstairs to her bathroom. For the next hour, she sat underneath a stream of hot water in her shower. She washed away any on Tim’s cum still sticking to her hair. She even held the shower head to her pussy, hoping to remove anything lingering down there. Her son cumming inside there twice left her worried. Clara hadn’t taken birth control in years, since she and her husband tried to get pregnant again when Tim was around fifteen. But the many weeks at a time her husband would be off on business trips gave them very little time to make love. It hadn’t been an issue on her mind for years. How could she have know this was going to happen? She silently prayed that Tim hadn’t done the unthinkable and impregnated her.

Stepping out of the shower, Clara headed for her closet. When she opened it, she nearly flung it back shut. She couldn’t believe it. It was empty. Not a scrap of clothing was left. She began to check her drawers and other places she stored her clothing. No dresses. No pants. No underwear. Absolutely nothing was left. Tim must’ve taken them. What was he up to? At the bottom of one of the drawers was a not for her. It told her to check the hallway closet downstairs. Clara bolted down and opened the door. Clothing waited for her, but just barely enough to cover herself with.

One coat. One lousy trench coat hung there in that closet, waiting for her. There was also one pair of boots. Her favorite ones, which went all the way up to her knees. Clara sighed in frustration. This was all part of another dress-up idea concocted by Tim. She took the coat and boots and began putting them on.

When she zipped up her last boot, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She couldn’t help but appreciate how sexy she looked, being naked and wearing nothing but her knee-highs. Cupping her breasts and letting her hands glide over her skin, she could imagine herself driving someone wild looking like this. Was that what Tim was planning? For her to dress up like the women in his fantasies? And then fuck her? Granted, she couldn’t deny how good it felt to have a man inside her, fucking her with such passion. Her pussy got wet just thinking about it. But the way he forced her, that wasn’t right. Least of all forcing his own mother like that.

Clara wrapped herself with the coat. Now you couldn’t tell she was naked underneath, unless you stood really close to her. She peered out the window, seeing if her car was still there, which it was. If she was quick, no-one would notice her. Her car keys were on the little table by the door, waiting for her. She took them and bolted for her car, only to be called out by a familiar voice.

“Hi Clara! I heard you were doing a little spring cleaning,” said Danielle.

Her neighbor Danielle was always a chatty one. Her husband ran out on her years ago, leaving her and her son Steven by themselves. With her boy getting older, she didn’t have many people to talk to, so more often than not she’d try and hook you into a conversation.

Danielle approached her, taking off her gardening gloves and putting away her tools.

“I was just working on the rosebushes, and I thought I heard you walk around. How’ve you been?” Danielle asked. tuzla escort bayan

“I…ehm…I’ve been good. I’m a little busy today, so is it okay we talk later?” Clara asked.

“Oh, sure hon. You take our time,” Danielle said with a laugh.

Clara entered her car and drove off, giving her neighbor a brief wave. She felt like she dodged a bullet. But if she’d tightened her coat a little bit more, Danielle would not have spotted her nipple briefly being exposed. She began to wonder what was going on with Clara. First the boxes being moved, now Clara wasn’t wearing a shirt? What was going on in that house?


The address Tim instructed Clara to go was an old abandoned sawmill on the outskirts of town. Her grandfather worked there before they shut it down and moved the company to another state. It was now a decrepit old building that gave her the creeps. Why would Tim make her come here? She began to wonder if she should’ve brought something to defend herself with. But that was crazy. Tim wouldn’t hurt her. Not his own mother. Right?

She sighed with relief when she saw Tim’s car parked near the entrance. At least now she knew where he was. She parked beside it, hesitating to get out. What else awaited her behind those doors? Never had she been more frightened. It was a strange sense of comfort when Tim suddenly walked outside, a camera dangling from his neck. He waved to her and smiled. Clara didn’t respond. Her brief moment of joy to see her son safe again quickly turned back to anger. Flashes of what he did last night popped up in her mind. Tim motioned with his hand for her to come out of the car and follow him. A part of her told her to just drive away. But she couldn’t abandon her son, even after what he did to her. The car door swung open, and Clara stepped out.

“Hi Mom,” Tim said. “You sleep okay?”

Clara said nothing. She just did her best to maintain her scowl at Tim. But her son seemed too happy to see her to get worried about it. He entered the mill, gesturing to Clara to follow him. Reluctantly, she did.

Together the walked into the mill, where Tim lead Clara into the main hall. Most of the equipment has been gone for years, so the hall was mostly empty. A set of studio lamps stood in the center, illuminating a lone table and a single fold-up chair. On the table was a backpack and a roll of duct tape. This was already turning eerily familiar for Clara.

“Can I take you coat?” Tim said with a smirk.

“No!” Clara snapped.

She was in no mood to entice him any further. For now she was in control, and she wasn’t going to let herself be taken advantage of anymore. But how long could she keep it up?

“Please take a seat,” Tim told his mother.

Not a moment after she sat down on the chair, Tim snapped a few photos of her. Clara winced at the bright flashes. She was already getting sick of this.

“Why did you ask me here?” she asked her son.

Tim sat down on the edge of the table. He leaned back, taking the backpack and going through it, not saying a word the entire time.

“Tim, why am I here?” Clara snapped. “And where are my clothes?”

“You’ll get them back,” Tim said. “But first we need to discuss what we’re going to do.”

“Do about what?” Clara asked.

“About us,” Tim said, shrugging his shoulders.

Clara scoffed. “Us? There is no us. Don’t you see what you did was wrong? You…you raped you own mother. You-.”

“I know what I did was wrong, but hear me out,” Tim interrupted his mother. “I love fucking you. And I know for a fact you loved being fucked by me. You can’t deny it. I felt you cum with me.”

“It doesn’t matter. We’re mother and son! You’re my child! And yet you stuck your…your penis in me. In my mouth! Can’t you see how wrong that is?”

Tim stood up and lowered himself to meet his mother’s eyes. On his knees, he took her hands in his own.

“I love you. I need you. I can’t go on if I could never fuck you again. But I want you to do it on your own accord. Just tell me honestly; you enjoyed it, didn’t you? You enjoyed what we did?” Tim asked.

Clara hesitated. Seeing Tim so vulnerable like this began to tug at her heartstrings. He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. With tears in her eyes, she smiled and stroked his face.

“I did. I enjoyed your cock in me,” she admitted.

Tim smiled and leaned back, planting a kiss on her mouth. Clara did not return it, as she began pushing her bewildered son away.

“But we can’t. Not anymore. I love your father. I can’t betray him. I could never do that to him, least of all with you. I’m sorry, but it’s over. No more,” she said with determination.

Tim leaned back and sighed. He did not want it to come to this, but he knew there was no other way. He grabbed the backpack and took out a series of photographs. They were all from previous sessions that Clara posed for willingly. Some featured her in very suggestive poses and revealing outfits. At the escort tuzla time of making these it all seemed so innocent to Clara. Now she wondered if she’d been giving out the wrong signals? Did she unintentionally put the moves on her son? That didn’t excuse anything, but it made her wonder about her own feelings a bit.

Next, Tim revealed his iPad. To her shock, Clara was given a full tour of the footage that Tim shot the previous night. Now she saw her own violation from a completely different angle. Close-ups of her face, as Tim’s shaft was deep down her mouth. Herself bent over as he fucked her from behind. You could tell in some of them that she was enjoying it. It was then that Tim’s plan began to dawn on her.

“If you refuse me or anything I ask from you again, I’ll have to show these to dad. Now, I don’t want to show him these, but if you leave me no choice…” Tim said.

“You can’t!” Clara gasped. “He’d see you forced yourself on me!”

“I can tell him you’re the one who gave into temptation. Those other photos are from before last night. I’ll tell him you came onto me. Unless you do exactly as I say.”

Clara was dumbstruck. There were no words. Tim trapped her in an impossible situation. And he knew it. Without saying anything, both mother and son made a contract. She was now his to do as he pleased.

“Now,” Tim began, pleased with himself. “I think we should celebrate this new phase in our relationship.”

Tim began taking off his shirt and unzipping his pants. Clara sat there, doing her best to hold in her tears. When Tim was finished undressing, he stood before her so close, his thick, erect cock nearly touched her face. He smiled down at her and extended his hand.

“Now,” he said. “Can I take your coat?”

Reluctantly, Clara stood up and undid the belt on her coat. It fell to the floor, revealing her naked body in all its glory to her son. A flash of the camera immortalized that image forever. Now, the fun could begin.


His hands gently squeezed her soft, large tits. He stroked his thumb over her nipples. Tim was ecstatic to feel them again, but now he could take his time as he fondled them. Clara didn’t resist. She just leaned back on her chair as her son rubbed her breasts. There was lust on his breath. His excitement shone through with his cock becoming more enlarged by the minute. Clara felt her own desire to be fucked flowing through her. She couldn’t deny Tim’s body was gorgeous. His beautiful dick hovered closer to her face. Tim began stroking his fingers through her hair.

“Suck me, mom,” Tim whispered.

Knowing she didn’t have a choice, Clara opened her mouth. Tim immediately, but gently, pushed her head onto his throbbing cock. He let out a gasp as he felt her tongue glide over his head. Her lips caressed his shaft as she sucked her son’s dick, taking it further into her mouth.

“Oh, God! Mom, you suck so good!” Tim moaned.

“Hhmmnnn,” Clara mumbled, as Tim thrusted his cock deeper down her throat.

She looked up, seeing her son’s ecstatic face while he rocked his dick inside her. A part of her was happy to see her boy enjoying himself. A more hidden part of her even enjoyed to have her mouth fucked with such passion. That someone even of her age could bring such joy to a man. Her pussy was getting wetter. She could feel it. There was no use resisting now. She began to suck even harder, taking all of Tim’s cock in her mouth until she felt his balls touch her face. With her hands she began to caress his testicles. The ball-massage made Tim move even quicker. It didn’t take long for his dick to spasm.

“Holy shit! I’m cumming! I’m-!” Tim gasped.

“MMMHHH!” she mumbled.

Without warning, Tim pulled himself out from his mother’s mouth and aimed his cock right at her face. With a loud moan he shot his entire load right onto Clara’s face. She gasped as she felt the hot, sticky cum drip all over her face. When she opened her eyes again, she saw her son kneeling down before her, smiling widely.

“Thank you,” he whispered, before kissing her lips.

Without a moment’s warning, Tim took his mother into his arms and lifted her out of the chair. Clara was surprised by how manly this made him look. He gently placed her down on the table and spread her legs. To her amazement, Tim pressed his face down into her crotch, burying his nose into her thick bush while slobbering his tongue over her clit. He greedily lapped up all the juices flowing out of her wet pussy. Clara couldn’t remember the last time someone ate her cunt that well. Her body began to shiver as she moaned and rocked her hips along with her son’s tongue. When did she even put her hands on his head? It felt so good, she never wanted him to stop.

“Are you gonna cum, mom?” Tim asked, slightly muffled by her pussy lips pressed against his own.

“Yes,” Clara gasped. “You’re gonna make me cum!”

Suddenly, Tim stopped licking his mother’s pussy. He stood up, resting his hands on her knees. Clara looked at him with confusion, while still panting heavily. A little more and he would’ve made her cum. What gives?

“Do you want me too keep licking?” Tim asked. “Or do you want my cock?”

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