Sweet Sandy Ch. 03

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Part Three


Sandy and I cuddled on the couch together, watching TV. She had her hand in mine. We were quiet, not talking as some inane show droned on. It was a summer rerun and we had seen it before, and we weren’t really interested. But it helped fill the silence in the house.

You see, two months prior we had buried my wife of twenty-two years, Helen. She had died of a particularly aggressive form of cervical cancer. She had only been in her thirties. It had been very hard to see her taken so swiftly. We had tried everything: radiation, chemotherapy, even holistic medicine. But the cancer had been like a monster within her. It had been insatiable, and in the end, it had devoured her.

But let me backtrack, just a little. My name is Bob. I have a daughter, Sandy. She is twenty years old, blond, slender (a little too slender, if you ask me), and utterly beautiful. About a year and a half ago, Sandy and I had entered into an incestuous relationship. I won’t say that we entered into it innocently. It had happened because we were in need of comfort from each other when Helen had been at the hospital. Helen had been having tests, and Sandy and I just sort of fell into each other’s arms. We had started a passionate affair. The affair had continued even after Helen had found out last year. She had not done anything about it and she had not let on that she knew. Then, six months ago, in the dead of winter, Helen had joined Sandy and me on a weekend trip to our cabin. She had found us in bed together after having made love.

Of course, we were horrified and embarrassed. I mean, you don’t really want to be caught naked in bed by your wife with your nubile daughter. But Helen told us she knew, and she seemed more or less okay with the idea. What she told us next was the real horror. You see, she’d been delayed seeing us because she’d gone back to her oncologist’s office for some tests. The tests had come back positive. She had cervical cancer, an especially aggressive form. Her doctor couldn’t make any guarantees about whether any therapy at all would work.

Sandy, Helen and I had lain in bed all night long, talking and crying, and hugging each other. We put Helen between us on the bed and let her talk, and we both caressed her gently, and kissed her, and told her how much we loved her, and how we would all fight this thing together. In the wee hours of the morning, Sandy and I made gentle love to Helen. I kissed her pussy and Sandy kissed her breasts and she climaxed over and over again. When Helen fell into a deep sleep, Sandy slipped over to my side of the bed.

“Dad,” she whispered to me.

“Yes, Baby Doll,” I whispered back.

“May I suck your cock? I need too. Right now.”

“But why baby?”

“I don’t know, Daddy. I just need to feel you, to feel your touch. I need to do something for you. Please Daddy, may I suck you?”

“Sure you can.”

Sandy crawled up between my legs. She nuzzled my semi-erect member, rubbing it on her face, kissing the shaft, running her warm wet tongue up and down. I quickly grew fully erect. The head pulsed purple and my semen started boiling at the sight of my lovely blond daughter making love to my cock.

With a little cry, Sandy took the head into her sweet mouth. “Mmmm” she sighed as she took as much as she could down her throat. Her small feminine hand circled the base and she gently pumped the shaft as she bobbed up and down on the head. Beside me on the bed, my wife breathed deeply in sleep while my daughter made gurgling sounds on my cock.

“Oh baby,” I moaned, entwining my fingers in her hair. She took her mouth off for a second and smiled at me.

“I love you so much, Daddy,” she said. “Please give me your come.”

“It won’t be long, baby girl.”

Once again, she bent to her sucking. I could feel every nuanced movement of Sandy’s tongue across the head illegal bahis and shaft of my engorged penis. She sucked hard, then let up, then hard again. I felt a familiar tingle begin in my balls as my sperm gathered for release. Sandy seemed to sense this. She deep-throated me, her lips actually buried in my pubic hair. I was surprised. She’d been sucking me for a year and had never done that before. Still, the feeling of my cockhead lodged and rubbing against the back of her throat did it for me. Sandy and I looked into each other’s eyes as I came. I grunted in pleasure-pain as my hot, thick semen erupted from my straining cock and into my daughter’s hungry mouth. I felt the muscles in Sandy’s throat contract as she swallowed my juices.

When I was totally drained, Sandy crawled up my body and gave me a deep, spermaticky kiss before returning to her side of the bed. We slept.

Helen had started chemo and radiation shortly afterward. For a while, it looked like she might beat the cancer. But the reprieve was short-lived. The cancer came back full force and Helen went downhill fast. We had buried her in June, on a day marked by mild temperatures and summer thunderstorms. Our families had stayed around for a couple of weeks to make sure Sandy and I were okay. But then they had left Sandy and I alone. Suddenly, the emptiness of the house had seemed oppressive.

After the weekend at the cabin, Sandy and I had made love less and less. It had just not seemed appropriate, with Helen sick. Finally, we had stopped altogether. We concentrated on seeing Helen through her ordeal. We became very much like your usual father and daughter. Oh sure, we hugged and kissed and held hands, but all in a very nonsexual way. As Helen grew weaker and sicker, Sandy and I grew closer, but it was entirely platonic.

I actually became worried for Sandy. She wasn’t eating as well. She lost weight. Her cheeks became more defined, her hipbones became more pronounced, her breasts became smaller. She was still beautiful, but it was a more ethereal beauty. She became very pale. Before, when the sun was out, Sandy would sunbathe. By June, she usually sported a healthy tan. Not so this year. She rarely went out, preferring to stay in and care for Helen. When I had to leave for two weeks on a contracting job, Sandy had made arrangements to stay with Helen the entire time. She had gotten her school notes from friends and had them tape her classes. She had bought groceries and rented DVDs so she wouldn’t have to leave the house.

When I got back, both Helen and I had insisted Sandy go out with some friends. We told her we had private, husband-wife things to talk about. Sandy had grown tearful, had pouted, but in the end, she went out with several of her girlfriends to a movie. While she was gone, Helen and I discussed our plans for Sandy, our family and out future.

Now it was August, and Helen was gone, and it was just Sandy and me. We were on the couch, once again seeking consolation in closeness. But I had noticed a slight change that very day. Sandy had actually given me her best smile when I got home that evening. She had cooked me a nice dinner with a bottle of good wine. I was pleased that she ate well for the first time in a long time.

After her second glass, Sandy had sighed and looked wistful. “I wish Mom were here,” she said.

“I do too,” I said. “I would give anything to have her back.”

Sandy’s eyes filled with tears. “I loved her so much, Dad.” She looked at me. “Don’t ever die, Daddy-o,” she whispered.

I got up from the table and went over to her. She turned to me and we hugged for a long time. Finally, I heard her sniffle. We pulled apart. Her blue eyes were wet with tears, but she was smiling. “We’d better get this cleaned up,” she said.

Working together, Sandy and I cleaned the table, loaded the dishwasher, put away the leftovers and turned off the illegal bahis siteleri kitchen light.

“What do you want to do for the rest of the evening?” she asked.

“Oh I don’t know. I suppose I’ll just veg out in front of the TV and then go to bed,” I shrugged.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Oh course not.”

Half an hour later, we had turned off the living room lights. The room was lit only by the TV. I had put on a pair of light, flannel pajamas. Sandy had on a thin cotton nightgown. I noticed that when she passed in front of the TV, I could see her outline. She seemed thinner than before, which remained worrisome to me.

She crawled up on the couch and into my arms. I put my right arm around her waist and let my hand dangle in her lap. For some reason, she kept squirming slightly, shifting her position. I stayed still and said nothing, letting her move. Gradually, it came to me that she has moving herself so that my hand would end up covering her mound. Sandy was solidly in my lap, legs open, with my hand resting on her pussy. For a brief instant, she patted the top of my hand, lodging it a little more firmly against her. The she sighed and lay still for a few moments. But only for a few moments. I had begun to get a little interested in the TV show when I noticed that Sandy was thrusting her pelvis ever so slightly against my hand. It was a small movement, but rhythmic and regular.

The sweet womanly smell of her skin filled my head. She breathed deeply and regularly. Her pelvic thrusts continued. I leaned down to kiss her neck, but Sandy turned and met my lips with her lips instead. The kiss deepened. Our tongues danced together. She sucked my tongue the way she would a cock. I pressed firmly on her mound with my hand and Sandy opened her legs. With slight, undulating movements, she moved against me. My cock sprang to erection.

“Oh Daddy, I have missed your touch, our loving, so much!” she said urgently.

“I have too, Baby Girl,” I said, and kissed her again.

I pulled up the hem of her gown and Sandy helped me. I was suddenly touching her lightly-furred pussy, something I hadn’t done in several months. I slipped my middle finger into her slit to find her wet and creamy inside. She spread her legs even wider and panted, “Oh yes Daddy touch me. Touch your Baby Girl and make her feel good. Make me come, Daddy!”

I slipped one, then two fingers into her soft sucky passage. I moved in and out, in and out, using my thumb on her engorged little clit. Our mouths met again in a passionate, soul-searching kiss. I rubbed gently but firmly on my daughter’s pussy and she moaned into my mouth. We broke the kiss and she cried, “Oh don’t stop! Don’t stop! Keep going just….like….that!!” She spasmed in orgasm over and over again. Pussy juice flowed onto my hand, causing squishing sounds as I continued pumping my fingers in and out of her.

Finally, she shuddered and placed her hand over mine, stopping me. “Enough, enough,” she breathed. I withdrew my fingers and cupped her mound gently, easing her down.

After a minute or two, she got up and knelt in front of me. She unsnapped my pajamas and pulled them off. With a deep moan, she engulfed my cock, sucking ardently. The assault on my senses was almost more than I could bear. I was going to shoot if she didn’t stop. Gently I dislodged her from me and looked into her eyes.

“Sandy, Baby Girl, I love you so much. I want to make love to you again, right now!”

She stood up and whipped the nightgown off. I once again noticed how thin she had become, but then she was on me. Our lips met yet again as she straddled me on the couch. I felt her hand on my cock as she guided me into her wet and ready cunt.

The explosion of pleasure I felt when I slid deeply into her was pure ecstasy. “Unngh!” we both cried as I hit home with the bulbous head of my dick. I put my hands canlı bahis siteleri on her ass, spread my legs, and began thrusting home for all I was worth. I did the best I could to hit her clit while I fucked her. Sandy’s breasts were in my face. I opened my mouth and took as much of a tit into my mouth as I could.

“Oh Daddy, it’s so good! Unngh! Unngh! Unngh!!” she cried as she bounced on top of my cock, meeting every thrust with a twist and a wiggle. Her muscular pussy swirled around my cock, pulling and sucking and massaging every inch. We were hungry for sex, for pleasure, for each other. Sandy’s eyes were open, looking into mine. Her mouth was open; she panted her pleasure.

I saw her tense and realized that she was about to come. I changed my motion and began grinding into her. This had worked on her before, and it worked this time. She became limp in my arms, surrendering to the pleasure. I felt her bite my shoulder. I spread her butt cheeks and slipped a finger into her anus.

“Oh Daddy!” she moaned. “Just like that! Don’t stop! Don’t ever, ever stop fucking me Daddy!!”

She screamed out her climax. I felt her tight, hot twat convulse on my cock and I was suddenly spurting, too. I held her close and came as deeply inside of her as I could.

We lay still for a few minutes, breathing heavily, trying to recuperate. Sandy still moved slightly, sending little rivers of pleasure coursing through me. Eventually I became soft and slipped out of her. She roused herself and kissed my face gently, over and over again. “I love you Daddy-o,” she murmured.

We turned off the TV and went to bed. Later that night, I found myself with another erection. I spooned her and slipped my cock back into her. She was wet with pussy juice and sperm. She thrust back at me gently and I came just as gently, my semen flowing into her. We fell asleep.

The next morning, sunlight flowed into the window. We both awoke at the same time. We moved closer, content in each other’s arms.

“Sandy,” I said quietly, “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it, Daddy?” she said sleepily.

“Well, you remember when I had to leave for two weeks on that contracting job?”

“Yes,” she said, looking into my eyes.

“Well, I didn’t go for just the contracting job.”

“You didn’t?” she asked. Then her brow furrowed in alarm. She’d been though this before. “Oh my god, Daddy. Don’t tell me something’s wrong! I couldn’t stand it if…”

“No, no! Nothing like that, Baby Girl. Nothing like that at all. In fact it’s good news.”

“Oh? Well what is it? Tell me, Daddy.”

I smiled at her, at my beautiful daughter. Blue eyes, blond hair, wonderful smile. The future seemed suddenly so much brighter. “You see, when I left, I had a certain procedure done. It was a procedure to have my vasectomy reversed. I can make babies again, darling.”

“You can? That’s wonderful, Daddy!” Sandy threw her arms around me and kissed me hard.

I looked into her eyes. Sandy, your mother and I talked one night while you were gone. We, the both of us, decided that we should continue to grow this little family of ours. Sandy, what I’m saying is I’d like to make a baby with you. How do you feel about that?”

Sandy smiled. It was a smile that radiated love and warmth and a certain secret something that I couldn’t put my finger on. “Yes, Daddy, I’ll make a baby with you. And she’ll be the most beautiful baby in the world!”

“That is, unless he’s a boy,” I countered, running my fingers through Sandy’s blond hair. “Now, all you have to do is stop taking birth control and we can get started.”

Sandy smiled again. “But Daddy-o, I’ve never used birth control with you. I never bothered once you said you’d had a vasectomy. I can get pregnant any time. As a matter of fact, you might have made me pregnant last night!”



And that’s what happened. Sandy is now four months along and showing. She’s gained weight and positively glows. I love her with all my heart. We can hardly wait for the baby. And all those things they tell you about pregnant sex, well, they’re all true

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