Summer Vacation with Daddy Ch. 02

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Earlier today my incredibly hot and hung daddy pumped four massive loads of steaming hot cum into my womb in the backyard hours before dinner and I was now sitting at the table at a nearby fancy restaurant dressed in a skirt and summery blouse eating and chatting with both him and his unsuspecting wife. I could feel my panties getting continuously wetter as more and more of my daddy’s cum was leaking out of my sore opening. It wouldn’t have been the case if dad’s cock wasn’t so fucking huge: thick and long.

“So, you father tells me you may consider going to university down here?” my stepmother, Laura, asked. I looked at my dad and he smiled then winked. I nodded, “I think it would be great going to school down here and it would be nice to get to know this side of the family better.” She agreed with me. “Well, you always have your room with us. I think that would be very nice and the boys would be thrilled to have their big sister around, I’m sure.” Her English was excellent and with only a slight hint of her Columbian accent.

We spent the rest of the night having drinks on the backyard lanai, my eyes kept darting over to the beach bed where dad had fucked me so sensuously three times this afternoon, before Laura announced that she had an early flight and needed to get to bed. She kissed my on the forehead then kissed my dad on the lips then went inside. After a couple minutes, dad moved closer to me, he was still wearing the dress pants he wore to the restaurant, they were tight fitting, not like his jeans but tight enough to make a decent-looking bulge. He drew attention to his bulge, specifically how his 11 inch cock was snaking its way down his left pant leg which was already taut from how he was sitting and was trying to make room for dad’s growing manhood.

He placed my hand onto his hot cock and I could feel it beating through the material. We continued small talk until the light in the master bedroom went out then he guided me out of view from the bedroom window, pushing me hard against the wall and kissing me deeply.

“Daddy loves you very much, my little princess, I can’t get you out of my head. I’ve been hard all night.” His lips locked against mine as he undid my skirt and it fell to the ground, then he removed my dad-cum soaked panties. His pants and underwear were around his ankles in no time and his harpoon was plunging deep into me, again. It was over-whelming feeling him sheath himself inside my love canal. I felt full as his baseball bat stretched the tender walls of my most precious place. He didn’t break our kiss but made love to me nice and slow. His massive baby-maker continuously sawed against my tender clit sending me into multiple orgasms.

“Oh baby, you feel so good,” dad moaned. “Oh God, dad, you feel so good, amazing. Fuck me harder! I want to feel you shoot inside me again.”

He picked up the pace, plunging in and out, in an out, “Oh fuck baby, daddy wants to fill you up again. I want to cum right inside you. Papai wants to keep you filled with my spunk forever.” He was sweating now. His massive muscle chest was crushing my breast as he hugged me, pushing his weight down on me while his muscle ass moved up and down driving his cock to his balls.

“Oh, menina, papai’s going to load you up with my sperm. I am going to spray my little baby makers inside you, fuck yeah!” He held every other thrust inside me. “Do you want papai’s cum baby?” He fucked me harder and harder.

“Ugh, ugh, yeah, daddy, yeah. I want it.”

“You want it baby, you want daddy’s load from his monster baby-making pole?”

“Yes dad, I want it all.” He thrust one last time and I felt his cock expand and release right into my womb which happily accepted his generous load.

He kicked his pants completely off and with his still hard cock inside of me he carried me through the open sliding door and down the hall to my bedroom, which was at the exact opposite end of the house then pushed the door shut with his foot. “Lucky for us we had this whole end of the house sound-proofed from the master bedroom, the boys are pretty loud.” He moved us fluidly to the bed and began pounding away at my pussy again.

“You make daddy so hard. Your mother liked it hard, she had me fuck her ten times a day. No wonder we made you.” He switched to long, slow thrusts bringing his huge pole all the way out until just his cock head was still inside then all the way back in. “You like feeling every single inch of your hung dad’s huge dick pushing into you, stretching you? Popping in and out of your cervix. Do you like how I fill you up?” He thrust hard and held it for a moment. He kissed me gently and stroked my hair then started again.

He was fucking me so slowly, tenderly while pecking me everywhere, lips, neck, breasts, ears, arms. His sawing made me lose control and I started cumming again. “I love when you cum on dad’s cock, baby,” his sexy accent caused shivers to run down my spine. He began to pick up the pace, fucking me harder and faster bahis firmaları now holding on to my tits. The passion and sensation was too much, I looked up at his gorgeous landscaped muscular body, his square chiselled pecs, shoulders, arms, abs now glistening in sweat. He was perfect.

“Ugh, fuck me, dad, you fucking stud! I want your babies.” My body flushed.

His dick got instantly harder, which I didn’t think possible. “You want daddy’s babies, baby? Menina, you want papai to breed you good?”

“Uh huh, yeah do it.”

He was like a mad man, fucking me harder and harder, pulling my hips to meet his thrusts. His baseball-sized balls were slapping against my ass at record speed. “Papai’s gonna give you a fat belly, baby. Papai wants to give you a fat belly.”

Sweat was dripping off his brow now, his face was very determined. “Papai is gonna breed you, baby. I’ll give you a nice fat fucking belly for my baby girl. Ugh!” He slammed into me, bottoming out.

I felt his balls jumping and his cock swelling again. His muscular arms pulled me tight against him as his cock started kicking. I can’t even explain how amazing it feels to have your own hunky father empty his load inside you. Amazing. He kissed me gently on the lips and again on my forehead as he tucked me into bed. “Boa noite um pouco”.

The next morning I awoke and showered then slid on a simple sun dress and made my way to the kitchen where I heard many men’s voices. We had company, shit. I was hoping to get a good start to a day of fucking my dad. I was aching for him and not just my well-used vagina, I yearned for his touch, his kiss, his smile, his smell or even just his look.

I came around the corner to find my uncle Alessandro, my dad’s older brother, and my oldest cousin Fabian (19) in conversation with my dad. I greeted them both then stood next to my father whole squeezed my ass discretely. Both my uncle and cousin looked similar to my dad, only Fabian had let his hair grow into long, curly black locks and my uncle buzzed his head. Both there probably around 6’2 but where my uncle was solid-looking my cousin was a bean pole. I also couldn’t help notice a sizeable bulge in my uncle’s snug jeans. They must all be hung. My loins ached to be filled by big daddy dick again.

I was only too dismayed to hear that it wasn’t a going to be a short visit. They came to see me and have lunch together so I changed into a tight-fitting red summer dress with white flowers and pinned my hair up then headed back to the living room where I was pleased to see my dad had also changed into yet another pair of bulge-accentuating faded blue jeans and a red v-neck. Sexy.

On the way to the Italian trattoria in which I’ve eaten dozens of times growing up I couldn’t help but notice my uncle starting at my legs and breasts and adjusting himself often. Once at the restaurant we were met by my aunt, my uncle’s wife, Maria. She was obviously pregnant. We hugged and she kissed my cheek.

“When are you due?” I asked my aunt.

“In 6 weeks.” She responded.

We sat at a heavily table-clothed, small round table where I was between my uncle and father.

Two nice bulges to look at. The lunch conversation became interrupted by an afternoon soccer game on the television above the bar, all of the men and some of the women were cheering and shouting. I took this opportunity to give my dad’s crotch a little squeeze and he looked down at me and smile, then rubbed my back.

Our lunch was finished and we moved from the table to the larger group of people standing, hoarded around the bar. This was better opportunity to molest my hunky father in public and I did so. I cupped his bulge and gave it a good squeeze and felt his cock twitch and start its long journey down his pant leg which I followed with my fingers until I had a good hold of it. I squeezed. I looked up again expecting my dad’s sexy smile but instead was met with my uncle and a pair of lust-filled eyes. Shit. I let go but he took my hand and placed it back on his crotch.

I smiled back but my heart sunk, shit. I would have to play along or risk revealing that I thought he was my dad. Worse, his very pregnant wife was standing immediately to my right. I kept trying to move elsewhere but my uncle moved with me and each time rubbing his groin with my hand. Finally the game was over, someone lost, someone won, I couldn’t have cared less but we were on our way back home.

I hugged my aunt, uncle and cousin good-bye and closed the door relieved. I watched when drive off in the window. I turned around in time to see my dad emerging from the hallway to the Master bedroom wearing a pair of red and black sungas, stuffed to the hilt with my favourite candy. I walked up to him, placed my hand on his freaking massive bulge, “Is this for me?” He smiled and nodded and guided me to the floor. Once on my knees I was face-to-face with his delicious package, his fat slug still soft but being pushed further out by his gigantic kaçak iddaa balls. I pushed my face into his groin and he moaned. Then I hooked the fabric around my thumbs and pulled slowly down to reveal is quickly hardening erection.

“Baby hasn’t tasted daddy’s cock yet,” he said. I opened my mouth and he guided his cock slowly in. It was too much everything: too thick, it was stretching my lips; too long, it was already at the back of my throat and it wasn’t even half way. “Mmmm baby, you need to relax your throat and take daddy all the way down to his balls.”

He pushed another inch down my throat and I started coughing so he pulled out a bit then tried again. They don’t call this a blow job for nothing. The muscles in my face were aching and every time daddy tried to go further I would nearly vomit.

“It’s okay, bebe, you don’t have to swallow me whole right away.” He took hold of my head and then started to fuck my mouth. “Daddy wants you to taste his sperm.” He continued for another five minutes before he called out that he was cumming. Boy did he cum. It was like a gallon, endless. I tried to swallow as much as I could but wound up gagging. It ran down my face.

He smiled and pulled me to my feet then wiped the remaining cum from my lips and kissed me. “I love you, menina, daddy’s little princess.”

He picked me up and carried me to his bed, the master bed, then slowly pulled my red dress off, over my shoulders. He kissed me full on the mouth with one hand at the back of my head, locking us together while his other hand unclasped my bra. He moved his lips to my breasts, first the left then the right. His lips moved down my stomach while simultaneously removing my panties.

The feel of his mouth on my tender girl parts marked the beginning of a 10 minute orgasm as my dad expertly ate my pussy. He wiped my cum of his face on the bed sheet and slid up and on top of me. His dick head was prodding the entrance to my yearning pussy. “Ugh, yeah daddy, fuck me.”

He teased me by rubbing his dick everywhere but where I wanted it. “You want your daddy to fuck you, little girl?” “Yes, oh fuck me, I’ve waited so long.”

He smiled and pushed his cock an inch inside me. “Does that feel good?” “Uh huh” I moaned.

He pulled out then pushed again, this time six or seven inches, “do you want more?” Again, I moaned, “Uh huh”.

He then pushed another two inches inside me. There was that fullest of full feeling that I craved. “Oh yes, more, more, more” I begged.

“Papai will give you more baby, do you want more of your dad’s cock? Do you want more of your father’s cock inside of you?” “God yes, please.”

He pushed again, this time all the way in. I felt his balls rest against my ass. We both moaned. “Daddy’s cock is all the way inside you now, baby. Daddy’s big ole cock is in your womb, my beautiful princess and it going to fill you up with your daddy’s life-giving seed. Is that what you want, baby?”

“Fuck, yes, I want it.”

“You want papai to squirt his baby-making juice inside your womb and make a baby with your daddy?”

“Oh my god, I want it so bad. I want a million babies with you”.

“Good,” he started thrusting. His cock sawed in and out of my fertile womb and he moaned the entire time. He was so hard, I couldn’t believe it. He nibbled on my neck and ears, kissed my lips and eyes, sucked on my nipples while keeping a steady fucking pace. It was so good I didn’t want it to end. I was climaxing every other minute, trying to catch my breath but all I could see was stars.

His pace quickened and he bear-hugged me breathing into my ear, “Here it comes baby, daddy’s making a baby in you.” He gave once final shove then I felt the familiar chugging of his cock hosing down my womb with his seed. We stayed like that for about 10 minutes before he was hard again. He fucked me over and over again in his bed. By the time the sun set we fucked a good 20 times. I couldn’t believe his stamina.

The next week was spent trying out new positions, I rode his monster cock backwards, forwards, sideways, from behind, both lying on our sides. We fucked on the sofa, the dining table, all of the beds and bathrooms, the car, in a nearby park. My pussy was throbbing with the splendid pain that was overuse but dad’s jumbo breeder never seemed to tire for long.

Over the next two weeks we fucked so often that I lost track. All I knew was that my pussy was continuously leaking my daddy’s cum. Dad always had the summers off, which in the past meant long tedious days of museum trips and general chatting but now I hung on to every sexy work he uttered and we fucked for hours during the day while Laura was home. Laura wound up spending most of the summer overseas which left our nights open for late night romps. Eventually I started feeling nauseous and daddy took me to the doctor who told me that I was just over 3 weeks pregnant. It felt great to know I was growing daddy’s baby inside of me.

Every morning dad would leave kaçak bahis around 7:30 a.m. for the gym and return around 10:30. It was part of his new routine. I remember him doing so last Christmas but certainly didn’t remember him so big and bulgy. Today he also had to help my aunt move, he and my uncle were enlisted to help and he probably wouldn’t be back until dinner time. I missed him when he wasn’t here and found myself staring at Facebook pictures, creeping my half-brothers’ and cousins’ photos just for images of my dad. Dinners with both dad and my step-mom were awkward for me, knowing that dad was trying to knock me up while his wife wasn’t home and that his cum would slosh around in my womb and constantly be leaking into my panties every time I moved.

I just settled down with a book and a grilled cheese sandwich on a lounger next to the pool when the door opened and my lanky cousin Fabian came strolling out wearing baggy track pants and a soccer polo. His long, curly, black hair was tied back with hair elastic. I hated that look, too girly for me.

“Hi,” he said in a super thick Spanish accent, “My dad is at work and he let me use his car. I thought that I’d come by for a swim.”

His English was choppy but his voice was surprisingly deep. “Do you think that I can use a towel?” I nodded and told him that he would find one in the linen closet next to the boy’s room.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the sun when I heard him say, “I hope it is okay that I come for a swim. I thought that you might like the company?” I opened my eyes to see him standing above me holding a large blue and yellow beach towel and wearing a pair of very tight black and yellow vertical-striped, well packaged sungas. He must have left his track pants and shirt in the house. From the angle between us, I had to look over his very packed swim trunks to meet his eyes. I think he was blushing. He was thin and lean but had decent definition. Not as repulsive as I originally thought. I was so in love with my daddy, his muscles, his face, his eyes, his chest and arms, his ass and legs and most of all his torpedo that was making me a mommy as I laid there.

“Not at all, I should be hanging out with you guys more. It has been a lazy summer for me so far.” He smiled then turned to walk towards the pool and dove in. I decided to join him since I was already in my bikini. He was swimming laps, back and forth before coming towards me his hair was now drenched and all of his curls washed out. “It’s warm,” he called out to me from the other side of the pool. “It’s wonderful,” I agreed.

“So what will you be studying?” he asked me. He swam to where I was bobbing, treading in the water.

“Business,” I replied suddenly remembering that I was still expected to show up at Harvard’s front doors the second week of September. That was six weeks from now. Six weeks would bring me to 9 weeks pregnant. I unconsciously rubbed my stomach and subconsciously smiling.

“You think my accent is funny?” Fabian asked, flashing a set perfect, white teeth.

I laughed and nodded, “It’s sexy. I love Spanish accents.”

He laughed now, “We speak Portuguese here, not Spanish.” He shook his head, “Americans.”

Right. I just smirked.

He hoisted himself out of the pool and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his waist. I simply admired how his tight swim trunks clung to his ass as he walked into the house. I can’t believe how horny I was and no daddy here to satiate me. My poor teenaged cunny was craving daddy’s baseball bat.

I pulled myself from the warm water and onto the steaming dark gray slate of the lanai. I just dried myself off and had lain down on a reclining chair when Fabian emerged from the house carrying a couple of beer, he handed me one. “Beer is good when it is hot. I mean, cold beer is nice when it is hot outside.” He blushed. I was pretty sure that I was making him nervous.

He held out his bottle and shook it at me causing the beer to foam and spill. I took a mouthful and laid back, Fabian did the same.

He took the towel from around his waist and laid it on the reclining chair next to mine. His crotch was nearly right in my face. I swallowed. It looked amazing. He sat down then lay back, sipping his beer.

“I love the sun,” he was trying to make small talk.

I agreed. I listened to him recall a camping trip his family went on two summers ago. It was followed by discussion on some of his favourite bands which included some American. They were Canadian but I didn’t correct him. During the whole conversation my eyes kept tracing back to the gigantic bulge in his far too small shorts. I could clearly see his fat, flaccid, cock laying on his massive balls like some over-grown slug.

“You like?” he asked once I kept my gaze on his package a little too long. I saw his cock twitch and start to grow.

I looked at him, “Huh?” I asked. He smiled and gave my body an obvious once over.

“Do you like my shorts?”

Stupefied, I bumbled, “Um, yes. They are… very full.” I said it.

He laughed. “Yeah, the shorts are a bit too small for me.” He got up and walked towards me, “I wanted you to get a good look. You are very sexy you know.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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