Lisa and a Man called Horse Ch. 01

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After Lisa’s weekend with Horse, she called Robert her former manager when she was a porn star.

When she called, she put the phone on speaker so I could hear the conversation. She told him that she discovered a guy with a huge cock and great stamina and would be perfect for porno.

He asked how she knew and she told him that the guy fucked her all weekend and never got soft or stopped cumming.

He asked the guy’s age and Lisa told him he was 21. Robert asked her what did she want from him. Lisa said she wanted to make a demo movie so he could show it around to get the guy in a movie. She then said that she was thinking of a movie with just him and her and she would come out of retirement just for this movie.

He said that if Lisa did the movie, he would be the backer and produce the movie himself. He asked how much money did she want for him and herself. Lisa said she would do it for scale and to give him $10,000. He agreed. He told Lisa to bring the guy up tomorrow to his house in Pleasantville to make the demo. Then they hung up.

Lisa quickly called Horse and gave him the good news and told him to be ready at 9:00 a.m. to go do the demo.

I asked Lisa if she was going back into porno and she said no but she wanted to get the guy a break. I told her that makes sense and that I hoped it works out for him.

The next morning we picked up Horse and headed to Robert’s place. On the way up there, Lisa told Horse that she and him will be making a porno demo tape. She explained what it would be.

I told him that the tape is for Robert to look at to see if he was good for the porno business and all he had to do was what he and Lisa did over the weekend.

We finally arrived at the house and went in. Robert gave Lisa a big hug and kiss and shook my hand. We introduced Horse to Robert.

Robert took us inside to the dining area where he had all sorts of food laid out for us. We made some small talk and we brought each other up to date on our lives.

After we ate, Robert asked if we were ready to start. Horse and Lisa said they were ready and anxious to begin.

Robert pendik escort showed them were they could undress and put on short robes if they wanted them.

After a few minutes Lisa came out first. She was naked. Then Horse came out and he had on the robe.

Robert told Lisa she looked terrific and hadn’t changed a bit since her porno days.

Robert escorted them to a huge bedroom with a king sized bed. He asked Horse to remove his robe.

I thought Robert was going to have a heart attack when he saw Horse’s big cock. Robert stammered as he asked Horse if his cock was hard and Horse told him no.

Robert told them to get on the bed. The cameraman started filming. Robert told Lisa and Horse to start playing with each other.

Lisa started out by stroking Horse’s cock which immediately got rock hard. She then went to suck his cock but couldn’t get it all in her mouth.

Robert told Lisa to give Horse a blow job as he wanted to get a good cum shot. Lisa looked at Robert and told him he will, then went back to sucking Horse’s cock.

After a few minutes, Horse said he was going to cum. Lisa opened her mouth and placed the head of his cock on her tongue. Suddenly, cum was shooting out of Horse’s cock like a high pressure hose. His cum filled her mouth and she couldn’t swallow it all as it ran down her jaw and onto her tits.

After a couple of minutes, his cum subsided, but his cock was still hard.

Lisa finally swallowed whatever cum was still in her mouth. She looked at Robert with a big smile and said, “Robert, what do you think? Look, his cock is still rock hard.”

Robert just looked in amazement. Then he said, “Now, Horse, I want you to fuck Lisa and cum in her cunt. Can you do that for me?”

Horse looked at him and said, “That will be a pleasure sir.” Then he mounted Lisa and lined up his hard cock to her slit. We all watched as we saw his huge cock slowly disappear out of sight into Lisa’s cunt.

Robert asked the cameraman if he got that and the guy said yes.

Lisa said as she laughed, “Robert, his cock fills my cunt completely and you know that isn’t an easy escort pendik thing to do.”

Robert yelled out, “OK, start fucking Lisa now.”

Horse started fucking his queen and soon announced he was going to cum. He then shot streams of cum into her cunt, filling it up.

Robert told him to pull out and as he did, cum poured out of Lisa’s cunt and down her thighs and onto the bed.

The cameraman said he got that shot as he looked at Robert.

Robert asked if the two wanted to rest a bit before continuing. Lisa said, “I am ok but I think my cunt needs some draining.” We all laughed.

Horse said he was ok too and he was ready to continue.

Robert said, “Ok everyone. This is the last scene. Lisa get on all fours and Horse, fuck her ass and cum in it.”

Lisa looked at me with a smile and got on all fours. Horse lined up his still hard cock, lubed it with cum and started to slowly insert it in Lisa’s ass.

It wasn’t long before his cock was as far in her ass as it could go. Lisa moaned in pain and pleasure as she pushed her ass back to get more of his cock in her.

Horse started fucking Lisa’s ass as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. After only a few minutes he said he was going to cum. Lisa let out a howl as his cum erupted inside her ass.

“God, his cum feels so good as it shoots out his cock.” She said.

Robert yelled out to pull his cock out and as he did, cum oozed out.

Robert then yelled for the cameraman to cut and the action stopped.

Lisa laid on the bed with cum on her and Horse’s cock finally went limp.

Robert told both of them to take a shower and meet us in the dining room when they were ready.

About a half hour later they both emerged and joined us in the room. Food and drink was plentiful.

Robert started off the conversation.

“Lisa, as always, you were terrific. You haven’t lost a step since you retired.”

He looked at Horse and said, “Young man, I could make you a star in the porno business. You are great.”

Lisa asked Robert, “I told you he was good. Now, about a movie deal. What are you offering?”

Robert pendik escort bayan looked at us and said, “Lisa, you said you would come out of retirement to make a movie with Horse. You also said you would do the movie for scale and he would get $10,000. Am I correct?”

Lisa told him yes.

Then Robert said, “I will give you

$5 million to make five movies with Horse and I will give him $1 million for those five movies.”

He continued, “You could have anyone you want to join you in the movies. You will get top billing. All expenses for both of you will be paid. You can even choose locations for the movies. And, John will be paid. $1 million for his loss of services while you are filming.”

Lisa looked at him and said, Robert, I told you I only wanted to do one movie with Horse to get his career started. I am not interested in going back into porno. As much as I want Horse to be a star, I am going to have to turn your offer down.”

I looked at Lisa and said, “Everyone just wait. Let’s work this out. What if Lisa did the one movie with Horse? That is what Lisa wanted. But, what if that one movie had five different story lines built into it. Those story lines could be segregated into five separate movies. That way, everyone gets what they want.”

They looked at each other and Lisa said that works for her. Robert said the same thing. Horse said that would be fine so long as he gets to fuck Lisa all the time.

Lisa then asked for one more item. She said to Robert, “I want John to have a major part in the movie or I won’t do it.”

Robert didn’t even hesitate and agreed immediately.

We all laughed and I toasted to the success of Lisa’s coming out of retirement for one movie.

Robert said he would be in touch. Lisa said she would contact Tiffany and Tammy to see if they wanted to join her.

Robert said he would pay anyone she wanted $500,000 to do the movie.

We all agreed as the deal was set. Robert said he would have the papers delivered in a couple of days and hopefully start the movie in two months time as soon as a script was ready.

We left soon thereafter.

On the way home, I asked Lisa if she was satisfied with the deal. She said she was, especially that I was going to be in the movie.

I told her I couldn’t wait to see the script.

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