Lilac’s 18yo Friend: Payton’s Gift

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Arched Back

I don’t like to be too boastful, but sometimes, horny, sexy young women just throw themselves at me, looking for no-strings-attached, hot sex with a very good-looking, well-off guy.

The youngest to do it was this 18 year old brunette, Payton, who had to be one of the most gorgeous girls I’d ever stuck my cock into. And what a horny little bitch she was! It was two hours of luscious, promiscous sexuality by two good-looking people, just using each other to get off, and create lasting memories. I’ll probably never see her again, but I won’t forget Payton!

The moment I saw her working behind the register at a four-star hotel’s gift shop, I instantly new she was something special. She definitely looked young, but with makeup and in a very pricey hotel uniform, she could have passed for 24 years old. Actually, she turned out to be 18; it was her summer job, before her senior year in high school started. I appreciate the finer things in life, and so I can’t say it was Payton’s body that first attracted me. I mean, she had a rocking body: definitely C cup breasts, at least, over a very slim tummy and curvy, no-flab hips, with slim, creamy legs that looked extra long for her body size. And she was as pretty as some models I’ve dated, with big brown eyes, thin upturned nose, and precious, smoochable lips. No, actually, I think the thing that caught my eye was her hair. Luxurious, long, flowing dark brown hair, it glistened in the bright lights of the gift shop, moving in flowing waves as she floated around the room.

I couldn’t very well stare at her endlessly, I was there with my young mistress, Danielle. Like Payton, Danielle was a slim brunette, but without the bust and a shorter body. She’d been doing photo shots for a diamond company in Los Angeles when I met her at a restaurant at a party a few months ago, and this was Danielle’s first trip abroad with me anywhere. I liked the company of younger women when I travel, and being 23 years old, Danielle was exactly half my age. I spoiled her with attention and gifts, of course, as she deserved; and she relished the attention of a rich, older man. Danielle had something of a “daddy” complex, she even called me “daddy” when we fucked. I might not be surprised if she lost her virginity to her father, possibly.

As Danielle poked through some of the rather expensive but attractive items in the shop, I found myself flirtatiously glancing over to the gorgeous young woman working the register. If Danielle hadn’t been there with me, I might have approached her and asked her to dinner. I would have no reason to believe she’d say yes, but if I hadn’t asked, I’d never see her again, right? It’s just a harmless question. That’s the way I look at it.

Soon, my then-current lover was standing next to me at the register, deciding which flashy ring looked better on her two fingers (not a wedding ring, of course — my wife has the unique obligation of wearing one of those from me). Payton, whose name I could see on her nametag, was standing on the other side of the glass counter, helping Danielle pick which one matched her skintones better. They went with the black onyx ring in the gold setting, passing over a green jade and silver ring. As they babbled like girls, I just joked around to sound friendly. Maybe she can buy both of them, I suggested, I didn’t need that surgery next week. Payton found me humorous and laughed back, saying, rings are more important anyway. I told her, anything that makes a beautiful woman even more beautiful, it was a necessity. It was a complement to Danielle, who surely was beautiful, but I gestured towards Payton, and the young woman blushed at what she perceived was a complement to her. Maybe it was, after all.

Then, while Danielle set out to choose a matching earring pair, I began flirting with Payton, just harmlessly. I told her, her boyfriend needed to buy her more jewelry, because sexy women looked better in it. She didn’t disagree, but said, she didn’t really have a boyfriend who could afford the hotel’s products. I noted that it might not be long, before some handsome customer swept her off her feet, and she might have that boyfriend problem solved. Our eyes were locked together, and with my girlfriend there, she wasn’t going to say anything provocative. But, just playfully laughing back at me, she said, who knows, anything can happen. Then she asked, was there another one of me? I was confused, but she was asking, if a carbon copy of me might be available — one without the attachment of Danielle’s company. I said, they tried, but the machine broke, there’s only the one. It was a silly statement, but the girl laughed at it anyway.

I will admit, a nasty thought crossed my head. I’d be at the hotel a second night, while Danielle had to get home the next afternoon, so it was just a one-night trip for her. Maybe I should ask Payton out? No, I knew I had a meeting with clients that would go probably until late. Besides, cheating on my wife with one hot, younger brunette was probably sufficient for a two-day bahis firmaları business trip to the Midwest. Was I such a pig that I needed a second girl on the second night? Well, I am male, I suppose, is how best to answer that. But no, it wasn’t my intention.

However, indeed, the second night I did end up in front of Payton, back at the gift shop. I had fifteen minutes to pass, before my guests arrived at the hotel. In my Armani suit and a bright red tie, I was drawn back to the gift shop on the possibility Payton might be there. Indeed she was. So, I needed a reason to be there, didn’t I? The previous night, I had spotted a group of very sensual, sexy lingerie outfits — if you can call them that, they had so little fabric — in the corner of the store. Danielle had even admitted to me, later that evening while we were fucking, that she saw them and liked “the black one.” Hell, they were all black, it seemed. One of them, however, seemed “more black” than the others — a see-through camisole, with mesh French panties, entirely in black. Not sexy as much as slutty. Danielle would, indeed, look delicious in it. I decided I needed a present to offer Danielle when I saw her back in Los Angeles the next day, so I grabbed one in size 2, and headed for the register.

“This for your wife?” asked Payton, innocently, as she scanned the price tag.

I snickered. “Um, no — and don’t tell my wife, but it’s for the young lady I was with last evening.”

I meant it as a joke, but Payton gave me the all-knowing smile, that stare of understanding. “Ahhhh!” she purred, putting a finger to her luscious red lips and making the “shhh” noise. “I won’t tell, you’re good.” Her eyes looked past me. “Present for later tonight?”

“No,” I said honestly, “tomorrow — she went home — I have a business meeting. In fact–” I quickly checked my gold Rolex. “In fact, it’s starting in just a few minutes.” I looked back into the lobby, not seeing my guests, but I knew time was running out. “Would it be possible for you to hold it here? I’m expecting someone, he and his entourage should be here any moment — I can pick it up later this evening.”

The girl shrugged. “No problem, or I can have room service run it up.”

“No, don’t trouble yourself,” I said, thinking maybe I wanted a reason to come back later in the evening. Seriously, I wasn’t trying to pick her up — but, truthfully, she was beautiful, an 18 year old, gorgeous brunette with charming brown eyes and slim but busty figure.

Payton was nicely folding up the flimsy garment, as she lowered it into a small gift box, about to wrap it for me. “It’s really hot,” she said of the outfit, perhaps thinking aloud. “She’ll look amazing in it, I’m sure, she’s gorgeous.”

I’m just biologically programmed to complement beautiful women, so given the opportunity, I could not resist. “Well, then, it would look amazing on you, too, I’m sure.” I smiled, and Payton looked up at me with a slight blush, and I didn’t want to be offensive. “Your boyfriend should buy you one.”

“Ahhh, about that!” The girl was now closing the gift box. “Yeah, that rich, hot guy hasn’t walked into here to sweep me off my feet — don’t think anyone will be buying me something like that anytime soon!”

I’m also biologically programmed to put smiles on beautiful women’s faces, and buying them gifts is one thing I do. I made $20 million in a corporate buyout the prior year, and was lining up investors for my new venture that would probably net me another $15 million this year. A small gift is like losing a penny out of my pocket — meaningless. Only, why not spend that penny on someone sexy and beautiful? If only to put a smile on their face. Nothing untowards is implied; it’s not a quid pro quo. It’s just to be nice.

My voice firm with conviction, I offered her, “Then, maybe you won’t be swept off your feet — but, nothing wrong with someone buying you a gift.” I took from the register a blank sales slip, and filled out my name and room number, leaving the price blank. “Here, do this for me — pick out one of those outfits that will make you look amazing, any one of them, and put it on my room — no, no, I insist — so your boyfriend will truly appreciate how gorgeous you are.”

I don’t think anyone had done that for her before, because she gave me the most bashful, amazed, surprised smile. “Really?” She sounded like a teenager when she asked that. Her voice was shrill, high, and young.

“Really!” I put my hands up, and noticed movement in the lobby. Time to go. “Really, it’s fine — any of them.” Then I pointed a finger at her, menacingly. “I’m going to look at my room folio later, and if the charge isn’t there, I’m going to be mad, and complain to your boss that you don’t follow instructions.” I winked. “So do this for yourself, will you?”

The incredibly gorgeous 18 year old brunette smiled at me warmly. “Thank you sooo much — yes, I will do that.” Then she laughed with a joking thought. “Just one, though?”

I could afford more, but kaçak iddaa let’s not get out of control. “Yes, just one, if you please.” I winked again.

Off to my meeting I went, leaving the gift shop behind, not caring I’d just spent an extra $200, probably, on something that I would have thought would never affect me. But the young woman was smiling, so my work was done.

My meeting was contentious, I have to admit, it was stressful and yelling was involved. A book might have been thrown across a table, possibly. That $15 million wasn’t looking to promising, but I had other options for another day. But it rattled me, and I came back to the hotel in a steaming mad state, snarling at myself and, unfortunately, the hotel bellhop as I strode through the entrance. It was just my mood. Up to my room I stormed, furious with the way the evening went, ripping off my jacket and kicking my shoes against the wall.

Two minutes later, my hotel room rang. No one calls me on it, they use my cellphone. It had to be the hotel staff. I actually felt bad, I thought I was going to be chastized for snapping unprofessionally at the bellhop.

“Mr. Charles?” It was the voice of a young woman, it was Payton. “You didn’t come back for your gift — want it run up to your room?”

Indeed, I’d forgotten. “Yes, that would be great, thank you,” I said, being extra courteous, given the way I acted in the lobby. It didn’t matter it was the beatiful young lady, I just forced myself to be positive at that moment.

For a moment, I was unhappy — I wanted to take a hot shower and wash the evening away, but now I had to wait for someone to run the damn gift up. So I just sat on the edge of the bed, sulking a little, wishing Danielle was still in town so I could at least get hot sex out of the evening. Even my wife would have been acceptable.

My room’s doorbell rang, and I strode through the small reception area to open it. To my pleasure, I saw Payton standing there, smiling at me warmly. In one hand she had the gift box in a little bag, and across her other arm was her purse and a second small bag.

“Your purchase,” she said softly, handing me the first bag.

I took it. “Thank you, you didn’t have to bring it up yourself.” But she was a sight for my eyes, and my penis was already thinking — maybe she wants to fuck? (My penis always thinks hot young women want to fuck me. Forty percent of the time it’s 100% right.)

She said it was nothing, then she dipped her head in the direction of the second bag on her arm. “It’s nothing, I closed up and was on my way out — besides, you let me get something, too, I owe you.”

I’d forgotten that part of the evening, and I exclaimed a little sigh of remembrance. “Ahh, yes, indeed, true that.” Wow, she had some lingerie, too. I wondered what she chose? “So, which did you choose?”

I was being friendly, but I have to admit, I wanted to fuck her too. I had little clue, at that moment, she wanted to fuck me, other than she was standing there, very pretty, and very friendly.

The teenager looked around the hall, and of course I let her in so she could show me. She paused, as I shut the door behind her, biting her luscious lower lip a moment. “So, you want to see it?”

I nodded. We were just a step apart, I could have reached forward and kissed her. The way she was staring at me, I believed, she would have let me. But I didn’t. “Of course I do, I’m curious?”

“Well, then,” sighed the girl, smiling nervously, “give me a second?”

And, to my very pleasant surprise, she slipped into the bathroom right next to us, and shut the door.

Instantly, my eight inches of thick cock got very hard, and my knees grew weak. I knew, for sure, I was going to get laid. Yes, I was!

I sat back on the edge of the bed, facing the bathroom door across the room, leaning back softly with my fists behind me. I still had my dress shirt and slacks on, as well as my socks, but I removed my belt — I had a feeling, everything would be coming off. In my crotch, my erection was at full alert, pushing out a tent in my tight clothing, it was frankly uncomfortable. I let that problem sit unattended, for the moment.

Time passed slowly, I could hear myself breathing, fixated on the closed bathroom door, waiting for it to open. Now? No, not yet. Now? No. I heard a bump in there; now? No, not yet.

Click, it opened. Slowly. And, with a graceful stride to the side, Payton emerged into sight, looking like a divine sex goddess.

She had on a bra and thong sex, a very alluring one on her slender, busty figure. It was predominantly red, but with black lace along the edges of the thong’s straps that arched over her slim, teen hips; and the bra was a push-up, making her already ample breasts looks even larger and more fleshy. Standing with one hip cocked to the side, her hand on her hip and arm akimbo, she flashed me a very sexy, naughty grin, making sure my eyes were drinking in the sight of her in the outfit.

“You like it?”

Of course kaçak bahis I did, I didn’t have to say a word. She sauntered towards me, across the bedroom, moving deliberately, hips swaying. “Feels SO nice,” she revealed, her hands cupping her large boobs to fondle the fabric supporting them, and then she casually brushed her fingers down the straps of the thong, from her hips towards her crotch. Her thighs were creamy and soft, completely unmolested by age; her stomach was flat. She spun around, seducing me more, letting me observe her incredibly perfect, round buttcheeks, as smooth as cream, largely nude with the thong’s strap digging into the small valley of her crack. “Mmm, and it fits nice too,” the girl purred, looking back at me over her shoulder, using her thumbs to test how snug the thong was over her skin.

I sighed heavily, knowing I was about to enjoy the companionship of this gorgeous young vixen. It’s a rewarding feeling, having women like her throw themselves at you. Now, I was glad Danielle flew back home.

Still leaning back on the edge of the bed, my cock forming a very visible tent in my crotch, I allowed Payton to see my eyes pouring over her skin, staring at every little small curve of her butt and thighs, then at her breasts again as she turned to face me. “You’re perfect,” I said of her, not the outfit, “I’m a lucky man for just seeing you in that.”

“Yeah?” She strode to me, right up to the edge of the bed, her thighs touching my knees. “Just for seeing me in it?” Then she laughed, crawling onto the bed, straddling me. I leaned back more, as her hips slid forward, and her crotch ground against my very large erection in my pants. “What would you be, seeing me OUT of it?”

I forced my eyes to leave the sight of her boobs, inches from my face, and I looked up to her delicious, succulent lips and adorable face. “I’d be kissing and licking every part of you, that’s what I’d be.” The pressure of her young cunt against my aching erection, grinding together through our clothing, was making us grunt softly.

“You would, huh?” Still teasing me, she shifted her weight, putting her hands on my broad shoulders, steadying herself, now swaying her hips slightly to tease my dick with her crotch’s pressure, slowly dry-humping me. “And what would your wife and girlfriend think about THAT, hmm?”

We were getting close to ending the banter, but I enjoyed her sense of playfulness. “I don’t know — same thing your boyfriend at school would think.”

The girl snickered. “Oh, those? I don’t take them — sooo immature.” She had her eyes on my eyes, watching my reaction as she continued to hump my penis through our clothing. “I like men, who know what they are doing.” She tossed her long, dark hair over her slim shoulder, exposing a diamond stud earring. She looked like solid money, even at age 18. “And, that girl last night was fucking hot, I figure, you must know what you’re doing.”

I nodded, knowing it was time to get to that “doing” she wanted. “Only one way to find out,” I moaned, barely audibly. My hands were already sliding up her slim backside, and I leaned upright as she moved her lips forward. The 18 year old brushed her lips firmly on my mouth; she smelled clean, fresh, like she’d brushed her teeth very recently. I might have tasted of alcohol, a bit of it, but she didn’t complain. Payton’s young tongue probed my mouth, finding my lips ready to suck that tongue, and my own tongue wrapped around hers, drawing it in deeper. Meanwhile, I slid one hand down to her exposed asscheeks, cupping the small, fleshy curves, while my other hand was behind me, bracing myself to lean upright.

We continued to make out, madly moaning and thrusting tongues in each other’s mouths, making our lips wet with saliva and exchanging heavy, deep breaths lung to lung. We also slipped backwards onto the bed, me falling on my back, she leaning over me, sealing her mouth on mine, kissing me endlessly while her pussy ground in gyrating circles over my dick through our clothing. I found my hands holding her nude, young hips, feeling the soft flesh, fondling her body as she spun it above me. The teenager was whimpering in our kisses — “Mmmm! Mmmm!” — showing me she was enthusiastic about our embrace.

Instinctively, my hands moved to her bra, to unclasp it. But she felt me doing it, and suddenly our kiss was ended, she was sitting on my lap then kneeling on the bed between my spread-open legs. “No no,” she chided me, shaking a small finger at me, “I just put this on — you’ll have to see me in it, a little longer, at least.” With a schoolgirl giggle, she turned her attention to my shirt. She took that finger and slowly, deliberately moved it to my neck, and then to the highest button on my shirt. “You, however — need to get out of these things.”

“Be my guest,” I offered, my dick wanting to come out of my pants so badly.

Payton leaned forward, her sexy teen boobs dangling under her in the revealing bra, as she slowly unbuttoned my shirt. Pulling it aside, she gasped at my firm chest and curly, dark hairs. I work out religiously, she was impressed by the firm shape of my powerful physique. “God, you’re hot,” she moaned, blushing at me. “Don’t hate on me — how old are you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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