Letters to a Mature Aunt

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Dearest Jane,

You leave me speechless!

When you allowed me carte blanche to respond to your photographs in words of my own choice, I had no idea it would provoke such a reaction? And how relieved I was to learn that, those same naughty words hadn’t offended you. Quite the contrary it would seem if you were honest with your reply.

As for my honesty, your pictures got me truly horny and hard. Hard to the point of masturbation, matching your description of being horny and wet and masturbating while reading my words … a fair exchange I think.

As for that video clip of you using that dildo, I’m still reeling! The size and girth of the bloody thing and the manner in which your pussy accepted its vibrating shaft … fuck, Jane, I thought I had a respectable length when aroused, but I can’t compete with that beast!

But the wonderful part is you wish to continue exchanging emails in this vein. Oh sweet lady, where have you been all my life? Where are you now apart from starring in my fantasies? Every sexual act I detailed – you had performed! It would seem your inhibitions know no boundaries where lust and desires are concerned. What a truly sensual and carnal aunty you are, and what erotic lingerie you choose to wear – I can’t stop myself writing about all those delightful garments … I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a lingerie fetish.

With all of this in mind I have penned a fresh fantasy for you in the hope this too will make you horny and wet, and reaching for that monster to pleasure your pussy!

Thank you once again for inviting me to reply and to address you as Aunty Jane.

My Darling Aunt,

So, my previous email made you hot under the collar did it? Got you reaching for one of your toys in search of satisfaction, eh? How pleased I am to read those words and to learn that I can make you wet and horny too, just as you make me feel hard and horny after seeing your pictures and watching the video clip of that rabbit dildo fucking you and making you cum.

Well, I have another little scenario to tell you about, another fantasy dreamt up while lying in bed this morning.

The action takes place at my home here in Norfolk. I’m sitting on the settee in the lounge when you enter with a man. Now, Jane, this might sound odd, but I don’t acknowledge the man or question what he’s doing here, I can’t even picture his face, my eyes are fixed firmly on you and the elegant knee-length, purple dress accentuating every exquisite contour of your body. You look absolutely stunning, the epitome of eroticism and as you progress toward me the sensual movement of your body causes me discomfort, forcing me to adjust my stiffening erection.

“Do you like it, Peter?” Your voice is soft and sexy.

I nod appreciatively canlı bahis while anticipating what lingerie you have on beneath the fine-spun material. What discerning colour have you matched with purple? Perhaps it will be black or a sympathetic mauve or your absolute favourite … a red lace ensemble? How regal would that look? But of one thing I am sure, you won’t disappoint.

But you are in no hurry to satisfy my curiosity. Slowly my contemplative mood turns to one of impatience as you twirl and bend, the fabric of the dress clinging to the fullness of your backside. Then, straightening up your fingers deftly release the fastenings at the side of the dress, leaving it hanging open, your perfume wafts toward me; I close my eyes and inhale its intoxicating aroma.

You smile, and aware of my prescient and lustful thoughts, grasp the two halves of the dress. You pause tormenting me further, while my heart pounds loud enough to be heard. Then, slowly and deliberately, you open the dress and the sensual spectacle of your mature body clad in hot-pink lingerie is revealed. I release an obscenity.

“Fucking hell, sweetheart, that is sheer elegance and drop-dead sexy.” I tell her.

“I know.” You answer squeezing your breasts together enhancing their cleavage.

Bending forward, you taunt me further with the image of your matronly bosom supported by pink satin and, as I reach out to touch your alluring mounds of flesh, you straighten up laughing. I call you a cock-teasing bitch.

“Would you like to give me a good fucking, Peter?” You whisper seductively.

My reply is lost amidst the rustling of fabric, as I notice your skirt being raised by male hands and fingers appear between your thighs. They stroke the naked flesh above the glossy, grey stocking tops before moving on to stroke your pussy through the pink panties, which pleases you greatly, but not enough to satisfy your immediate need. So, you pull the panties aside allowing the fingers to slip between your pussy lips, which are tumescent with desire and glistening with the dampness of your excited state. You sigh and grind your backside against the man behind you.

“By the way, I’ve brought Dan along today.’ You say as a form of introduction. ‘He is also a regular fantasy fuck and he will be doing the honours while you watch. Would you like to watch me being abused, Peter, being fucked hard and deep?”

Your words incense and heighten my desire to touch you. I have a sudden impulse to explore the sleekness of your stocking tops and to savour their sexual allurement. With your eyes firmly fixed on mine you turn your head to the side and utter to Dan.

“OK, fuck me! Slide your cock into my cunt and fuck me!”

I refuse to believe you want someone else’s cock other bahis siteleri than mine inside you. But the reality of the situation sinks in when you lean forward and rest your hands on my thighs, allowing the seductive purple dress to fall open. You shuffle your legs wider, your eyes never leaving mine.

Your breasts surge forward, the movement causing their flesh to strain against the pink satin bra. I feel your weight on my thighs intensify as you ease forward slightly. You close your eyes and emit an all-telling sigh, a pleasurable sigh which I know from the appeased look on your face means that Dan has filled your pussy with his cock.

I silently question the notion that I’m going to watch you being fucked, but as I watch on with envy, desire and a throbbing cock of my own, I realise how exciting it is to watch you in this situation.

Our faces are close enough for us to kiss, which we do and I forego stroking the stocking tops in favour of holding your breasts rippling under the onslaught from Dan’s every thrust.

“Get your cock out, Peter.” You say. “Play with it while you watch me being fucked. I want to see if your cock is as hard as the one pounding my pussy! I want to see you wanking.”

Inflamed by your words and actions, I unzip and withdraw my erection. The thing stands upright, proud and pulsing viciously for the want of female attention. Then without the assistance of your hands you manage to take my knob between your lips while continuing to support yourself, no mean feat.

I take the opportunity and urge myself deep into your mouth and throat, as deep as I’m able to, feeling the intense gratification that cock sucking provides. You choke and gag forcing me to withdraw.

My fingers grasp the base of my shaft and I revert to stroking myself, solo wanking until my lust forces me to plunge my cock back between your lips and ever deeper down your throat. But eventually I have to settle for your forceful sucking and the exquisite pain of your teeth raking the purple flesh.

In time this position becomes untenable. So you cease giving my cock your attention and encourage Dan to cum quickly. To assist his swift climax and afford me with the titillating specifics of being fucked, you resort to providing me with a running commentary of how the cock in your pussy feels as it thrusts in and out.

“Peter, it’s so hard and lovely. You wouldn’t believe how far up my sopping wet vagina that knob is travelling. It’s filling my tunnel touching every nerve. It’s bringing me the kind of excitement and satisfaction I crave from being fucked. Ooh, Peter, if you only knew what it feels like to have a stiff cock fucking you, it’s beautiful. Perhaps you’d like to try one of my dildos up your arse sometime.” Your rhetoric continues bahis şirketleri in this vein, exciting me to the point of wanting to cum; my wanking becomes furious.

Suddenly, you cease moving and I wonder if Dan has cum. But the look on your face tells a different story. The smile on your lips becomes more salacious.

“Guess what, Peter? Do you know where that cock is going to go now?” I listen to the slurping sounds of an erection being withdrawn from a very juicy pussy. “Dan is about to slip that cock into my arse. That cock is going to fuck my anal passage! That lovely hard cock is going to screw my backside. And when Dan shoots his load up there, I want you to cum too, right in to my hand. Will you do that for me, Peter? Will you spunk your red-hot cum into my hand?”

But you aren’t interested in my answer, your mind is elsewhere.

I watch your face contort with the cultivated pleasure of sensing a cock feeling its way through the rim of your arse and in to the tightness beyond. You close your eyes and lift your head tasting the enjoyment of an altogether different kind of fuck. You moan in ecstasy and I feel jealous. Then as if reading my thoughts, you offer to let me fuck you there.

“Yes, Peter, you can slide your cock into my botty anytime. I want to feel how tight your cock fits, how snug it feels when you’re deep within; I want to feel its slippery length sliding in and out. I want you to cum in there too. But right now I’m going to straddle your lap and you are going to push your cock into my pussy, while Dan remains in my bott! Then, you are both going to fuck as fast and hard as you can and shoot your combined spunk in to me!”

Your dictatorial tone of voice is both compelling and provocative, as you issue these orders. You know I’m constantly in thrall to your wanton sexuality, so being one half of a duet penetrating you and serving your carnal demands come naturally to me.

When you are in a position to take me I quite literally plunge my cock in to your wild, wet and willing cunt. It is so wet and open that I find difficulty in remaining inside you, but as I am on the verge of wanting to release my spunk, I persevere manfully until your voice demands that the pair of us cum together. That moment arrives quicker than expected and scream with delight at feeling spunk shooting and filling both orifices.

After a period of post-orgasmic bliss and both cocks have slipped from two very wet apertures, you announce a special treat in store for me. Planting your feet either side of my thighs you hold those hot-pink panties to one side, spread your pussy lips and direct a jet of pee at my chest, showering me with your warm, wonderful blessings.

“Open your mouth.” You instruct, and with amazing dexterity fill it with juice. “Now, swallow … “

Jane, you are one gorgeous fucking lady.

It’s usually the point in my fantasy when I can’t control myself any further. So, I enjoy a wank and cum with great satisfaction xx.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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