Five-Star Hotel

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Suzy had surprised Sabrina with last minute tickets to see one of her favorite singers live, the only problem with last minute plans was that every reasonable hotel in the city was booked up thanks to a major football match. The only room Suzy could get was in a brand new, five- star hotel close to the concert venue. Luxurious and convenient though expensive but worth it, she thought. Their long-distance relationship relied on twice monthly alternate weekend visits to each other and nights and weekends away every few months.

Sabrina was excited because she hadn’t seen Suzy for nearly 3 weeks. She bought new jeans and a blouse and then some new silky underwear and a dress to wear for dinner and the concert. She didn’t want to look shabby in such a luxurious hotel.

They’d had an early start to their day to travel to the city, they spent the late morning and early afternoon doing tourist things and then stopped for some local food for lunch. Once they had checked in to their hotel room they both napped before showering. The shower wall was a frosted glass panel that faced into the bedroom and Sabrina knocked the glass and playfully pressed her wet breasts and ass against it, hearing Suzy giggle on the other side.

“That’s not fair, you locked the door!” cried Suzy when Sabrina came out of the bathroom. Suzy was midway through getting dressed and was wearing only her jeans. She looked at Sabrina in her new dress, her eyes studying her up and down lustfully.

Sabrina laughed “I was just giving you a little peep show, a little taster for later” she said.

“I will taste her later” Suzy said, smiling wryly. Sabrina openly cringed and Suzy laughed. “Come here, you look gorgeous in that dress, baby” she said as she wrapped her hands round Sabrina’s waist and kissed her softly. They kissed more passionately and her pierced nipples hardened as Sabrina cupped Suzy’s neat breasts and rubbed her nipples with her thumbs. Sabrina loved how sensitive Suzy’s nipples were and how much pleasure she got from being touched there. Suzy moaned and broke their kiss “I’ve missed you touching me, baby”

“I’ve missed touching you, Suz.” Sabrina said as she slid her hand round Suzy’s waist and squeezed her ass. “We’ve got all night to make up for it.”

They finished getting ready, drying their hair and putting on their makeup. Suzy took photos on her phone, they walked through the hotel lobby to the restaurant and they enjoyed a delicious meal. After dinner they took less than a 5 minute walk to the concert venue and they didn’t have to queue to get in.

Suzy watched Sabrina’s face periodically throughout the night, the excitement and joy shone from it and Suzy felt like she might explode with love for her. The concert was brilliant and afterwards they walked back to the hotel in the dark, holding hands and talking about it. Sabrina was still nervous to show affection to Suzy in public after a bad experience in the past. Sabrina didn’t feel the need to be so open – she had come out as bi at 16 and was out to the people in her life she loved and trusted. Suzy was a baby dyke, she had only come out as lesbian in recent years after previously exclusively dating men, she was out and fiercely proud and wanted anyone she’d ever met to know about it. They didn’t go to gay bars often but Suzy loved when they did, they could hold hands, kiss, sit wrapped round each other all night and be themselves and Sabrina was always more relaxed.

After the short stroll back to their hotel they went to the hotel bar and ordered drinks. The lights were low and they found a table and a trendy sofa discretely placed with a good view beside the window. Suzy sat next to Sabrina resting her elbow on the back of the sofa, stroking the back of Sabrina’s hair and softly kissed her neck. “I’ve missed you so much, baby. You look so gorgeous tonight. Have you enjoyed it?”

Sabrina slid her hand onto Suzy’s thigh and turned to kiss her in gentle kisses on her lips. She held Suzy’s face in her other hand, stroking her cheek. “Of course I have, I’ve been with you. Thank you for all this, you really do spoil me.” She pulled Suzy into a tight hug “I love you, Suz”

“I love you too, baby” Suzy said. She turned her head to kiss Sabrina’s neck and breathe in her perfume. “Mmmm you smell amazing, I miss this when we’re apart.” Suzy said.

“Me too” said Sabrina. “I can’t wait to give you a proper kiss when we get back to the room”

“I’ll down my drink now!” Suzy teased. “As hot as that dress is on you, I can’t wait to take it off you” she said, looking Sabrina in the eyes and smiling adoringly at her.

Sabrina giggled and leaned in to whisper in Suzy’s ear “Wait until you see what’s underneath.” Then she sat back from Suzy, crossed her legs and pulled her dress up slightly to reveal a glimpse of the top of her stockings and her thigh while she took a sip of her drink and then pushed her dress back down.

Suzy’s face flushed and she let out a maltepe escort gentle moan. “Is it hot in here or is it just cos you’re a total fox?” she said as she grasped Sabrina round the waist and kissed her neck softly. Sabrina giggled and pulled away from her slightly before sliding her hand round Suzy’s hip and up her top, feeling her skin soft and warm under her hand. She kissed Suzy softly on the lips and looked her in the eyes. “We’re going to get billed for the upholstery” Suzy said, looking at the sofa.

“Why?” asked Sabrina, frowning.

“Cos I’m so fucking wet!” Suzy said in a low tone. “Shall we go?” she asked.

Sabrina giggled and licked her lips as she pulled away from Suzy. She gulped the last few sips of her drink and stood up, smoothing down her dress before reaching for Suzy’s hand. They walked quickly back to their room. The housekeeping staff had provided a turn down service, there were chocolates, fruit and bottled water and the lighting had been switched to a low, ambient glow, the room was scented with essential oils and when Sabrina switched on the speaker it played relaxing jazz music.

“Wow! This is romantic, isn’t it?” Sabrina whispered, looking around and then looking at Suzy. “The bed is actually so tall that I need a ladder!” she laughed “Look, I could just stand right at this corner and get off” she said, jokingly humping the corner of the mattress as she stood against it.

“I’d rather get you off by myself, baby” Suzy said while she took her coat, boots and socks off. She padded over to Sabrina and turned her round to face her, leaning her against the bed and kissed her passionately. Their tongues teased and caressed each other and their hands stroked each other’s hair, necks, backs, hips and breasts, pulling at clothing as they kissed.

Sabrina pushed herself up on the bed and Suzy pulled Sabrina’s shoes off and slid her body between Sabrina’s legs, sliding her hands up Sabrina’s skirt and grabbing her bare thighs above her stockings before reaching round her waist and feeling her silky pants. Sabrina unbuttoned Suzy’s shirt and squeezed her breasts in her black satin padded bra. “Move your arms for a moment” Sabrina said. Suzy let go of Sabrina’s waist and Sabrina pulled Suzy’s shirt off and reached round her back to unclasp her bra before slipping it off onto the floor.

Suzy’s nipples hardened as they were exposed and Sabrina took one in her mouth, sucking gently and teasing her tongue over it while she squeezed Suzy’s other breast with her other hand. Suzy gasped and moaned softly, throwing her head back and briefly holding Sabrina’s head to her breast. Then with her hands she stroked where she could reach Sabrina’s skin in the places she loved to be touched; her neck, her collarbone, her inner elbows and her inner thighs.

Suzy looked down and pulled Sabrina’s dress up over her ass. Sabrina let go of Suzy’s breasts and put her arms in the air as Suzy pulled her dress off and stood back to admire her body, her navy and honey-coloured silk bra and pants and her navy stockings. She looked longingly at Sabrina, sighed and bit her lip as Sabrina reached for the waistband of Suzy’s jeans and pulled her closer again, unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them down to reveal sheer black tanga pants. Sabrina’s brow furrowed in a pleasured expression as she looked at Suzy and pushed her jeans off and on to the floor with her feet “Uh huh hooo! ooft turn round, let me see your ass in those pants Suz” Sabrina groaned. Suzy turned round and bent her knee, put her hand on her hip, leaned forward slightly and looked over her shoulder at Sabrina. “Mmm you’re beautiful, babe” Sabrina said, stroking Suzy’s back down to her ass and squeezing it with both hands before grabbing her hips and pulling her towards her again.

Suzy turned round and grasped Sabrina round the waist, pulling herself back in between Sabrina’s legs and started kissing her passionately. She unclasped Sabrina’s bra, pulled it off and her massive breasts swung down. Suzy squeezed them and moaned, breaking their kissing “I know it doesn’t do much for you but I love having my hands overflowing with your boobs” she said, looking at Sabrina’s breasts as she gently rubbed her nipples to harden them.

“I love that you love them so much” Sabrina said. She gently stroked down Suzy’s thighs and slipped her hand in between them, feeling Suzy’s soaking wet pussy over her pants. Suzy exhaled heavily, briefly closed her eyes and she pulled on Sabrina’s hard nipples. Sabrina lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked them “Mmm I’ve missed your taste” she groaned. She put her hand back between Suzy’s thighs and grasped her hip, pulling Suzy towards her and as they kissed, Suzy rocked gently against Sabrina’s hand. “I want to lick you, I want you on my tongue now” Sabrina panted as Suzy kissed her neck. Suzy moaned and stopped, looking Sabrina in the eyes.

“I know I never usually do or want to but…can I top you tonight?” Suzy whispered escort maltepe timidly, with a shy look on her face. Sabrina took Suzy’s face in her hands and kissed her gently before leaning back and smiling at her.

“I just nearly came at the thought” she said wryly. “I would love that. No need to be shy, Suzy. Where do you want me?” Sabrina said, stroking Suzy’s arms.

“Lie back” said Suzy, gently pushing Sabrina back on the bed and climbing up on to it. She spread Sabrina’s legs and let out a low groan. “Mmm those stockings and those pants on you… I’m not even going to take them off yet” she said as she made herself comfortable and started licking Sabrina’s pussy over her silk pants in slow, lingering strokes.

Sabrina sighed loudly. “Oh my god, babe that feels so good through the silk” she moaned. Suzy gave her little teasing kisses on her skin at the edges of her pants before going back to licking her over them. Sabrina’s pants were so wet from her pussy on one side and Suzy’s saliva on the other that they were now a dark ochre colour. Sabrina moaned and panted with each lick and bucked her hips towards Suzy’s mouth. Suzy hooked her fingers under the waistband of Sabrina’s pants and pulled them down, revealing Sabrina’s neatly groomed pussy. Long strings of juice from Sabrina’s wet pussy clung to the pants and dripped down onto the bed covers as Suzy pulled Sabrina’s pants off. Suzy immediately plunged 2 fingers into Sabrina’s pussy and teased her clit with her tongue and Sabrina moaned loudly “Oh that feels so good. Mmm yeah.” She lifted her feet onto Suzy’s shoulders, pressing in with her toes to bend her legs as much as she could and bucked her hips, her stockings meant her feet kept slipping. Suzy felt Sabrina get even wetter and knew she was about to cum.

Sabrina groaned and clenched Suzy’s fingers inside her. “Yes, oh yes, fuck me Suz” she moaned as Suzy slid her fingers in and out.

“Does that feel good for you babe?” asked Suzy lifting her head. She felt her own pussy getting more soaking wet in her pants as she watched Sabrina writhing in pleasure while she finger fucked her.

“Yeah, that’s good” she panted. “A bit harder” she asked and Suzy complied. “Oh my god, yes. I love how you fuck me” Sabrina moaned. “Harder, babe”

“No, you’re going to be sore” whispered Suzy

“Please just a bit harder, Suz.” Sabrina gasped, sitting up on her elbows and planting her feet on the bed so she could thrust herself onto Suzy’s fingers. She was so wet that it made slick, dripping sounds. Suzy’s mouth returned to Sabrina’s clit and her tongue gently grazed circles around it. It was rock hard and poking out from under it’s hood. “FUCK!” Sabrina shouted loudly and her hips bucked uncontrollably. She came hard with loud moans that took nearly a minute to finish as Suzy held her mouth tight around Sabrina’s clit before Sabrina lay back on the bed, breathing heavily with her eyes closed. “Stay inside me for a minute” she whispered as the aftershocks of her orgasm pulsed through Suzy’s fingers which were completely embedded in Sabrina’s pussy, while it squeezed the remnants of her orgasm. Sabrina groaned and winced as Suzy pulled her fingers out and Sabrina opened her eyes and watched Suzy lick them.

Suzy straddled Sabrina as she lay across the bed enjoying her post-orgasmic bliss. Sabrina stroked Suzy’s thighs, stomach and back as Suzy kissed Sabrina in gentle kisses on her chest, neck and mouth. “Can you feel how hard your clit is?” Suzy said. Sabrina reached down, spread and lifted her outer labia and gently teased her clit.

“Oh! it’s massive. Ahh it’s so swollen!” said Sabrina, shuddering.

“Is it too sensitive for tribbing?” asked Suzy, raising her eyebrow and biting her lip as she looked Sabrina in the eye. Sabrina smiled and nudged Suzy to sit up so she could finally slip her satin pants off her. Suzy’s pussy was shaved except for a small tuft of hair and it glistened with wetness under the lights. Suzy sat down with her legs bent against Sabrina’s closed legs, lining her wet pussy up against Sabrina’s. They both groaned at how wet Suzy was and adjusted their positions as Suzy glided slowly back and forth until they found the right position where they each felt the right amount of stimulation and they maintained eye contact. “Ohhh babe, yes. Your cunt is so wet on mine” Suzy moaned quietly as she rocked faster on top of Sabrina.

Sabrina gasped, panted and caressed Suzy’s body as Suzy rode on top of her faster and started to moan in an increasingly urgent pattern as her pleasure intensified. “Ooh! Ooh your cunt feels so good. Baby, I’ve missed it” Suzy moaned as the slick sound of them rubbing frantically against each other could now be heard over the music. Suzy squeezed Sabrina’s soft breasts and rocked faster and harder. Sabrina grasped Suzy’s hips as she grinded against her.

Sabrina started to groan a low, instinctive, rolling noise as she felt her orgasm rising. “Oh god, maltepe escort bayan that feels so good, Suz. Don’t stop.” Sabrina moaned.

“Wait for me, babe. I’m nearly there. Wait.” Suzy moaned quickly. Sabrina watched as Suzy threw her head back, closed her eyes and a flush appeared over her chest. Her mouth fell open before it made an O shape and Sabrina knew Suzy was going to cum. She reached up and pinched Suzy’s nipples and Suzy began to moan in louder “Oh’s” and grind uncontrollably against Sabrina.

This pushed Sabrina right over the edge “I can’t…” she groaned before she started grunting and bucking her hips just as Suzy’s orgasm peaked. Sabrina’s head fell back against the pillow and her mouth dropped open as her eyes squeezed shut and she came in intense waves of pleasure, shaking and moaning “Ooooh. Yes.”

“OH! OH! BABE, HARDER ON MY NIPPLES. OOOOOH.” Suzy moaned loudly as Sabrina pulled her nipples harder. They both grinded their hips against each other and moaned as their orgasms washed over them.

They moaned long, slow groans as their orgasms subsided and they steadied their breathing and Suzy opened her eyes, gazing lovingly at Sabrina whose eyes were still closed. Sabrina stroked Suzy’s thighs, stomach and breasts and Suzy held Sabrina’s face in her hands. “I love when we cum together” Suzy panted “But I hate that it means I can’t watch you, you’re so beautiful when you cum” she said.

Sabrina smiled shyly, opened her eyes and kissed Suzy’s palm “Mmm I must admit, watching you cum is one of my favourite things. Knowing that I’m making you feel like that is amazing” Sabrina said, pulling Suzy down into a kiss. As Suzy lay her body down on Sabrina’s she continued gently grinding against her while they kissed. She moaned softly into Sabrina’s mouth. “You’re not finished, are you?” asked Sabrina, stroking down Suzy’s back, over her ass and down to her pussy. Suzy’s face contorted and she bucked her hips slightly as she groaned. Suzy opened her eyes, gazing lovingly at Sabrina. “Sit on my face, I want to make you cum on my mouth” Sabrina said, kissing Suzy in soft kisses on her mouth. She moved her fingers, adjusted the pillows and pulled Suzy up and onto her face. She wrapped her hands around Suzy’s thighs and lifted her outer labia to reveal Suzy’s pink, wet, swollen pussy with her clit begging to be licked. Sabrina eased Suzy down onto her mouth and pushed her tongue deep into Suzy’s soft, warm pussy and started licking in a firm, steady pattern.

Suzy moaned “Ooooh. Yeah, that’s good” and gasped as she fell into a rhythm of rocking gently on Sabrina’s mouth. Sabrina kept her mouth tight around Suzy’s pussy, watching the reaction on her flushed face as Sabrina lapped her juice and then dragged her tongue up to circle her clit. Suzy loved a lot of pressure on her clit so Sabrina knew she could nudge hard with her tongue. “Oooooh ooooh yes. Yes my clit babe” Suzy moaned breathlessly and started to tremble as she grinded her hips harder and faster against Sabrina’s mouth. She reached down with one hand and stroked Sabrina’s hair and with the other she pulled one of Sabrina’s hands up to her breast and held it there while Sabrina pinched her nipple. Suzy’s mouth dropped open, her skin flushed pink and she began to pant loudly. “Suck” she gasped and nodded as Sabrina responded by sucking her clit hard. “Oh fuck” Suzy cried out before throwing her head back and going silent. She was rocking uncontrollably on Sabrina’s mouth and then she came with a hard, shuddering orgasm, suddenly moaning “oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck! Oooooh! oh fuuuuck! OOOHHHH!”

Sabrina kept licking, softer now and avoiding Suzy’s sensitive clit. Suzy’s face contorted so much with pleasure that Sabrina thought for a moment she was actually crying until she moaned and opened her eyes to look down at Sabrina. Suzy’s legs trembled. “Aww baby, I don’t want you to stop but I can’t take anymore” Suzy moaned quietly, gasping. Sabrina stopped licking and stroked her hands up Suzy’s thighs, over her ass and squeezed it and kissed Suzy’s pussy, outer lips and thighs. Suzy climbed off Sabrina and lay down beside her on the bed. Sabrina turned onto her side, wrapped her arms around Suzy and kissed her in soft kisses all around her face. Suzy sighed and moaned softly as she caressed Sabrina’s body. “Mmm that was so good, I missed you so much. I love how connected I feel to you when we have sex.”

“I feel the same way, I love being so close with you.” Sabrina replied. They lay wrapped round each other, caressing and kissing each other for another quarter of an hour. “Do you fancy a bubble bath?” Sabrina asked. Suzy looked up and smiled wide. “Yeah? OK, I’ll run the bath” Sabrina said, kissing Suzy on the lips and getting up. She went into the bathroom, ran the water and found some 5-star bubble bath, putting some in the bath. She walked back out into the room and noticed the bath robes and slippers for them. “Babe, there are robes and slippers here for after. The bath is so big. Have you seen it? it’s going to take ages to fill. Do you want some chocolates and a drink?” she asked, walking over to the table. Suzy lay on her side on the bed, watching her with a blissful look on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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