Surprise Honey

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Chapter One

I had been divorced from my first wife for about ten years. We were married right out of High School, and had a baby girl that first year. We stayed together for nine years. Nine years of pain and suffering. We shouldn’t have gotten married like we did.

I had been young and strong willed. I got my ex pregnant in our senior year, towards the end of the school year. We decided to get married because we were so in love. Looking back on it, it was lust not love. Our ‘love’ became a very strong dislike, leading to the divorce.

After our divorce, my ex had left the state, taking my daughter with her. I never saw her after that. I tried to keep in contact with Julie, my daughter, but I was sure that my vindictive ex-wife never let her know I had.

My new wife had developed a cancer, and on one dark spring day she passed. Mary had been everything that my ex hadn’t been. She had been supportive, loving, and very sexual. Mary was the one constant in my always-changing life and I missed her terribly still, two years later.

I had dated some but I knew that none of the women I took out were ‘right’ for me. Partly because of my not being completely over Mary, and partly because of my wealth. You see, I had made a goodly amount of money in the dot com eighties and nineties.

I was now retired, at the ripe old age of thirty-eight. I had a nice boat down at the marina where I spent quite a bit of time. It was large enough to require a crew of four, and since I had purchased it I had lived aboard.

My house I had sold, too many reminders of my past life and Mary. The boat had been a suggestion from my grief counselor. He deduced that I had always wanted to have a boat to go out on and just cruise around. He had helped me in a very real and good way to start to rebuild my life after Mary.

I needed to hire a crew, so I advertised around. A placement firm came up with three people, two women and one man. The captain that I chose to hire had all the qualifications and experience I needed. She was a lithe and built blonde lady of about twenty-eight years of age.

The sole male crewmember was my engineer. He had great training as a mechanic on marine vessels and was foot loose and fancy-free.

The third person was a nice lady who was an excellent chef. Her recommendation had come from a gentleman who greatly missed her. I had gotten a good crew so far and was very pleased.

I was on edge, I wanted to get going and travel up to Alaska, through the inside passage and then around the gulf up to Anchorage and spend some time there. My whole crew was looking forward to the trip since none of them had been there before.

About three weeks before we were to pull out, the agency sent over the fourth crew candidate. She was young, being about nineteen years old. She was built like the proverbial brick-shit-house.

Her brunette hair flowed around her as she walked on board to meet me. I was awe struck at her beauty, and poise. I had never seen such an exquisite creature in my life. Her name was given to me as Anne. We shook hands and she proceeded to tell me about herself.

I decided to hire her for the trip as a deck hand/maid, and plans were made to sail one week early. That left us one and a half weeks to get ship shape, and ready to go. Anne turned out to be a very hard working lady. I was surprised since I had thought deep down she would just be eye candy for the dirty old man. (ME)

She was always nearby as I worked. (Yes, I worked with the crew getting ready to go.) My Captain, May, was very surprised at my casual and laid back manner. I guess she had worked for some rich people before and they had been very, well, stern and cold towards the ‘hired’ help.

I had made my fortune the hard way, by work and yes, quite a bit of luck. But I was a common man. I treated everyone with respect and only expected the same from him or her. It didn’t hurt that three-fourths of my crew were good-looking ladies single and fancy free either.

Working around those ladies ended up being harder than I thought it would be. I found myself not thinking of Mary as much any more and thinking of them more and more.

I noticed that Anne seemed to have knowledge of me that nobody else had. What she knew about me and how I didn’t know, but I could tell she knew something more than the others. I wasn’t too concerned, since I had plenty of experience with gold-diggers and the like. She didn’t seem to be like that though.

Out at sea we all became closer. I determined that we would all eat together as much as possible. This was so we could get to know one another as much as we could. Capt May was in charge of the crew, which made it easier for me to relax. Her directions were always fair and intelligent.

We took our time cruising up the coast and as we went past Portland Anne mentioned she had a girlfriend in Seattle that would love to go to Alaska with us. After a bit of talk I decided to let this friend of Anne’s sail canlı bahis with us. Anne said that she would work as a maid or whatever. I felt Anne needed some help in that area (mostly so I could see her topside more if the truth be known).

In Seattle we provisioned for the extra person and added a bit extra in case we had guests at some point. Anne’s friend showed up and as we first met I found myself struggling to maintain a conversation. Anne’s friend was introduced to me as Charlene. She was every bit as goodlooking as Anne, with a certain ‘fire’ in addition to the beauty.

Where Anne was brunette,Charlene was blonde. Charlene also had rather large breasts and they didn’t need support. Her body was very toned with legs that had great definition. I found out that she was a dancer in Seattle. I imagined her on stage as a ballerina or modern dancer. That image didn’t fit her build at all though. I didn’t ask what kind of dancing she did figuring she would tell me if she felt like it, at a later date.

Charlene was almost bold in her attitude, and it fit her well. Anne seemed to get even more friendly after Charlene came on board. I assumed it was because of her friend being there let her feel more natural or perhaps safer for some reason.

May made a comment that first night about not all the sharks were in the ocean around here, and then laughed as I tried to figure out her meaning. She was joking around, but there was a light seriousness to her words also. We talked for a bit about other things then as I was heading to my cabin Anne caught me and took me aside.

“Would it be alright if Charlene and I just wore our swimsuits tomorrow? I know that they are not proper crew wear but the weather is so nice we would like to work on our tans if possible.”

“Uh, well, I don’t see a reason why not. I will run it past May first though ok?”

“Oh sure. That might be a good idea since she is the boss. I hope she won’t mind.”

“I’ll put in a good word for the both of you.”

I caught May just before she went into her cabin.

“May, what would you think if the crew wore their swimsuits tomorrow to take advantage of the weather and all?”

“Are you sure about them wanting to take advantage of the weather and not take advantage of you? I don’t mind of course, it’s your yacht, would those directions include me also?”

“Oh, this wasn’t my idea May, Anne asked for her and Charlene, although if you wanted to I wouldn’t complain. Matter of fact, how about those who want to wear swimsuits whenever they want?”

“I guess I would be amendable to that only I want the crew in uniform as we dock and leave port OK? We should have a bit of decorum on board sometimes don’t you think?”

“Yes Ma’am Captain May.”

She laughed as I saluted her and turned to walk away.

“Just don’t get bit by the sharks on board sir. It could be a permanent wound.”

Her parting comment caused me to think a bit that night. It would be nice to score with either Anne or Charlene, hell, even May or Betty, the chef. I went to bed with fantasy world in high gear.

The next morning I was surprised to see Jim, our engineer in a speedo. He actually looked very good. He had six pack abs and put my body to shame. I was a bit self concious about my body, since it was soft and I had a small pot belly going on so I elected to stay in shorts and Tee shirt. I got teased quite a bit by my very scantily clad crew.

All the girls wore thong bikinis that left nothing to the imagination. I was impressed with all of them. Jim got a lot of looks as he went about his duties and my ego suffered a bit. I let it pass though, since after all, I owned the boat. I was talking to him and he offered to work out with me in order to get my body ship shape, and that was an offer I didn’t refuse.

We sailed on up the coast through B.C. and anchored up off shore near Prince Rupert one night. As we ate I noticed that Jim and Betty were exchanging a ‘look’ that told of a more intimate relationship. I didn’t say anything to embarass them and acted like I didn’t see a thing. They dissappeared together below decks.

May engaged me in a game of poker and soon I had three beautiful women in thong bikini’s playing cards with me. I held my own for the first part then the suggestion to switch to strip poker came up. I figured that since they had so little to loose and I had on more than all of them at the time there was no way I could lose this game so I agreed. WRONG.

Within the next five hands I lost all my clothes except for my underwear. I had been set up by real sharks for sure. May was laughing at my predicament as were Anne and Charlene. Soon the comment was made that if a person lost all their clothes they would have to perform for the winner of the hand. I had been had big time so far and I knew that this was going somewhere else soon.

I pled broke and tried to get out of the game but they wouldn’t let me. Being pretty brave and yes, a bit horny too, I let bahis siteleri myself be talked into staying in the game. This was not what I had envisioned at the start of the game, but it seemed to be heading in a good direction anyway.

I won the next hand and Anne lost. Finally things started to turn around. Man, she had great breasts and when her top came off her nipples were hard and sticking out an inch at least. I realized that if I lost a hand I would be exposing my cock and that was going to be real embarrassing now since I was rock hard.

Believe it or not I won the next two hands after that and now all the girls were topless. I was in heaven for sure. I should have realized that the odds of them all losing in order were too astronomical to be natural in this card game. I just didn’t care at that point.

I then lost the next hand. As I stood up to pull down my shorts I heard some gasps. I had been fairly endowed when born and since I was hard as steel now the head of my cock had pushed up above the waist band on my underwear. I pulled them off and the girls got a real good look at it before I sat down again. They seemed to be impressed for sure.

I won the next hand and May lost. Seeing her clean shaven pussy was a treat I’ll not forget, ever. I think I detected a bit of moisture on her pussy lips. I will say that her lips were all I imagined and more. They had a ‘butterfly’ spread to them and the shape of them were mouth watering to me. They all laughed when they saw me lick my lips uncounciously. May blushed, then turned sideways in her chair and gave me a real good and long look at her most intimate area.

I then saw Anne and Charlene were standing up and looking over the table at my very painful erection. All the girls got a good look at me then the game finally resumed. My embarrassement had passed and a certain heat was running in my veins now. May kept glancing over at my cock and that coupled with some comments about my ‘endowment’ were driving me crazy.

Anne won the next hand and I lost. Her orders for me were not expected by anyone at the table for sure.

“Bill, I want you to come here and kneel by me to start with. I have something else for you to do after you assume the position.”

I was stunned for a moment, and then knowing I had made the bet and lost I stood up on shaky legs and walked over to her seat. I then knelt down in front of her.

“When I stand up I want you to remove my bottoms, then worship me with your tongue.”

Everybody’s breath caught in one collective gasp. Even mine. I looked around and saw that may had a hand in her lap on her pussy. Charlene’s hands were both out of sight under the table, but I could guess what they were doing.

Anne stood up and as she did her pussy was just inches away from my face. I could feel the heat from it wafting over me. I could smell her arrousal and need. My cock was bobbing and I felt like I was going to cum in a moment without even touching it.

I reached out and grasped Anne’s bikini bottoms and started to pull them down. As they came past her pussy I could see that she was clean shaven there, and her lips were shiny wet. The little bud of her clit was protruding out and begging for my tongue. As I slipped her bottoms the rest of the way down her legs I leaned in and began to lick her overheated pussy.

“Oh, Bill, yes…right there. Uhh-h-h yessss. God…mmmmm”

Her hands had grabed my head and she was pressing my face into her now very wet, hot pussy. My tongue was busy carressing her clit and the lips of her wet slit. I put a finger into her and began to finger her like it was a cock in her. Her cries were getting stronger and louder and she was shaking a bit. She collapsed back into her chair and I continued to lick and suck on her pussy as I fingered her.

Pretty soon Anne’s moans became small cries then as she orgasmed, one long wail. Her legs were pressed against my head trapping me there, not that I minded in any way. Her hands had grabbed my head and were pulling me hard into her hot wetness. My tongue was busy poking at her clit. I hummed a bit and she locked up tight almost smothering me in her hold.

After she came down, I sat up and looked around the table. I couldn’t see May or Charlene. I looked under the table and on the other side there they were…locked in a sixty-nine. Naked and side by side, heads buried in each other. I had never seen such a sight in my life. It was very hot.

I realized that my cock was being stroked by a hand. I looked down and saw that Anne had grasped it and was lightly stroking me as I looked at the two women going after each other. She leaned down to me and whispered.

“We have all been trying to figure out how to get you to fuck us. Looks like some of us couldn’t wait, just when we were so close too.”

“Well, it wasn’t my intent to end up here doing this. I mean, you are all beautiful women, but I really didn’t expect this to happen like it has.”

“Oh Bill…you silly bahis şirketleri man. You are quite good-looking and your endowment is very nice. Yes, very nice indeed.”

Anne pushed me back until I was on my back. Her head was on my chest, lips caressing my nipples then she started to move down. Slowly, building my desire more and more, she worked her way down. Soon I could feel her hot breath on my cock. Her lips lightly brushed the head as her tongue shot out and began to explore the shaft in front of her.

As she licked my engorged hardness May and Charlene broke apart and came over by us. I soon had four hands busy stroking my chest and legs as Anne gave me an exquisite blow-job.

I tensed and was very close to shooting off when Anne pulled away. she moved up straddling me and May reached down grasping my cock. Her hands were warm as she gently yet firmly guided my cock to Annes heavenly gates.

As soon as I was started into Annes tight wetness, May and Charlene both sat close to my head so that my tongue could lick their nipples. My hands were on Anne’s tits as she worked herself up and down on my painfully hard cock.

I could feel hands exploring my body and soon a finger started to push into my ass. It was Charlene, and she was soon stroking in and out of my ass with her finger in time to Anne’s bouncing. I couldn’t last long with all the stimulation going on and soon came hard. Anne followed soon after me.

Anne rolled off of me and May pounced on my cock, her lips softly stroking up and down as she started to play with my balls with her hands. Charlene now had both of her breasts in my face and I was alternately sucking on one nipple or the other.

Soon, to my surprise, May had me rock hard and ready to go again. To add to my surprise, she offered Charlene my cock. Charlene didn’t hesitate and soon she was posting up and down on me. May just laid next to me and offered me her tits to suck on.

Charlene came quickly and as she slipped off of me May got on all fours.

“Take me. Take me like a bitch. Give me your cock, hard and fast.”

Never one to pass on a great offer, I knelt behind May and inserted my cock into her hot pussy. As I began to stroke in and out of her, Anne came back and slipped underneath May and started to lick my ball and May’s pussy.

Charlene slipped down and began to suck on May’s tits. This was so hot. I was so hot. I couldn’t last long even though I had just came a bit ago. May was cumming as I started to shoot off. My cock fell out of May’s pussy and Anne took me fully into her mouth. I shot off, dumping my cum down her throat.

Charlene and May were sixty-nining, moaning and groaning as I collapsed on the floor of the cabin. Anne slipped into my arms and we watched the oral show going on for a bit.

I woke up later to the feeling of warm lips on my cock. I was hard as iron and still on the floor. May was between my legs and her eyes were on mine as I woke up.

Charlene slipped next to me and began to fondle my balls and play with my nipples and then Anne started to kiss me hard. Her tongue was very talented and I just laid there and let them use me however they wanted.

Anne broke apart and looked into my eyes. She held my attention with a look of something that I could not quite define. She kissed me lightly one more time and then let Charlene begin to kiss me.

Charlene kissed with what felt like an angry tension. Her whole attitude had become that of a lioness with her prey. I was a bit wary of her now. It was like she had something on her mind, more than sex.

Anne had sat up and was watching us closely. Then, while Charlene pushed my shoulder down firmly, May moved off of my cock. Charlene straddled me and grabbing my cock she inserted it into her tight pussy.

As she began to fuck me, and it was a hard attitudal fuck too, she leaned in next to my ear.

“Well, you fuck pretty good for an old rich bastard.”


“You heard me. For an old rich bastard you are a good fuck. I like fucking old rich bastards.”

I was a bit confused. She sounded almost mad. Kind of like a woman on a vendetta. I was getting a bit concerned about where this was going to end up and because of that my erection began to fail.

“Damn you! Don’t you dare give up on me now. Fuck me you prick!”

“Ummm…Why are you so angry at me? Isn’t this fun for you? You don’t have to…”

“SHUT UP. Fuck me. Ohhhh…Goddamnit!.”

I had gone soft. This was too much for my senses to take in. May reached in and took my hand in hers. Anne took Charlene by the hand and pulled her off of me. As Charlene stood up I could see a faint recognizable look about her.

As dawning came over me Charlene stood in front of me with hands on hips. Anne knelt beside me with a sympathatic look in her eyes.

“Well old man…you are a better fuck than mom said you were.”

Charlene’s words took a moment to sink in. I was rapidly trying to understand all of what had happened in such a short time. The blissful sex to the anger now before me.

“I…I don’t understand. I know your mother? How could I? I have never known anyone in Portland or Seattle for that matter.”

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