Thanks, Sister-In-Law Ch. 03

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I want to thank everyone who has given feedback on the previous chapters. There is a prequel story in the works as well. I also want to thank Bigbeautiful for editing this story and suggesting the ending for it.

As I think back on that spring night when my wife’s sister Andrea and I first fucked, I realize what a lucky guy I am to have had sex with two sisters. I hadn’t realized until that night that Andrea had known that I spied upon her as she changed clothes in a cabin that we had shared at a historical reenactment event. I thought that I had faked being asleep. But as I had walked her back to her cabin that fateful night, Andrea told me she had known that I spied on her, and that she enjoyed showing off her body. She had been losing weight, and even though I was married to her sister, she enjoyed the fact that I wanted to look. When I asked her if this would ever happen again, and she said, “I won’t say no, especially after enjoying that cock of yours.”

My wife benefited from my encounter with her sister, though she didn’t know it. When we got home from the event, I proceeded to fuck her brains out. While Andrea’s tits are small and perky, Dana’s breasts are large and are fantastically proportioned. I didn’t think that I would get to experience Andrea again, but luck would be on my side.

The holidays arrived, so I would get a chance to see Andrea. We don’t live close by, and my job makes getting together except for special occasions rare at best. Things were different; she was pregnant by her husband Joe. The few times I had seen her in person, and from the pictures of her on the internet at the various reenactment events that I couldn’t attend hadn’t changed my opinion of her. She was still damn hot. Pregnancy puts a glow on a woman, and adding to that to her natural beauty made her hotter.

Joe and Andrea were having a New Year’s Eve party. Dana and I were invited, as were Jack and Mary. Jack is Andrea and Dana’s brother. Since I didn’t have to work that day, I was going to meet Dana at Andrea’s since Dana was working. The weather was fine when she left for work, but later that morning it started snowing heavily. Her boss, being the taskmaster that he is, wouldn’t let anyone go home early.

Meanwhile, I got ready to go to Andrea’s. While in the shower, I thought about the changes in Andrea’s body. I wondered if her breasts had swollen. I thought about her rounded belly, and I began getting aroused, my cock rising to attention. I knew that I needed relief, so I took some soap in my hand and slowly stroked myself, imagining that my hand was Andrea’s mouth. I slowly picked up my rhythm as I imagined that I was taking her from behind, finally cuming in explosive relief. I finished my shower, got dressed, and headed to Andrea’s.

When I got there, Mary greeted me at the door. She helped bring in my overnight bag, and the wine that I had brought. Even after three kids, Mary still looked damn good. She was wearing a cashmere sweater that housed her small breasts and slacks that showed off her well-shaped ass. I had often wondered what she looked like naked. I had never tried to find out, but then I never tried with Andrea either. Like Dana, Jack was stuck at his job.

I went into the kitchen, and there was Andrea. She looked great. She was wearing a spaghetti string maternity dress that showed off her shoulders, and tried to hide the child growing inside her. Her breasts were larger than I had fantasized about in the shower, and I couldn’t help but smile. I walked over and gave her a hug and a brotherly kiss on the cheek.

“Is it still snowing out there, Brad?” she asked me.

“Oh, yeah, it’s still coming down pretty good,” I told her. “I hope that Dana and Jack can get bursa escort here safely.”

“Me, too,” she told me. “Fix yourself a drink. I was going to try to hold dinner, but Jack and Dana both said to go ahead. I’ll fix them both a plate in case they can still get here.”

“Where’s Joe?” I asked.

“He’s stuck in Columbia, getting Karen.” Karen is Joe’s daughter by his first wife. “It stinks that he can’t be here.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said as Mary walked into the kitchen, “Being stuck alone with two beautiful women seems like my kind of New Year’s Eve.”

Mary and Andrea both laughed, and Andrea said, “More like one beautiful woman and a blimp.” Mary came over and rubbed Andrea’s swollen belly.

“No, Andrea, Brad’s right, you are even more beautiful than usual,” Mary consoled. Was it my imagination, or was Mary rubbing Andrea’s belly in a more than friendly manner?

My cell phone rang, jolting me out of my thoughts. It was Dana. “The roads aren’t safe to drive on this side of town. My boss actually feels guilty and is putting all of us up in the hotel across the street from the office. Let me talk to Andrea.” I handed the phone to my sister-in-law. Almost as if on cue, Mary’s phone rang. After getting off the phone, Andrea handed me my phone back. “Is that Jack on the phone?” she asked.

“I think so. It looks like I get lucky tonight.”

“I know you were with me, since Joe’s not here. That is, of course if you don’t find me too repulsive,” she whispered.

“I jerked off thinking about you in the shower.” I whispered back.

“Really,” she purred.

Mary finished her conversation. She didn’t look happy. “Jack’s staying at the hotel near the shop. They’ve closed all the roads because of the snow. So, it’s just the three of us.”

“Well, we might as well eat dinner then,” said Andrea. The three of us helped ourselves to the meal that Andrea had prepared. I opened the wine, and poured a glass for Mary and myself.

As we ate, we made small talk about Mary’s children, how excited Joe’s daughter was at Christmas, and about what a jerk Dana’s boss was. Mary was sitting across the table from me, so I couldn’t be the gentleman and refill her wineglass. Andrea made up for it however. She made a big production of filling Mary’s glass. What Mary didn’t realize was that she alone was drinking the wine. I would take a sip from my glass, but really quench my thirst from the water glass that Andrea also had set the table with. I knew then that Andrea was up to something, and that I should just play along.

After dinner, we decided to watch a movie. Andrea put in a comedy, and the three of us settled down to watch. Mary was very tipsy from the wine at dinner, and Andrea made sure that she finished the bottle during the movie. When the movie ended, we talked about Andrea’s pregnancy (after Andrea excused herself to go to the bathroom). “I’m amazed she held out that long,” Mary joked.

“There are good days, and bad days,” she said, when she came back in the room. “Sometimes I just get so tensed up, and my feet seem like they are always swollen.”

“I’ll rub your neck, Andrea. Mary, why don’t you rub her feet?” Mary agreed, and Andrea shifted on the couch so that her feet were on Mary’s lap. I slowly began to massage Andrea’s neck and Mary started with Andrea’s right foot. I knew what Andrea was up to, but knew I should take it slowly. I could tell that Andrea loved the attention she was getting. She moaned softly, and I could see that her nipples were becoming erect. She took off her bra, I thought. I’ll bet she took off her panties too.

Lucky for me, Andrea, who blocked Mary’s view of my crotch, felt the resulting erection. “That feels great, bursa escort bayan you two. Mary, could you massage my calves too?” Mary started working up Andrea’s calves; Andrea put a hand on my thigh, giving it a squeeze to let me know she felt the bulge. As Mary got to her knees, Andrea parted her legs slightly, which hiked up the hem of her dress. By the look on Mary’s face, I had my answer: Andrea was now without panties. I made my move.

Slowly, I worked my hands around to Andrea’s chest, and my hands made their way under the dress to her breasts. Not only did Andrea’s breathing shallow, but so did Mary’s. Andrea arched her back as my hands brushed her now hardened nipples. She took Mary’s hand, and moved it up to her pussy. “That’s much better, Mary.”

I began to kiss her neck as Andrea reached out to Mary, pulling her face towards her and they kissed. I watched as their tongues sought out each other’s mouth, and using them like foils, orally fencing with each other.

While they did this, I pulled off Andrea’s dress, revealing the beautiful nude body underneath. The two ladies only stopping their kissing to let the dress come off. Now naked, Andrea began to pull on Mary’s sweater. To my surprise (and delight), she wasn’t wearing a bra! Mary’s breasts were champagne glass sized, and her dark nipples were at attention.

Andrea leaned forward, and slowly worked her way down to Mary’s breasts. Her tongue pausing to taste her neck, shoulders, and Mary’s cleavage. As this went on, I stood up and took off my clothes. I needed to release my cock from the constraints of my jeans and underwear.

I went over to Mary and began to take off her pants and panties. I was treated to the sight of a well-groomed bush covering her womanhood. I kissed my way up her legs, racing Andrea to Mary’s mound. I lost. But judging by her reaction, Mary was definitely the winner. Andrea was really going to town. With her head in Mary’s lap, Andrea’s ass was up in the air. I decided to reposition myself behind her.

Mary was in ecstasy. Knowing what Andrea could do with her tongue, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Mary had her first of many orgasms that night. Meanwhile, my cock zeroed in on Andrea’s cunt. As I expected, it was soaking wet and ready for me to enter. We both grunted as I split her folds. I tried to start slowly, and build up to a fast pace, but I couldn’t do that. Here I was, fucking a pregnant woman and loving it. I began to drive my cock faster into Andrea.

Mary started to rise up off the couch. I knew that meant that she was about to cum, and to confirm my suspicions, she let out a throaty growl that announced her orgasm. I couldn’t take it anymore, and with a final push, unloaded my spunk into Andrea. It seemed to last an eternity.

Playfully, as I withdrew from Andrea, I touched Mary’s hand and said, “Switch.” She looked at me and said that she would if she could, but that Andrea had turned her to Jell-O. “I like Jell-O, so I’ll just have to eat you up,” was my reply.

I sought out what I had been denied to me by Andrea earlier. Mary slid down on the sofa so that she was nearly hanging off of it. I kissed her, then working my way down her neck, I worked my way down to the object of my desire. I lingered at her neck for a bit. Then, when I got to her breasts, I sampled each one, nibbling and licking each one in turn, while I fingered her soaking wet pussy. Andrea sat to one side, fingering herself, and tasting the remnants of my seed that I had left behind. Before I moved to her cunt, I whispered in Mary’s ear, “Andrea’s pussy is delicious, but why don’t you find that out for yourself?”

Mary responded by moving towards Andrea. They kissed again, this time with Mary being escort bursa the aggressor. She repeated the same ministrations I made to her, kissing Andrea’s neck, nibbling and licking Andrea’s swollen breasts. She then worked her way over Andrea’s swollen belly, licking Andrea’s extended navel like a third nipple, and then sought Andrea’s future birth canal.

As she did this, I fingered Mary’s twat. Even having had children herself, Mary was in fine shape. I could feel her vaginal muscles tighten and loosen around my fingers. I then withdrew my hand, and replaced it with my tongue, just as Mary found Andrea’s cunt.

Andrea threw her head back, and said, “Oh, yes, Mary! Right there!” Mary had obviously found Andrea’s nub. I was parting Mary’s folds, and found her clit standing at attention, ready for me. As l licked around Mary’s twat to my prize, I wet my finger, and played a bit with her sphincter. By the way she moaned, and how her asshole nearly swallowed my finger, I realized that I was doing something she and Jack did regularly.

Meanwhile, Mary seemed intent on burying herself into Andrea. From the slurping noises she was making, she was obviously enjoying Andrea’s and my combined juices. As if she read my mind, Mary said “You didn’t tell me you tasted good too, Brad, I’ll have to get a sample from the source.” She would get her chance soon. I was getting hard again, and Andrea was close to cuming, based on the noises she was making.

I continued to work over Mary’s pussy and asshole. I could hear Andrea’s breathing becoming shorter and faster. I knew she was about to cum. I intensified my attention to Mary’s clit, and also stuck a finger in her soaking wet pussy. Just as I did that, Andrea began to orgasm, and Mary followed shortly after her. I drank in Mary’s juices, although I couldn’t get all of it, and some ran down her leg.

Mary took her head off of Andrea’s cunt, and barked, “Fuck me, Brad! I need your cock now!” I sat up, and positioned my cock at the entrance to her love tunnel. I was going to try to ease it in, slowly enjoying the sensation of her wet cunt enveloping my stiff rod, but Mary had other ideas. As I started to put it in her from behind, she pushed back against my hips, and started fucking me herself. Andrea watched us, and fingered herself as she did so.

I picked up on Mary’s rhythm, and started pounding away at her. She started fast, and our pace only got faster. As we were ramming each other, Mary surprised me by talking dirty. You have to understand something here; Mary always seemed so sweet and nice, so when she started saying things like, “Keep pounding me with that cock of yours,” and “My cunt loves the attention,” I was surprised and really turned on. So was Andrea. She started fingering herself with a renewed vigor.

Even though I had just filled Andrea’s cunt a few moments ago, I knew I was about to cum, and let Mary know it. “Fuck me harder, and ram that cock in me and fill me up with your cum!” she told me. That was it. With one last thrust, my orgasm into her twat was so hard that I thought that Mary was going to blow cum bubbles out of her mouth. As I came, Mary let out a low grunt that told me she too, had another orgasm. Andrea followed our lead and came as well. I thought that my orgasm was so explosive that I was imagining explosions, when in fact that it was neighbors setting off fireworks. That meant that it was midnight, and it was the New Year.

“What a way to cum into the New Year,” Mary exclaimed. She then kissed Andrea, and then me. I kissed Andrea afterwards, and said, “You know what they say; what you do on New Year’s you do all year long.” No one argued with me.

“You know you’re right!”

We all turned to see Jack standing in the doorway; leaning there at ease as if nothing was wrong with this picture. But our minds went whirling with the many possibilities. I knew the ladies had the same thought I did: now what?

To be continued…

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