Teacher Mom Ch. 03

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Big Tits

We were fucking like newly wedded couple. I fucked mom in kitchen, garden everywhere in house even started fucking her while dad is home. One day she told me that she want a baby from me I was really shocked. Suddenly some thing came to my mind and I told that I want to marry her.

That was the when I got a job and was transferred to another city. I told her that we will marry and we can stay in new town. At first she didn’t agree, latter she said ok she told me that she want me to marry her in a temple with lots of people seeing that. I agreed and we gone a temple that’s in hometown and married her in front of god and lot of people. I told mom just after marriage that I want to fuck her in the temple.

She said “no you can’t fuck me here its holy place”

I said “ mom I married u and u r my wife and wife should always obey their husband”

Then I taken her to one corner of the temple where there is nobody and I started to kiss her on neck and I slowly taken off the pallu of her sari and started to undress her. She gave a kiss on my lips and put her hand under my shorts and began to play with my dick.

Mom “ I want to make u pregnant here”

She said, “You can do what ever u want “

I told her to spread her leg and I positioned behind her and pulled her panties down and entered her from behind while I was ramming her hardly I pressed her boobs and licked her neck and ear. Suddenly I become stiff and I put all my seed on m mom’s ovary. She suddenly kneeled before me started to suck my dick. She sucked as if it was an ice stick. When I was about to cum she asked me to fuck her once again and cum inside her I fucked her once again from behind and cum again in her pussy. These two fuck was enough for me to make her pregnant.

After that we taken a room there and fucked for whole night and next day we registered our marriage and came back to home. I asked her to take divorce from dad and she applied for divorce. And she said in court that her husband always out of time and he doesn’t have to take care of her and court asked me with whom I want bursa escort to go I said “ I want to go with mom” they agreed for the divorce.

The very next day I took her with me to town where I got job and we taken a house as couple.

By that she was 2 months pregnant. After we finished arranging the house we sat on the sofa

“You’ll be my best present, I’m sure!” He said as he pulled the tiny top off of her heaving breasts and fell into her lap and began sucking her nipples like a baby.
Usha moaned out as me sucked her big nipples, “Oh my baby boy! Suck Mommys’ tities!” she cried out. As he used her fat nipples as hard as he could. “Oh my poor baby, your pee-pee is all hard. Just look at it!” mom teased as her hand moved to stroke my hard cock. “Mommy needs to fix her baby boy!” she moaned as her hand moved up and down his long, hard shaft.

“Yes! Fix it Mommy, it hurts so bad. Maybe, Mommy could kiss it better,” he asked looking into her wanting eyes. He knew she would, she loved sucking his big cock. Many nights they would watch TV for hours and she would suck him the entire time without stopping.

Mom moved to My aching cock and took it in her mouth as deep as she could. She was a pro at sucking him. She could also suck every drop of cum from his balls. Her head moved up and down his throbbing cock as fast as she could go. “Stop! Let’s go out to the bed, I want to fuck you so bad!”

Mom lifted her nightie up, exposing her thighs and her beautiful bush. The hair down there was a dirty blonde, just like the bun at the top of her head. She rubbed her hand over the fur a few times. “Well, it isn’t wet. I’m not going to let you stick it in me dry, and frankly the thought of doing this is not turning me on in the slightest. You’ll have to lick it first to get my vagina ready.” She moved to he bed, and lifted her leg. I was still lying on my back on the bed. She pushed her cunt towards my face. I could smell her juices. She wasn’t that dry at all. The pungent smell really got me going. I had smelled my sis’s dirty underwear a few times, but it was bursa escort bayan great to get the aroma straight from the source. I grabbed at my mom’s ass with gusto and pushed her towards my eager tongue.

I licked and licked. Mom moved more into position, eventually squatting on the bed over my face. She was a little heavy, and it was tough to breath, but I managed. I used my hands to pushed her pelvis back and forth. Tasting her juices. I tried to lick her clit, but she seemed more interested in getting her opening wet. I really wanted to lick at her asshole, but I was sure that Mom wouldn’t find that behavior acceptable. So, I just took what I could get and stuck my tongue as deep inside her lower lips as I could.

It was a little strange, licking the same opening that I came out of all those years ago. I tried to imagine my sister also coming out, her young pussy rubbing against the very flesh that I now tasted.

After a while, my mother pulled off of me and moved down my body. She squatted over my dick and took it in her hands. She held it up against her opening, rubbing the tip across the wet hair. “The things I do for you kids”, she said, rolling her eyes a bit. Then she sat down. My cock slipped right into my mother’s cunt without much resistance. She was pretty wet. I guess that having two kids really opens you up. Her twat was pretty floppy. I had always heard that a tight pussy is better than a loose one, but let me tell you, loose was great. My dick slipped in and out with easy. I could feel the lips of her pussy sliding back and forth. It was almost like getting a great blow job. I felt mom’s juices running down my stomach. She had gotten really wet in a hurry.

I looked up at my mom’s body. She was on her knees, sitting on my dick. Her hands were on my chest, and she was bouncing up and down slowly. I could see her tits bouncing up and down freely in her nightgown. The bottom of her gown was hiked up, and I could see the top of her pussy hair between my legs.

I lay back and tried to enjoy it. I really wanted to cum, but I held escort bursa back. I wasn’t sure if mom would ever let me do this again, and I wanted to enjoy every minute if it. It didn’t matter whose pussy it was, it was much better than my hand. I didn’t want to blow my load too soon. I closed my eyes and thought about my sister. I imagined that it was her nightie that was hiked up. That it was her tits that were bouncing up and down. That it was her dirty blonde pubic hair that I could feel against my skin. I reached up and felt my mother’s breasts. They were nowhere as big as my sister’s, but they were still pretty firm. And her nipples were hard as rocks.

“Well, are you going to do it or not?” my mom said. “I don’t have all day. You said that you needed to release some semen, so do it. I have to finish the laundry.” I opened my eyes. Mom was still bouncing up and down slowly, but with a look of boredom in her eyes. She was annoyed that she had to waste her time like this. Mom is a very busy woman.

I guess that it was the sound of my mom’s voice telling me to blow my load that did it. I began to pump harder and harder into my mother’s cunt. I could feel the sperm start to move. I tried to fantasize about my sister, but I couldn’t take my eyes off my other’s clit. It was hard and long, and it stuck out through the hair. I could see it throbbing almost. I fixated on it, imagined sucking it, imagined my mom coming to a screaming orgasm as my tongue caressed her straining clit. I wanted to make my mom cum, my own mom.

Then, it came out. A gusher. My spurted out load after load. Filling my mother’s twat. There was so much. I hadn’t jerked off for a while, and so I had a lot stored up. Plus, I was so turned on. Squirt after squirt entered her. She slowed her movements, but didn’t stop entirely. That let me keep Cumming even though the tip of my dick was so sensitive.

After a few moments, I finished. I was hoping for a few post orgasm hugs, but mom just slid off of me, my cock coming out of her with a pop. She pulled her nightgown back down over her thighs and bent over to pick up the laundry.

From that day I fucked my mom as my wife, after 8 months she gives a nice little boy. We never gone back to our hometown or we called any of the relatives all my friends still thought that she is my wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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