Sweet Sister Ch. 06

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After Ellen left my bedroom, I unpacked my shaving gear, t-shirt, shorts and a pair of sandals. Then I showered and shaved. I still wasn’t positive that both Bill and Ellen weren’t bluffing. I knew I’d learn soon enough and, in any event, the shower and change of clothes felt good after a day of work and driving.

When I came downstairs Bill was in the kitchen. Without asking, he handed me a beer. “Ellen’s out on the deck.” He was fidgety and nervously twisting his hands around his bottle of beer. “She’s waiting for us.”

Again, I wondered what to expect. Was Ellen “just” waiting for us or was she waiting for us to come out so the show for Bill could start? “Well, let’s not keep her waiting any longer.”

Bill and I walked out to the deck. Ellen was seated on a chaise lounge. She had her legs tucked up. Her sandals were lying on the deck and it looked like she had unbuttoned the top one or two buttons on her blouse. She was sipping a beer. And she was “just” waiting.

Bill and I pulled a couple of chairs close to her and sat down. We chatted about everything but the one subject everyone was thinking about. Would Bill get to watch his wife fuck another man? And would Ellen really fuck her brother in front of her husband?

There was an undercurrent of tension, but we played cool long enough to have a second beer. After several minutes of rather meaningless conversation we heard a timer go off in the distance. Ellen announced it was dinnertime.

Bill and I followed her back into the house.

“Bill, would you please get the salad out of the refrigerator? And Brad would you please take the casserole from the oven?”

I found a couple of hot pads then turned off the oven before opening it and sliding the rack out. I carried the casserole into the dining room. Ellen had set the table earlier. There was a large trivet for the casserole. Bill was dishing up the salad.

After placing the casserole on the trivet, I went back to the kitchen. Ellen was slicing a loaf of homemade bread. I walked up behind her, “Anything else I can do?”

Ellen straightened up. “Yes, the butter is in the keeper in the ‘frig door. Would you get it?”


Ellen turned and smiled at me. “And eat hearty. You’re going to need all your strength tonight.”

I carried the butter dish into the dining room. Well, I thought, Ellen isn’t bluffing. Ellen followed with the bread. Bill had poured three glasses of a white table wine. We seated ourselves as Ellen dished up the casserole.

We made desultory conversation as we ate. I complimented Ellen on the casserole. It was delicious with crabmeat. She accepted the compliment and the conversation limped on. Everyone’s mind was on what could happen after dinner. And it wasn’t dessert and coffee.

The dinner felt almost like it was a social nicety that had to be done. We finished up and Bill and I cleared the table and helped Ellen clean up the kitchen. After the dishwasher was loaded, Ellen put her hands on her hips and matter-of-factly announced, “It’s time we went upstairs.”

Bill followed her up the stairs. I followed him. I noticed Ellen seemed to have a little extra roll and sway in her hips as she climbed the steps. We followed her into what had been a spare bedroom.

Ellen turned on the lights. There was a recliner near the foot of the bed. Two straight back chairs stood along one wall. All of the bed covers, except for a pale gold colored sheet, were gone. There were three or four pillows on the bed.

Ellen kissed Bill, “This is for you, Lover.” Then she pulled Bill’s t-shirt over his head and pushed his shorts down. Bill stepped out of his shorts. He seemed embarrassed to be nude in front of us. Ellen squeezed his cock, “Get comfortable. It’s show time.”

Bill watched as Ellen moved to me, “Let’s get you ready too.” She pushed my shorts down as I pulled my t-shirt over my head. She squeezed my cock too, and then she stepped up onto the bed.

As Ellen began a slow bump and grind, Bill seated himself in the recliner. I unstrapped my sandals as both of us watched Ellen unbutton and take off her blouse. She was wearing a soft bra that barely contained her beautiful breasts. She rolled her shoulders and her breasts shook and jiggled.

Ellen kicked off her sandals then began to unzip her shorts. As she pushed her shorts down, she leaned forward in front of Bill and rolled her shoulders again. Her bra could barely contain her breasts. Bill was sitting with his legs spread. He was holding his cock as he looked up at her, “Gawd, Ellen, I love it when you shake your tits.”

She smiled at him and rolled her shoulders some more. As she straightened up, Ellen smiled at me and extended her hand towards me. I took her hand and stepped up onto the bed. “Don’t you enjoy yourself too much, Buddy.” Bill’s voice was hoarse with lust as his fantasy began to unfold before him.

Ellen pulled me to herself. She hugged me. I felt her hard nipples through her bra. She placed her hands on my hips then ground bahis firmaları her panty-clad pussy against my crotch. I moved around behind her and pressed my cock against her butt. I put my arms around her and stroked her belly.

She tipped her head back and kissed my cheek. “Unhook my bra,” Ellen whispered. After unhooking the bra I moved my hands back to Ellen’s belly. She pulled first one, then the other shoulder strap. As she removed the bra, I cupped my hands into a human bra for her lovely breasts. She tossed the bra to Bill then ground her butt against my crotch.

I pushed my face under her auburn hair and kissed her on the side of her neck. She reached behind herself and found my cock as I gently fondled and squeezed her breasts. After kissing her neck and cheek several times, I looked at Bill. He stared back at me. He had wrapped Ellen’s bra around his fully erect cock.

I moved around in front of Ellen and squatted down in front of her. I licked the front of her panties then looked up at her. She cupped her breasts and leaned over. I stretched my neck and kissed, then sucked each of her nipples. Bill groaned. Ellen stood up and I pressed my face against her crotch.

She spread her feet apart. There was a small damp spot on the front of her panties. I put my nose against it and smelled Ellen’s womanly musk. I licked the wet spot. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties.

As she began to push them down, I used my teeth to help pull her panties down. Ellen put her feet together as we skinned the panties down her legs. She balanced on one foot, then the other. I handed the panties to her. She tossed them to Bill.

I looked up at her and smiled then I ran the tip of my tongue around my lips. Ellen spread her feet apart again. She put her hands on my head and pressed my face into her cunt. I kissed and licked her outer lips. Ellen eased the pressure as her hands rested lightly on my head.

I moved my head back. Ellen’s pussy was covered with a fine soft auburn down. I nuzzled my cheek and nose against her. It wasn’t her thick auburn patch, which I liked to root around in with my tongue, but it was a start.

Using my thumbs, I spread her outer lips. I licked my way up and down Ellen’s soft inner labia. She sighed. Bill groaned more loudly. I resisted taking my cock in hand as I began to eat My Sweet Sister’s pussy in front of her husband.

My lips tugged at her soft inner lips and my tongue licked up and down the edges as I worked my way inside. Ellen was moving her hips a little and she was getting wetter. I could taste her. Finally, I was able to run the tip of my tongue around the edge of her pussy hole.

Ellen pressed on my head again as I bumped her clit with my nose. She pushed her hips forward as my lips wrapped around her hard clit. I alternated between flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue and gently sucking it. I slipped a finger into her pussy hole as I sucked her clit.

Ellen sank down in front of me. She licked some of her juices from my face then thrust her tongue into my mouth. We engaged in a mouth probing French kiss. She held my face between her hands, “I love having my pussy eaten. And I love sucking cock. Stand up so I can suck yours.”

As I stood, I marveled at Ellen’s presence of mind to act like this was the first time we had sucked and fucked each other. I looked down at Ellen. She was getting into a comfortable position on her knees. I was rather surprised to see that my cock was semi-flaccid.

Ellen put her hands on my legs and drew me closer. She licked her lips and opened her mouth as she tipped her head back beneath my dangling cock. Bill moved in his chair. The better to watch his wife suck another man’s cock, I suppose.

I touched the tip of her nose with the cockhead. And just like I had done earlier in the week with my brother-in-law, Bill, Ellen rose up like a fish taking bait and sucked my semi-soft cock deep into her warm mouth.

Ellen made gulping noises as she sucked me. Her nose was in my pubic hair and pushing against my pubic bone. She rapidly sucked my cock to a full erection. As the swelling, lengthening cock filled her mouth, she began to pump her mouth up and down the cock shaft.

She had a tight seal with her lips and her tongue pressed hard against the underbelly. Bill groaned loudly as he watched his wife give her brother a blowjob. He was twisting her panties in his hands. I thought to myself that if Ellen keeps this up, she’ll suck me off before we get a chance to fuck in front of Bill.

Ellen must have had had the same thought. She pulled my cock out of her mouth. She looked at Bill as she licked and wiped spit off her lips. She began to run her tongue around over the cockhead.

Ellen took about a third of the shaft into her mouth and began a circle suck. I watched as first one cheek then the other bulged out as my cockhead pressed against it as she circled her mouth around. She would stop and suck and kiss the cockhead then resume her circling sucking.

I kaçak iddaa touched her head. She took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me, “Let’s fuck.” Ellen remained on her knees as she moved around to face Bill. I got on my knees facing her.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I whispered. She put her lips on mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. We broke the tongue-tangling kiss when each of us needed to breathe.

“Do you like kissing a cocksucker?” Before I could answer, Ellen pushed on my shoulder. “Lie on your back so we can fuck.” I glanced at Bill as I lay back. He was staring raptly at Ellen. Her panties and bra were forgotten. He was gripping the arms of the recliner. His erect cock jutted up from between his thighs.

I was lying so my feet pointed towards Bill. My own erect cock lay flat on my stomach. Ellen kneeled beside me. She rubbed her hand up and down the underbelly of my cock. “Your cock is nice and long. If your belly button was cunt, I bet you could fuck it.” She cupped and squeezed my nuts in their smooth shaven sac. “Nice hefty balls too. I hope they’re full of hot cum for me.” I heard Bill groan.

She held my hard cock upright. I watched as she leaned over and pushed her mouth down over my cock. She twisted her torso around so she faced Bill. Her head and shoulders block my view, but I lay there in amazement as I felt my cock slide deep into her throat. Ellen let me know when she reached the cock root. She gently squeezed my ball sac and she pressed her teeth against the base of the cock shaft. Bill moaned loudly.

She did about three or four more deep throat cycles then she sat up on her knees. “Did you like watching that, Bill?” Bill was silent. “You didn’t know your little wife liked to suck cock so much, did you?” I heard a hoarse wavering “Nooooo.” from Bill.

“Now you can watch how much your little wife likes to fuck too.” Ellen swung her leg over my waist and straddled me. She rose up on her knees. Evidently, she spread her pussy lips. “Is my pussy wet enough and juicy enough for you, Bill?” A wavering “Yessss.”

Ellen picked up my cock and rubbed the head up and down between her pussy lips. She rubbed the cockhead around her clit. “Do you want to see your little wife stuff this nice hard cock into her wet juicy pussy?”

Bill’s voice was hoarse with lust, “Yessss.”

Ellen pressed the cockhead against her wet pussy. She stopped for a second to adjust her kneeling position over my crotch then she slowly lowered her hips. Her hot wet pussy slid down over my cock.

“Do you like what you see, Bill? Is this what you want to see? Another man’s hard dick deep in your little wife’s hot wet cunt? Do you like seeing it?”

Bill was silent.

“This hard cock makes my cunt feel so full. I like how it feels, especially while I diddle my clit. It feels so good.”

I could hear Bill’s hoarse breathing.

I don’t know how Ellen did it, but she remained on her knees and leaned back so her face was next to mine. She kissed my cheek. I whispered in her ear, “You’re cruel.”

“I know, but he asked for it.”

I took Ellen’s breasts in my hands and squeezed them. And I could move my hips a little so I began to pump them. I could imagine Bill’s view. Ellen kissed me again, “That feels so good. Help me sit up.”

I pushed her back up into a kneeling position. “Did you like that scene, Bill? Do you like watching my pussy lips move as this hard dick pumps in and out?”

“Yess,” Bill moaned.

Ellen squeezed my balls as she rose up. My cock dropped out of her slot as she swung her leg over and got off of me. “If you liked scene one, Bill, you’ll love scene two. Turn around, Brad, so your head is at this end of the bed.”

Ellen got off the bed and stood near Bill. As I turned around and lay back down I watched her as she took each of her breasts and lifted them to her lips. Bill was licking his lips as Ellen kissed and licked each of her hard nipples.

She got back on the bed and knelt by my hips again. She held my cock as she licked up and down the shaft. Then she looked at Bill, “Do you mind if Brad and I get in a 69 so he can eat my pussy while I suck his cock some more?”


Ellen got up on her hands and knees and positioned herself over me. I helped her adjust her kneeling position and I adjusted my shoulders so her pussy was directly above my face. I put my hands on her ass and spread her cheeks, then I licked her.

I heard Bill moan as I used my lips to tug and suck on her pussy lips. After teasing Bill and, incidentally, teasing Ellen for a couple of minutes, I got into some serious cunt lapping. I ran my tongue up and down between her slick lips and nuzzled my nose against her wetness.

I was able to look at Bill when I tipped my head back and extended my tongue to run the tip of it around the outer edge of her pussy hole. His mouth was open and he was breathing hard as he stared at me. I smiled at him before I pulled my face up against My Sweet Sister’s kaçak bahis sweet pussy.

Both he and Ellen gasped as I began to tongue fuck her. She stopped blowing me and rested her face against my thigh. Her juices were really beginning to flow as I tongued and sucked. I’ve always enjoyed eating Ellen’s pussy but with Bill watching it was an extra sweet treat.

I ran my thumb over and around her puckered butt hole as I continued to tongue fuck her. I was pretty sure Ellen didn’t take it in the ass. At least she had never mentioned being butt fucked. She and I had never done it together. Bill, I was sure, would have bragged about it if he had been able push his thick seven inches up her ass. And Ellen’s ass would make an Ass Master drool.

My face and neck were wet with Ellen’s pussy juices and my saliva. Ellen had resumed sucking me off. I lay back for a minute to rest and to enjoy her mouth on my cock. I slipped two fingers into her pussy. I ran a fingertip over her anus as I resumed licking my way up and down her slot.

I pressed the fingertip against her pucker. Ellen’s back stiffened a little bit as my finger pushed into her ass. I held it still as I ate her. Ellen must have been holding my cock near her mouth. I felt a coolness as she inhaled and a warmth as she exhaled. Her back relaxed as she returned my cock to her mouth.

Her back stiffened a little again as I pulled my finger back then pushed it in again. She squeezed my balls. I pulled my finger back then began to push two fingers into her asshole as I kissed and tugged her pussy lips. I heard Bill, in a hoarse whisper, “She’s never let me do that.”

The two fingers were about two knuckles into her ass when Ellen gave my balls a harder squeeze. Then she nipped my cockhead with her teeth. Ellen wasn’t going to let me do it either. I pulled my fingers out. Only a masochist would continue to irritate someone while they had his balls in their hands and his cock in their mouth.

I quickly made amends by tongue fucking her and licking her clit. Ellen showed me I was forgiven by licking and sucking my cockhead like it was a lollipop. After a couple of minutes of mutual enjoyment, Ellen rolled from over me and onto her back. I pushed myself up into a sitting position.

She was squeezing her breasts and twisting and pulling her nipples. Her legs were spread wide. I turned at looked Bill. He was stroking his cock and staring at Ellen’s crotch. Her thighs were wet and shiny and her pussy lips were pink and engorged.

She sat up and ran her hand over her pussy. Bill and I watched as she inserted three fingers into herself. She closed her eyes as she pumped her fingers in and out. “Oh, my cunt is so hot and wet!” She pulled her fingers out and extended her hand to me. I sucked each finger into my mouth and cleaned it.

Ellen leaned over and kissed me on the lips. “You do good work.” Then she slid off the bed. She stood and took my hand. I stood up. “Please get one of the straight chairs and set it right about here.” I got the chair and Ellen positioned it at an angle in front of Bill in the recliner.

She leaned down and lifted my cock to her lips. Bill was breathing hoarsely as he watched his wife suck me. Ellen stood up. She placed her hands on the top of the chair back. Then she bent over and extended her arms and back until her arms and torso were parallel with the floor. She looked at Bill then moved one of her hands to hold a hanging breast.

“You like it when I shake my tits, don’t you?” Bill silently nodded. “You’re going to love it then when my tits rock and roll and swing and sway while your little wife gets taken from behind.” Ellen put her hand back on the chair back. She rolled her hips and spread her feet apart.

I stepped up behind her. She reached a hand back between her legs. I held my cock as she guided it up to her waiting pussy. I slowly pushed my cock into her. Ellen gave my ball sac a gentle squeeze when I bottomed in her. I stood still and enjoyed the feeling of her tight hot pussy gripping my cock. She readjusted her hands on the chair then she rolled her hips once.

I pulled back then began to slowly pump in and out. As I picked up the pace, I put my hands on her hips. I could imagine what Bill was seeing as Ellen’s full and firm tits swayed as I long cocked her. Ellen began to roll her hips. I pushed my cock deep into her as we began to grind and churn. I looked at Bill. He was leaning forward and staring at Ellen’s breasts.

Suddenly Ellen straightened up. My cock dropped out of her cunt. All three of us were panting and breathing quickly. She reached down into Bill’s lap and grasped his erection. “You seem to be enjoying the show.” Bill grinned. Ellen leaned down and kissed his cockhead. She licked a drop of pre-cum off her lips as she stood up. She moved the chair then took my hand. “Lay at an angle across the bed with your head near the footboard. I lay down as directed.

Ellen got onto the bed. She took a large pillow and pushed it under my hips. When she was satisfied, she sat beside me and stroked my cock. I hadn’t lost my hard-on, but my cock got stiffer as Ellen stroked it and lightly ran her fingernails around the rim of the cockhead. She bent over to kiss the crown.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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