Surrogate Husband Ch. 09

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Bobby turned his attention away from the TV when he heard the lock turning on the front door. “Hi, Mom. How’d your visit with the doctor go today?”

“Fine, honey. Real fine.”

“You look a little down. Anything wrong? Can I get you something to drink?”

Louise set her purse on the coffee table, sat down next to her son and patted him on the leg. She let out a long sigh as she settled herself onto the sofa. “Thanks, Bobby. I’d appreciate it.”

Bobby stood and went into the kitchen. A few minutes later, he was back. “You didn’t say what you wanted, so I fixed you some ice water.” He handed it to his mother.

Louise Chandler took a couple of sips and set the glass down next to her purse. “Ahhh,” she said. “That hit the spot.”

Bobby moved to the back of the sofa and stood behind his mother. “Need a massage?” he asked as he began kneading her shoulders.

Louise leaned back a bit, kicked off her shoes and propped her feet up on the coffee table. “You sure know how to make your mother feel good, son. Real good.”

Bobby’s mother closed her eyes in an effort to increase the overwhelming sensation of feeling pampered. She took a deep breath. “I almost wish I had made him wear a condom,” she thought. Mentally, she shrugged her shoulders. “But, it felt too damned good doing ‘it’ bare skin to bare skin. Too late now, anyway. I done went and got myself pregnant.”

Louise let out a satisfied moan while asking herself how she was going to tell Bobby that he would soon be a father and brother at the same time. She grabbed his hands and held them still.

“Now’s the time to tell him,” she thought. Louise opened her mouth to speak but, instead, pulled his hands down to cover her breasts.

Bobby began to knead his mother’s breasts. Almost instantly, he felt her nipples harden through her blouse. “She’s not wearing a bra!” he said to himself.

“What’d the doctor tell you?”

Mrs. Chandler sighed. “He told me he liked my tits.”

“Did you thank him?”

“Sure did,” Louise told her son.

“How did you thank him?”

“Got down on my knees and gave him some head.”

Bobby laughed. “Yeah, right. And I nailed Katy Perry while you were out.”

Bobby leaned in and kissed his mother at the base of her neck and then began to nibble lightly on her earlobe.

“I’ve got to tell him,” she told herself over and over again. “But, how?” was always the next thought in her mind.

Louise looked up at her son. She could see his love for her in his eyes. With his every movement, she could see it. She hoped that the love she had for him was just as palpable.

“I love you so much, Bobby,” she told him.

“I love you, too, Mother.”

Once again, Louise covered Bobby’s hands with her own. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” she said.

Bobby, having let it slip his mind that his mother had yet to tell him about her visit, looked on as she stood and started for the bedroom. He followed close behind.

Now in Louise’s bedroom, Mother and son began to unceremoniously take off their own clothes. In just a couple of minutes they were both naked. “Come, Bobby,” Louise said as she lay down in the middle of the bed. “Make love to me. I need you, baby.”

Bobby needed no other invitation. He knelt at her feet.

Bobby lifted his mother’s left foot and made broad swipes with his tongue on the sole. Beginning with her little toe, he took them, one by one, into his mouth and bathed them with his wet tongue. The big toe was the one to which he gave the most attention; sucking on it much like when his mother had sucked on his cock.

He left a trail of warm saliva as he licked his way around her ankle and down along her calf.

Mrs. Chandler emitted her first moan of hedonistic desire when Bobby’s tongue made a horizontal swipe across the back of her knee. Her body twisted and trembled from the hot stabbing flames of passion that coursed through her body.

Bobby lavished her thigh with his ministering tongue; finally zeroing in on the small crevasse that lay between that same thigh and her vaginal lips.

Louise’s heaving stomach pushed her mound up against his face. “Yes!” she cried out triumphantly when he made his first vertical swipe along her quickly swelling outer labia.

“Noooooo,” she groaned when he abandoned her outer lips and moved on to her other leg and, lifting her right leg and licking his way to her toes. He worshipped the toes on her right foot in much the same manner as he had done on her left foot. The trip down her leg and on toward her sexual alter was quick, but thorough.

Bobby spread his mother’s ass cheeks wide. He used a thumb to massage her anal ring. Mrs. Chandler, remembering the time her son had taken her anal cherry, pushed back against Bobby’s thumb. “Oomph!” she grunted at the sudden, but welcome, invasion of her ass.

Mildly surprised, Bobby hesitated for a brief moment, and then shoved his thumb in to the hilt. He pulled back until Louise’s tight anal ring circled his knuckle. He bent his thumb illegal bahis at the knuckle several times in hopes of widening her backdoor receptacle.

Louise continued to groan. Her passion, already mounting and already begging for release, filled her soul with an unholy desire.

“Fuck my ass, Bobby!” she cried. “Fuck my ass!”

Bobby licked his way up her perineum, traversed her blood engorged pussy lips and gave her clit a broad swipe of his tongue. He made the same journey in reverse, stopping only when his tongue met his thumb.

One more trip up to her clitoris was about all Louise Chandler could tolerate. She was possessed with the idea that she had to have her son’s massive tool plowing in and out of her butt. “Goddammit, Bobby, violate my asshole.” She gasped at the sudden lack of contact between his thumb and her rectum.

Bobby moved up until his cockhead was pressing against the lips that guarded the door to her sexual sanctuary. He leaned down and kissed her; offering his tongue.

Louise hungrily allowed the invasion for a few seconds, before her own tongue pushed his back and did some invading of its own.

Mother and son, grinding their bodies against each other, continued their oral combat; forcing the both of them to breathe through their noses.

“Noooooo!” she cried as her son’s hot, throbbing cock pushed its way into her inner sanctum.

“What’s wrong, Mother?” Bobby grunted between breaths.

“My ass! My ass!” Louise yelled.

Bobby began to pump his tool in and out of his mother’s vagina while she pounded his back with closed fists.

“I know, Mother,” Bobby said. “I’m just getting some lubrication.”

“Damn the lubrication,” she said. “I want my ass fucked. Now!”

Bobby lifted his mother’s legs high in the air and let them rest on his shoulders. He used one hand to spread her buttocks wide. He used the other to guide his hot, veiny cock to her wrinkled brown hole. He let the head rest against the opening for a moment before he began to push.

Louise Chandler, anxious to have her son’s massive rod deep in her bowels pushed against him with all her might.

“Oh . . . my . . . god,” she said through clenched teeth as her son’s cock buried itself to the hilt in her ass.

“Fuck my ass,” she begged. “Fill my bowels with your spunk.”

Bobby pulled back until his mother’s anal ring was at the base of his cock head, paused for a moment and then began to slowly insert it into the depths of her colon.

Again, Louise pushed hard, causing both her and Bobby to grunt from the force of their union.

“Fuck me hard!” she cried. “I want all you’ve got.”

Bobby pulled back and slammed his cock back into her ass. His withdrawal was slow and determined while his insertions were quick and powerful.

Louise Chandler expelled massive amounts of air as she grunted loudly each time her son buried himself to the hilt in her back door. She slipped a hand between their writhing bodies and flicked at her clit like it was a guitar string.

Bobby, growing ever closer to his eruption, held his mother’s legs in the crook of his arms and leaned forward and down until her thighs were mashing her tits back into her chest. He increased the speed of his ramming rod. Soon, both mother and son were huffing and puffing like steam locomotives.

Every nerve ending in Bobby’s body was on fire with his lustful urges. He felt that familiar tingling sensation in his balls but, try as he might, couldn’t seem to make himself cum. He stopped and remained still while he got his breath back.

Louise Chandler cried out her disappointment. “Don’t stop now, baby. I’m almost there.”

Bobby’s cock once again began to stab his mother’s ass but, at a much slower pace. Louise was matching his rhythm with one of her own. “That’s it, darling,” she cooed. “Slow and easy. We’ll get there together.”

She changed the way she was stroking her clitty, preferring, this time, to wag her finger over her covered nub from side to side. She used her other hand to caress her son’s nut sack. For Bobby, that was the match that lit the fire. His nuts began to churn.

Louise, feeling her son’s testicles pull up inside his body, knew that he was getting close. Her finger moved a bit faster over her hooded clit. She released her hold on Bobby’s nut sack and moved her hand up to join the other one in a bout of self-worship upon her sacred bud.

Bobby grunted loudly when his testicles finally released a load of pent up semen. Louise felt that first burst fly deeply into her bowels. She cried out for more.

“Yes, baby!” she said. “Give it to me. Give it all to your mother.”

Louise Chandler’s climax hit her while Bobby’s nuts were releasing their second and third loads.

“God, yes!” she exclaimed. “I’m cumming, Bobby! You’re making your mother cum!”

Bobby pulled back and, one last time, speared his cock through his mother’s clutching anal ring and stopped, his pubic hairs nestled against her buttocks while he released three more illegal bahis siteleri loads of his juices inside Louise Chandler’s willing ass.

Bobby’s cock lurched inside his her ass one more time but, couldn’t feel anything come out. He released his hold on her legs and, as they fell to the bed, Louise Chandler’s body stiffened as the last jolt of electrical impulses surged through her. She lay beneath her son, quivering.

Bobby, exhausted from fucking his mother’s ass so vigorously, could no longer support himself. His arms gave out and he slowly lowered his body onto Louise’s.

Louise Chandler was the first to stir. She wiggled beneath Bobby’s inert form in an unsuccessful effort to get him to roll off her. She kissed him quickly on the lips. “You’re too heavy,” she whispered.

Bobby moved sluggishly but, eventually, he managed to roll over beside her. Louise turned to face him. “Baby,” she began. “You can fuck my ass anytime you want to.”

Bobby lightly tweaked her nose. “That was great,” he told her. “But, you still act as if something’s bothering you.”

Louise Chandler blinked, took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I have some news,” she told him. “And I’m a bit worried about how you’ll take it.”

Bobby looked lovingly at his mother. He caressed her cheek. “Whatever it is,” he told her, “I want to hear it. We’ve come too far together. Whatever it is; good or bad, we’ll get through it.”

“Oh, Bobby,” Louise said. “I love you more than life itself,”

“I love you, too, Mother.”

Louise swallowed some saliva that had collected in her mouth. “I guess the only way to get it out is to tell you all about it.”

Bobby smiled as he continued to caress his mother’s cheek. He pushed an errant strand of hair from in front of her eye.

Still, she hesitated to say it directly. “How would you feel about being a father?”

Bobby’s mouth opened wide. He stared at his mother for the longest time. “Well, say something,” Louise told him.

Bobby closed his mouth and swallowed twice before he found his voice. “You mean . . . are you . . . Holy shit!”

Louise laughed at her son’s reaction. “Yes, I am. Not only are you going to be a father, but you will be a brother, also.”

Bobby hugged his mother tight, lifted her up off the floor and swung her around in a complete circle. He kissed her as he let her back down. “I’ve wanted you to have my baby the first time we made love.” He kissed her again. “Even before.”

Louise Chandler took a step backwards. “Easy, son. I’m happy, too. But, in the meantime, we have a lot of planning to do.”

Just then, the phone rang. Louise answered and handed it to Bobby. “It’s for you,” she said. “Becky.”

“Hello, sweets,” he said. “How did your doctor visit go for you today?”

“Really great, honey,” Becky replied. “Mother and I both got good reports.”

“You on the way home?” he asked.

“Soon as we get some gas,” she told him. Becky giggled. “Want to hear the good news?”

“Sure, honey. What is it?”

“I ain’t gonna tell you ’til we get home.” She gave him a raspberry.

Bobby laughed heartily. “So, that’s the way it is, eh? Just for that, I won’t tell you what I just now found out.”

“You stinker,” Becky said.

“I have an idea,” Bobby said. “Why don’t you and April come over here? I’m sure Mother would want to hear what you have to say.”

“Okay,” Becky replied. “We’ll be right over.”

Bobby and Becky exchanged I love you’s and then said goodbye. He handed the phone to his mother and she put it back in the charging unit.

“Becky and April are coming over,” Bobby said. “We’d better get cleaned up a bit.”

They got out of bed and headed for the shower. Louise turned on the water and waited for it to warm up before she stepped in. Bobby was right behind her.

“Not this time, buckaroo,” Louise told her son.

“I just want to help you shower, Mother.”

“Separate showers today, son. Otherwise we’ll be in here forever.”

Reluctantly, Bobby got out of the shower and sat down on the commode. “No harm in watching, is there?” he asked.


An hour later, Louise Chandler was greeting the Brubaker women as they entered her home.

Louise kissed April and then the two of them sat on the sofa, holding hands. Bobby sat down in the recliner and pulled Becky onto his lap.

“Seems like everyone’s got a secret to tell,” April said.

“I think we do,” Bobby said. “I called Grandma Lilly right after I got out of the shower. I already know what Mother told me. I wanted Grandma Lilly to know as soon as possible. She and Donna should be here anytime.”

At that moment, the front door opened and Lillian and Donna came inside. Lillian looked around the room. “What’s going on?” she asked.

Bobby could no longer hold his enthusiasm in check. “Mother’s got a wonderful announcement to make, Grandma.”

Lillian smiled and winked at her daughter-in-law. “Oh, my god!” Louise said to herself. “She knows. I don’t canlı bahis siteleri know how but, she knows.”

“Okay,” Lillian said. “Let’s have it. Tell us everything.”

“Well . . .” Louise began. She hesitated for a second and then the words spilled out of her mouth in a rapid fire delivery. “Bobby’s gonna be a father.”

“And a brother,” Bobby said.

In an instant, all the other women were standing around Louise, chattering away; offering their congratulations. Finally, they retreated to their respective places. Becky had barely settled herself into Bobby’s lap when he urged her to stand. “It’s your turn, baby.”

Becky hooked her forefingers together and looked down at the floor. She turned to look at Bobby; her face filled with joy. She turned back to face the other women. “As you know, Bobby and I have only recently been intimate with each other.”

“Three months and fourteen days,” Bobby interjected.

Becky blushed as she continued to speak. “Mother and I went to the doctor today, also.” She turned once again to look at Bobby. “We’re going to have twins,” she told him.

In an instant, Bobby was at Becky’s side, hugging her tight. Louise cried. April grimaced. Grandma Lilly showed little reaction at all. When they had once again settled down, Louise looked at her new lover and said. “What about you, April? What is your good news?”

April shrugged her shoulders as she let her gaze wander about the room, looking at no one in particular. Displaying very little emotion, she said, “I’m pregnant also,” in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

Congratulations were once again bandied about the room. All eyes were on April Brubaker when Grandma Lilly spoke. “Why so glum, April? Can’t you see all of us are happy for you?”

April Brubaker broke out in tears. “What am I going to do,” she asked, “when I start showing and those blue-haired women from the church start gossiping?”

Louise hugged April and kissed at her tears. “I guess I’m in the same boat. What are we gonna do?”

“I’ll work harder,” Bobby said. “I’ll get a job somewhere. I’ll get two jobs. And I’ve got that reward money. I can buy a house with it. Somewhere far from here where nobody knows us.”

April Brubaker smiled through her tears. “That’s sweet of you, Bobby but, you’ve got to worry about Becky and the twins. Your mother and I can take care of ourselves.”

“She’s right, you know,” Louise told her son. “We knew what we were getting into when we let you take us to bed.” She kissed April again. “He does have a good idea, sweetie.”

“What do you mean?” Mrs. Brubaker asked as she licked a tear from her upper lip.

“You and I are set for life,” Louise told her. What with the money you got from Herman and the insurance settlement they gave me, we could live comfortably anywhere we wanted.”

“But, I helped make those babies,” Bobby said. “I should be responsible enough to provide for them.”

“We’ll all pitch in and help raise all of our babies together,” Louise said.

“Sounds good, Mother. But, how can we raise them together if April moves away?”

Mrs. Chandler frowned for a moment as if she were in deep thought. Almost instantly, the frown was replaced with the hint of a smile. “I think I have a solution,” she said.

“Run it by us,” Lillian told her daughter-in-law.

As she began to speak, one by one, Louise fixed her gaze upon each person in the room. “As I said. April and I have more money than we know what to do with. We could purchase a few acres of land in some remote, out of the way place; say . . . Arizona. We could have a house built large enough for all of us to live together without getting in each other’s way. No one would know anything about us nor about our lifestyle. Those who did ask questions; April and I could say that both our husbands died shortly after getting us pregnant.”

“Would we have the same living arrangements?” Bobby asked.

“You could still be our surrogate husband; if that’s what you mean and, providing Becky says it’s okay.”

Becky quickly gave her approval. She looked at Louise Chandler and said, “As long as I get to sleep with either of you when the opportunity arises.”

“Two more things,” Bobby’s mother said. “You and Becky get married and you must use your money to get you both a college education.”

“I want to marry you and April, also,” Bobby said. “And you, too, Grandma Lilly. It wouldn’t be recognizable in a court of law but, we would know it. And, that’s all that counts.”

Louise’s eyes misted. “That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a long time. What about it April? Lillian?”

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” April said.

Grandma Lilly cleared her throat. “I do too. But I, I mean we; Donna and I, would rather stay around here somewhere. No offense but we have decided to move in with each other. However, we have both agreed that we can feel free to be with anyone here in this group whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

Bobby looked at Louise and April. “What about it, Mother? You feel the same way?”

Louise and April exchange quick glances. “I think we both agree,” Louise told her son.

“Me and Becky have already discussed this very thing,” Bobby said. “We’re okay with it if you are.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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