Summer of Madeline

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Author’s note: This is my entry for theSUMMER LOVIN 2020 contest. All characters in this story are over the age of 18 years.

The sex scene turned out a little on the short side, do keep that in mind.

A special thanks to WAA001.



It was a few days after my 19 birthday when I arrived home for the summer.

It was like any other summer, no different to the 18 previous ones of my life. The same dryness, the same empty neighborhood. The same loneliness.

I was used to it, though the unfortunate thing was that my girlfriend, Riley, had broken up with me on the day that we landed. We had graduated from the same high school and were also in the same program. Obviously, it was tough to get away from each other without crossing paths and we had gotten into a relationship.

A week after that fateful day, every one of my friends seemed to be dodging me. I thought deeply about any reason they could have to ostracize me so, and came to realize that she had been bitching about me to her friends and anyone else she could find.

It pissed me off. I mean fine, if she wanted to find someone else or whatever she wanted to do, I wasn’t stopping her. I couldn’t care less, but to go behind my back and spread rumors about me… so disrespectful!

It wasn’t that I was particularly sad over it, I was never serious about her anyway. I lamented the fact that I would be missing out on all the juicy fun times. No matter how bitchy she was, to lose such a fine piece of pussy. I had made plans to spend the whole summer buried in her tight pussy while clutching her bubble butt, it felt terrible to not have that any longer. Moreover, she did succeed in isolating me from our friends. Regardless of how I tried to deny the obvious, that one hurt.

So there I was, horny and lonely. My parents, leaving me alone in the house, had gone away on some kind of retreat for old people, or whatever they called it. The fridge was stocked and with my passable cooking skills, it wasn’t a problem.

The major thing was, I had nobody to talk to, and no one to hang out with. It sucked. There’re only so many things that one could do alone. I was down for a few more days before I decided, fuck them! A bunch of assholes!

Fuck each and every one of those assholes who wouldn’t believe, or even listen to my side of the story. I didn’t need them, and they can all go fuck themselves. Even I hadn’t a clue over the reason why Riley had broken up our relationship, so what right did they have to judge me? Fuck those fuckers! I had enough of those selfish people. I missed my friends, my real friends from college. I even thought about driving out to one of their places, however, I was expressly told by my parents to stay put until they got back. So there was only one place left for me.

The beach.

That’s where I decided it would be my place to sulk. At least I could still gaze at some eye candy, and maybe if I’m lucky… get some pussy! Maybe luck will be on my side this time.

I’m no slouch, at 6ft and 160lbs, with a well-built body, I did well with the girls. Getting pussy had never been a problem, but that week was just like something out of the Twilight Zone. Nothing worked in my favor and everything felt out of whack.

There wasn’t much to do, I didn’t particularly like video games or the like, and apart from some morning exercises and cycling around, I began to spend more and more of my time at the beach. The place wasn’t very far from our place, although we had a pool at home too. It was a waste of money in my opinion, but whatever, it wasn’t my money.

The beach, it was one of the quieter ones. Most of the young crowd didn’t seem to like it, and that was just great! I didn’t want to awkwardly bump into one of the assholes and ruin my mood because of them. I would go out there in the mornings and late afternoons, spend time lazing about and go for a swim sometimes.

A week passed just like that. Made some new friends, went on a few dates, had some parties at the new friends’ places, surfed on the waves, you know the normal stuff, what everyone does in the summer. Still, I couldn’t score with any girls. There were a few times when I had thought that it was the night, but something or the other happened which ruined the moment.

The beach was fine, the girls were also fine, but there wasn’t a girl like Riley there. Now, I couldn’t claim to be a butt aficionado or anything, but yeah I loved them, the first things I check out on any girl. Riley, for all her faults, did have an ass for the ages. It was perfect to grab and perfect to spank; I just couldn’t get enough of it. Anal with her, it was the best thing ever.

Fuck, it was sweet!

There were a few girls and ladies, who used to frequent the beach, that had an amazing ass, however, they hadn’t seemed interested in having anything to do with me. Though it wasn’t a great time for me, it wasn’t so bad either.

A month went by just like that, and I was bahis firmaları going crazy. My cock was crying out for pussy, and my palms had clearly overworked themselves, wholly apparent from the callouses on them. As the temperatures rose day by day, so did my horniness. I was about to give a call to Riley and beg for forgiveness just so I could catch some relief. I couldn’t handle the need anymore.

I was teetering on the edge, staring at the phone, when it suddenly rang. Immediately, I answered it, praying that it was the girl who I’d asked out the day before. It wasn’t. It was just my sister, Madeline. She phoned to tell me that she was coming back.

“Great! Fucking fantastic!” I chuckled distressingly.

My sister and I had never seen eye to eye. She was five years older than me and had already completed her bachelor’s in engineering. She looked fantastic, had good brains, however, that was all. Her attitude was terrible, at least towards me it was.

Summers were usually her time to unwind and relax. So I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that she would rather come home than… do whatever that she had been doing for the past few years. I wondered if she somehow had a change of heart.

“Nah, impossible! It’s just my luck to have to put up with her!” I hadn’t seen her for some time and wasn’t excited about the idea to see her any more than calling Riley.

Maddie wasn’t like normal sisters. She was always busy within herself and her friends, uninterested in everything else. She had always ignored me like I wasn’t even her brother. This had used to tick me off as a child, and I had tried several times to get her attention, just to fail miserably. As it was bound to happen, the distance between us increased as she started high school, and now we only ever talk occasionally.

Well, whatever happens, it couldn’t be worse than the situation I found myself in currently.

The next day, incidentally, I bumped into Riley. I couldn’t guess from her expression if she was mad for real or just being a bitch, and she didn’t make it clear either. She just shrugged me off and went her own way.

“Crazy bitch!” I cursed behind her back. Her ass, though, looked fantastic as ever. She was wearing some kind of a wraparound skirt, slit at the side. It looked great on her, and her ass… I sighed watching it jiggle as she strolled away with her friends.

“Ah, fuck ’em, I don’t need ’em if they’re gonna be that disloyal!” I muttered as I watched her ass sway away.

Heading into the burger joint I ran into an old ‘friend’, one who always thought Riley was a total bitch. Back then I never agreed with him, but now… well, now I was in total agreement with him. “Well, I see she finally bit you,” Jon said as I walked up to the counter.

“Yeah, she did,” I replied with a sigh.

“I warned you!” He seemed to be contemplating something before his eyes turned clear. “See you later then…” He said and then abruptly took off.

I was shocked by the sudden turn, then I realized that his girlfriend was friends with Riley. So much for sympathy…

Wait a minute, even if his girlfriend is best friends with her, he hates Riley, so why is he abandoning me? It was a mystery for sure, one I couldn’t figure out for the life of me.

I wasn’t in a mood to hang out, or even think about it, after that. I retreated to my only salvation in that gruesome summer, the beach. I had been there for about an hour when I noticed one of Riley’s friends approaching me.

“Oh boy, here we go!” I muttered to myself as she got closer. “Hey, Heather!” I tried to be as polite as I could be, all things considered.

“Hi!” Heather, the 5′-8″ blonde said as she sat close to me.

I hadn’t seen her in a while so I gave her the once over; she looked hot as ever with her long legs and toned figure. Most of the girls looked hot to me these days.

“You shouldn’t worry about what Riley did to you,” she said out of nowhere as she sat there, looking at me.

“What do you mean?” I was curious to know.

“She’ll be begging you to take her back after the summer is over,” Heather said nonchalantly which made me stare at her.

“What does that even mean?” I was struck dumb. “Why would she want me back at the end of summer?”

“Because, silly, her ‘issues’ wouldn’t be an issue anymore!” She broke into a laugh as she patted my knee.

“Yeah, don’t hold your breath,” I commented, looking at her, trying to figure out if she really thought that her pun warranted such a great laugh.

“The way she’s dragged my name through the mud since she broke up with me, there isn’t much chance of that happening.” I was not all that hopeful. Especially after the way she treated me outside the burger joint. Besides, I was going to have another “princess” in my life. Hopefully, my sister would be enough of a distraction that I wouldn’t have time for Riley and her craziness.

“See you around!” I went straight home, pissed off by what kaçak iddaa that clown of a girl said to me. It took a real effort not to insult her in her face.

It was the next day when Madeline arrived.

“Maddie, can I ask you something?”

Maddie was dragging her bag on its wheels while I was carrying her bags in my arms. She looked a little exhausted, maybe because of the travel, or she was just doing it so she wouldn’t have to answer my questions.

Maddie was tall, maybe four inches shorter than me, long, light brown hair, her pale blue eyes sparkled with mirth at me and my query. Her breasts bounced with each step she took, her ass -meaty, bubble butt- jiggled as she stepped with her long strides through the concourse, and her legs… I could see every muscle, toned to perfection, as they carried her body with her cute feet shod in strappy sandals showing off her perfect toes. She looked amazing as ever.

“Why not…” she replied wearily.

I could have given up at this point, seeing her disinterest and our history, but I was feeling lonely for a while now. Talking to anyone, even Maddie, seemed like a wonderful idea. Mostly, though, it was killing me, I had been dying to ask her this.

“So what happened? You haven’t been home for summers since… whenever…”

“And…” Maddie clicked her tongue. I guess she was annoyed to be asked this right after she entered the house.

“Nothing, just wondering is all…” I shrugged and backed off.

We didn’t say anything after that until we reached her room. I had called a service earlier to get it cleaned up, as I was told to do so. I watched her silently as she put away her things. She stared at me from time to time, however, I didn’t budge from my spot on her bed. Actually, it was bugging me that she hadn’t answered earlier, and I just had to ask her about it. “What about the apartment? You know, in the city?”

Out of my expectation, neither did she flip out, nor did she click her tongue grouchily. Weird enough, she just chuckled after taking a glance at me.

“Couldn’t hold it in, could you?” She jumped on the bed, beside me, and flicked my head. “You’ve always been like that, just can’t wait…”

I was surprised by this version of Maddie. We’ve never been close like that, to be playful or reminisce about our childhood. Regardless, I liked it. Especially her scent, it was kind of a soothing, earthy aroma, and reminded me of the beach, the retreat from my lonely summer.

“So…” I was left gawking as she lay flat on her back, taken in by her sweet face and the beads of sweat on her smooth skin. The air conditioner was working alright, so it couldn’t be because of the high temperature. “… what’s the reason?” I asked while keeping my eyes on her stretched arms.

Maddie raised her head in her hand, and then had to tuck her hair behind her ear. She met my gaze softly. “You broke up with Riley?”

I furrowed my brows. We always had an unspoken policy of non-interference; it was unexpected to hear about Riley, from my sister’s mouth. “How did you know?”

She didn’t say anything and remained staring at me. Finally, as if convinced by my neutral reaction to her question, she giggled and said, “unlike you I have good friends who tell me things…”

“Oh, fuck! Burn!” I laughed heartily. She was right. She was right a lot this morning. “So you really came here because of that? What about your work?”

I held back before saying that she never did such a nice thing for me ever before. After all, why look a gift horse in the mouth. I was happy that she was home, and that it seemed like we could genuinely bond. Anything to save me from this dreadful summer, I guess.

“It’s my time off before the real work begins…”

“And you decided to spend it with your lovely brother?!” I remarked almost instantly, my tone laced with sarcasm.

Maddie giggled again. “You have no control over it, huh?”

“Ha-ha!” I shrugged. “It can’t be helped…”

“Really?” She shook her head and got up to push me outside. “Now go… I have things to do!”

I was downstairs, cooking up something for the both of us, it was just pancakes and bacon with eggs, when it hit me. Maddie came home for me; it wasn’t a joke!

“To think, she would care enough after all this time…” I thought aloud. Whoever told her about Riley and me, and whatever they did tell her, it must’ve been something gruesome to prompt such a monumental change of heart!

“Hmm… now that I think about it, Riley’s sister was a classmate of Maddie’s… whatever, who gives a shit!” I had never had any intent to know Riley’s family, even less so now. Maddie was home, I was not alone anymore, and that was just alright with me. After the summer was over, anyway I would be back in school and back among my peeps. There was enough pussy in there, all I had to do was to somehow get hold over my horniness in the meanwhile.

Well, it shouldn’t be that tough… I couldn’t finish my thought. kaçak bahis Maddie entered my sight and I was awestruck. She was so gorgeous, just sitting there and drinking coffee. It was simplistic in its charm. It wasn’t just I could appreciate beauty more keenly given my situation, she really was that pretty.

Her words brought me back to earth though. “You should learn to eat healthy.”

“Why don’t you be in charge of cooking then?” I didn’t mean to be prickly with her, however, it certainly came out that way.

Maddie surprisingly though, took it in her stride. “Sure, why not?” She giggled after that, gazing at my shocked reaction.

“You’ve changed!” I remarked at how she hadn’t flared up even once since she was back. Granted, it hadn’t even been a couple of hours, still…

Earlier, if I’d said something to her in that tone, she would have first quipped at me sarcastically, before proceeding to ignore my presence for the day. Where is the famous princess attitude? I very nearly blurted that out.

Maddie rolled her eyes theatrically and nibbled on a piece of sandwich. After a pause, she spoke. “It’s not bad, you’ve improved…”

I damn near choked hearing that. It was the phrase our father would say to our mother whenever she “experimented ” with new food.

“What do you want to do?” Maddie asked after we were done with our meals.

We hadn’t talked much for a good while, and I was a little apprehensive to say anything that might put her off. I gazed out the window to take my time in coming up with something. The sun was shining down and it made me want to go to the beach. It had been the one place I could wholeheartedly enjoy myself in this dry summer.


Maddie smirked as if she already knew I was about to mention the beach. “Why not!” She exclaimed and went towards her room. “Be ready in ten…”

“So this is it, huh?” Maddie put her hands on her hips and turned towards me. “This is where you’ve been spending your summer…” She nodded approvingly as she surveyed around us. “Not bad, I must say!”

I snorted and spread the mat. The beach, as usual, wasn’t at all crowded. We had met a few of my new buddies on the way, and surprisingly they recognized Maddie. I guess she was famous around these parts as well. I laid down on my spot and sighed. The sea breeze was cool and soothing. Maddie wasn’t being a pain, and after a long time, I felt so relaxed.

“Sunscreen?” My sister offered to put lotion on me as I was about to doze off under the shade of the umbrella.

“What?!” I did a double-take to see whether she was messing with me. I mean, to spend some time with your sibling, and to actively care for them were two entirely different things. I was skeptical. This had never happened before. Well, she did come home for me, so maybe… I guess, I could give this sisterly-care-thing a try, even if it seemed a little late for that.

“Oh, come on!” Maddie clicked her tongue and made me turn over. “Don’t make me feel bad about asking!”

Before I could say another word, her soft hands rubbed over my bare skin. The sudden sensation sent a shiver through my spine. I let her do her thing, it was quite nice. Gradually, the feel of her soothing hands lulled me to sleep, and I only woke up when I felt her slap my shoulder.

“My turn!” She tossed me the sunscreen and lay down on her mat. “Chop, chop!

Seeing that there was no getting out of it, I moved from my cozy spot. I was mechanically going through the motions when suddenly, I realized our unusual position, and the sleepiness in my mind vanished in an instant. However, before I could completely grasp the gravity of the situation, she untied her bikini top.

“Maddie?!” I was shaken by that act, left speechless by the sheer nonchalance of it. All of a sudden, my thoughts weren’t so innocent.

I felt a twitch in my nether region as I gazed at the beautiful form of my sister. She only had had on her yellow bikini bottoms and nothing else. Her boobs were mashed against the sand and her ass was raised up to me. I gulped at the sight.

It was picturesque. A woman lying in the sand, her hands below her head, the sunglasses holding back her light brown hair. She was waiting, waiting for a man to rub sunscreen over her skin, and I was that man. My horniness rushed back to me and my dick started to harden. I had seen Maddie in a bikini before, and some of the things she used to wear were far more risqué. However, the feeling of arousal I felt as I stared at her unblinkingly was a new thing. It wasn’t as if I wanted to fuck her, or anything even close to that, though, I did become conscious of her beauty.

I had always known she was beautiful, I would be a fool not to notice it, but this was not the usual feeling of appreciation. It was something entirely different to it, far more taboo.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t had any for a while? Or maybe the heat has made me dizzy? I couldn’t help but think that way. It was so weird!

“Are you waiting for me to burn first?”

The bottle almost slipped out of my hand at her remark. I quickly applied more of it over her back and sighed in relief when my hard “task” was over.

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